Munich Airport





”Best Airport in Europe” In 2011, passengers

chose Munich Airport as Europe’s Best airport for the

sixth time within seven years _ page 30

Terminal 2 The world’s first airport terminal to be

jointly planned, financed and operated by an airport and

an airline _ page 30

Minimum Connecting Time Munich Airport’s

minimum connecting time of just 30 minutes is unbeaten

among all other major European hubs _ page 30

Airbräu The world´s only brewery directly located at

an airport pampers the guests with freshly brewed beer

and regional specialties in a cozy atmosphere _ page 32

napcabs In a worldwide unique project Munich Airport

has installed cabins that offer passengers a room to retreat

inside the non-public area of Terminal 2 _ page 36

Kempinski Hotel The hotel hosts Germany’s largest

hotel lobby _ page 39

novotel Hotel The new airport hotel opened its

doors in May 2010 _ page 39

MüNchen Airport Center The heart of Munich

Airport with over 10,000 square meters is Europe’s largest

roofed outdoor and event forum _ page 42

Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan

The oldest working brewery in the world – come, see and

have a taste, too! Only 20 minutes away _ page 38

Domberg The largest museum of religious art in

Germany is located in the typical Bavarian town of

Freising in direct proximity to Munich Airport (10 km)

_ page 38

28 29



As soon as passengers arrive, they are met with a fantastic experience

of the senses: Shops offering the latest international labels,

culinary delights leaving nothing to be desired and even a real

Bavarian beer garden. Plus, an Airport Center full of events, a broad

range of services and everywhere you look, smiling friendly faces.

Welcome to Europe’s best airport.




Welcome to the

modern Gateway to

Romantic Europe

With currently over 34 million

passengers per year, Munich

Airport ranks number 7 among

the “Top 10” European airports.

When it comes to passenger

satisfaction, Munich was voted

“Best Airport in Europe 2011”

for the sixth year by the Londonbased

Institute Skytrax, which

surveyed over 11.38 million

passengers around the world.

The Munich Airport offers a

dual hub system. Terminal 1

was opened in 1992 and hosts

all non-Star Alliance members.

With very short ways Terminal

1 is mostly tailor-made for the

needs of point-to-point traffic.

On the other hand, Terminal 2

hosts Lufthansa, Star Alliance

members and partners and is

specifically designed for efficient

transfer traffic.

Munich’s Terminal 2 –

Europe’s most advanced

hub system

In recent years, Munich Airport

has moved up to take its place

alongside Europe’s leading air

transportation hubs. An enormous

step in that direction was

the completion of Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 is set aside for the

exclusive use of Lufthansa, its

Star Alliance partners and their

other partner airlines. Since its

opening, Terminal 2 has become

one of Europe’s fastest

and most efficient terminals

for connecting passengers.

Minimum Connecting Time

No other major European hub

can rival its minimum connect-

ing time (MCT) of just 30 minutes.

Terminal 2 is a perfect

gateway to Europe, offering

frequent departures to an extensive

range of destinations.

With the terminal’s clear signage

and user-friendly layout,

passengers find their way

quickly and easily. Screens at

every arrival gate display all

onward connections relevant

to the deboarding passengers.

Seven Lufthansa Service Centers

provide the full range of

Lufthansa services. Moving

sidewalks, fast-track passport

screening and high-speed baggage

sorting facilities ensure

that connections run like clockwork.

Hub Control Center

The Hub Control Center (HCC)

is a highly successful team

effort between Munich Airport

and Lufthansa. It is Terminal 2’s

“command center” for maximizing

connectivity, and is in

operation day and night where

a busy staff of specialists is

responsible for coordinating

the entire range of handling

processes. This ensures that all

interactions are direct, face-toface

and immediate. A key

element of the HCC is the

Connex Center, where a team

of experts is in charge of ensuring

that passengers and

their baggage reach their connecting

flights. They maintain

constant contact with air traffic

control. They can request priority

landing clearance and reassign

gate positions to minimize

the distance that connecting

passengers have to cover.

Ramp Direct Service

Even when incoming flights

are delayed, leaving less than

the required 30 minutes to

make connections, the HCC

team pulls out all the stops,

dispatching the special “ramp

direct service” to pick up passengers

and their luggage right

at the gate and drive them

directly to their connecting

flight. This is a free service

provided by Lufthansa. It is

subject to availability and is

implemented at the discretion

of the Connex Center. It cannot

be booked by passengers.



The Terminal 2 satellite facility

is cleared for takeoff. With this

new satellite, the airport will gain

handling capacity for 11 million

additional passengers a year. The

facility is scheduled to go into

operation in 2015.

