Caribbean Times 85th Issue - Friday 27th January 2017


Caribbean Times 85th Issue - Friday 27th January 2017

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A Green Bay man, who was charged

on Wednesday by the police for a series

of House Breaking and Larceny and Attempted

Breaking, was convicted in the

Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

18-year old Rashard Peters of Green

Bay appeared in the St. Johns Magistrate’s

Court before Chief Magistrate

Walsh and pleaded guilty to charges of

Attempted Breaking and Breaking and

Larceny and was convicted and sentenced

to 3yrs in prison. His is to serve

consecutive sentence.

The Court heard that on 19th of January,

he broke into the dwelling home

of a Green Bay woman and stole one

Samsung tablet, one 13-inch flat screen

television, one Kodak Digital camera, a

quantity of shoes to include; one pair of

Nike Air Jordan Sneaker, a pair Adidas

Shell-toe Sneaker, one Nike slipper, a

travelling bag, and a Rockaway Hoodie

sweatshirt. The following day he went

back to the said home and attempted to

break into it, but was apprehended and

taken into to custody by Grays Farm Police.

Several other charges are expected in

the coming days since he has confessed

to well over a dozen other House Breaking

and Larceny and Attempted Breaking

in the Grays Farm District.

Peters was recently released from

Her Majesty’s Prison, having served

time for House Breaking and Larceny.

Meantime, the police are appealing

to members of the public, who may

have been approached or offered items

for sale, suspected of being stolen, to

contact the Grays Farm Police Station at

462-0481 or the Criminal Investigations

Department at 462-3913\14.

Rashard Peters

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Friday 27th January 2017

Prince Harry debunks criticism claims

By Everton Barnes

Prince Harry, whose visit

to Antigua and Barbuda late

last year, created much controversy

following his appearance

at a social event…

has written to the Prime

Minister Gaston Browne expressing

gratitude for the invitation

to the function.

A letter from Kensington

Palace, the Prince’s official

residence, dated December

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14, Prince Harry made special

mention of the social engagement

at Barnacle Point

that was at the centre of the


“I would like to thank

you very much for hosting

me at your Sac Affet (Soca

fete) on 21st November at

Barnacle Point, during my

visit to Antigua and Barbuda….I

would be grateful if

you would please pass on

my most sincere thanks to

your team for all they did to

host such an interactive evening,”

the Prince wrote.

He also said he was

touched by the warm welcome

he received from the

people of Antigua and Barbuda.

On Thursday, the prime

minister wrote to Prince

Harry expressing his delight

to have shared the music and

the delights of Antigua and

Barbuda with the member of

the Royal Household.

“All of Antigua and Barbuda

was very pleased by

your decision to visit with

us. Your participation in the

several events will be remembered

for a long time

to come. The nation was

impressed by Your Highness’

grace, charm and intelligence,”

Prime Minister

Browne replied.

During the visit, a British

newspaper carried a story

indicating that the reigning

Miss Antigua and Barbuda,

Leander Norville had expressed

a desire to marry the

Prince. Later, Norville said

her comments were taken

out of context by the paper.

The controversy arose

when the former Governor

General, Dame Louise Lake

Tack took to the airwaves

claiming that the prime

minister had embarrassed

the Prince and Antigua and

Barbuda when he suggested

Antigua and Barbuda as a

possible honeymoon destination,

should there be need

for one anytime in the future.

But as the letter from

Prince Harry indicates, there

was no basis for the criticism

as rather than being

embarrassed as Dame Louise

claimed, the Prince was

rather pleased with all the

arrangements for the event.

Thumbs up for ABS, more

improvements coming

By Joanna Paris

Minister for Information, Broadcasting

and Telecommunications, the Honourable

Melford Nicholas has publicly announced

that he is “very happy” with the operations

of the state-owned media entity- ABS Television

and Radio.

Minister Nicholas has noted that the station

has made significant gains in the year

2016 and has asserted that this year will be

no different.

He said that the management and staff

“has worked hard to change the culture of

ABS, but there is still more work to do”.

Plans are already being made for the station

to make a transition to HD Equipment in

the coming week.

Minister Nicholas noted that the transformation

of studio facilities is also on the


“I will be working with the management

team to ensure that we can in the medium-term

transition to a better equipped facility,

where there will be more space and

there can be more modern design of studio

facilities”, he explained.

The Minister also said that the commercial

streaming of all live programmes on

ABS will begin shortly so that persons within

the diaspora can stay tuned.

This, he noted, will be made possible

through earlier dialogue that was held with


The Minister of Information, Broadcasting

and Telecommunications was at the time

speaking on Against the Backdrop on ABS.

Friday 27th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

PM: CELAC did not discuss ‘Wall’

By Everton Barnes

Prime Minister Gaston

Browne, who returned to

the country Thursday from

a meeting of the Community

of Latin American and

Caribbean States (CELAC),

is denying media reports

that he abstained from supporting

a statement from the

meeting condemning the

new US President’s decision

to build a wall on its border

with Mexico.

A spokesman for the

prime minister said the Mexican

president did not attend

the meeting and the issue of

the border-wall proposed by

President Donald Trump was

not raised among the meeting

of heads of government.

Consultant to the Ministry

of Foreign Affairs, Colin

Murdoch, who was part

of the Antigua and Barbuda

delegation, said the issue

was not raised at the meeting

of officials that preceded the


“That matter was not discussed

at any of the official

meetings at CELAC, and

this is one of the issues we

have with the organization,”

Murdoch stated.

