Caribbean Times 87th Issue - Tuesday 31st January 2017


Caribbean Times 87th Issue - Tuesday 31st January 2017

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Tuesday 31st January 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Everton Barnes

Prime Minister Gaston

Browne says his government

is now willing to add more

questions to the referendum

on the Caribbean Court of

Justice (CCJ) in order to ensure

the success of the undertaking.

That was one of the main

outcomes at an important

meeting Monday between

a team led by PM Browne

and with Opposition Leader,

Baldwin Spencer, called

to discuss the way forward

with the CCJ campaign.

Following the meeting,

described as cordial and

frank, Browne noted that the

Antigua and Barbuda Labour

Party government had Leader of the Opposition, the Hon., Baldwin Spencer, right, met with Prime Minister, the Hon., Gaston

adopted the position that it Browne, centre, and his team to discuss the way forward with the CCJ campaign. Telecommunications

Minister, the Hon., Melford Nicholas is also pictured.

would not have multiple

questions posed for the referendum.

However, he said Constitutional reform. Browne told a news con-

good faith.

was seen as part of overall that may be added. of compromise and to show

Spencer had put forward a He gave a commitment ference that Spencer had Among the recommendations,

was one to broaden the

persuasive argument that to embark on overall Constitutional

reform immediately ommendations that and the representation at the Nation-

put forward several rec-

suggests that there would

likely be a greater embrace after the referendum on the government is willing to al Coordinating Committee

of the move to the CCJ if it CCJ and any other question take another look in a spirit cont’d on pg 2

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Risk management workshop begins

By Joanna Paris

Tourism continues to be

the “life blood” of several

countries across the region

but with this also comes the

reality of possible threats to

border security.

To this end, Antigua and

Barbuda is the host of a critical

five-day forum focused

on risk management for

tourism destinations.

The workshop began on

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Monday and is taking place

at the Grand Royal Antiguan


Several representatives

from local, regional and international

agencies to include

immigration and customs

officers are attending

the closed-door sessions.

In delivering the opening

remarks and setting the tone

for the meeting, Director of

National Drug and Money

Laundering Control Policer,

Lieutenant Colonel Edward

Croft, emphasized the significance

of the meeting.

“Over the next five days,

you will be introduced to

some of the fundamental

elements of Tourism Security

and I trust that we will

all seize the opportunity to

help to improve our tourism

product; a product that

Antigua and Barbuda can be

proud of”, he noted.

Permanent Secretary

within the Ministry of Tourism,

Economic Development

and Energy, Paula

Frederick- Hunte gave the

feature address on behalf of

Tourism, Economic Development

and Energy Minister,

the Hon. Asot Michael.

She called on the participants

to engage in meaningful

discussion that will

result in recommendations

that will further enhance the

security of the region.

“Take ownership of the

process, buy into the drive

to protect our shores and our

tourism product. Put your

best foot forward and learn

all that you can, for it is only

together that we can achieve

our common goals”, she indicated.

Programme Officer for

the United Nations Interregional

Crime and Justice

Research Institute, Duccie

Mazarese, said that cooperation

and coordination are

the keys to fighting border


“Coordination is a lot to

do with legislation and protocol

and also we cannot

forget inter personal relationships.

It is important to

be able to work together. Let

us use these couple of days

to devise ways to improve

the effectiveness of the safety

and security of leaders”,

Mazarese said.

The meeting will conclude

on Friday.

cont’d from pg 1

(NCC) to ensure wider stake-holder involvement.

A second recommendation relates to

adding more questions to the list that will go

before the electorate.

“He has suggested that we should give

consideration to adding a couple of ‘non-contentious’

issues to the CCJ. Initially, our position

was that in order to get buy-in to this

process that we should limit it to a single issue.

However, if it is that we’re looking at

a couple of non-contentious issues, we are

willing to do so,” he stated.

PM Browne noted that having gone this

far, he would expect a full commitment from

the United Progressive Party (UPP) that goes

beyond whatever commitment comes from

Spencer or Political Leader, Harold Lovell.