More quality on the

ground: State-of-the-art

Airport Lounges

Munich Airport features several

airline-operated lounges, along

with the Atlantik and Europa

Lounge operated by Munich

Airport. Salon Air France, BA

Galleries Lounge and Emirates

Lounges are located in

Terminal 1. As well as the two

Airport lounges - the Atlantik

and the Europa Lounge – here,

economy passengers can also

gain access by paying a fee.

Lufthansa´s First Class,

Senator and Business Class

Lounges as well as the elegant

Senator Café are all located in

Terminal 2. First Class customers

and HON Circle members

are able to enjoy an a-la-carte

gourmet restaurant, a bar area,

a cigar lounge, work units and

luxury bathroom areas with

jacuzzis, limousine service, valet

parking and more. The First

Class Lounge extends over 860

square meters. The Senator and

Business Class Lounges offer

3,000 square meters on Level

04 and Level 05.

The lounge designs reflect

Lufthansa’s new identity: luxurious

materials, warm colors

and attractive seating arrangements

make passengers feel

welcome. For busy people on

the go, the lounges offer enclosed

work areas with fax

Lufthansa First Class

Lounge [4]

Level 04 and Level 05, nonpublic


Lufthansa Senator Lounge

Level 04 and Level 05, nonpublic


30 31

machines, copiers, power outlets,

wireless Internet

access and counter space for

writing or setting down laptops.

Exclusive shower

facilities are also available.

Lounges in Terminal 1:

Atlantik Lounge

Module C, Level 05, non-public

area: For several airlines.

Priority Pass or at the cost of

24.00 Euros by credit card.

Phone: +49 89-97 52 13 29

BA Galleries Lounge [1]

Module B, Level 05, non-public

area: For British Airways and

Oneworld members.

Phone: +49 89-97 59 13 04

Europa Lounge

Module D, Level 05, non-public

area: For several airlines. Priority

Pass or at the cost of 24.00

Euros by credit card.

Phone: +49 89-97 52 13 23

Salon Air France

Module D, Level 05, nonpublic

area: For Air France and

SkyTeam members.

Phone: +49 89-97 59 11 18

The Emirates Lounge

Module C, Level 05, non-public

area: For Emirates Airlines passengers.

Phone: +49 180-5 42 56 52

Lounges in Terminal 2:

Lufthansa Senator Café

Level 04, non-public area

Lufthansa Business

Class Lounge [2]

Level 04 and Level 05, nonpublic


VIP Wing

Experience exclusive treatment

and premium service before

you leave the ground at the

new VIP Wing. Facilities available

to guests include suites,

conference and working rooms,

wireless LAN, rest areas, showers,

a prayer room and a separate

smoking area. Personal

assistants organize all the traveler’s

flight-related processes

and formalities. The lounge is

open to all paying passengers,

regardless of their chosen carrier

or booking class.

Terminal 1, Module D

Smoking Lounges

Especially for smokers, Munich

Airport has installed three stylish

and comfortable smoking

lounges in Terminal 2. The

lounges are public and free of


Winston Lounge

Level 04 and Level 05

Camel Lounge [3]

Level 05

Please find more Information



Munich Airport offers its visitors culinary connections

to anywhere in the world. Fine Asian cuisine

or juicy American hamburgers. Italian specialties or

original Bavarian cuisine. Meals can be enjoyed at

the snack bar, in lounges, at the beer garden or in an

elegant atmosphere. Bon Appétit.



What would taking a flight or a

visit to Munich Airport be without

a tasty meal or snack and a

refreshing drink? No matter

if you are looking for a quick

snack along with a glass of

beer or culinary delights, at

Munich Airport you will find

alternatives for every budget.

Here is a small selection:

Airbräu [2, 4, 7]

The Airbräu is the world’s first

and only brewery located within

an airport. The restaurant

combines the art of brewing

with the Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit”

– coziness – and offers all

kinds of regional specialties.

Treat yourself to freshly brewed

beer and enjoy delicious Bavarian

cuisine. In the summer you

can drink your beer under real

chestnut trees in the outdoor

beer garden. Take a seat in the

“Zirbelstube”, the original snug

little parlor from a South Tyrolean

farmhouse. Whatever

you’re planning, the Tenne

(threshing floor) can accommodate

up to 280 guests and is

the perfect location for company

events. It can be booked

in advance. Airbräu offers special

group menus and lunch


München Airport Center

Dining in Terminal 2

Highlights in the Public


Don’t miss the spectacular

“food gallery” overlooking

the light-filled check-in hall of

Terminal 2, where passengers

can choose between the following


Bagutta Pizza Culture

This Italian restaurant offers

authentic cuisine including pasta

dishes and salads, pizza from

the stone oven, and, of course,

delicious Italian desserts. Three

lounge cubicles and the seating

niches are a pleasant alternative

for meetings.