He said he suspects that

the statement was issued

Digitization process

progressing well says

Minister Nicholas

By Joanna Paris

The Minister of Information,

Broadcasting and Telecommunications,

the Hon.

Melford Nicholas has said

that the digitization process

in several government agencies

and affiliated departments

is progressing well.

In an interview on ABS’s

Current Affairs Programme

Against the Backdrop earlier

in the week, Minister Nicholas

stated that the digitization

of the country’s records

is an important and fundamental

step in enhancing he

ease of carrying out business

in Antigua and Barbuda.

“It is certainly going to

bring a lot of information

at the fingertips of decision

makers, policy makers and

other stakeholders as well. I

think we will really begin to

really benefit from all the information

that will be made

available, I would say by the

next year to 18 months”, he


Among the projects that

will be a priority on the Ministry’s

agenda in this area are

the establishment of a record

management system for the

police, which the Minister

said will further enhance the

ability of the police to fight


The Mount St. John’s

Medical Centre and other

health services are scheduled

to be beneficiaries are


presumably on behalf of

CELAC without notifying

all the countries involved to

get their views. “This is not

the first time that CELAC is

issuing statements and countries

such as Antigua and

Barbuda are not informed

about the contents of these

communiques,” Murdoch


The consultant also complained

that the organization,

which is dominated by

the large Spanish speaking

countries, makes little provisions

for the smaller English-speaking


“Quite often, they circulate

the papers in Spanish,

and late, so we are often at





Don’t Dream it.

Drive it




1 (268) 462-1062

a disadvantage when we

do attend these meetings.

For example, the opening

ceremony was carried only

in Spanish without translation

and whenever an English-speaking

head of state

spoke, there was no translation

into Spanish,” he reported.

A local media entity reported

that Antigua and

Barbuda declined to support

the CELAC statement condemning

the US, opting instead

to adopt a wait-and-see


But, the prime minister

is denying making any statement

on the US-Mexico border




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Friday 27th January 2017

Concerns raised over Commonwealth leadership

The government has drafted in senior

officials to support the Commonwealth

amid concerns over the way it

is being run.

The Department for International

Development (DfID) said last month

the secretariat in London was “under

performing” and needed “urgent reform”.

Senior diplomatic and political

sources - speaking to the BBC off

the record - have accused the secretary-general,

Lady Scotland, of “poor


But her spokesman said she had

backing from all 52 Commonwealth

countries that had elected her.

He added that the Labour peer had

also launched a programme to modernise

the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Tim Hitchens, a senior Foreign Office

official and former ambassador to

Japan, has been put in charge of a team

preparing for the Commonwealth summit

in London next year.

Mr Hitchens, a former assistant

private secretary to the Queen, will be

based in the Cabinet Office and will report

directly to the prime minister.

Sir Simon Gass, a very senior official

who retired from the Foreign Office

last year, has been made acting

chief operating officer at the Commonwealth


He was appointed at the suggestion

of the Foreign Office which is funding

his salary. He is working directly

with Lady Scotland at the secretariat’s

headquarters at Marlborough House in


The appointments are being seen in

Whitehall as an attempt by the government

to shore up a troubled organisation

at a crucial time.

Ministers are keen to ensure that a

meeting of Commonwealth trade ministers

in London in March is a success

and shows how Britain after Brexit can

do more trade with countries outside

the European Union.

As the organisation’s head, the

Queen regularly takes part in Commonwealth


They also want to guarantee that the

secretariat is capable of organising the

heads of government summit next year

that will be hosted by the Queen, who

is head of the Commonwealth.

Senior ministers will meet next

week to discuss the agenda for the summit

for the first time.

Last week, Theresa May spoke of

the “unique and proud global relationships”

the UK has through the Commonwealth.

The secretariat helps run the group

of 52 mostly former British colonies

that make up the Commonwealth and

that are home to some 2.3 billion people,

more than a quarter of the world’s


In a highly critical report in December,

DfID threatened to withdraw its

funding from the organisation unless it

improved its performance.

“The Commonwealth Secretariat

continues to under perform,” the multilateral

aid review concluded.

“Improvement is essential if DfID

is to continue to fund the organisation’s

Commonwealth Fund for Technical


This is worth about £20m per year.

The report added that the secretariat

needed particularly to focus on improving

“transparency, results measurement,

human resource management,

risk management, financial management,

and budget discipline”.

The secretariat said the review related

to the period before Lady Scotland

took up the post of secretary-general

last April.

Since then, the peer - who was attorney

general in Gordon Brown’s government

- has faced much criticism.

She has been accused of financial

extravagance over the refurbishment of

her official residence and attacked for

appointing political allies to key posts

in the secretariat. She has always denied

the accusations of wasteful spending

and insisted no procurement rules

were broken.

Her allies have also claimed the

attacks were prompted by disaffected

Commonwealth staff unhappy with the

reforms she was introducing.

A spokesman for the secretariat

said: “Secretary-general Patricia Scotland

has the backing of the 52 Commonwealth

member states who elected


“Since taking office on 1 April 2016,

the Secretary-general has been focused

on helping Commonwealth countries to

achieve the United Nations Sustainable

Development Goals, working towards

the delivery of international climate

change goals set out after Cop 21 in

Paris and Cop 22 in Marrakesh, and to

uphold The Commonwealth Charter.”

“She has identified the following

priorities: tackling the existential threat

of climate change; promoting trade,

good governance and human rights;

ending violence against women and

girls and promoting gender equality;

and providing new opportunities for

Commonwealth young people and enabling

the next generation to achieve

their full potential.

“Secretary-general Scotland has

also launched a programme to modernise

the Commonwealth Secretariat.

