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January 29, 2017

The Fashion



Ways To Style Your

Black Dress

Fashion It






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Em my Collins Collection:

The Londres Collection

6 5 Ways To Style Your Black Dress


15 o Premiere of My Lagos Dairies

o Olamide Live In Concert





Quotes •••

"A woman should soften but not

weaken a man."

- Sigmund Freud



With the country's image battered and badly dented in

the eyes of the international community, orchestrated by

the continuous bad news of wanton killings, poor leadership

and declining economy flying out of Nigeria, it is almost

impossible to believe that anything good can come out of

Nigeria. The lack of employment and economic hardship,

has led to rise in crime rate amongst the youth, a situation

that has become a threat to the destiny of young people,

making it almost impossible for many to dare to dream or


In the midst of our plethora of challenges, a select few

still dare to rise, like our cover personality today, Davidson

Obennebo. The 20 year old model, last year, won the

prestigious, Elite Model International competition in Lisbon,

making him the first model of colour to win that competition

in its 33 years of its existence! Today, the young model, has

become a fine export for Nigeria as he plies his craft on the

international catwalks for some of the best fashion brands

in the world. Yemisi Suleiman caught up with him as he

tells his story. Pgs 8-10

And if you are wondering where Em my Collins has been,

well, the controversial designer and blogger returns with

this edgy collection called Londres. Pg 4-5

You'd enjoy every page as you leaf through. It's a fashion

edition. Enjoy the package.

"He who tries to forget a

woman, never loved her."

- Mrujorie Kinnan Rowlings

"Where women love each other,

men learn to smother their

mutual dislike."

-George Eliot

"When men and women agree,

it is only in their conclusions;

their reasons are always


- George Santayana
























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13!j - fattWltt 0.ttr0tt

Looking for the latest trends to transition into? Hopefully~ ourweeklyfab list will



Florals obviously happen every season

but this time around, they are going big.

Skip the tiny buds in favour of larger,

more artful and geometric ones that

way, you are giving more of an edge to

a pattern everyone expects.


Designers clearly were catching

up on the 70's while

conceptualizing their season

trend, given the fact that white

ruffled blouses were popular in

that time and are now making

numerous runway appearances.



Your heel of choice for the

season should be a revamp

of the classic peep-toe with

a thick, walkable heel and

supportive ankle strap. Do

not shy away from mixing

patterns, textures, and

colors for the ultimate

shoe that works

for the office and

special events,





This season the last thing you want are aching

arches and blistered feet, which are commonplace

when wearing too tight, too narrow shoes. The

best way to keep comfortable is with a pair of flat

espadrilles. With their woven rope bottoms and

rubber soles, espadrilles are a seasonal musthave.

Dress them down with a plain white tee and

cropped kick-flare jeans or pair them with a wispy

dress and fun clutch for a daytime affair. But

considering their flat shape, you want to make

sure you look for details that really wow. From

stars to stripes to bright neon.


There is nothing more

ladylike than a dress or top

that has pretty pleats. In

my opinion, wearing a light

and airy pleated piece feels

special. So, you can imagine

my excitement when I found

out that pleated pieces are

predicted to be big this year.

Capitalize on this trend by

adding pretty dresses and

lightweight tops to your


January 29, 2017 I ALLURE 3


About The Desi ner



him the mysterious man of

ashion and you won't be wrong.

His designs and style are most often

very different from that of his peers.

Growing up with all his female

siblings who are seamstresses

and a God Father who runs a

fabric supply store in Eastern

Nigeria, the young Emmy


got exposed to the world of

fashion early in life.

From that early age, he was

drawn to the rhythm of

machines and fascinated by

the tailors scissors, as if he

had a future date with them.

By the age of 13, he had

carved a style for himself

which made him different from his peers

and which eventually led to his budding

career in apparel design as a young adult

in Europe.

He later met David Jones, a seasoned

veteran of the fashion world who

eventually became Emmy's mentor. On

David Jones' advice, Emmy decided

to instead, embark heads-on into the

London menswear design scene. Emmy

launched his eponymous label and his

first fashion collection in year 2004,

while simultaneously pursuing and

achieving a diploma in Fashion Business

Management course at Portabello

Business Centre. It's been an upward

climb since then and as they say, the rest

is history.


