of St Francis of Assisi


Rockin’ all

over THE


January 20th 2017



Spring Term

January 9th -

February 17th

Spring Half Term

February 20th - 24th

Spring Break

April 10th - 21st



Thursday 2th


Sixth Form

Open Evening

6pm ASFA

6:30pm ESLA

for refreshments

7pm Start

What is


Do you know what your attendance is?

Do you know what it means?





½ day missed every week

4 whole weeks of lessons

and learning MISSED

missed school days a year =

a GCSE grade drop in achievement

What impact might this have on

YOUR future?

Colleges and VI Forms will expect good

attendance from prospective students.

Would your future boss like you

to be off work this much?

That’s practically part time!

97% Attendance, minimum

Attend school

Achieve your potential



’d like to start by wishing you

all a happy new year. We have

another packed magazine to show

you more of the fantastic work

going on in our Academy.

personally saw the great session

I with Status Quo drummer Jeff

Rich and can tell you it was just

wonderful to see how students

joined in with Jeff.

Our end of term celebrations

showcased our students

talents and rewarded all the hard

work from the Autumn term.

Elsewhere you can see how we

joined in with the Hour of

Code project and our sell-out 4th

Lunchtime Gig.

God bless,

Mrs T Greenough

Head of School

Let’s Start with Art

This painting is from

our Year 9 student

Violetta Nagy.

It’s inspired by her home

country of Hungary and

it’s one of many she has

done in this style.

Her painting of the

Hungarian Parliament

buildings will be on

display soon in our new

art gallery on the stairs

to the art rooms.


Last term we were lucky enough

to experience a professional

drumming workshop from

the great Jeff Rich. Jeff was the

drummer that played with Status

Quo for 16 years and has ‘rocked’

all over the world!

Students learned about the

development of drumming

through the years, including

instruments from a variety

of cultures. There were many

opportunities for students to get

involved and watch a mesmerising

drum solo from the pro himself.

What a fantastic afternoon,

even the duty head Mrs.

Cubbin was caught with a

tambourine in her hand!




On the last day of the Autumn

term, staff, governors and

pupils gathered for a fabulous

celebration of our Christian Values.

Students were recognised for

putting our values into action, for

100% attendance and for making

outstanding progress across a

number of lessons.

Mrs Greenough also presented

awards to our fantastic

Year 7 netball team who won the

regional competition.

Students and staff were wowed

with various show-stopping

performances from students in

all years. A truly wonderful event.


GIG #4

Last term’s lunchtime gig was

another huge success with

over 20 students performing to an

intimate audience.

This included a debut

performance from John

Reynolds and Eva Speakman, two of

our year 10 GCSE music students,

who tackled an ABBA classic as a

piano duet. Well done guys!

Other performances included

our guitar and cello

ensemble with a lovely rendition

of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’, Our

year 9 GCSE music group taking

on Nirvana’s ‘Sweet Child ‘O’

Mine’ and Lisa Mhagrh’s new all

girl band ‘Black Diamonds’.

Once again another great

showcase of our talents here at

the Academy.

Year 13 Year 12 Year 11 Year 10 Year 9 Year 8 Year 7

Head Teacher Award

Week Commencing December 12th

Kian Williams

Eleanor Jones

Lauren Low

Dilana Zorba

Melisa Aksaman

Rochelle Owens

Nicci Phillips

“For gaining more

confidence each day

to answer questions.

A polite, hardworking

role model.”

“For playing a big part

in many recent charity

events and being an

amazing ambassador

for our Academy.”

“For making exceptional

progress in both social

science subjects this year.”

“For consistently

having an outstanding

Attitude to

Learning and being

so thoughtful &


“For always having a

positive Attitude to

Learning, giving 100%

in lessons and always

completing homework.”

“For outstanding

progress in

Health and Social


“For always having an

outstanding Attitude

to Learning in

Business Studies.”

Week Commencing January 9th

Sharna Grant

Jamie Haymes

John McPherson

John Reynolds

Oliver Harper

Sydney Atelefack

Jordan Woods

“For playing such a huge

role in many recent charity

events and who has

represented the school above

& beyond at several external

events. A true ambassador.

