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2017 Business Logo DesignTrends


With the arrival of 2017, your news feeds will be bombarded

with prediction articles for the hot trends of 2017.

Understanding the trends of 2017 will make you better

prepared in the increasingly competitive world.


2017 Business Logo Design Trends

If you’re starting a retail business in 2017, or revamping your

current shop’s look, here are a few of the amazing looks:


The Monoline:

Monoline logos are exactly how they sound. They are logos

crafted from a single line that doesn’t deviate in weight – it

looks like it could be fabricated from a single strand of wire.

Monoline Logo line work is usually monotone, so it gives your

design a crisp, artisanal look without the clutter.


Word Marks:

Creating your logo as a word mark is not something new! A

few examples for Word Mark logos are: Coca-Cola, notable

examples include CNN, McDonalds, and Disney.


Use Negative Space:

Using negative space in design helps establish balance and

sets harmony between your used elements which is especially

helpful in logos that use multiple shapes and type. Negative

space adds “more” to your design even though you are

actually using less.



Using two colors allows you to really let your logo “speak” for

you and with bold colors being the trend now there is no

better time to try your hand at dual coloring your logos.


Handmade Look

The handmade or hand-drawn logo look makes your designs

seem more personable! The Handmade approach has the

ability to create a strong aesthetic depending on how you

draw them out which makes it an accessible option.


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