Caribbean Times 84th Issue - Thursday 26th January 2017


Caribbean Times 84th Issue - Thursday 26th January 2017

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Thursday 26th January 2017

Barbados moves to ban e-cigarettes in public


– It’s not just second-hand

tobacco smoke

that health officials in Barbados

want to stop exposing

the public to. Now, e-cigarettes

are to be banned.

Parliament yesterday

passed the Health Services

(Amendment) Bill 2017

which adds e-cigarettes to

products that people are forbidden

to smoke in public.

An e-cigarette is a handheld

electronic device that

vaporizes a flavoured liquid,

which the user inhales.

It is usually made of

nicotine, propylene glycol,

glycerine, and flavourings,

although some e-liquids do

not contain nicotine.

“The Ministry of Health

will not support the report

sometimes made that this

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The

Barbados-based Caribbean Examinations

Council (CXC) reported success

as it officially launched its Electronic

Testing Service to the region yesterday.

Some 500 candidates from seven

countries – Jamaica, Grenada, Dominica,

Cayman Islands, Anguilla, St Lucia

and Montserrat and St Lucia – tested

the online initiative which allowed students

to use a computer or an electronic

device to sit their Caribbean Secondary

Education Certificate (CSEC)

Paper 1 (Multiple Choice) examination

in more than a dozen subjects.

Barbados’ Education Minister Ronald

Jones gave thumbs up to the initiative

which CXC said “would bring

regional learners up to speed with

product can be used as a

cessation device and, on the

contrary, it may be a forerunner

to the use…of tobacco

product,” Minister of

Health John Boyce said as

he introduced the amendment

that also includes a ban

on the sale of e-cigarettes to


Minister of Commerce

and Industry Donville Inniss,

in his contribution to

the debate, said it was time

to regulate the use of these


“Over the years, there

has been aggressive marketing

by manufacturers who

claim it is less harmful than


“Many jurisdictions have

imposed heavy taxes on the

traditional cigarettes. We

have also prohibited the

advertising of this, but the

e-cigarette which around the

world is yet to be regulated

has been able to fly under the

radar,” he noted.

Meantime, Minister

Boyce also served notice

that steps were being taken

to have cigarette packaging

graphically illustrate the

harmful effects of smoking.

worldwide test-taking practices and

provide them with the flexibility to

interact with images, video, audio and

other resources during their examinations”.

He told the brief launch there were

no real challenges with the initial offering.

Jones noted that candidates, invigilators

and education officials were

“The packaging and

labelling of any tobacco

product should not contain

any information that is

false, misleading, deceptive

or likely to give erroneous

information about its characteristics,

health effects

or hazards of the tobacco

product,” he added. (Caribbean360)

Regional examinations body begins e-testing

happy with the results and he was confident

it would be embraced as more

countries get on board.

“The relatively small January sitting

afforded CXC the opportunity to

gauge the acceptance by candidates as

well as the implementation of examinations

administration personnel who

worked directly with the new system.

. . .It was rewarding to learn that in all

territories the feedback received was

emphatically positive,” he said.

CXC registrar Glenroy Cumberbatch

said the move to embrace technology

was a step in the right direction

for the region.

He was confident that Caribbean

students and teachers would appreciate

the initiative.

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