“When it comes to employee matters,

we follow best international practice

and never comment about individual

staff. But it’s only sensible that the

Secretariat employs people of the highcont’d

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Friday 27th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Promotions pending says Commissioner of Police

By Joanna Paris

Police Commissioner,

Wendell Robinson, has

hinted that a number of promotions

are pending for selected

officers in the Royal

Police Force of Antigua and


While speaking at a

thanksgiving service which

took place at the Multipurpose

Cultural Centre on

Wednesday, Robinson said

that he has had decisions

with the Chairman of the

Police Service Commission

and Prime Minister, the Hon.

Gaston Browne about the


He said that “his lips are

sealed” until he has received

cont’d from pg 4

est calibre and those who have a track

record of success in their respective


But such are the concerns about

Lady Scotland that some senior diplomats

have even interpreted the fact

that the Queen will not attend a major

Commonwealth function in March as a

signal of royal displeasure, something

that is strongly denied.

The Queen will attend various

events on Commonwealth Day, including

a service at Westminster Abbey, but

she will not attend the regular reception

at Marlborough House, an event she

rarely misses.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman

told the BBC: “I can confirm that the

Queen will be taking part in events

during the course of Commonwealth

Day, although on this occasion she will

not attend the evening reception. Her

Majesty will be represented at the reception

by the Prince of Wales.”

the official document from

the commission.

“When the Police Service

Commission has sent

the formal list, then many

of you will be able to thank

By Joanna Paris

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs,

the Hon. Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin will

be among the region’s top legal practitioners,

who are members of the Executive Committee

for the Council of Legal Education who will

be attending a high-level meeting being in Jamaica

this week. The forum will convene on


During the meeting, the Executive committee

will review decisions made during past

God for the good tidings that

you would have received”,

he said.

He also noted that high

ranking promotions must

have the consent of the Prime

Well placed royal sources said this

was a common sense and practical decision

to ensure the Queen’s programme

was suitably paced on a busy day.

They also insisted it was wholly

incorrect to link the decision to any

debate about the Commonwealth Secretariat.

They noted that the Queen had regular

contact with Lady Scotland and

that there was a lot of precedence for

the Prince of Wales to represent the

Queen on Commonwealth duties.

But that is not how it is being inferred

by some in the Commonwealth.

One senior source said: “The Queen

has only got to nip down the road from

Buckingham Palace to Marlborough

House in a Bentley. It’s not that hard.

And yet she has decided not to come.

“The Palace are thinking there is so

much more to be done with the Commonwealth

and yet they are lumbered

with such poor leadership. The Commonwealth

is stuffed.

Minister as is enshrined in

the constitution.

According to Robinson,

over 400 promotions have

taken place within the institution

in the last two years.

AG travels to Jamaica for Council

of Legal Education Meeting

meetings and the way forward as it relates to

legal education in the region.

The last meeting of the executive committee

was held in the Bahamas at the British colonial

Hilton on in January 2016.

Antigua and Barbuda also hosted the

48th annual meeting of The Council of Legal

Education on the 2nd and 3rd of September

last year at the St. James Club. That meeting

by all reports, was deemed a major success.

Minister Benjamin left the island on Thursday.

“The High Commissioners have

all given up on (Lady Scotland). They

have other fish to fry. I do wonder if

she can survive. She just treats people

appallingly. And she has this political

tin ear.”

One parliamentary source said:

“Baroness Scotland has got this wrong

from the beginning. It is an inbuilt arrogance.

She appoints mates, people who

don’t have the relevant experience.

“The way she handled the [official]

house was all wrong. There is a lot of

concern. I am not surprised the palace

is getting a little edgy.”

Another diplomatic source said:

“What is happening is very sad. The

morale at the secretariat is very low.

[The Commonwealth] is the closest

thing to Her Majesty’s heart. If she

doesn’t come, it will be interpreted in

this way.

“We in the Commonwealth preach

transparency and accountability. We

should practise it.”

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Friday 27th January 2017

President Trump’s policies and the Caribbean

By Sir Ronald Sanders

The President of the United States

of America, Donald Trump, is systematically

implementing the pledges he

made during the Presidential election

campaign. Those who argued that

limitations on Presidential power and

the restraining hands of Cabinet and

Congress, would cause many, if not all,

of the President’s promises to fall by the

wayside, are now becoming convinced

of his determination.

He had re-enforced that determination

in his Inauguration speech when he

told the world, “From this moment on,

it’s going to be America First”. And he

spelt out the detail in clear terms by saying,

“Every decision on trade, on taxes,

on immigration, on foreign affairs, will

be made to benefit American workers

and American families. We must protect

our borders from the ravages of

other countries making our products,

stealing our companies, and destroying

our jobs”. “Protection”, he said, “will

lead to great prosperity and strength”.

As I pointed out in my last commentary,

the 14 independent Caribbean

Community (CARICOM) countries

have no need to fear on trade in goods

with the US. America has consistently

enjoyed a balance of trade surplus with

CARICOM, reaching US$4.17 billion

in 2015, and likely to have been higher

in 2016. On this score, President Trump

can have no quarrel with the Caribbean.

We should be clear. Mr Trump is the

elected President of the US according

to the country’s laws. He is, therefore,

entitled to implement the policies on

which he campaigned and in support of

which he was elected.

However, there are other policies

that President Trump is pursuing that

could affect the Caribbean adversely

and these require urgent attention

by CARICOM governments and active

engagement with the US government.

