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20 February 1, 2017

20 February 1, 2017 “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” Psalms 1:1 “Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.” Psalms 31:24 What do you know about that? True or False 1 The Irish Wolfhound is the world’s tallest breed of dog. 2 The Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz was named Hickory. 3 Oxalic acid is found in rhubarb. 4 Ringo Starr narrated Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. 5 McDuff was the Scottish king killed by Macbeth. 6 John Tyler was the tenth US President. 7 The most poisonous fish in the world is the Puffer fish. 8 Bungee Jumping originated on Easter Island. 9 The Bible has been translated into Klingon. 10 Tremophobia is the fear of haircuts. 11 Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world. 12 Richard Nixon said, I would have made a good Pope. 13 George Bush said, “A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.” Answers PETS FREE Large,Male,BlackLab/ German Shep mix, 1yr old , Has had shots 606-758-8854 Chihuahua mix, small puppy, Has had all shots, wormed & flea shot. Excellent with children & other pets. $50 606- 305-0534 Guard Dog Puppies, Valentines Day, Great Pyrenees 50%, Akbash 12%, continued THOROUGH TRUCK Dan Quayle 1T 2T 3T 4T 5False- Duncan 6T 7T 8False –Pentecost Island 9T 10Falsefear of trembling. 11T 12T 13False- Complete Heavy Duty Truck Repair 24 Hour Towing and Road Service (606)-256-4099 or (800) 556-4099 Bonded & Insured for your Heavy Equipment Hauling needs New & Used Parts Master Card & Visa accepted Anatolian Shepherd 38%, $300 502-348-8252 FREE Male Bobtail Cat, Has been fixed, Must be kept as House Cat, Can have Litterbox, Litter, etc 606- 308-3533 2 Male, Black & White Markings, Apple Head Chihuahua Pups, Ready by 1/20/2017 606-669-3637 SPORTING GOODS 10ft Aluminum John Boat $300 606-376-4311 ARGO Conquest 8 wheeler, 350 Hours, Wench, Top, New Tires & Battery $4,500 502-348-8252 14ft Aluminum Boat w/trailer &25hp Johnson Motor,Tilter Hand Control, $900 606-376- 4311 ‘85 Evinrude 70hp motor on 16’ Starcraft Tri Hull Fiberglass Boat. Bought New, 1 Owner, Garage Kept. 606- 365-9394 *12ft Fiberglass Boat $275 606-546-3615 WANTED Want: to BUY Canoes and Kayaks, Reasonably Priced 606-669-9840 Want: to buy Out Rigger Cylinder for a 580 Super K Case Backhoe. Must be a cylinder for a Super K 606-965-3397 or 606-493-9894 Want: Someone to Cut Pine Post & Would like to Buy Cedar Post 606-528-9264 Want: To Sit With Elderly, Area doesn’t matter, Retired from nursing company as a care provider, Christian Lady, well known with most medical problems, have refferences, Prices negotiable, Can be full time or part time - what ever needed. 606-598-1616 Want: Head Gaskets for 18 International Diesel Motor 859-854-6358 Want: to buy a pair or a single Beagle(s) for Rabbit Dogs 606-847-4310 Want: to buy Electric Furnace for a Mobile Home, Must be Good. Call 1-606-965-3397 or 606-493-9894 Want: to buy Old John Deere Riding Mower for parts 606- 365-3644 Want: to clean vacant trailers, houses, apartments to get ready to sell or rent. Can Paint if needed. Have truck to haul leftbehinds. 606-655-1008 or 606-256-0549 Want: To Buy Old Records 606-661-9646 Want: Will provide rides for people to store, etc. Pulaski, Casey, Garrard, & Lincoln Co.s 606-303-5302 Want: To Buy Used Metal Frame Childrens Swing Sets 606-386-9791 Want: To sit with the Elderly 859-209-0869 Want: to do Housekeeping or Sit with Elderly. 859-749- 1457 Want: To Buy Used Metal Folding Chairs 606-386-9791 Want: To Buy Sawzalls, Skill Saws, Jig Saws, 606-386- 9791 Want: Ladder Back Chairs 606-386-9791 Want: Old Rough Sawed Barn Siding 606-386-9791 Want:To sit with the Elderly 606-365-2579 Want: 6-8 Week old Male Collie Pup, 606-386-9791 *Want: To Buy Cedar & Walnut Logs. 606-355-7056 *Want to haul off scrap metal & will haul cattle to stock yard on Saturdays, 859-304-2687 *Want: To Buy Old Records 606-303-5302 *Want: HAMMOND full-size organs (Vintage/25 bass pedals) & external LESLIE speakers. Also vintage electric pianos & audio, tube electronics & tubes. 740-708-1996 *Want: To Buy US Coins & Paper Money. Appraisal Available 606-878-0687 Leave Msg. *Want: To Buy Comic Books, GI Joes, Nintendo Systems & Games. 859-329-1534

February 1, 2017 21 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7 “Evil pursueth sinners: but to the righteous good shall be repayed.” Proverbs 13:21 1. On what should a Christian set their affection? ο Their spouse ο Their family ο Gaining knowledge ο Heaven ο Doing good works EASTERN KENTUCKY RECYCLING Jeff King - Owner PAYING TOP DOLLAR ON ALL SCRAP METAL TIN We operate a fleet of trucks and can provide roll-off containers and trailers to be placed at industrial and demolition sites. BATTERIES Copper • Aluminum • Brass Crab Orchard Location 345 Main Street (next to Dollar General Store) 606-355-2322 Open: Mon- Fri 9 am to 4 pm Sat 8 am to Noon Mt. Vernon Location US25 South Wilderness Rd. 606-256-4625 Open: Mon- Fri 9 am to 4 pm Sat 8 am to Noon 2. How many wings does a Seraphim have? ο Six ο Two ο Four ο None CAR BODIES BIBLE TRIVIA Subject of “Heaven” 3. In Isaiah chapter 6, who did Isaiah see? ο King of Israel ο God ο His Father ο His Son SHORT STEEL Junction City Location 367 Phillips Lane (behind Ponderosa Speedway) 859-854-6965 Open: Mon- Fri 9 am to 4 pm Williamsburg Location 300 Savoy Road (behind Firestone) 606-549-8512 Open: Mon- Fri 9 am to 4:15 pm 4. Jesus said that many are called but few are ______________. ο forgiven ο good ο hearing ο chosen 5. When our bodies are changed, what will they look like? ο Like the glorious body of Jesus ο Like a child's ο Like a bodybuilder ο Like an angel's ο It's a mystery, no one knows Quality Service & Fast Turn Arounds William Smith 606-392-8050 Al Leblanc 606-392-3487 W & A BIBLE TRIVA ANSWERS Reference: Philippians 3:21 Explanation: He shall change our body so it be fashioned like His glorious body. 5. Like the glorious body of Jesus Explanation: Jesus said that many are called but few are chosen. Reference: Matthew 20:20 Explanation: In Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah sees God. Reference: Isaiah 6:1 Explanation: Seraphim have six wings, two covering the face, two covering the feet and two used to fly. Reference: Isaiah 6:2 Explanation: Set your affection on things above not on earth (heaven) Reference: Colossians 3:2 AUT UTO, FARM & DIESEL REPAIR Comple plete e Aut uto & Diesel Repair Specialist Mechanic and Diagnostic Specialist 25 Years Exp. 606-256-2883 4. chosen 3. God 1. Heaven 45 Woodland Place Mt. Vernon, Kentucky 40456 OPEN: MON. - FRI. 8-5 SATURDAYS 8-2 2. Six

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