“The commitment that we have had so far

from Spencer and Lovell is insufficient and

they would now have to provide some leadership,

to take ownership of this process because

what we are seeking is a bi-partisan

initiative. It was never the intention of my

government to go it alone,” Browne reiterated.

The prime minister recalled that from

the onset the aim was to involve the UPP as

equal partners in this process.

For his part, Spencer said his party’s position

was always one for Constitutional reform

with the CCJ included and this is still

the position. He expressed a preference to

see a holistic approach to Constitutional reform,

but if it is that the government is seeking

to have ‘non-contentious’ issues dealt

with first, then he is prepared to discuss this

with his colleagues in the party and to report

a formal position on the issue ‘within a week

or so’.

He also suggested that there are others areas

of the Constitution that need reform but

which do not need a referendum. These, he

believes, can be done by members of parliament.

Tuesday 31st January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Antigua & Barbuda makes a significant impression

on Cruise Executives during meetings in South Florida

Three days of discussions

and power-point presentations

to cruise industry

decision-makers in South

Florida have left Antigua

& Barbuda’s Minister of

Tourism, Honorable Asot

Michael, “very encouraged”

about the future of his country’s

cruise sector.

The Minister’s optimism

follows his recent (January

25 th to 27 th ) visits to

the South Florida meeting

rooms of several cruise lines

including Carnival, Royal

Caribbean, NCL, MSC, Holland

America, Seaborne, and

Princess Cruises. The Minister

and his team also received

valuable feedback from the

Operations Committee of

the Florida Caribbean Cruise

Association (FCCA).

In commenting on his

meetings Minister Michael

said, “The Cruise Executives

and itinerary planners were

impressed with our vision

for improving how Antigua

will be welcoming their

ships and passengers, and

their feedback has helped

us to better understand their

specific needs for achieving

sustainable growth.

“I am confident that we

have developed the right

masterplan, and it is now up

to our Government to find

more financing to complete

what we started last year

when we successfully implemented

critically needed



marine improvements at St.

Johns Harbor and the Heritage

Quay Pier.”

The Tourism Minister reported

that very experienced

cruise Industry leaders like

Adam Goldstein, Rick Sasso,

Robin Lindsay, Carlos

Torres Navarro and Michele

Paige were impressed with

the fact that although the

Antiguan cruise-sector masterplan

had already made

significant implementation

progress, the Minister and

his team were still open to

feedback and suggestions

cont’d on pg 4

Don’t Dream it.

Drive it







Mr. Adam Goldstein Pres. Royal Caribbean Cruise line and new

FCCA Chairman; and Tourism Minister Hon Asot Michael


1 (268) 462-1062

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 31st January 2017

cont’d from pg 3

for improvement.

The cruise decision-makers were

particularly interested in the possibility

of creating a new beach-focused out-island

style of cruise destination on the

sister island of Barbuda. According to

the Minister, this piece of the masterplan

is designed for Barbuda to deliver

an authentic and unprecedented experience

for an Eastern Caribbean cruise

itinerary and to better position Barbuda

on the regional cruise map.

Minister Michael was accompanied

at his cruise industry meetings by his

cruise-sector advisor, Ricky Skerritt,

Tourism Authority Board member Nathan

Dundas, Port Manager Darwin

Telemaque, and representatives of the

BEA-Meridian design and construction

team who are responsible for designing

and constructing the masterplan.

In 2016, under the leadership of

Minister Michael, the Antigua & Barbuda

Government commenced an ambitious

cruise facilities and downtown

development program. To date some

US$50 Million have already been

spent on the harbor and lengthening

and strengthening the Heritage Pier to

allow for the berthing of larger ships up

to a quantum class size.

The arrival of Royal Caribbean’s

‘Anthem of the Seas’ on December 2 nd ,

2016 heralded the start of what is expected

to be a new growth phase for the

Antiguan cruise sector.

The Cruise-sector Masterplan calls

for further dredging of the approach

channel and turning area, the creation

of a fifth berth, and land reclamation

to help with major improvements to

pedestrian and vehicle flows, city aesthetics,

tour operations, and shopping.