Below, I discuss some of these

policies and their implications for the


Climate change and sea level

rise: President Trump has abandoned

the previous administration’s stance on

global Climate Change efforts. Evidence

of this are: (a) his public statements

during the Presidential election

campaign; (b) his nomination of Scott

Pruitt, a long-time foe of the EPA who

has led 14 lawsuits against it, as the

agency’s administrator; and (c) his instruction

to the Environmental Protection

Agency to remove the climate

change page from its website.

The medium and long term consequences

for Caribbean countries are

grave. Global warming is already at

1.89 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial

levels. If there is no massive reduction

in carbon emissions (which there

will clearly not be now) by the US,

the world will quickly reach 2 degrees

Celsius at which point sea levels will

rise, eroding the coastal area of islands

and mainland territories such as Belize

and Guyana that are the principal revenue-generating

areas for tourism (agriculture

in Guyana’s case). Lower level

islands will be drowned. The economic

impact on the Caribbean would be calamitous

if not catastrophic.

Repatriation of Overseas

Funds: The Trump administration

proposes to introduce a tax repatriation

plan that would see repatriation of a substantial

portion of the estimated US$2.6

trillion held overseas. This is very likely

to happen since the incentive will be

a special one-off tax holiday allowing

U.S. firms to repatriate funds held overseas

with only a 10% payment, versus

the current 35% rate.

The effect of this will be to debilitate

Caribbean financial institutions that

legally hold US assets. There is bound

to be some consequential weakening of

the financial sector.

Reduction of Corporation

Tax: President Trump has announced

that his administration will lower corporation

tax to 15%. When he does

this, there will be little need for US Corporations

to move overseas. They will

be operating in the richest economy in

the world with the lowest tax (a virtual

tax haven by OECD criteria).

Here are the likely results: (i) a lower

corporate tax rate won’t necessarily

reduce corporate tax revenue, particularly

as over time there will be more

investment and job creation; (ii) a lower

corporate tax rate will dramatically

– if not completely – eliminate any

incentive for American companies to

engage in keeping funds overseas; and

(c) a lower corporate tax rate will boost

workers’ wages by increasing the country’s

capital stock and thus improving


It will become very tough for every

other country, including the Caribbean,

to woo US investment unless their tax

regime for such investment betters 15%

(which the Caribbean does now with

tax holidays) but the Caribbean would

cont’d on pg 7

Friday 27th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

cont’d from pg 6

have to work energetically

to maximise US investment

in unique natural resources –

high quality beaches in a Caribbean

environment; minerals

such as oil and gas and, in

the case of Guyana, gold.

OECD and G20 rules:

Rules of these organisations

place strictures on tax

competition and demand

common reporting standards.

These rules are rigidly

applied against Caribbean

and other developing countries.

Countries that fail

to comply are blacklisted,

affecting their capacity to

operate in the international

economy. President Trump

is clearly putting “America

first” in all this as his country

has the power to do. Caribbean

countries will have to

carefully consider whether

they can follow the advice of

Mr Trump in his inauguration

speech – “it is the right

of all nations to put their

own interests first” – or will

a double standard apply in

which only powerful countries

can set aside rules that

do not serve their national

interest. To be fair to President

Trump, his administration

did not contribute to the

existing rules.

Deportation of Undocumented

immigrants: The

new US administration

intends to deport undocumented

immigrants to their

country of origin. If there

are any undocumented CAR-

ICOM nationals, they will

suffer that fate. On January

25, Trump signed executive

orders that reinstates

the Secure Communities

Programme which Immigrations

and Customs Enforcement

(ICE), the branch

of the U.S. government that

enforces immigration laws,

uses to target undocumented

immigrants. The Order also

directs the State Department

to withhold visas or take other

measures to ensure that

countries take back their undocumented

immigrants. It

also strips federal grant money

from any US city that

harbours undocumented immigrants

through sanctuary


In this situation, Caribbean

countries can expect

to have an influx of undocumented

immigrants. The

only way they can prevent

this is by refusing to take

them. The consequence of

that action is that the US will

not grant visas of any kind to

the nationals of the refusing

countries. There may be

other sanctions.

CARICOM countries

should consider the immediate

establishment of national

Committees at senior level to

plan for an influx of undocumented

immigrants from the

US. These immigrants will

be of all sorts, but the majority

will be unskilled labourers

and many will be below

the age of 40. Failure to

plan could result in a sudden

increase in the population

of each country, driving up

unemployment and crime

and straining their health

facilities; their capacity for

delivering water; and the

capability of their courts,

prisons and police.

Individually and collectively,

Caribbean governments

have to engage the

Trump administration and

the US Congress to discuss

these worrying developments

that have implications

for the region, but also for

the US.

Editor’s Note: The opinions

expressed in this Op-ed

are those of the author and

do not necessarily reflect the

views of Caribbean Times.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 27th January 2017

Minister of Health wants to see more frequent health screen

Minister of Health and the Environment

Molwyn Joseph said he was

very pleased with the response to the

health screening that was held yesterday

(Thursday) in front of the ministry.

He said based on the response

from the public, regular activities such

as these are in demand at this location.

‘When we designed this public

space, this is one of the activities we

expect to take place from time to time.

You would recall that in the past, we

had to block Redcliffe to undertake

these activities, now we are able to

undertake the activities without impeding

the traffic.”

Minister Joseph added, ‘based on

the crowd and the number of people

I see here, it’s quite successful and

I hope we can have this done many

more times; this is the time of public

outreach I think it’s very important

that we promote the idea of people

taking responsibility for their own

health; check their blood pressure,

check their blood sugar and cholesterol

and I hope that while we are doing

this, we are encouraging them to

become physically active so that they

would stay healthy.”