Mangostin Airport [8]

Here, all connoisseurs

of exclusive Sushi- and Thaidishes

will certainly get their

money’s worth. The special

ambience is created as a result

of the high quality teak floors

punctuated by Asian accents.

Maredo Grill & Café Lounge [5]

Besides the classics such as

tender steaks, this steakhouse

also offers a unique salad bar

and a large selection of snacks

like ciabatta, panini sandwiches

and fresh fruit salads.








Variety in the

Non-Public Area

of Terminal 2

Spazio Italia [3]

Feel the original Italian ambiance

with Munich Airport’s

best and most inexpensive

espresso and Italian snacks

and pastries.

Level 03


Dallmayr Café [6]

At the traditional Munich

coffee house, you can enjoy

coffee specialties as well as

snacks and traditional Bavarian


Level 04


Piazza Monaco

Mediterranean style restaurant

with pizza, pasta and a

choice of antipasti variations.

Level 04

Seafood Sylt meets Asia

Here, passengers can enjoy

all kind of seafood and Asian


Level 04

Bistro Organic [9]

Pamper yourself with 100 percent

organic fresh fruits and

salads, regional specialties,

sandwiches and juices.

Level 04


Enjoy the unique variety of

dark German bread served with

over 15 different toppings.

Level 05

Wiener’s der Kaffee

At this coffee house you find

Viennese delicacies like the

Wiener Melange coffee and

Austrian pastry specialties like

Sacher Cake.

Level 05

Culinary highlights

in Terminal 1


Asian style restaurant that

serves Thai food and changing

daily specials. All meals

are available to takeaway on


Module C, Level 04

il Mondo [1]

First-class Italian restaurant

with an amazing view on the

aircraft operations at the apron.

Module A, Level 06

Käfer Bistro

At this branch of the wellknown

Munich delicatessen

shop, you can enjoy classic

specialties and breakfast variations.

Module A, Level 04

Terminal 2, Level 04


The daily changing menu offers

food in Bavarian, Asian or Italian

style as well as a wide range

of fresh salads, assortments

of fruits and home-made cakes

and ice cream. One can watch

the display cooking and enjoy

the stay at the airport in the

dapper restaurant.

Central Area, Level 03


32 33




Munich is one of Germany’s top fashion cities. Munich

Airport is a seamless continuation of the wide

variety of products on offer in the famous shopping

streets of the Bavarian capital. Top labels, top fashion

and for any taste. By the way: The prices are

the same as those in downtown Munich.


Munich Airport offers a supreme

shopping experience

for all passengers. More than

150 shops and service facilities

in Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and

München Airport Center provide

an assortment of products

ranging from casual to luxurious,

from Bavarian to international,

including designer labels

such as Rolex, Cartier, Hermes,

Bvlgari, Boss, Escada, René

Lezard, Swarovski, Montblanc,

Aigner, Burberry. Whether you

are shopping for souvenirs to

take back home or jewelry for

yourself – you will find it all at

Munich Airport.

At Munich Airport, shops are

open seven days a week,

some from 5:00 am to 10:00

pm. Another highlight of the

Munich Airport shopping experience

is that the shops charge

the same prices as their counterparts

in the Munich City


Highlights not to be


Burberry / Aigner /

Escada [7]

Three international brands with

fashion and accessories for


Terminal 2, Level 04

Hermès [2]

Exclusive accessories, bags

and of course the famous Hermès

silk scarfs.

Terminal 2, Level 04 and 05

Bvlgari [4]

The Italian specialist for luxury

goods awaits its customers

with the finest jewelry, bags,

fragrances and accessories.

Terminal 2, Level 04

Juwelier Hilscher – ROLEX

[5, 8]

High class watches and jewelry

with brands like Cartier, Rolex,

Glashütte, IWC, Jaeger

LeCoultre, Piaget, Wellendorf

and exclusive cell phones by


Terminal 2, Level 04

Dallmayr [1]

A list of the world‘s delicatessen

would be unthinkable

without the exquisite products

of Dallmayr. Visitors from all

over the world are greeted by

the aroma of coffee, truffles,

chocolate and appetizingly presented

homemade specialties.

Next to the shop, the Dallmayr

cafe offers pure enjoyment.

