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Whether it’s in the vibrant Swiss capital city of Bern, in the hilly

and mystic Emmental, in the Gantrisch Nature Park of the Prealps,

between the Napf and the Jura in the Oberaargau Region, or in the

historically significant Laupen – this is one scenic region. It might

just be these very places and beautiful landscapes that have

shaped the distinctly melodic dialect and legendary warmth of

the Bernese.

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City of Bern

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Bern Region

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Bern at

the Center

Bern is situated in the heart of Switzerland at the center of

Europe. The capital city can be reached easily by car or by

plane via the Bern-Belp Airport and bus connections to the city

center. Those who prefer to travel by rail will benefit from a

dense network of trains ensuring direct connections to major

European cities. Bern’s central location makes it the ideal hub

for trips throughout all of Switzerland.

Downtown Bern



City and Surroundings






Laupen Region




Paris | 4 h

Stuttgart | 3 h

Basel | 1 h

Zurich | 1 h


Lyon | 1.5 h

Geneva | 2 h


| 2 h

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Milan | 3 h


Oberaargau Region




Emmental Region



Gantrisch Region

City of Bern


Bern’s unique cityscape – distinguished by UNESCO as a World

Heritage Site in 1983 – is shaped by the city’s cosmopolitan charm.

Bern has so much to see and discover: the Parliament Building

and Parliament Square, the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), BearPark,

the Aare River, churches, bridges and fountains. Examples of

medieval architecture stand alongside symbols of world-class

construction and design.


Clock Tower (Zytglogge)


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Parliament Building


Aare River

UNESCO World Heritage

Bern’s Old Town – from the Nydegg

Bridge to Bubenberg Square – has been a

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983.

Parliament Building

Seat of the Swiss government and

parliament with a highly symbolic square.

Unique water display with a total of

26 fountains, each representing a Swiss



At 864 meters above sea level, Bern’s

local mountain with its distinctive Gurten

Funiculaire and gorgeous view offers a

variety of activities.

Clock Tower (Zytglogge)

One of Bern’s most prominent landmarks,

considered a true masterpiece of medieval

clockmaking. The astronomical

calendar clock and its movement date

from 1530.


Located on 6,000 m 2 on the bank of the

Aare River, it provides a species-appropriate

home for Bern’s bears.

Aare River

Swim in water that meets drinking water

standards! This popular river attracts

young and old for a cool dip on hot days.

Old Town of Bern

City of Bern

Art and Culture

Home to some of Switzerland’s greatest museums and galleries,

Bern is considered a true citadel of culture. The combination of

internationally renowned art and unique architecture makes for

a memorable visit! Bern is an absolute MUST for culture


Museum of Fine Arts Bern

City Theater Bern

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Zentrum Paul Klee

Three waves for Bern: 4,000 works of art

by the world-renowned artist are included

in this center designed by Renzo Piano.

Not only does the museum contain over

40 % of Klee’s complete works, it is also

the largest collection of Klee’s works


Museum of Fine Arts Bern

Featuring eight centuries of art in Bern,

the museum contains over 3,000 famous

paintings and sculptures, as well as

48,000 works on paper.

City Theater Bern

The curtain rises in Bern: The City Theater

plays a leading role in Bern’s cultural scene.

Around 30 original productions are shown

each season, with over 300 performances

in the genres of opera / musicals, drama

and ballet / dance.

Bern Historical Museum

Experience Bern in a time capsule – from

the lake dwellers to the ancient Romans

and on to the genius Albert Einstein,

whose life is presented in 1,200 m 2 of

elaborately staged original pieces, writings

and film documents.

Einstein House

Albert Einstein lived in Bern from 1902 to

1909. His first writing on the Special

Theory of Relativity dates from this time.

Bern Historical Museum

Einstein House

City of Bern

Top Events

There’s a lot going on in Bern. Each year, the Swiss capital city

beats to the rhythm of recurring events. A touch of international

glamour fills the air each time the big annual festivals

are held.