Tuesday 31st January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Budget debate in Parliament today

By Joanna Paris

The 2017 Budget debate

begins in the House of

Parliament today. Over the

course of the week, Members

of the Lower House

are expected to make contributions

to the $1.2 billion

dollar budget outlined by

Prime Minister and Minister

of Finance and Corporate

Governance on the

20th of January.

Minister of Information,

Broadcasting and Telecommunications,

the Hon. Melford

Nicholas, encourages

the public to tune in to the

live broadcast, where they

will hear first-hand the

plans that will be outlined

for the further development

and transformation of Antigua

and Barbuda into an

economic powerhouse.

“It is anticipated that the

debates will run the course

of the week and may roll

over into the new week.

“These are important,

because what the public

will gather from the debates

is that we are going to be

building on the successes

of 2016 and the Gaston

Browne administration will

be stepping up the game for

its planned programme of

activities for 2017.

“We are committed to

growing the economy as the

Prime Minister has outlined

NAMCO Board formed

By Joanna Paris

Sir Robin Yearwood is

the Chairman of the Board

of the National Asset Management

Company (NAM-


Minister of Information,

Broadcasting and Telecommunications,

the Hon.

Melford Nicholas made the

announcement on Monday

during the post cabinet

press briefing, which took

place at the Office of the

Prime Minister.

He told the media that

the inaugural meeting of the

board took place last Friday

at the Office of the Prime

Minister, with other noteworthy

appointed that were


Minister Nicholas will

serve as Sir Robin’s Deputy

while Financial Secretary

Whitfield Harris Jr. and

Rasona Davis will serve

as Treasurer and Assistant

Treasurer respectively.

Deputy Solicitor General,

Martin Comacho, has

been appointed as the Corporate


According to Minister

Nicholas, non-members of

cabinet will be signatories to

the account.

Minister Nicholas said

that the initial meeting was

a success.

“The meeting was very

successful, it was brief but

successful, future deliberations

of NAMCO will be

given by reports to the Cabinet

such as this one”, he said.

this year between 5 to 7

percent”, Minister Nicholas

said confidently.

For this year, the Ministry

of Education and Technology

will receive the

lion’s share of the budget

with an allocated amount of

$98 million dollars.

The Ministry of Finance

and Corporate Governance

got the second highest allocation,

with $97 million,

while the Ministry of Health

and Environment will receive

$89 million to continue.

The debate is expected

to begin at 9:30 a.m.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Grays Farm man charged in series of breakings

21-year old Jahfari Harper of Armstrong

Road, Grays Farm, is now the

second person to be charged by the police

in connection with the recent spate

of Breakings in the Grays Farm area.

Harper was jointly charged with

Rashard Peters of Green Bay for breaking

into the dwelling house of a Green

Bay man.

The duo is accused of stealing a 32-

inch Samsung Flat Screen Television,

a Samsung DVD player and an undisclosed

sum of money on the 20th of


Peters had earlier confessed to

several Breakings and Attempted

Breakings during an ongoing police

investigation. He was convicted and

sentenced to three years at Her Majesty’s

Prison last Thursday, having plead-

Rashard Peters

ed guilty to charges of Breaking and

Attempted Breaking.

Jahfari Harper

Tuesday 31st January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

ABUT issues statement on

student injury by teacher

The Antigua and Barbuda

Union of Teachers yesterday

issued the following

statement regarding the

incident that occurred last

Tuesday which resulted in

injury of a Clare Hall Secondary

School student by a


Teachers train students

to make judgement or to

arrive at conclusions based

on facts. This way, we

aim to build a society of

progressive and informed


We have investigated

the matter at the Clare Hall

Secondary School where

a student was injured by a

stone thrown by a teacher.

Even though we are satisfied

that the stone was

not thrown at the student,

we accept that the teacher

demonstrated a lapse in

judgement which caused

bodily harm to the student.

While the action was

irresponsible, and while

we respect and support the

work and professionalism

of the police, we strongly

beg to disagree that there

was any malice in the

teacher’s action that would

support the conclusion, that

there was intent to murder

that student or any other by

the teacher in question.