The exercise covered screening

for blood sugar, blood pressure and

cholesterol and although the cut-off

point was 1pm, screenings went well

beyond that time as people continue to

request service.

“It’s a good exercise .. having a

healthy nation is very good and this

should be done more regularly especially

in the rural areas.

“I think it’s time to go to the people,

you have to go to the people,

instead of waiting for the people to

come , sometimes when you wait, it’s

too late,…and this location is good,

it’s centralized,” one man said.

He was also happy to share that

his tests were normal.

One young lady said, “I think it’s

good that you get to do these tests and

know where you stand. The location is

good also.”

Another nearby worker beamed,

“my sugar is good, my pressure is

good, my cholesterol is good, I think

it’s a good exercise.”

Her coworker was also appreciative

of the venture, “I find it’s a very,

very good gesture’ because it’s quite

convenient, it’s just two minutes walk

from my office, and it’s during my

lunch hour and most of all it’s free.”

Over 160 individuals including

ministry staff, members of the public

and surrounding work places were

screened on Thursday and many were

asking the question when this will be

held again.

Nutritionist Susan Gardner said the

normal range for fasting blood sugar

its 70 to 110 and random is between



tions and t

200 mg.


110/70 to

Chief N

NCD Foca

Valerie W


with the


Nurse J

the crowd

and a nu


“I think

turnout, th

getting m

the state

that’s a go

“In ter

mixed and

results w


Nurse Jon


Wellness D

Barbuda R

nization ha


us to partn

Friday 27th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

ings at Ministry Headquarters

. She said that elevated

l is a risk for chronic condihe

normal range is less that

l blood pressure range from


utritionist Avis Jonas and

l Point Coordinator, Nurse

illiams were instrumental in

the event in collaboration

Antigua and Barbuda Red

onas said the response from

surpassed her expectations

mber of persons received


it was good, it was a good

is showed that people were

ore and more interested in

of their health and I think

od sign.

ms of results, they were

we advised persons whose

ere abnormal to continue

or visit their physician”

as remarked.

a Johnson, the Health and

irector of the Antigua and

ed Cross, said that the orgas

an ongoing NCD project.

Williams reached out to

er in this health screening

and I hope that this is the first of many

collaborations with the Ministry of

Health,” She said.

She continued, “we have been focusing

mostly on hypertension and as

you know MBS has been doing stuff

surrounding NCD and the Ministry of

Health so we are happy to take this up

as well. The public has responded well

to this exercise, they were here before

us this morning; the response has been

very good.

“We are just asking everybody to

just check their health because we live

in the Caribbean and we know that

hypertension and diabetes are big issues

in families so if you know you

have these in your family history, get

checked,” Johnson remarked

The Red Cross team at the screening

comprised members of the Red

Cross along with volunteers most of

whom are trained in First Aid.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 27th January 2017

Thursday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Undermines

5. Coffee break

9. Tier

14. Colorful gem

15. To ____ his own

16. Sports ring

17. Act of leaving

19. Creature

20. “Lawrence of ____”

21. Military supplies

23. Feel remorse

24. Floppy

26. Wiped clean

28. Actress ____ Dietrich

32. Old

33. Medicinal plant

34. Greek deity

36. ____ Island

40. Songstress ____ McEntire

41. Small depressions

43. Like a villain

44. Odor

46. Mumbai attire

47. Spool

48. Bridge hand

50. Canadian province

52. Not fine

55. Tinter

56. Belgium’s cont.

57. Wise

59. Certain vitamin

64. Out of the way

66. Conducting contact

68. Hard metal

69. Garden tool

70. Personnel

71. Curved letters

72. Ogled

73. Warmth


1. Root beer, e.g.

2. Imitator

3. Father

4. Thick slice

5. Kept

6. ____ de toilette

7. ____ metal

8. Those there

9. Worker

10. How ____ you?

11. New ____ Day

12. Come afterward

13. Classified

18. Irritate

22. ____ Ryan of “You’ve Got


25. Least

27. Stick

28. Blemishes

29. A Baldwin

30. Lounging garment

31. Less fatty

32. Off course

35. Stop ____ dime (2 wds.)

37. Done

38. Food regimen

39. She, in Barcelona

42. Quieted

45. Cap ornaments

49. Dead ____ Scrolls

51. Englishman, informally

52. Stop

53. Deposes

54. Zodiac sign

55. Put off

58. Richard ____ of “Chicago”

60. Curve

61. Apple’s center

62. Inspiration

63. Politician ____ Gingrich

65. Marginal grade

67. Get by

Friday 27th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda


High - 81ºF

Low - 72ºF

Wind: East 12 mph

Sunrise 6.40 am; Sunset 5.59 pm

Thursday’s Crossword Solution


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

The placebo effect works when

a person trusts and believes the

“expert” handing the placebos

out. But you can’t give a placebo

to yourself and expect it to

work, as no one really believes

his own lies.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Some small things deserve

small attention, but not all.

It’s wasteful to focus on trivial

matters, but who is to say

what’s trivial? If it captures

your attention, there may be a

very good reason worth investigating.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Don’t assume it’s just you

talking inside that head. There

are multiple noise sources,

resonant voices from culture,

peers, family and more. Question

and test your thoughts for

accuracy and usefulness before

you act on them.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

You might not be the cause

of your challenge, but regardless,

you can still take responsibility

for your reaction to it.

With some savvy mental and

physical maneuvering, you’ll

change how this impacts you.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). To be

fascinated by an interest that

couldn’t care less about you is

the best way to learn right now.