Bern International Jazz Festival


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Bern Grand-Prix

Switzerland’s largest running event is held

against the singular backdrop of the

UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bern.

Each year in May, around 25,000 runners

participate in the ten most beautiful miles



Professional artists bring a rich variety of

cultural acts to this street festival held

every August. Performances are rewarded

with donations from the audience.

Bern Int. Jazz Festival

For ten weeks from March to May, Bern is

the site of world-class jazz performances

by top stars.

Onion Market (Zibelemärit)

This traditional festival is held on the

fourth Monday in November, when

farmers bring over 50 tons of onions

to Bern.


The four-day music festival is sure to be

an unforgettable experience for fans of

rock and pop music! Tens of thousands

make their pilgrimage to Bern’s local

mountain, the Gurten, each year in July.

Onion Market (Zibelemärit)


City of Bern


With 6 km / 4 miles of arcades, Bern has one of Europe’s longest

covered shopping promenades. Bern has everything you’re

looking for – be it stylish boutiques, exquisite jewelry shops, traditional

markets, simple second-hand shops or shopping malls of

any size.


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This modern recreation and shopping

complex covers 23,500 m 2 and offers

some 55 different shops. Daniel Libeskind’s

singular architecture creates a

welcoming atmosphere for shopping

or simply passing the time.

Old Town

Bern’s Old Town offers everything from

fine jewelry shops to boutiques and

numerous cafés and confectioneries.

Whether you’re looking for jewelry,

watches, gems or the finest premium

chocolates, you’ll have fun finding it all

in Bern.


Colorful markets are a fixture in the Bern

cityscape. Every Tuesday and Saturday,

you’ll find everything from fresh market

produce to belt buckles. The popular

Christmas Market is held from the end of

November through the end of December.

Old Town


City of Bern


and Nightlife

Hardly any other city in Switzerland offers such a multicultural

menu as Bern. In cozy vaulted cellars or fine gourmet restaurants,

you’ll find it all – even Gault Millau epicurean menus.

Bern also offers a variety of bars, nightclubs, wine bars and

pubs for night owls.

Altes Tramdepot

Grand Casino Bern

Granary (Kornhauskeller)

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Grand Casino Bern

Since July 2002, the Grand Casino Bern has

provided a touch of Las Vegas. 15 gambling

tables and over 260 state-of-the-art slot

machines await the lucky winners.

Granary (Kornhauskeller)

The vaulted cellar is a rare and beautiful

example of Bern’s High Baroque period,

offering an ideal ambience for dining.

Altes Tramdepot

Enjoy the spectacular view of Bern’s Old

Town, and treat yourself to the house beer

brewed right on the premises.

Du Théâtre

The place to go for stylish club events,

this lounge offers lifestyle at its best.


Dubbed the “Riviera Restaurant”, this

establishment is a culinary and cultural


Du Théâtre


City of Bern

City Tours

The best way to experience Bern’s Old Town is in the company

of one of Bern Tourism’s knowledgeable tour guides. Our team

will show you the popular attractions while also pointing out

the little, hidden corners of the city. If you prefer to tackle the

city on your own, we recommend using the iPod AudioGuide.

It’s at the ready with the spoken word and with music as you

tour the city.

BernShow Bern and its Bears

16 | 17


Clock Tower (Zytglogge)

Experience an exclusive tour conducted

by Bern Tourism inside the tower.

Get an up-close look at the clockwork

dating from the 16th century, and enjoy

the view of Bern’s Old Town.


Experience Bern’s exciting and eventful


A 3-D model with special effects like water

and smoke helps bring to life the evolution

of the city.

Bern and its Bears

Follow the tracks of Bern’s symbol and

learn more about the relationship

between the Bernese and the bear.

The tour is the perfect way to prepare for

a visit to the BearPark!

iPod AudioGuide

Explore Bern on your own with the

iPod AudioGuide.

Two routes will lead you from the railway

station down to the BearPark and back.