In light of this, we make

an impassioned plea for

the review and possible

amendment of the charges.

Furthermore, in the

circumstances, the Union

joins the teacher in expressing

heartfelt sorrow to

the student and his family

for the unfortunate situation,

and our gratefulness

that this did not result in

worse consequences.

We are therefore asking

all our members to take

note and ensure there is no


Meanwhile, we will

stand with our member

teacher in overcoming the

trauma of this incident and

to continue his great work

for the advancement of our

nation’s youths.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Dr. Roy Cape “thrilled” by brand new

Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin collaboration

Founder of the Roy Cape All Stars,

veteran saxophonist and renowned

author, Dr. Roy Francis Cape, has expressed

his great pleasure at the historic

musical collaboration between

Soca Ambassadors Machel Montano

and Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez from

Trinidad and Tobago.

The local music industry has been

abuzz with the surprise release of the

duo’s groovy single, entitled “Buss

Head”. The song was released last Friday

and has since gone viral in various

music circles.

“I think it is something fantastic--

really a proud moment for the Soca

movement. This makes me feel good,

I’m thrilled!” exclaimed Cape, fondly

known as Pappy.

Dr. Cape, who was diagnosed with

cancer in 2014, went on to say, “(...)

after 57 years of being a musician, it’s

fantastic that I would actually live to

see this moment.

“They (Montano and Alvarez) have

been kind of apart for some time, so

for them to do a collaboration it would

have to mean that things have gotten

better personally and professionally.

“There had to be a mutual feeling

of respect there. The song is a great

message of healing, and it is a call to

action for everyone responsible for

pushing our culture forward and upward.”

The “Duke Ellington of Calypso

Music” commended the two former

International Soca Monarch Kings for

displaying their growth through the art

form and encouraged others to step up

and do the same.

“When Roy Cape All Stars came

into existence almost 40 years ago,

the goal was always success and togetherness;

the band will always be

a space where artistes and musicians

From left: Gerry Clarke, Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez and Dr. Roy Cape.

Dr. Roy Francis Cape

could feel safe and hone their various

creative talents.”

“This year, the frontline vocalists

for Roy Cape All Stars include Blaxx,

Tizzy from Antigua, Teddyson John of

Saint Lucia and Ricardo Drue of Antigua.

“Bunji and Machel are setting an

example through art. This generation

must continue to do the work,” explained

Cape from his home in Oropune.

“A collaboration like this between

two of our most popular, talented Soca

artistes is exactly what our industry

needs more of to be respected on

the international stage - excellence,

respect and unity.”

With the “Season of Brass” well

underway for the Roy Cape All Stars

this Carnival 2017, Dr. Roy Cape

looks forward to more offerings with

great anticipation as the season progresses.

Tuesday 31st January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

Trump fires Justice Dept. head

over executive order defiance

WASHINGTON – President

Donald Trump on Monday

fired Sally Yates, the

acting attorney general and

a Democratic appointee, after

she refused to defend in

court his controversial refugee

and immigration ban.

The extraordinary public

clash over Trump’s most

consequential policy decision

to date laid bare the discord

and dissent surrounding

the executive order, which

temporarily halted the entire

U.S. refugee program and

banned all entries from seven

Muslim-majority nations

for 90 days.

The firing came hours

after Yates directed Justice

Department attorneys

not to defend the executive

order, saying she was not

convinced it was lawful or

consistent with the agency’s

“obligation to always seek

justice and stand for what is


In a statement, Trump

said Yates had “betrayed

the Department of Justice

by refusing to enforce a legal

order designed to protect

the citizens of the United

States.” He named longtime

federal prosecutor Dana

Boente as Yates’ replacement.

Yates’ abrupt decision reflected

the dissent over the

order, with administration

officials moving to distance

themselves from the policy.

As protests erupted at airports

over the weekend and

confusion disrupted travel

around the globe, some of

Trump’s top advisers and

fellow Republicans privately

noted they were not consulted

about the policy.