The Londres Cc

4 ALLURE I January 29, 2017





. . . .· . . . . . . .

Popular Nigerian UK- based designer, Emmy

Collins has reeled out his new collection for

this season. The new collection which is

largely about playing with colours, solids and

prints is themed, the "Londres" collection.

The very creative designer and

controversial blogger, who is not one to

take the safe route towards designing, has

decided to go contrarian to conventional

wisdom in style and fashion once again.

This time, in his belief that, if the aesthetics

were right, anything can be paired with

anything else nowadays, he opted to

clash diverse shades and sizes of neon

coloured polka dots fabrics against

each other. A really refreshing

way to pull off polka dots. He also

contrasted solid cottons against

several print fabrics.

The Londres collection also paid

tribute to London as a creative

hub with The Queens Guards print

shirt. It might be subtle but in this

particular collection, one would


fabric design, were used to achieve

the quirkiness and originality

which the Emmy Collins brand




Ways To Style

your black dress

Rock It With A

Dose Of Bling

With so many blings going on

around you, from ears to neck

to wrist, the attention will be

taken off your already worn

black dress to the sparkle

glittering around you.

The black dress has

become much of an

iconic piece in our

wardrobes that it can

be considered a staple

wear you can never go

wrong with. Now while

you want to play it safe,

it is important you also

keep it sty I ish as you

rock your favorite and

possibly only black

dress. Here are the

different ways to style it

Rock It

1With Prints

You can opt for an

animal print or bright

patterned coat to

accessorize your favorite


Wear With

A Statement


Reach for a bold chunky

necklace to add life to

your little black dress,

making it the eye

catching piece of your

outfit with a modern and

fresh feel to it.

Brighten Up

With Colours

Since you can never go wrong

with black, why not brighten up

the black dress with a pair of

colourful shoes or bag/purse?

That would certainly go a long

way to make you look fun.

Wear With


Pumps never get out

of style and this is one

shoe to pick once you're

aiming for the classic

look. So why not style

your black dress with this

if you want the ultimate

classic look?

6 ALLURE I January 29, 2017


Statement necklace

This is a handy "get" and

should be one of the

basics in your closet.

Statement necklaces

can help make your

simple outfit strong and



wrist watches

A wrist watch is as

much an accessory as

it is a timepiece. With a

gold oversized

wristwatch, looking

loose on your wrist you

are almost good to go.

It's rare to love fashion and be termed boring. Trust

me, those two words aren't placed in the same

wardrobe of a fashionista he or she is always

interesting to look at.

This new year, there are some fashion items you

should not just look at, but also have to get and let

your closet and style thank you!

Printed scarf

With the never ending sun that hits you

without notice, when you invest in a pair

of primo sunglasses, the likelihood of

you forgetting them at brunch decreases

significantly, and shielding your eyes

becomes top priority.

This fashion accessory

is not a "selecter" of

clothes. This means it

can be sprawled on

almost any outfit from a

dress to aT-Shirt, and

it will make your outfit

look more than it would r1!ii;~~

ordinarily feel. Although 1:

it is advisable to opt for

an animal print,

especially when you're

already rocking a

colourful outfit, the

timeless leopard print

keeps all colours at bay

A tailored black blazer

is classic, feminine and

looks great on all body

sizes. You can pair it up

with almost every piece

in your wardrobe, from

your Jean, little

dresses, trousers, skirts

and more. Ensure you

find one that fits well

and accentuates your

waist rather than

getting one that looks

like a coat swallowing

you up.

A basic denim shirt

should be a fashion

item to get; it's less

business like and you

can easily pair it up

with jeans or add a

casual look to a dress;

no fraying, holes, or

acid-washed rinse -

just look for something

that serves as a

daytime standard

We know black is the first choice that should come

to mind, but we're sure you have one already, so

add a pop of colour with red, and it works for every

season too. Red flats are usually nicely paired with a

striped or polkadot dresses.


Photo credit:

A Wallet to

Show Off

There comes a point in your life where you

stop carrying cheap wallets, let that time

be now. Upgrade yourself to a sleek new

wallet that doubles as a casual clutch.