Information, music and images present the

city of Bern and its history.

A stroll through the

Old Town

Experience the UNESCO World Heritage

Site with a tour led by a knowledgeable,

official guide.

Includes Prison Tower, Parliament

Building, Cathedral (Münster), Clock

Tower (Zytglogge) and Town Hall.

iPod AudioGuide

A stroll through the Old Town

Bern Region


The real thing. The charm of the hilly landscape, the cheese full

of holes, the mystical stories and world-renowned hospitality

combine to make the Emmental one of a kind. You’ll experience

untouched nature and be introduced to true regional secrets –

such as the Emmentaler Cheese.

Real Mysticism

Real Hospitality Real Emmentaler Cheese

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Real Mysticism

The Emmental Region – a wonderland?

The Napf (1,406 meters above sea level),

with its gold veins and springs, with its

myths and ghosts, is the highest overlook

and the best-known mountain.

Real Hospitality

Stop in and enjoy. In the Kambly Experience,

the confectioner will show you

how their world-famous cookies are

made. Choose your favorite from over

100 different kinds.

Real Emmentaler Cheese

Over the fire or in modern copper vats –

the demonstration cheese dairy covering

some 17,500 m 2 will give you an up-close

look at the production of the worldrenowned

Emmentaler AOC.

Real Stories

Gotthelf, Dürrenmatt or Gfeller? The

writers leave their mark on open-air

theaters, in films and in museums.

Real Countryside

Hills, valleys and gorges? Covering 240 km /

150 miles, the Herzroute bicycle trail leads

you along the most beautiful paths. Tip:

E-bikes make the ride especially easy and



Emmental Tourism

Bahnhofstrasse 44 | CH-3400 Burgdorf | T +41 (0)34 402 42 52 |

Real Stories

Real Countryside

Bern Region


Nature Park

Not far from Bern you’ll find an expanse of vast wooded areas

with quaint villages, punctuated by deep canyons.

This countryside, a designated “Regional Nature Park” well worth

preserving, offers plenty to discover: Besides the rare flora and

fauna, there are also highlights for sports enthusiasts (like the

Gantrisch at 2,175 m above sea level). Those who prefer a slower

pace can savor the many products from the Gantrisch Region or

recharge at places of culture.

Gantrisch Rope Park


Panoramic Trail

20 | 21


Gantrisch Rope Park

From platform to platform at up to 35 m

off the ground.

Children’s course and forest adventure



The picturesque mountain lake invites

you to relax.

Children watch legends come to life along

the Witch’s Trail (Häxewääg).

Panoramic Trail

Panoramic trail from Zollhaus (FR) to

Gurnigel Berghaus.

Gäggersteg detour: hiking path, partially

on wooden planks.

See how the forests destroyed by the

Lothar storm in 1999 are growing back.

Ds Vreneli ab em Guggisberg

Traditional folk song about the love story

between Vreneli and Hansjoggeli.

The Vreneli Museum acquaints visitors

with the story’s background.

A nice walk leads up to the remarkable

Guggershörnli overlook.

Rüeggisberg Priory Ruins

Built in the 11th century.

It sheltered pilgrims walking the Way

of St. James 100 years later.

Today it’s a significant site along the Way

of St. James.


The Gantrisch Range

Gantrisch Nature Park

Hintere Gasse 3 | CH-3132 Riggisberg | T +41 (0)31 808 00 20 |

Ds Vreneli ab em Guggisberg

Rüeggisberg Priory Ruins

Bern Region


Between the Jura and the Napf: The Oberaargau Region is a

scenic and delightful area, which is reflected in many surprising

ways. The alternating villages, valleys, hills, forests and meadows

make this a true El Dorado for walkers, hikers and cyclists.

As the easternmost tip of the canton of Bern, Oberaargau borders

the cantons of Solothurn, Aargau and Lucerne and stretches

from the first of the Jura mountain chain down to the Aare valley

and back up again to the Ahorn – a spur of the Napf.