At least three top national

security officials - Defense

Secretary Jim Mattis, Homeland

Security Secretary John

Kelly and Rex Tillerson,

who is awaiting confirmation

to lead the State Department

- have told associates they

were not aware of details of

the directive until around the

time Trump signed it. Leading

intelligence officials

were also left largely in the

dark, according to U.S. officials.

Tennessee Sen. Bob

Corker, the top Republican

on the Senate Foreign Relations

committee, said that

despite White House assurances

that congressional

leaders were consulted, he

learned about the order in

the media.

Other parts of Trump’s

administration were voicing

dissent Monday. A large

group of American diplomats

circulated a memo

voicing their opposition to

the order, which temporarily

halted the entire U.S. refugee

program and banned

all entries from seven Muslim-majority

nations for 90


Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

In a startlingly combative

response, White House

spokesman Sean Spicer

challenged those opposed to

the measure to resign.

“They should either get

with the program or they can

go,” Spicer said.

The blowback underscored

Trump’s tenuous

relationship with his own

national security advisers,

many of whom he met for

the first time during the transition,

as well as with the

government bureaucracy he

now leads.

While Trump outlined his

plan for temporarily halting

entry to the U.S. from countries

with terror ties during

the campaign, the confusing

way in which it finally was

crafted stunned some who

have joined his team.

Mattis, who stood next to

Trump during Friday’s signing

ceremony, is said to be

particularly incensed. A senior

U.S. official said Mattis,

along with Joint Chiefs

Chairman Joseph Dunford,

was aware of the general

concept of Trump’s order

but not the details.

Tillerson has told the

president’s political advisers

that he was baffled over not

being consulted on the substance

of the order.

U.S. officials and others

with knowledge of the Cabinet’s

thinking insisted on anonymity

in order to disclose

the officials’ private views.

Trump’s order pauses

America’s entire refugee

program for four months

and indefinitely bans all

those from war-ravaged Syria.

Federal judges in New

York and several other states

issued orders that temporarily

block the government

from deporting people with

valid visas who arrived after

Trump’s travel ban took

cont’d on pg 10

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Flow customers will experience

a fresh approach

to regional and international

programming when next

they tune in to their local

Flow TV Channel, which

becomes Flow1 effective

January 30, 2017.

Cable & Wireless Communications’


brand, Flow, has announced

that Flow1 will replace the

channel formerly known as

Karib Cable K45 and will

join Flow Sports and Flow

Sports Premier as the Company’s

Flow-branded regional


Flow1 also has some

exciting new perks for customers

of all ages, including

newly acquired, popular international

shows, as well

as exclusive regional content

like Caribbean’s Next

Top Model (CaribeNTM)

– the third season of which

premieres on January 30 th

at 9pm. The channel will

also feature live Caribbean

events and entertainment

and customers can still expect

to see many of their local

favourite programs, too.

Jongo will also be featured

on Flow1

“Flow1 is not just a name

change,” said Country Manager

Joe Mathieson, “but

also a way for us to raise

the bar in terms of program

Karib Cable K45 is now Flow1

offerings for customers. We

have already seen our sports

channels, Flow Sports and

Flow Sports Premier, assume

the number-one position in

terms of leading sports content

across the region; likewise,

Flow1 is our chance to

deliver even more premium

content as we continue to

transform our customers’

viewing experience.”

The change to Flow1 will

not impact any of the terms

and conditions for existing

Flow TV subscribers.

For a full description of

the channel line-up customers

should visit the website


cont’d from pg 9


The president has privately acknowledged

flaws in the rollout, according

to a person with knowledge of

his thinking.

But he’s also blamed the media - his

frequent target - for what he believes

are reports exaggerating the dissent and

the number of people actually affected.

Trump has also said he believes

the voters who carried him to victory

support the plan as a necessary step to

safeguard the nation.

And he’s dismissed objectors as

attention-seeking rabble-rousers and

grandstanding politicians.

After a chaotic weekend during

which some U.S. legal permanent residents

were detained at airports, some

agencies were moving swiftly to try to

clean up after the White House.