Who knows if you'll stop overstuffing it with

year-old receipts and used recharge cards.

January 29, 2017 I ALLURE 7



-A Winning Export

Words By-YemisiSuleiman

Uentyyear old Davidson Obennebo recendy~ made historywhen he

ecame the frrst black model to win the Elite Model Look

International Contest in 33 years. Davidson who earlier~ won the

Nigeria arm of the competition last year~ beat 62 fmalists from 36 corm tries

from different parts of the world to emerge winner alongwith J ana~ a 15-year

old from Czech Republic. The gTand fmale took place in Lisbon in November

last year.

Alongside modeling contracts worth Euro for his win~ Davidson is

currendymakingthe continent proud; as he struts the international rrmways

in designs of some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. An excited

Davidson tells his story from the beginning~ his plans for the future~ his crush

on Reality TV star Kendal Jenner and more.

Congratulations on your win

Thank you.

How did you feel while you were on stage, did you

have any fears considering the fact that you were

with people from different parts of the world?

Well, the first day we all arrived, I saw other

contestants at the registration venue. I was not

intimidated, and I said to myself that I would just go

in there, do my best, and leave the rest to God. I was

just me, I didn't have any bad sides or bad comments;

whatever I was told to do, I made sure I did it to

perfection. I was just myself, real and down to earth.

How many of you were on that stage?

We were 60 in total, from 36 countries; 26 countries

had both male and female, while the other 20 countries

had just female representatives. So in total, we were 62


It was both male and female competing together, at

the end there was a female winner and male winner.

Then there was top 15, consisting of top 5 boys and top

10 girls.

Give us an insight into the contest, from the

screening to the top 15 and when you finally won.

What was the whole process like?

There was serious anxiety when it got to top 15

and I could not say anything, We were standing in two

lines and when you are called, you walked out from the

long line. I remember I was the eleventh person that

was called. But before I went on stage, I had told my

agent, Laura, that this year, let's just see what happens,

hopefully, I would be among the top 15, just like our

contestants last year and the year before: Mayowa or

Victor. Again, I felt even if I did not make it to the top 15,

maybe I'll get signed on. She said I shouldn't worry, that

we should be positive. And then we went on stage At

that point, I am sure I was not the only one, everyone

was blank and we were all sweating. I was sweating

in a cold room and a cold weather. The lady next to me

kept tapping me out of nervousness and if I could talk

then, I would have just told her to calm down. Then they

called my name among the top 15, at that point, I could

not see anything. While walking down, I almost fell, all

I could think of was, I can't believe it. I can't believe I

made top 15. At that point, I was excited and nervous

at the same time, because top 15 was like the major

target. I felt once we made top 15, we are good. But I

went on to win it and it was like a dream. I remember

8 ALLURE I January 29, 2017



saying "Wow! Wow!" When my name was called, it was

like my heart fell off because I bent down and for some

time, I was in shock. I couldn't believe it.

How do you feel breaking the jinx and being the first

model of colour to win the competition?

I feel great and I believe it is a huge task ahead for

me because Africa is looking to me, Nigeria is looking

to me as well being the first black and the one to pave

the way for all other blacks. So I am going to be like a

mentor if some sort; already they are saying I am an

ambassador for Africa.

What do you think gave you the wining edge over


I believe it was my personality, because I remember

sitting with the vice president when I won and we

were heading for the after party. He told me that they

had never seen someone who is so down to earth, so

natural and very calm under pressure. He said that

whenever they needed me, I was there. It was all down

to my personality, same with the girl that won Jenna.

They said that was what they were actually looking

for and aside 2014 set, our set was one of the best

sets they have had. And looking at what Elite stands

for, aside 2014 that came close to the purpose of what

Elite was made for, it was my set that truly represented

that. So in terms of my niche, it was my personality, my

humility, and my lively and outgoing nature.

I interacted with everyone even those that couldn't

speak English properly, I still found a way to interact

with them, and that was what they were looking for

in a winner. I did not keep to myself at all. Although it

looked like I was a threat already from the first day. I

think my catwalk was good too. So, when everyone

saw me catwalk, they were like "oh! that's the winner, its

Davidson, it has to be Davidson". I didn't let that get into

me, I kept doing my best and I kept learning every day.