Terminal 2, Level 04

Jack Wolfskin

Perfect for the outdoor paradise

in Bavaria, a new Jack

Wolfskin store, offering functional

outdoor apparel opened

its doors in the München Airport

Center. All Jack Wolfskin products

stand out in the market as

functional, innovative designs

geared to users’ needs.

München Airport Center

Mont Blanc / Ferragamo

The store with the two brands

MontBlanc and Ferragamo

offers exclusive accessories,

leather goods and the famous

MontBlanc fountain pens.

Terminal 2, Level 04

Terminal 2, Level 05

Buyern / Herrmann


Original gifts and souvenirs

from Bavaria.

München Airport Center

Terminal 2, Level 04

Terminal 2, Level 05


The Black Label Collection:

quality materials, meticulous

workmanship to the last detail

and the certainty of always being

perfectly dressed.

Terminal 2, Level 04

München Airport Center

René Lezard

Fashion from René Lezard represents

composure with style:

Women‘s and men‘s collections,

accessories, bags, shoes

and fragrances.

Terminal 2, Level 04


Fashion by Gabriele Strehle

is a fine interpretation of the

modern attitude to life.

München Airport Center

34 35







How to get

your refund

The VAT Rate in Germany is

19 percent. It can be reclaimed

when exporting the goods.

For check-in baggage:

Check in at one of the counters

and have your baggage labeled.

Proceed to the customs office with

the baggage.

Customs will check your merchandise,

stamp your receipts and

handle your baggage. With the

stamped receipts, proceed to the

Cash Refund Desk to receive your


For carry-on baggage:

Check in and pass security and

passport control. Afterwards, proceed

to the customs office to have

your merchandise checked. With

the stamped receipts, proceed to

the Cash Refund Desk.

You can also get your refund

at the ReiseBank

München Airport Center

Terminal 2, Level 03

MUNICH Airport _ Services


There can be no doubt – Munich Airport is a service paradise!

Help is on offer to visitors for almost everything. From shoeshining

services to the lost-and-found office, from the range of

wellness products to organized tours of the airport. And not to

mention what you would expect at an airport: From copy services

to extremely well-maintained restroom areas and much more.


One of the airport’s top priorities

is providing a wide range

of efficient services for passengers

and the travel industry


Services Retail

InfoGates [3]

The new InfoGate concept at

Munich Airport helps passengers

receive quick and detailed

information. At the InfoGate,

the visitor gets connected with

an information service staff

via videoconference by simply

pushing a button. The new

InfoCounters consist of touch

screens and offer the full range

of information on services,

shopping and dining at Munich


München Airport Center

Terminal 1

Cosmetic Institute [2, 4]

An oasis of calmness and

relaxation opened within the

Duty Free Shop in Terminal 2,

Level 5. Both men and women

can enjoy services like cosmetic

facial and body treatments,

manicures and a wide range of

wellness options for full body


Terminal 2, Level 05


Brants Barber & Shop [7]

Brants Barber & Shop is an exclusive

barber, offering the following

services for men only:

haircut, shave and manicure.

Terminal 2, Level 04

Terminal 1, Modul D

Massage Service


A mixture of classical massage

and acupressure is offered in

Charge for massage:

1.00 € per minute

Terminal 2, Level 04

Be Relax [5]

Different kinds of head, back

and foot massages as well as

cosmetic treatments like manicure,

pedicure or waxing to

make your stay at Munich Airport

even more comfortable.

Terminal 2, Level 05

Terminal 1, Modul B, Level 04

napcabs [6]

In a project like no other

around the world, Munich Airport

has installed two napcabs

near gate 32 in Terminal 2.

These cabins offer passengers

the room to rest and are

equipped with a comfortable

couch, relaxing music, a workstation

with Internet access,

electrical connection and a flat

screen TV.

Charges are paid with credit

card. Terminal 2, Level 05

Recreation Areas [2]

Munich Airport offers relax

zones in the non-public area

of Terminal 2 that are open to

every passenger and free of

charge. These recreation areas

were sponsored and designed

by well-known companies such

as EADS or Allianz. They are

equipped with comfortable

seats, flat-screen TVs providing

a permanent news-service and

wireless Internet access.

Terminal 2, Level 04

Metropolitan Pharmacy [1]

The travel medicine specialist

at Munich Airport. Three fully

equipped pharmacies provide

passengers with everything

needed for a journey and


Central Area, Level 03

Terminal 2, Level 04 and 05







Service Center

Two Service Centers are

spread over both terminals and

provide the following services

for our passengers:

_ left luggage office

_ cloakroom service

_ deposit for third parties

_ lost and found

_ fax and copy service

_ dry cleaning

_ ticket sale for public transport

and Lufthansa Airport Bus

_ Internet Point

_ national calling cards

_ LH Cabin Lost

_ medical and travel insurance

Central Area, 24-hour service

Phone: +49 89-97 52 13 75

Terminal 2, Level 03

Phone: +49 89-97 52 28 75

Stay connected

Calling Cards – national, international

and mobile calling

cards can be purchased in

all newspoint shops and the

newsterminal shop.