Homeland Security, the agency

tasked with implementing much of the

refugee ban, clarified that customs and

border agents should allow legal residents

to enter the country.

The Pentagon was trying to exempt

Iraqis who worked alongside the U.S.

and coalition forces from the 90-day

ban on entry from the predominantly

Muslim countries.

“There are a number of people in

Iraq who have worked for us in a partnership

role, whether fighting alongside

us or working as translators, often

doing so at great peril to themselves,”

said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon


Policies with such broad reach are

typically vetted by affected agencies

and subject to review by multiple agencies.

It’s a process that can be frustratingly

slow but is aimed at avoiding unintended

consequences. (AP)

Tuesday 31st January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Monday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Snooze

6. Roman garb

10. Fizzy beverage

14. Stopwatch

15. Happily ____ after

16. Grace closing

17. Kind of acid

18. Not temporary

20. Snitch

21. Steeple

23. Edgy

24. Gardener’s tool

25. Throws

26. Mars, e.g.

29. Add to the family

31. Theme

32. Thing

33. Actress ____ Thurman

36. Assisted a crook

38. Got free

41. Male or female

42. Achieves

44. Unaccompanied

45. Witch’s charm

47. Seventh planet

48. TV part

51. Snaky shapes

53. Accompanying

54. Angelic symbols

55. Pitcher handle

58. New Orleans’ state

60. Costly fur

62. Wise about

63. Rampage

64. Implant

65. At no time, poetically

66. Miscalculates

67. Phonograph records


1. Big Dipper component

2. Peru’s capital

3. Emanate

4. Poet’s “still”

5. Search for gold

6. Moderately warm

7. Ingest too much

8. Richard ____ of “Chicago”

9. Elbow’s locale

10. Most sensible

11. Foretelling signs

12. Compact

13. Poker stakes

19. On the peak

22. Butter unit

24. Fit of temper

25. Cruise and Hanks

26. Sch. groups

27. Ear part

28. Summit

30. Disappointing grades

32. Adored one

33. On top of

34. Diner list

35. Summer coolers

37. Eve’s home

39. Petted

40. Poetic lament

43. FDR’s wife

45. Junior’s dad

46. Wooden pins

47. GI’s hangout

48. Beauty shop

49. Exact copy

50. Map word

52. Wood strips

54. Locks

55. Flows back

56. A Baldwin

57. Lipstick shades

59. Great wrath

61. French pal

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Intervals of clouds and sunshine.

High - 80ºF

Low - 73ºF

Wind: East 17 mph

Sunrise 6.40 am; Sunset 6.01 pm

Monday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You’re so openhearted

that people rarely cross your

personal boundaries; your love

is an open field for miles. Still,

there are those who will find

the property line and cross it


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You’re gifted at reading people

— even entire rooms full

of people! Bonus: You have a

sixth sense for who needs what

you have to offer and who offers

what you need.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Because of all you know now,

there are bits of the past that

pang with sweet resonance.

You watch them as if through

a window. These times are

sweet, too. How would you

play it if you knew that future-you

was watching?

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

You’ve faith in many things,

ideas and people. The area

in which you lack strong belief

will be rattled today, and

you’ll learn about the source

of your doubts and misgivings.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Do you think you’re a better

judge of the other person

or of yourself? Most people

are a better judge of the other

person. That’s why feedback

from those who love you has

credence for you, especially


CANCER (June 22-July 22).

A decision hangs in the balance.

Thinking time is needed.

Your best thought processes

come while you’re driving,

showering, walking and the

like. Approach from different

angles. Reason it out. Feel it

out. write it out.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Those

who have earned your respect,

friendship and love (or any

two out of the three) deserve

the pleasure of your company

in real life. Face-to-face encounters

bring good fortune


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Everything ends — days, stories,

connections — and many

endings are accompanied by

relief, hope and a swell of new

energy. Take a breath and put

the next step forward.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

With certain types of button-pushing

individuals, it’s

very difficult not to be petty.

Pettiness is what they draw out

in you. It’s like they engage

the most infantile parts of you.