I was hoping I was going to get better which I did, and I

thank everyone that made it happen.

Were your parents able to watch it live?

No. Although there was a live streaming, but

because of slow reception rate in Nigeria, I'm sure

it was not very possible for them to watch it. But my

mother was actually trying to watch it, but it was 15

minutes faster because of the time frame, She was

trying to watch it, but the network was really slow, and

she fell asleep trying to watch it. When I called her

later to tell her I won, she didn't believe it. She said

she was frustrated trying to watch it as it was buffering

consistently and she had to go to bed. When I called

her and told her, she didn't believe me at first, and then I

thought she didn't hear me. She dropped the phone and

I heard someone screaming in her room, then I realized

she heard and was very happy. My friends did watch it,

they followed it up because they had their systems and

internet connections.

How has life been like since you won, has anything


They always tease me, always. But I am still me,

nothing has changed.

How did your parents feel about you going into

modeling in the first place?

They were actually supportive. They have been

supportive from the beginning, and that is because my

dad knows the industry, he understands what this is and

my mother's family, kind of have an idea of what this is.

Most of them are not based here, they are out of the

country, so they know and they follow the things that

happen in the industry.

Although, my mother at one point, had the feeling

that modeling was going to affect my school, and she

was always telling me to have it at the back of my mind

that I have to finish school, but my dad saw this as an

opportunity, school can be continued at anytime. He felt

modelling has it's age limits, you cannot say you want to

finish school and come back to it, you might not get that

opportunity again. So my dad supported me all the way.

How did you get into the industry, what was your

first outing with modelling?

I went for the casting at Beth for Tokyo James when

10 ALLURE I January 29, 2017

'' I would love to give

back to those

aspiring models

through serving as

their guide or


they had collaboration. So Beth sent me a message to

come for the casting through lnstagram, and I went and

here we are today.

So the Elite contest last year was your very first

modeling contest?

Yes, that was my first before going on to win the

international contest .

But have you modeled before Beth?

No. I started with Beth. I was discovered through the

Elite casting for Tokyo James, and I applied for the Elite

Model Look as well and that was it.

Do you have a designer you have always wanted to

model for?

Definitely. Even before I started modeling, I love

fashion, and I always wish to one day meet one of these

designers in person; Versace and Balmain for instance.

Thank God I am doing that now. I love sports, so I'll

also want to model for brands like Adiddas, and maybe

Nike. So hopefully, I get to work for those people too.

Who is your role model in the industry?

I have been told a number of times, that I look like

Tyson Beckford when he was much younger. So, I

started looking up to him. Kendal Jenner is influential

and although she is young, she is actually doing great

as a model. I do not look at the big ones, I look at the

ones that are my age range and see what they have

achieved and what I can do to be better and what it is

they do that makes them great.

What would you love to give back to the people in


I would love to help the homeless and handicapped

people. And I would also love to give back to those

aspiring models through serving as their guide or

mentor. To be honest, on my lnstagram page, I get a

lot of messages from aspiring models asking for tips

on how to be successful in the industry; and I try to find

time to get back to them.

So do you intend to set up a modeling outfit too

sometime in the future?

Well, you never can tell. If it happens, it happens,

but I have plans on that, but like I said, it is a gradual

process. You have to finally be able to stand your

ground and be known in the industry so that when you

start, people would be able to put a face to the brand

you are coming up with.

Do you have a girlfriend?

No. Never had.

I'm sure you have a lot of female admirers now.

How do you handle them?

Yes, but I try to be as nice as I can to them.

So have you ever had a crush on someone?

Yes of course, I am presently crushing on Kendall

Jenner and now that she is also signed to Elite, anything

can happen (laughs).

So what do you do to stay fit and trim?

Well, I am lucky because my mother is slim so I

think I took that from her, but I try not to over eat and I


What is your fitness routine like?

