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Government Security News January 2017 Digital Edition

Government Security News January 2017 Digital Edition. Available on the GSN Magazine Website at

DHS Science and

DHS Science and Technology Directive Explosive Division (EXD) releases new incident management planning tool for first responders A suspicious package is found in a public park. An unattended bag is found by a trash can at the metro or a street corner. A person with a weapon is reported at a school or mall or other public location. Unfortunately, these are not uncommon occurrences, and responder agencies – from small towns to big cities – must all know how to respond and work together. That requires training, technology, tools, and time. The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Explosives Division (EXD) has a solution. EXD has funded research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to continue development of the Incident Management Preparedness and Coordination Toolkit (IMPACT), a geospatial tool designed to enhance situational awareness, communication, and collaboration during and for security events. This tool was originally funded by the DHS Office of Bombing Prevention to help bomb squads assess impacts from improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Since its original release, IMPACT has expanded its capabilities to provide tools to assist in active shooter planning, downwind hazards from A built-in wizard calculates active shooter line-of-sight overlays. the release of dangerous chemicals, large stadium evacuation and casualty simulations, security surveys, and monitoring large event social networks for emergency response support. “IMPACT is a free, all-hazards planning tool for first responders, emergency managers, and other security professionals. It combines 46 simulation, visualization, and mapping into an integrated user interface similar to a smart phone or tablet,” explained S&T Program Manager Elizabeth Obregon. “First responders can use it for planning, situation awareness, and response to natural and man-made disasters. It uses common data formats to easily exchange data with other map-based tools.” IMPACT is currently being used and evaluated by more than 400 agencies at the federal, state, and local levels including the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and police departments at the state and local levels. The only Geographic Information System tool specifically tailored for counter-improvised explosive devices, homemade explosives, active shooter responses, and first responder use, IMPACT allows responders to conduct both live and table top exercises for simulated More on page 55

GTT solutions awarded supplier status for Crown Commercial Service TMT2 framework agreement ST. PAUL, MN – 15 December 2016 – Global Traffic Technologies is pleased to announced that it has been awarded supplier status for its traffic preemption solutions on the UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service Traffic Management 2 (TMT2) framework agreement. TMT2 provides public sector customers with access to industry leading, innovative traffic management solutions. The framework aims to deliver local, regional and national traffic management technologies through a qualified supply chain, ensuring reliability and resilience. TMT2 allows direct and standardised procurement of small components through to large, complex systems. It was developed to create a competitive and fast route to market for the provision of traffic management solutions, by streamlining procurement processes and increasing the number and selection of suppliers. Richard Eltze, GTT Vice President EMEA Markets, said being awarded the framework supplier Richard Eltze status was good news for all existing and potential public sector GTT customers. “The fact that the UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service has awarded us a place on the TMT2 agreement is evidence of how valuable the Government considers GTT’s solutions to be,” he said. “This is very encouraging for GTT and shows clearly our customer focus and commitment to providing innovative and effective traffic preemption solutions. Such solutions often have many stakeholders, even if it is one agency that is responsible for the procurement of the technology, and for GTT it is vital that the needs of all stakeholders are taken into account. “The benefit of having an Emergency Vehicle Preemption system in place in case of a major emergency cannot be emphasised enough, especially when it comes to very congested areas in large cities and on motorways. Our experience with cities such as New York, San 47 Francisco, Las Vegas, and Calgary in Canada, as well as Doha in Qatar and several Eastern European implementations, gives testament and proof of concept to our EVP solutions.” Global Traffic Technologies’ Opticom systems work with traffic signals to provide emergency and public transportation vehicles with priority green lights at intersections. These can help get an ambulance, fire engine or police car to the scene of an incident quickly and safely, or reduce delays and increase efficiencies in bus services. TMT2 is divided into 15 service options, also known as ‘lots’, of which GTT applied for and has been awarded supplier status in five. These are: Lot 1: Traffic Signal Junctions, Controlled Pedestrian Crossings and Ramp Metering; Lot 2: Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Enforcement Cameras; Lot 7: Urban Traffic Management Control and Common Database Systems; Lot 14: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Lot 15: Catalogue. More on page 56