Travel Agent Welcome Kit

The new Travel Agent Welcome

Kit gives representatives of the

international travel industry the

chance to experience Munich

Airport’s charm with a package

that includes airport information

and special coupons: free

drinks, discounted shopping,

free baggage storage and other

benefits. Travel agents wanting

to obtain the TAWK need

only to leave their business

card and present their travel

agent ID at the main information

counter in the airport‘s

central area or at the information

counter in

Terminal 2 (arrival level).

Airport Tours for

travel agents

For travel agent training, airline

employee famtrips and studytours

for journalists or tour

operators, the Munich Airport

Marketing Department offers

tailor-made Airport Tours in

English. Tours in other languages,

e.g. French, Italian, Spanish

and Russian, are available upon


Meet and Assist Service

This Munich Airport service for

international passengers and

groups traveling via Terminal 1

and Terminal 2 is available in 20

languages. It includes personal

pickup, guidance through customs,

passport and security

control as well as escort to

the departure gate, lounge or

transfer bus. Please note that

bookings can only be accepted

72 hours in advance.

Munich Airport Terminal

and Passenger Service

Phone: +49 89-97 52 13 66



Welcome Service

With this free service, Lufthansa

eases the arrival of

passengers who might have

difficulties due to the language

barrier. Service staff will greet

the passengers at the gate and

provide essential information in

their native language. The service

is offered for flights from

China, Japan, Russia, United

Arab Emirates and the Ukraine.

Porter Service

Available within the entire passenger

handling area. The basic

fee, including two pieces of

luggage, is 4.00 €. Every additional

piece is 1.50 €.

Phone: +49 89-97 59 97 95

Mobile: +49 171-372 71 79

Religious Services at

Munich Airport [8]

Passengers can practice their

religious beliefs at Munich Airport

without any restrictions.

Before or after a flight, or just

for praying, the airport offers

several facilities for various


München Airport Center,

Level 04/public area

(Christophorus chapel)

Terminal 1, Modul C,

Level 05/non-public

Level 05/public area

(Muslim prayer room)

Terminal 2, Level 05/non-public

area (Raum der Stille

„Room of Silence“)

Important service

numbers and


Munich Airport Main


Phone: +49 89 97 500

Flight information

Phone: +49 89-97 52 13 13

Help for the disabled

Phone: +49 89-97 56 33 33

36 37





If you draw a circle the size of around 20 kilometers

around the airport, you will have captured the most

beautiful sights to be seen. A magnificent royal castle,

the oldest working brewery in the world, a historic

cathedral dating back to the 11th century, warm

springs where you can relax. And much more.

If your flight out is early in the morning or your flight arrives very late

at night – there is an abundant range of comfortable hotels and quiet

rooms on offer. And all in the direct vicinity of the airport. So, you will

still have time to do some window shopping, enjoy your last beer at the

original beer brewery at the airport and then say: Good Night.



Schleissheim Palace [3]

Oberschleissheim is bestknown

for its three impressive

palaces. The Old Palace houses

two branches of the Bavarian

National Museum. The New

Palace was commissioned by

Elector Max Emanuel and built

from designs by Enrico Zuccalli.

At the eastern end of the Baroque

court garden you will find

Lustheim Palace, a little hunting

lodge and garden palace.

Max-Emanuel-Platz 1

85764 Oberschleissheim

Flugwerft Schleissheim [4]

(Aircraft Museum)

The Aircraft Museum is located

on one of the oldest aerodromes

in Germany. Besides

the historic buildings and the

old airfield, visitors can see

about 50 airplanes, helicopters,

gliders, an original “Europa”

rocket and many flight and

ground instruments.


Munich Airport’s STOPOVER

brochure provides you with a

great choice of suggestions for

your stop-over program adapted

for the various lengths of stay.

It is available at the brochure

displays throughout the transit

terminal and at the Munich Airport

information counters. It can also

be ordered via e-mail:



Effnerstr. 18

85764 Oberschleissheim


Freising is closely connected

to the life of Pope Benedict

XVI: not only did he study and

eventually teach at the University

of Theology in Freising, but

was appointed Archbishop of

Munich and Freising in 1977.

Yet Freising remains a typical

Bavarian city: cozy and friendly

with a busy marketplace.