Basic cardia routines. Sit-up, pushups, squirts, and

a little bit of jogging. And I don't do cardia everyday

because certain rates are for certain body structures. I

do cardia like three times in a week and jog like twice a


So what do you intend to fall back to after


I intend to go back to school for further studies and

later start up my own business. But you never can tell,

I might turn out to be an actor because with modeling,

anything can happen. They can see you and just throw

one script at you and put you on trial acting. There is

also the business part to modeling which I would love to

explore. Modeling isn't just about being on the runway,

but it is a window to a whole lot of opportunities.

So, I am excited to be a part of this, I never expected

this much. If someone had told me that, Davidson would

be winning Elite Model Look International in 2016, I

would have slapped the person and say they don't know

what they are saying. But it happened and I am grateful

to God for it. I got signed in March, then in September,

I did Elite Nigeria and won; mind you, I was in school

then so, I wasn't really doing much. So after winning

Elite in September, I won the global competition, and

November I am a living legend.




for 30, 40+ MEN

Der a sr

Men, don't be afraid to

take good care of yourself.

Many guys who are within

this age bracket tend to

ignore their looks due to

the hustle and bustle of

life. Here is a guide to help --­

you look. Don't let this few

steps intimidate you.





Looking after your skin doesn't obligate you to

put all the time on it but seriously, they're only

fine-tuning what you already do. Try a Spa for

facials and body steaming, it gives your skin

a glow. Also, bathing regularly with proper

brushing of teeth at least twice a day makes

you feel airy.



Age is about appearance. You can take

years off by staying fit and trim with

your appearance. When dressing, go with

updated classics. There nothing that gives

charm like this and Ladies-love it.



Facial hairs can be sexy on a guy, but what really

turns ladies on is when our faces touch and it doesn't

feel like sandpaper. Most men shave five times a

week. (How do you do it?) "Choose a quality razor

that fits your skin sensitivity and beard coarseness,

your face will thank you.



"Dryness exaggerates signs of aging in the

face and the body. Moisturizing daily with a

regular moisturizer and Shea butter for a dry

scaly skin will get you a soft, kissable skin.



"A fruit a day keeps the doctor

away" is the wise saying of

health experts. Fruit,s especially

cucumbers and pineapples

contain detoxifiers and antioxidants

which will helps prevent

illnesses and chronic conditions

that can age you prematurely as



January 29, 2017 I ALLURE 11




A Stripe dress is an easy way to look

chic without much effort. It is an easy

classic that suits almost all body

shapes. Wear vertically for a slimming

effect and horizontally for that extra


Stripes can be styled in a variety of

ways. Don't be afraid to mix your prints

with other patterns or accessorized with

all kinds of shoes including a pair of


Here are selected tips to styling your


For a weekend

outing, keep it

simple yet fun with

no drama in a stripe

dress and pair with



To wear your striped cutout crop tops this season

without actually revealing your belly button pair it

up with a high waist pencil midi skirt and a pair of

black pump heels to finish the looks



A touch of denim on strip

gives you look a special

flavour. while a denim vest will

smell vacation a distressed

denim jacket will give your

outfit an edgy look.

12 ALLURE I January 29, 2017








Stripe is versatile and so it can be

worn to work. Add a filled of blazer

to make your simpl stripe dress

more professional. finish the look

with a pair of courts and structured








Give your stripe an

interesting and fun edge

with a pop of colour. A pair

of red shoes or a bag will

do just fine.







Worried about stripes

making you look "big?".

Don't panic! Go with a

fit-and-flare black and white

coloured stripe style, add a

bright belt to cinch in at the

waist, with silver or neon

coloured heel

January 29, 2017 I ALLURE 13



Multiple Award Winner,

Sola Oyebade is the

CEO ofMaghogany

Events, Mahogany

Bridals, and Mahogany

modeling Agency. His

achievements in the

fashion industry speak

wellfor his hard work

and brand as he is a

man that strives for

perfection in what he


In this chat, he reveals

how he spends his day

balancing work and life

and trying to remain


What time do you wake up?

I tend to work very late into the night, and as

such, I wake up at about 9:ooam every day or

should say, I never answer my phone until9am.

Do you have a morning routine you


My morning routine is pretty standard; I check

my phone and respond to messages. Once I get

out of bed and have my bath, I go down to my

office where I meet with my Executive Assistant

to find out and check what meetings I have for

the day and if there is anything important I have

to attend to.