Mutzbachfall Riedtwil

Hohwacht Overlook

22 | 23


Jura Mountains

The first Jura chain reaches 1,000 meters

above sea level for trips above the fog line.

Impressive view of the Swiss plateau

and the Alps.

Mutzbachfall Riedtwil

Waterfall with a 14 m drop. Enjoy a swim

at the foot of the falls.

The lush little meadow valley is a perfect

place to linger.

Hiking and excursion area.

Hohwacht Overlook

The 20 m observation tower at 780 meters

above sea level offers a fantastic view

(from the Jura to the Alps).

150 mountain peaks can be seen on

clear days.

Former Monastery of

St. Urban

Monastery dating from the year 1194,

featuring impressive 18th century

Baroque architecture.

Historic building of national significance.

The church’s choir stalls are deemed an

object of international interest.


Small, friendly country town with many

cultural activities.

Interesting themed markets.


Oberaargau Tourism


Marktgasse 13 | CH-4900 Langenthal | T +41 (0)62 919 19 00 |

Former Monastery of St. Urban


Bern Region


Experience the interplay between culture and nature, history

and the present. You’ll discover a charming little town, impressive

farming villages, and an extensive countryside where you

can enjoy nature and relaxation. Laupen and its surrounding

region offer you a variety of options for day trips: on hiking

paths, on a bicycle or – for a special treat – on decommissioned

railroad tracks. And you’ll find all of this just a stone’s throw

away from the capital city of Bern.

Farm Museum Althuus

Rail Bicycle

24 | 25


Laupen Castle

The castle rises majestically over the little

town of Laupen. Strategically positioned

where the Sense joins the Saane River,

this magnificent castle braved the attack

of the Habsburgs in the 14th century,

saving the city of Bern.

Farm Museum Althuus

A display of the old building trade with

300-year-old treasures representing the

country peasant way of life and farming.

Rail Bicycle

Exercise, fun and play are guaranteed as

you ride the Rail Bicycle along the

decommissioned railway tracks to and

from Gümmenen.

Town of Laupen

The medieval town center from the 11th

century presents a picturesque setting

with its old houses and covered arcades.


The ancient custom of driving away evil

spirits and demons is celebrated on

New Year’s Eve with masks and juniper


Laupen Region Tourism

PO Box 63 | CH-3177 Laupen | +41 (0)31 990 60 60 |

Town of Laupen


© fotobeatrice



Explore the diversity of the Bern Region using your own muscle

power – on idyllic hiking paths, mile after mile of bicycle and

e-bike routes, cool biking trails, and challenging climbing courses.

The regional transportation company BLS can take you to all of

the region’s most beautiful locations by train or bus.

Hiking Climbing

26 | 27



Hike to your heart’s content! Walk on

secluded trails and past cozy country

inns – whether a comfortable stroll or a

demanding hike.

The Bern Region shows its best side with

3,840 km / 2,400 miles of signposted

hiking paths.


Real action for all climbing enthusiasts.

The via ferrata Gantrisch, 2 rope parks,

6 indoor climbing halls and countless

climbing rocks will make their hearts beat


Bicycles and E-Bikes

Discover the region by bicycle on

800 km / 750 miles of superb,

signposted bicycle paths.

Pedal an electric bike with ease over

rolling hills and down solitary country

lanes, and discover the 240 km / 150 miles

Herzroute and the adventurous routes of

the Tour de Berne, with Bern as the

starting point and destination.


With thrilling scenery and captivating

views – the journey is the destination.

Around 250 km / 160 miles of marked

biking trails are waiting to be conquered.


Bicycles and E-Bikes Biking



The Bern Region promises you everything under the sun – and

with good reason. After all, the sun shines a lot here, inviting

people to engage in all sorts of outdoor activities, even in the

winter: skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, or wellness activities.