Bavarian State Brewery


The oldest existing brewery in

the world. From the extensive

complex you can enjoy views

of the old town of Freising as

well as the city of Munich,

Munich Airport and the distant


Alte Akademie 2

85354 Freising

Domberg [2]

The cathedral “St. Maria and

St. Corbinian” features the

“Diozesanmuseum” – the largest

museum of religious art in

Germany – and a world famous

cathedral library.

Domberg 21

85354 Freising




Thermenwelt Erding [1]

Therme Erding Spa is the

largest spa complex in Europe

only 15 minutes from Munich

Airport. (See page 62)

ERDINGER Brewery – the

world of Weissbier

In a three-hour tour you can

look behind the scenes of the

famous wheat beer brewery

in Erding, which is one of the

most modern breweries in

Europe. Here, you can see

how the Bavarian specialty

“Weissbier” is produced and

of course, have a taste, too.

Franz-Brombach-Str. 1

85435 Erding


2 3 4 5

Kempinski Hotel Airport

Munich [1, 2]

The Kempinski Hotel Airport

Munich is the only hotel directly

at Munich Airport and

just a few steps away from

the München Airport Center

(MAC). Centrally located

between Terminal 1 and Terminal

2, the hotel has 389 airconditioned

and sound-proof

rooms and suites. Staying on

the concierge floor provides

an extraordinary service to

the business customer. For

meetings and conferences

the hotel features 30 rooms

with daylight and WLAN up to

1,000 guests along with a fully

equipped business center. The

24 meters high Palm Atrium

is the right location for any

event. The Charles Lindbergh

restaurant offers regional and

international cuisine as well as

the weekly theme buffets. The

exclusive restaurant Safran

features Thai cuisine and modern

Mediterranean specialties.

The Fit & Fly SPA offers pool,

steam bath, sauna and 24hrs

fitness, as well massage and

beauty treatments.

Terminalstr. Mitte 20

85356 Munich

Novotel München Airport

The Novotel München Airport

Hotel opened its doors in May

2010 on the airport ground

with a perfect public transport

connection to the terminals.

Nordallee 29

85356 München

Arcadia Hotel

München Airport

Feisinger Str. 77

85445 Schwaig/Obererding

Best Western Hotel


Robert-Koch-Str. 10

85435 Erding



Holiday Inn Express

Munich Airport [5]

Freisingerstr. 94

85445 Schwaig/Oberding

Hotel Hallnberg

Hallnberg 2

85469 Walpertskirchen

Isar Hotel

Isarstr. 4

85356 Freising

Landhotel Schweiger‘s

Manhartsdorf 2-4

85456 Wartenberg

Lindner Hotel


Papiererstr. 2

84034 Landshut

Mercure Hotel

Airport München [3]

Dorfstr. 15a

85445 Aufkirchen

Mercure Hotel

München Airport


Dr.-von-Daller-Str. 1-3

85356 Freising

Mövenpick Hotel


Ludwigstr. 43

85399 Hallbergmoos


Munich Airport

Marriott Hotel [4]

Alois-Steinecker-Str. 20

85354 Freising


NH München Airport

Lohstr. 21

85445 Schwaig/Oberding


Sheraton München

Airport Hotel

Freisinger Str. 80

85445 Schwaig/Oberding


38 39




The travel group has arrived safely at Munich Airport.

But now, how will it travel on – a trip to the city, a

vacation destination in the surrounding area, continuing

on into beautiful Bavaria?

Reliable and trusted coach companies are available

for small and large travel groups.

If you are planning individual trips or traveling on to

further destinations, all roadways and railway tracks

are yours to choose from. Bus-shuttle services to the

city and the fast and reliable city railroad (S-Bahn)

that brings you to downtown Munich in 35 minutes.

Or, a rental car to wherever you want to go.







Autobus Oberbayern [3]

For over a century, Autobus

Oberbayern, the largest private

bus company in Bavaria, has

specialized in mobility at the

highest level. Autobus Oberbayern

currently owns more

than 190 buses of all sizes,

ranging from a 8 to 78 seater

bus, and provides a variety of

services which extend beyond

regular transport and shuttle.

The company’s real strength

lies in its planning, organizing

and handling of transportation

logistics for major events, conventions,

incoming or incentive

groups. All of the company´s

services are a reflection of its

level of competence and experience.

Busservice Watzinger [2]

The company’s competence is

based on 60 years of experience.

Today, Busservice Watzinger

operates a modern 4-starfleet

from luxurious minivans

up to 57-seaters. Quality and

safety are inextricably linked.