Principles of detachment will

work in your favor. This makes

for a pure study, unadulterated

by mutual expectation.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Second chances abound, and

yet nothing can ever really happen

twice in this ever-evolving

reality. So seize this chance if it

seems like a good one. Something

like it will come again.

But nothing exactly like it ever


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). The

social adaptations you learned

to get along in a group worked

fine for that group — or maybe

they just got you through.

But this new situation is different,

and the same things won’t

work. Come up with new


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

It may seem there’s a lack of

resources, but really there’s

only a lack of ideas. Identify

the main obstacle. There’s

something good in it — a

unique opportunity. What is it?

Brainstorm both possible and

impossible solutions.


21). Multitasking only works

if the two tasks are compatible.

Casual conversations go

with cooking, podcasts go with

cleaning, exercising and driving;

music goes with almost


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). You can’t run away from

worry, because it’s not coming

at you from the outside. It’s

within you. You won’t escape

it so much as discard it. The

same goes for any fear you’re

having. Recognize it then set it


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Be less reactionary. In

the stressful moments, stop,

breathe and gather your power.

Much depends on how you see

things. Life is a picture; you

control the frame. Don’t let

anyone else touch it.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

It may be difficult to tell which

ideas are the best ones. If you

ask a lot of people, you’ll be

even more confused. Hint: The

bright ideas are the ones that

illuminate what’s around them.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 27th January 2017

All eligible persons in Barbuda are being urged to register immediately

in light of the upcoming Barbuda Council elections,

which are slated to be held in late March. The cut-off date for

names to appear on the Register for Elections is January 31. All

registration in Barbuda takes place at the Handicraft Centre. For

more information, please call 562-4191 or visit our Facebook

Page at Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission.

The Community Services Department of the Villa Seventh-day

Adventist Church on Fort Road will be conducting

clothing distribution for persons in need. Distribution will

be held on the church’s grounds on January 29th, 2017 from

10 am. All are welcome.

All members of the Antigua Barbuda Amateur Bodybuilding

& Weightlifting Federation are HEREBY notified that an Annual

General Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday 28th

January 2017 at 6pm at the ABI Financial Building, 2nd Floor,

Redcliffe Street, St John's, Antigua. Annual Registration dues

are due and payable on that date. All are asked to be on time.


The following VACANCIES are currently registered at the

One Stop Employment Centre (OSEC):


- Must be fluent in Russian and have the ability to

translate documents

- Liaise with Russian speaking clients

- Consult with experts in specialist areas

- Ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines


- 2 to 5 years’ Accounts payable & receivable experience


- Flexible/Shift schedule – 5 days per week

- Knowledge of Photoshop illustrator

- Driver’s license a plus


- Police Record Required


- At least 1–2 years retail experience

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located on

Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 5628533/34/35. Kindly


Friday 27th January, 2017.


The following VACANCIES are currently registered at the

One Stop Employment Centre (OSEC):

1) Cashier/Clerk – (Construction Supply Company)

The key duties would entail:

1. The sale of construction supplies

2. Recording said sales accurately and according procedures

in place

3. Receiving and disbursing cash, cheques

4. Tracking inventory

5. Adhering to re-order levels

6. Facilitating employee sign in and sign out daily

7. Answering queries in person and by phone

The ideal candidate should be:

- Computer literate

- Possess at least 3 CSEC subjects including English

A, Mathematics or P.O.A

- At least 2-3 year’s work experience in related field

2) Administrative/Sales Assistant


- Minimum 2 years’ experience in administration is


- Strong, keen performance focus, sales planning,

strong team-building skills.

- Strong communication, analytical, problem solving

& decision-making skills

- Job experience with extensive customer contact, including

building and maintain customer relationships.

- Ability to work efficiently in a high demand, team

oriented, and fast-paced environment.

- Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Career Progression:

• Career progression to Accounts Clerk or Marketing Officer

possible with requisite training and qualifications

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located on

Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 5628533/34/35.

Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICA-

TIONS is Monday 30th January, 2017.

Friday 27th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Antigua Grammar top Ottos Comprehensive,

PSS and GSS draw in School Cricket

By Carlena Knight

Antigua Grammar school

defeated Ottos Comprehensive

by an inning and

144 runs at the Rising Sun

grounds in the Massy United

Ministry of Sports Inter-School

Cricket league

earlier this week in the Seniors

2 Day division.

In the first innings, Ottos

Comprehensive were 21

all out with Asher Cornelius

making 10 runs.

AGS’ Johie Massiah took

3 wickets for 4 runs off of

5 overs with 2 maidens and

Jae’o Benjamin took 3 for

10 runs off of 4 overs with

1 maiden.

AGS replied with 228 for

3 with Paul Millen making

119 runs and Shemar Wallace

making 50 runs.

Niehil Samuel of OCS

took 2 wickets for 44 runs

off of 9.1 overs while teammate,

Tanya Martin took 1

wicket for 35 runs off of 5.2


As the 2nd innings went

underway, OCS made 63 for

8 with Timmo Thomas making

26 runs.

Dishon Henry of AGS

took 3 wickets for 8 runs

off of 6 overs with 3 maidens

while teammate, Elroy

Francis took 2 wickets for 11

runs off of 4.1 overs.

Several horses

down for Turf Club

first meet for 2017

By Marver Woodley

Several horses have been carded to make debut appearances

in the first scheduled meet for the Antigua and Barbuda

Turf Club Meet.

The initial first meet which was scheduled for January

29th was rescheduled for February 5th will see the likes of

the Serpent, Trump Um, Silly Mid-off along with start studs

Lynn’s Image, Demolition Man, Chief of Staff and Lil Miss


Also, joining the star crew will be Carol-Von-Terrell,

Lady Antebellum and Sparkle as they gallop for glory in for

the first time for the year.