The important thing is to get out and do it – and to feel good

and relaxed afterward. So, head out and enjoy the winter fun in

the Bern Region. Whether or not you’re on the ski slopes, no

one falls by the wayside here!


Cross-country Skiing

28 | 29


Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country skiing through romantic,

snowy regions with magnificent views of

the Alpine panorama.

Whether you prefer the classic style or

skating, some 75 km / 47 miles of groomed

cross-country ski tracks invite you to come

and explore.


Small, beautiful and within your reach.

Winter sports are a great way to experience

nature in the Bern Region.

12 small, versatile ski areas at up to

1,800 meters above sea level make the

region perfect for the whole family.


Experience the fun of sledding amidst the

snowy, fairy-tale scenery.

The 1,200 m long sledding path on Bern’s

local mountain, the Gurten, provides

hours of memorable enjoyment for all



Tramp through fresh snow with snowshoes,

and relish the untouched winter


The Bern Region has 25 km / 16 miles of

marked trails waiting to be discovered.


Sledding Snowshoeing


Oases of Wellbeing

Take a moment to escape the confines of time and your daily

routine. Get in touch with yourself and pamper yourself.

Whether for a whole day or only a few hours – just relax and

indulge. Spas, saunas, steam baths, oases of tranquility, and

purification treatments. Pure relaxation!

Solbad & Spa Schönbühl

30 | 31


Hammam &

Spa Oktogon Bern

Hamam is a bathing ritual, a place for

cleansing and for meeting.

Hamam is sensuous – a soft light, a balmy

warmth. A dream bath straight out of the

Arabian Nights.

Solbad & Spa Schönbühl

Salt is life. Recharge your health, awaken

your senses. Switzerland’s largest

saltwater spa has a water area of more

than 600 m 2 .


A popular destination for spa visitors since

the 15th century due to its sulfur springs

and fango clay.

Bernaqua – Water Park & Spa

The ultimate relaxation and wellness

oasis. Giant water slides and a river pool

with currents provide plenty of action.

Or simply unwind in one of the 18 indoor

and outdoor swimming pools.


Bernaqua – Water Park & Spa

Conferences and Team Building

Bern as a

Meeting Place

With friendly people, a medieval downtown and colorful

markets, Bern is a great place to come together. The contrast of

state-of-the-art conference infrastructure, well-developed

transportation systems, memorable fringe activities and

professional hosts all contribute to making Bern and its surroundings

the ideal venue for your next event. Participants are

certain to draw inspiration from the relaxed atmosphere.

Bern Incoming Ltd. will be happy to handle the reservation of

meeting sites and hotels for you, as well as the organization of

fringe activities.


Fringe Activities

32 | 33


Kursaal Allegro Bern

Bern’s largest culture and conference

center for events with up to 1,400 people.


Feel at ease – from the memorable aperitif

to the exclusive hotel stay.

Fringe Activities

Scooter tours.

Snowshoeing in Gantrisch.

Ice sculpting and much more.

Team Building

Competing in the Emmental Farm

Olympics, crisscrossing the city with the

Tram Rally, or testing your strength with

traditional Swiss wrestling.

Special Venues

Conference facilities for up to 1,400

people, sophisticated castle hotels and

country inns, marquees, museums or

exhibition halls.

Bern Incoming Ltd.

Amthausgasse 4 | CH-3011 Bern | T +41 (0)31 328 12 60 |

Team Building Special Venues

© Emmental Tours

Bern at a Click

Welcome to Bern – we’re just a mouse click away!

At you’ll learn all about what’s happening in the Swiss

capital city and the surrounding region. You can book hotels

with ease and also find all the details about trips, events,

shopping, culture, weather and city maps.

In short: has everything you need to know about

Bern. Updated daily, so our information is always current!

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Download Bern


Are you looking for the perfect conference venue, a classy hotel

room, or an exciting idea for a trip? can provide the

inspiration you need; then just order the corresponding brochure

or download it immediately.

Convention and

Meeting Venues

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City Tours

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City Map

Bern Tourism

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