This is why Busservice Watzinger

places high demands

on man and technology. Highquality

transportation, shuttle

services and perfectly organized

European vacations are

offered, including all relevant

traveling services, especially

for groups.

Scharf [1]

Scharf Tour & Travel Service is

an established Bavarian family

company with a modern fleet

of buses. The company takes

care of all shuttle service requirements

for city travelers

and tour groups.

Beer Travel & Tours

“…exceptionally personal!“

This is the motto of Beer Travel

& Tours; with its exceptional

program and service the

bus company definitely lives

up to its promise. The Bavariabased

incoming partner of

Eastern Bavaria organizes all

kinds of tours across Europe

and especially in Bavaria. The

fleet consists of buses which

offer room for six to 74 passengers.

Car Rental Service

The Car Rental Center is in the

Central Area between Terminal

1 and Terminal 2. Pick-up/Return

are conveniently located in the

parking garage P6 right next to

the München Airport Center

Avis [2]

Phone: +49 89-97 59 76 00

AVIS Budget

Phone: +49 89-97 59 76 00

Europcar [3]

Phone: +49 89-97 35 02 27


Phone: +49 89-97 88 612


Phone: +49 180-52 27 748


Phone: +49 18 05-26 25 25



+49 700 83 77 82 77

Rapid-Transit Rail [4]

There are two lines – S1 and

S8 – connecting Munich Airport

to Munich city center within

35 minutes that run every ten

minutes. Two entrances lead to

the underground train station

at Munich Airport: one in the

Central Area, the other one at

München Airport Center.

The cost for one ride is approximately

10.00 € for adults

and 1.20 € for children (ages 6

– 14). The partner day-ticket is

ideal for groups of between two

and five people.

S8 timetable

Daily every 20 minutes

between 4:04 am and 1:24 am.

Sat and Sun additional night

service at 1:44 am.

Travel time:

To Ostbahnhof: 33 min

To Hauptbahnhof – Central

Station: 41 min

To Pasing: 50 min

S1 timetable

Daily every 20 minutes

between 5:51 am and 0:11 am.

Mon – Fri additional night

service at 4:31 am, Sat and

Sun at 5:31 am.

Travel time:

To Ostbahnhof: 53 min

To Hauptbahnhof – Central

Station: 45 min

To Pasing: 37 min

40 41

Why not take the bus? [1]

For guests who want to travel

to Munich with a high standard

of service, the right choice is

the Lufthansa Airport Bus. It

departs every 20 minutes between

6:20 am and 9:40 pm,

from Munich Airport to Munich

Central Train Station. The bus

departs from Terminal 2, the

Central Area and Terminal 1/A.

Of course this service is available

for all passengers.

The fare is approximately 10.50

€ for adults, 5.50 € for children

and 17.00 € for a return ticket.

Especially for guests whose

final destination is in the immediate

vicinity of the airport,

buses are a real alternative

to the S-Bahn. Some shuttle

buses commute from the airport

to different hotels in the


The expert‘s tip:

Europcar customers can now pick

up their rental cars at Munich

Airport with even greater ease and

convenience, thanks to the new

Europcar Ready Terminal located

on the way to the parking garage.

Customers in a hurry can book

their car directly at the Ready

Terminal and proceed immediately

to pick-up. Of course, the Ready

Terminals are available seven days

a week, twenty-four hours a day.

The expert‘s tip:

Compared to Austria, Switzerland

and Italy, rental car rates are extremely

low in Germany. This makes

Munich Airport the ideal starting

point for fly/ drive passengers to

explore the Alpine region and Italy.

Pick-up/drop-off is very convenient

with the parking lot located within

the terminal.



It saves time, is easy to organize, allows continued flights in any

direction and offers all the technology and comfort you need for a

productive meeting: The municon Business Center.

The München Airport Center (MAC) is ideally equipped for public

events and performances. Plus, the airport provides an international

audience and the atmosphere to go along with it.

Event Areas at

Munich Airport

Munich Airport offers a variety

of locations for small, medium

and even mega events. Up to

3,000 people can be hosted

for your events, presentations,

conferences or anniversaries.

Worldwide connections, more

than 30,000 parking sites and

two suburban train stops provide

a perfect infrastructure

and thus ideal conditions for

your event. No matter which

location the customer will

choose, Munich Airport provides

the perfect additional

event service: technical support,

security, medical services

and catering. Here is a selection

of popular event locations

at Munich Airport:

Munich Airport


Nordallee 25

85386 Munich


Visitors Terrace

in Terminal 2

You can rent this wonderful

space on the rooftop of Terminal

2 offering a fantastic panoramic

view of the airport for

exclusive summer and open-air

events (maximum 500 people).