Six races will be carded for the first meet as the Association

kicks-off back to back action at the Cassada Gardens

Race Track for the 2017 season.

Sponsors for the first meet are as follows Vybz FM,

Dews, Cools and Smooth, Occasions Party Rentals, Antigua

Printing and Publishing, Paint Plus and ZDK Radio.

Pares Secondary and

Glanvilles Secondary came

to a draw in their match at


In the first innings, GSS

made 52 all out with G.

Burnes making 15 and Rene

Cornwall 9.

PSS’ E. Warner took 3

wickets for 9 runs off of 5

overs. Teammate, D. Martin

also took 3 wickets for 2

runs off of 3 overs.

Pares replied with a 58

all out effort with D. Mason

making 14 runs and D. Joseph

making 10 runs.

N. Bellot of GSS took

4 wickets for 6 runs off of

5 overs with 2 maidens. F.

Lawrence also took 4 wickets

for 20 runs off of 13

overs with 3 maidens.

Glanvilles Secondary

opened the 2nd inning making

75 for 2 with K. Pitman

and E. Lawrence having a 38

not out performance and 25

not out performance respectively.

T. Mason of Pares Secondary

took 1 wicket for 14

runs off of 5 overs.

Jennings Secondary and

Clare Hall Secondary game

was affected due to rain.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 27th January 2017

All Saints Slammers charge to victory

By Carlena Knight

All Saints Slammers charged to a

tremendous victory over LJ Northside

Stingerz, 75-23 in Division 3 action on

Wednesday night at JSC.

Slammers led by Anjis Anthony with

13 points and 6 rebounds and Raheem

Samuel with 12 points and 8 rebounds

overpowered Stingerz throughout the


Teammates, Xavier Dalso chipped in

with 8 assists and Kamau Nibbs grabbed

By Carlena Knight

Clare Hall Secondary

trumped defending champions,

Antigua Grammar

School, 30-9 in the Miniboys

Secondary division of

the Cool and Smooth Inter-school

Basketball League

on Wednesday afternoon at


Jaheem James who was

also the 3Ds Playtime Snackette

Player of the match scored

18 points to lead his team to a

convincing win.

Cory Wynter of AGS

scored 9.

The action continued in

the Mini-boys Primary division

as defending champions,

Green Bay Primary secured

their first win of the season

defeating Old Road Primary,


By Marver Woodley

National sporting fraternities for all natures are in line to

benefit greatly from a presentation from cricket commentator

Joseph “Reds” Perreira.

Perreria who is also an author will be on island on February

9th to host a presentation on the structuring of clubs and associations

to become more efficient as the main goal.

Local clubs and associations stand to benefit from a planned

presentation by well-known, on.

His travels will be thanks to a collaboration between the

Ministry of Sports and the National Olympic Committee of Antigua

& Barbuda, and will be held at Multipurpose & Exhibition

Cultural Center starting at 10:00 a.m.

All clubs and associations are invited by not only the Ministry

of Sports but by extension Perrier as the talks will be beneficial

to all.

10 rebounds.

Yannick Samuel of Stingerz had

10 points and 8 rebounds with Wilston

Charles contributing 9 points, 8 rebounds

and 4 steals in a losing effort.

Ottos Coolers flexed their muscles

on Old Road Daggers in the feature

match of the double header defeating

them, 80-51.

With a number of supporters present,

Ottos’ Lincoln Weekes led his team with

21 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

Deshawn Martin had three

points for the victors while Julian

Joseph had 2 points.

Urlings Primary also secured

a win over S.R. Olivia

Primary defeating them 10-4.

Jaheem Forde had 6 points

for Urlings while Tajahron

Davis netted 4.

Jennings Secondary dominated

Clare Hall Secondary

in the Junior Boys Division

blowing them out, 28-12.

Maikol Florien assisted with 14

points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 5

steals and Javon Simon chipped in with

11 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists for


Alexis Jackson grabbed 16 rebounds

and teammate, Rolando Hamilton

grabbed 14 for the victors.

Kevin Cornwall of Daggers had 20

points while Ezekiel Francois grabbed

10 rebounds in a losing effort. Games at

Yorks court were called off due to rain.

CHSS top defending champs in Schools Basketball

Sporting bodies to benefit

from talks with Perreria

Vladimir Castro had

15 points for JSS, while for

CHSS, Johnathan Joseph netted,

6 points.

Antigua State College

flexed their muscles versus

newbies, Trinity Academy in

the Senior Boys Division defeating

them 38-24.

Daniel Thomas led the

charge with 10 points while

Mico Scotland had 15 in a

losing effort.

Local draught association

soon to be a reality

By Marver Woodley

The First Ever Draught

Association within Antigua

and Barbuda will come into

fruition today if the newly ratified

constitution is approved.

Head of the interim committee

Trevor Cranston made

the announcement following

the approval of the constitution

on Wednesday night, and

will seek to have it approved

by the Ministry of Sports today.

He noted that once registered

plans will be in place

to form an official executive

committee with an election.

The committee will comprise

of a Vice-President, Treasurer,

Secretary a Public Relations

Officer, two floor persons and

a president a position he will

contend if he is nominated.

The association has been

holding competitions for several

years despite not being

an official organization recognized

by the Ministry of


Friday 27th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Freeman’s Village and Urlings dominate in ABFA games

By Marver Woodley

Opening its gates for the

first time since being acquired,

the Coolidge Cricket Grounds

recorded first win for hosts

Leeward Island Cricketers.