“For showing an outstanding

attitude to learning and for

responding to every request

from staff with the absolute

best attitude.”

“For caring for other

students and for making

the right decisions which

at times during his life at

the academy he did find

slightly hard.”

“John has helped so many

students from all year

groups play a variety of

games in Games Club

and has took a position of

responsibility on several

occasions when needed.”

“For outstanding attitude

to learning and really

turning his behaviour

around by making an

impressive start to Year 11.”

“For outstanding

progress in

Business Studies.”

“For showing

outstanding effort and

overcoming barriers.”

Sixth Form Enrichment

activities have been running

since September and on Trips

Day the Board Game club visited

Liverpool’s newest games cafe

Sugar & Dice.

The students had a choice of

over 200 games in the cafe

and filled the three hours with a

variety of games.

Board games give the students

a chance to socialise whilst

learning skills such as numeracy

and problem solving and at the

same time having fun.

The staff at Sugar & Dice were

all really impressed with how

our students approached the

games and it won’t be long before

we head back for another visit.






We would like to invite students from Year 7, 8 and 9 to come along to Game Club! Mrs Walsh

and Mr Jones will be in A0 each Thursday afternoon, 3pm til 4:30pm, playing and discussing

games that help improve numeracy skills and maybe even come up with their own game design.

So come along and have some fun with friends!

Numeracy Challenge

In each edition there will be a numeracy problem to solve - The answer will be in Issue 12

Two equal circular discs are placed touching.

If B is kept fixed and A is rolled around B

without slipping, how many revolutions

around it’s own centre will A have made

when it reaches it’s original position?

Well done to those who solved Issue 11’s puzzle. Here’s the answer....

Roman numeral matches

Moving just 1 match can you make the sum correct?

Moving the 3rd match to the other side

makes the sum 6 - 2=4

Hour of Code


We live in a world

surrounded by

technology, we know that

whatever field our students

choose to go into as adults,

their ability to succeed

will increasingly depend

on understanding how

technology works. Fewer

than half of all schools teach

computer science…. but The

Academy of St Francis of

Assisi is one of them.

That’s why year 7, 8 and 9

joined in on the largest

learning event in history.

Students thoroughly enjoyed

joining in with more

than 100 million students

worldwide, all taking the Hour

of Code challenge.

Why not have a go yourself ? Visit:

The Academy of St Francis of Assisi




YEAR 3,4 , 5 & 6

SATURdayS 9:30am - 12pm

Come and join in the fun!

For more information contact Lisa Heron on 0151 260 7600

or email: or visit

10 questions for staff:

Mr O’Leary

How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching for 14 years.

What School did you go to?

I went to Knowsley Hey Comprehensive School,

in Huyton. The school has been knocked down

now to make way for Lord Derby’s Academy.

Who was your favourite teacher and why?

I was lucky to have many great, committed

teachers. My favourite would have to be Mrs

Richardson; she was my form teacher throughout

school and was always there to offer support and

guidance when needed.

Where did you go to university

I went to Liverpool Hope University to complete

my degree and returned there to complete my

teacher training.

What did you study?

I chose to study European Studies and ICT.

Why did you choose that course and university?

ICT is my favourite subject and European Studies was interesting, looking at the geography,

history and politics of Europe. I decided to return to Liverpool Hope University to do my

teacher training because of its reputation as an outstanding teacher training provider.

What made you decide to become a teacher?

I wanted a career that enabled me to carry on learning. Teaching allows me to do this and

sharing learning experiences with students is extremely rewarding.

How did your first lesson go?

I have fond memories of my first lesson. It was with my first ever year 7 from group, we were

both starting our school journey together, so we were all a little nervous and excited at the same


What’s the best thing about your job?

It is varied, no day is the same. As well as teaching in the classroom it has been fantastic to

be involved in extracurricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh and international school


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of becoming a teacher?

Do it! It’s hard work but such a rewarding career. Always make sure you have a way to relax

too! Mine is walking my dog (see pic above) it gives me time to think and no matter what the

weather, is always enjoyable.

Our students are at the

heart of everything we do

FREE Uniform for all new

starters (includes PE Kit)

Call 0151 260 7600

for more details

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