Information Center in

the Visitor Park

The undisputed highlight of

this location is the elegant

cinema with seating for 60

people. The Information Center

can be rented the whole

year round and is the ideal

location for any special event

(up to 300 people).

Rental Car Center

The former counter hall for

car rentals right in the middle

of the airport offers ample

space (about 1,800 square

meters) and flexible structures

for sophisticated events

(up to 750 people).

Area South / West

This location against the

impressive backdrop of the

enormous cargo- and aircraftmaintenance

halls offers the

perfect conditions for big

open-air events (maximum

3,000 people).


Conference Center [1, 2]

The municon Conference

Center on an expanse of

4,000 square meters is located

just under the roof of

the München Airport Center.

The municon offers highest

comfort and a state-of-the-art

technical equipment in 36

luxurious conference rooms

and perfect ambience for

successful conferences of

any kind.






The modern communication

technology as well as all other

additional requirements like

video conferences, audio and

video facilities, sound systems,

video-beamers, flip-charts,

white-boards and multimedia

walls, WLAN Internet access

support our guests in a tough

meeting to big achievements.

municon’s first-class service

team will ensure that your conference

is simply a pleasure.

With the in-house restaurant

“Bella Vista” and the catering

in the conference rooms, the

guests become acquainted

with the true promise of the

cuisine and a smooth process.

VIP-service and security staff

are waiting for the discerning

customer. The conference

center also provides a flightrebooking

service, information

material on Munich Airport,

reservations in the Kempinski

Hotel Airport Munich, reservations

in the numerous restaurants

at the airport, procurement

of rental cars and even

interpreters on request.

municon Conference Center

Terminalstr. Mitte 18

85356 Munich

München Airport Center

(MAC) [3-6]

The MAC is an office and service

center at the heart of the

airport. In addition to showrooms,

conference facilities,

office services and a medical

center, the MAC also offers

restaurants, cafes and shopping

opportunities. Throughout

the year, the MAC hosts a

variety of different events

bringing fun and action to both

passengers and locals alike.

Events like a beach-volleyball

tournament in summer, publicviewings

of important soccer

championships or the famous

Winter Market entertain the

entire family and make up the

special atmosphere of Munich’s

open-air atrium.

München Airport Center

Nordallee 25

855356 Munich

The Forum – Focal point

with perfect cover

_ Europe‘s largest roofed

outdoor venue (10,000

square meters)

_ Events for up to

3,200 people

_ Optimum utilities: power,

water and media hook-ups

_ With support of the airport‘s

technical expertise

42 43

MUNICH Airport _ maps & Info

Munich Airport

Quick Reference Guide

Level 05

Level 04

Level 03

Rapid transit train to Munich

Bus Stop

Central Area


Car-Rental Center

Terminal 1

München Airport Center


Kempinski Hotel

Terminal 2

Munich Airport

P. O. Box 23 17 55, 85326 Munich

phone +49 (89) 9 75-00

fax +49 (89) 9 75-3 31 06

Marketing Communications

Corinna Born

phone +49 (89) 9 75-3 31 47

Head of Travel Industry- and Hub

Marketing Business Division Aviation

Florian Poetsch

phone +49 (89) 9 75-3 31 48

Marketing Incoming North America

Sabine Ostermair

phone +49 (89) 9 75-3 31 42

Marketing Incoming Central Europe /

South Africa

Andreas Bauer

phone +49 (89) 975-3 31 42

Marketing Incoming Japan / South Korea

Oliver Hille

phone +49 (89) 975-3 31 43

International Representation Offices:

North America

c/o Aviareps Inc.

Angela Geissler

fax +1 (646) 64 99 170


c/o Beijing New Angle Co., Ltd.

Albert An

fax +86 (10) 84 47 02 45


c/o Pacific Leisure Group

Jarunee Tantinukul

fax +66 (2) 6 52 05 09

Far East / Asia

c/o Pacific Leisure Group

Eckard Kremer

fax +66 (2) 6 52 05 09


c/o Aviareps Marketing Garden

Raymond Kang

Fax +82 (2) 777 81 79

Pedestrian traffic

Level 05

Flight Information

phone +49 (89) 9 75-2 13 13

Bus transfers


Bus transfers



Level 04

Level 03

Disabled transportation

phone +49 (89) 9 75-6 33 33

Medical Center

phone +49 (89) 9 75-6 33 44

Lost & Found

phone +49 (89) 9 75-2 13 75

Tax Free / VAT reimbursement

phone +49 (89) 9 75-9 29 60

44 45

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