I am not really a morning person so unless it is

very important, I don't have any meetings before

11am. So from 11am, I spend the rest of the day

attending meetings or doing events.

Do you exercise?

Well, I joined a gym and started working out but

then work took over. So I don't exercise as much as

I wish I could anymore. Thankfully, because of the

nature of my job, I am constantly burning calories

and exercising my body through work. So that kind

of takes care of my need to exercise.

What's your usual program like, during the


My usual program during the week would see me

attending series of meetings. A daily visit to the site

for a lounge that's being opened up really soon by

myself and my friend/partner. It's basically work,

work, work for me during the week. Also, from

Thursday, I get invited to a variety of events, which

I like to attend because it gives me an insight into

how other people do their events and maybe, I can

14 ALLURE I January 29, 2017

learn some things which could be useful to me when

I have an event to do. On days when we have our

own events, we work many days through the day

and night to ensure we are ready for our event.

How would you describe your personal


I am not sure if this is personal style in fashion or

with regards to how I work.

Fashion wise, I'll say classy but comfortable.

Workwise, I am a stickler to detail, everything

must be perfect and I don't compromise on that

at all. My staff and my clients know that even if I

see a tiny mistake, I can make them do everything

again from scratch. I think I am like Dr Jackell and

Mr Hyde as I have two personalities. When I am

not working, I can be all sweetness and light; but

when I am working, I am a disciplinarian. I can be

stern, impatient because I am and a perfectionist.

However, I care deeply for my staff and my team

and their welfare and my clients mean the

world to me.

When you're not working, what's the

next best thing?

I am very much a family man but my number

one passion outside of work is watching my

beloved Arsenal, play. It was so bad that in

the past, I would either disappear from an

event, or not do the event at all, if Arsenal was


I also love reading, even though I don't have

time any more to read as much as I would

have loved too. I also love watching movies.

What beauty regimen do you employ?

Besides shaving, I don't have any beauty

regimen. I guess I am lucky as I have good

skin and as such, I don't have to do much to

maintain it.

What do you have for dinner?

I am not really a food person but I would say I

can die for pounded yam with egusi soup.

What diet plan do you employ?

Sadly, none whatsoever. I keep saying I would

like to lose a bit of weight but everyone says I

am slim enough. My work keeps me naturally


How do you balance work with your

personal life?

Balancing work with my personal life is very

important to me and I believe in working

hard and playing hard. So, as much as my

job could be very tasking, I make sure I find

time to be with wife, family and friends,

attend social gatherings etc. It is really not a

challenge for me.

How do you relax after work?

I am naturally a fun person. I play as hard as

I work hard (maybe harder). I like to hang out

and catch some fun, break a few moves even

though I know dancing is not my greatest

strength. On some other days, I just head back

home and watch a good movie or any TV series.

What fashion and beauty items can't you do


Hmmmm .. I don't have any of either that I can't

do without. I don't really think I am a fashionable

person. However, I must always have my perfume

on and a good pair of jeans.

What bedtime ritual do you follow?

I am not really one for rituals, so, I don't have a

bedtime ritual.

What time do you go to bed?

I tend to stay up late especially when I have a

project/event coming up. At such, I'll say I sleep

when the days' job is completed.





By Oscar Ochiogu



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A diary-like documentary, My Lagos

Dairies that Chronicles the lives of people

in rural communities in Lagos and the

challenges they face, have been premiered

in Lagos.

The documentary was created by

Freedom Foundation; a faith based

non-profit organization of the House of


Between 2006 and 2016, they set out to

various communities across Lagos to get a

first hand experience of challenges people

face trying to survive in the city. From

Ejigbo to lwaya, the 'God Bless Nigeria'

team and Dr. Tony Rapu, were faced with

various challenges that tugged the heart

-real people with real experiences. Some

of these experiences are what has been

made into this soon-to-be-aired 13-part TV


Here are some dignitaries that graced

the event.


By Oscar Ochiogu

The third edition ofOlamide Live In Concert (OLIC 3), took

place recently at the Convention Centre of the Eko Hotels and

Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The event was attended Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi

Ambode as well as other stars from the music and movie industry.

See some pictures from the red carpet.

January 29, 2017 I ALLURE 15



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