Playing here on Wednesday

the Leeward Islands

Hurricanes defeated Kent

Spitfires by seven wickets, in

the day/night fourth game of

the Regional Super50 at the

Coolidge Cricket Ground.

Kent were able to amass

228 for nine off 50 overs with

scores from Calum Haggett

with 45, Adam Rouse with

35, Sean Dickson 22, Gavin

Tonge 4-39, and Rahkeem

Cornwall 2-35.

Hurricanes on the other

hand were able to

amassurrH 237 for three off

43.3 overs. Nkrumah Bonner

leading the chase with 78

not out, followed Chesney

Hughes 38, Jahmar Hamilton

36 not out, Montcin Hodge

34, Kieran Powell 31 and

By Marver Woodley

The Freeman’s Village FC ended

Thursdays run of games with the highest

goals defeating Hill Top FC.

Playing in one of three scheduled

games Freeman’s Village trounced Hill

Top 3-1 with double strikes coming from

Roy Gregory in the 53rd and 73rd minutes

followed by teammate Darius Hector

with the opener in the 41st minute.

Scoring the lone successful goal for Hill

Top was Sydney Samuel in the 51st minute.

The other two games resulted in 1-nil

and 2-nil scores with Bendals and Forth

Road being at the losing end in both encounters.

Fort Road was defeated at the hands

of Ottos Ranges by Kyii Ireland in the

first 6 minutes of play while Bendals was

trounced by Swetes with goals form Ajani

Williams and Craig Mason

Meanwhile a day prior Urlings

brought their A game to ensure Pares did

not get a strike in and amassed 7 points

in one game one of the most goals in one

sitting for the entire season. Jalan Willock

braced the back of the net twice while

teammates Roey Techeira, Philmore

Hughes, Jaric Richards, Kayan London

and Cozie Richardson all netted once.

Another marvelous game was played

Adam Riley 2-41.

Hours later Windward Islands

Volcanoes survived a

scare before posting a 21-run

victory over West Indies Under-19s

in their opening game.

Playing at the Vivian

Richards Cricket Ground,

Volcanoes were dismissed for

221 off 46.2 overs, with Sunil

Ambris top-scoring with 54

and captain Liam Sebastien

getting 31.

Seamer Keemo Paul was

outstanding, finishing with

four for 31 while left-arm

spinner Joshua Bishop picked

up two for 34.

Racking up the scores for

Volcanes were Sunil Ambris

with 54, Liam Sebastien with

31, Kyle Mayers 28, Delorn

Johnson 26 and Keemo Paul


Meanwhile the UN-

DER-19 leaders were Bhaskar

Yadram with 52, Kirstan

Kallicharan with 25, Keemo

Paul making 22; Mervin Matthews

4-38 and Delorn Johnson


by Jennings United as Jeanpierre Williams

netted all three goals to bring home

the in for United against Garden Stars

who were rejected on all attempts.

Bethesda men were also on show

as they defeated Golden Grove 3-1,

with successful attacks form Marcel Simon

for Golden Grove and teammates

Tishawn Simon, Rolston Francis and

Calvin Goodwin for Bethesda.

5P’s defeat 3-1 of Real Blizzard was

the final game of the day with goals from

Kevorne Browne, Rushane Dench, and

Ragique Bryan for 5P’s while Shavon

Moore made the lone successful attack

for Real Blizzard.

Hurricanes, Volcanoes win Regional Super50 matches

Mervin Matthew was later

named man of the match.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 27th January 2017

Jangoo shines again as Marooners win

LUCAS STREET, Barbados –

Teenaged opener Amir Jangoo stroked

his second successive half-century as

Campus Colleges and Campuses Marooners

defeated ICC Americas by seven

wickets to post their second win of

the Regional Super50 here Thursday.

Chasing a paltry 182 for victory at

Windward Cricket Club, Marooners

cruised to their target in the 46th over,

with the 19-year-old Jangoo hitting a

top score of 52.

Kyle Corbin carried his side over

the line with a fluent, unbeaten 47

while Cassius Burton struck 38 and

captain Jamal Smith, 36.

Fast bowler Keon Harding hard earlier

produced a superb 10-over spell of

two for 27 to help restrict ICC Americas

to 181 for nine off their 50 overs.

His Man-of-the-Match effort was

supported by seamer Jermaine Levy

(2-43) and off-spinner Vikash Mohan

(2-45) who finished with two wickets


Timroy Allen, batting at number

eight, top-scored with 43 while Hakeem

Dodson weighed in with 28 and

Nikhil Dutta and Kamau Leverock, 26


Sent in, ICC Americas slumped

to 53 for five in the 17th over before

staging a lower order rally. Dutta and

Dodson added 36 for the sixth wicket

before Allen posted 28 for the seventh

wicket with Dodson and a further 60 in

Teenaged opener Amir Jangoo

a critical eighth wicket stand with Saad

Bin Zafar (25).

The right-handed Allen stroked

four fours and a six in a breezy 50-ball


In reply, left-hander Jangoo took the

attack to ICC Americas in an 87-ball

innings which was laced with six fours

and a six.

Jangoo put on 81 for the first wicket

with Smith whose knock came from 75

balls and included two fours and a six.

When three wickets tumbled for

just 30 runs in the space of 42 deliveries,

Corbin and Burton combined in an

unbroken fourth wicket stand of 73, to

steer Marooners to victory.

The right-handed Corbin faced 59

balls and counted five fours and a six

while Burton, also a right-hander, was

equally fluent in hammering three fours

and a six in a

43-ball knock.


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