Counteract with the air-sign

mantra: Rise above.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

True success is never determined

by factors beyond your

control. It can’t be. Because

true success is the process. It’s

the making of efforts. It’s the

systematic approach to a goal,

not the goal itself.


Dec. 21). You’ll be drawn to

the bright lights and noise. It’s

mostly fun to maneuver your

way through the sensory excitements,

but only for a short

period of time. It’s nowhere to


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Networks are built one

relationship at a time. You’ve

earned yours over years of

making and cherishing connections.

Some of these connections

you can share, and

some are nontransferable.

Tuesday 31st January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

All eligible persons in Barbuda are being urged to register

immediately in light of the upcoming Barbuda Council elections,

which are slated to be held in late March. The cut-off

date for names to appear on the Register for Elections is January

31. All registration in Barbuda takes place at the Handicraft

Centre. For more information, please call 562-4191.



Knowledge of the island’s heritage sites, etc.

Excellent communication & people skills

Possess a true passion for the Service/Hospitality Industry

Able to Mix Drinks

Computer Literacy

Must be flexible


Two years experience in a similar role

Must be flexible

Must have experience using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign

and Illustrator


Two years experience in similar role


Bachelors Degree in Management with Accounting background

At least 5 years’ experience in a Management position.

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located on

Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 5628533/34/35.

Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICA-

TIONS is Thursday 2nd February, 2017

All members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen Association

are notified of the next monthly meeting, to be held

on Saturday 4 February 2017 at 3 pm, at Leah`s House on

Prime Minister`s Drive, Saint Johns. Please be on time and

bring along your poppies and donations, or notify the Chairman,

Secretary,PRO or Welfare Officer on 720-0058,723-

3452,721-1970 or 561-1062 of your apologies.

Stefan Smith makes

historic run in ABFA

Premier League

By Carlena Knight

Stefan Smith, forward for the FLOW Old Road Football

Club created history on Sunday in the Antigua Barbuda

Football Association Premier league at the Antigua Recreations

scoring 7 of his team’s 8 goals in their momentous

victory over Harney Motors Tryum F.C.

In the first matchup of the triple header on Sunday, Old

Road led by Stefan Smith were too much for newly promoted

team Tryum to manage with his double hat trick.

After the match, as he walked off the pitch, Smith was

given a standing ovation by the football fans in tribute to his

stupendous performance.

Defending Champions, Cool and Smooth AC Delco

Glenn’s Pet Paradise Green Bay Hoppers found themselves

further away from regaining their title as they were defeated,

3-2 by third place, Sandals INET Grenades.

Hoppers who scored first found themselves trailing behind

late into the second half as the Jennings based team

dominated the champions on both the offensive and defensive


The champions answered back with a late goal by Eugene

Kirwan but despite a number of attempts could not


With this win Grenades are now tied for 2nd place with

Hoppers but the champions have a better goal average.

Asot’s Arcade Parham widened the gap at the top of

the standings with 7 points after defeating Cool and Smooth

Digicel Empire. F.C. two goals to nil in the feature encounter

at the historic grounds.

Parham who were one man down after one of the players

received a red card in the first half still managed to flex their

muscles over Empire scoring in the first and second half.

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14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 31st January 2017

A big cloud hangs over my head – Russell

Andre Russell is praying

and hoping that the

independent anti-doping

tribunal does not ban him

for missing out on filing

his whereabouts on three

occasions in 2015. The

three-member tribunal

will deliver the verdict in

Kingston on Tuesday.

If found guilty, Russell

could face a maximum ban

of up to two years under the

World Anti-Doping Agency

(WADA) rules. Missing

three tests in 12-month

period amounts to a failed

dope test under the WADA


“It’s been stressing and

hard playing cricket and all

that’s in the back of your


“But at the end of the

day you have to do what

you have to do,” Russell

told Jamaican Observer.

“It’s like a big cloud

over my head. If I get a ban

then definitely I’m out of

cricket [during the period

of the suspension]; I mean

all formats.

“So I’d just love to

know I’m back and I can

By Carlena Knight

H.U.F. Baldwin Braves picked up another

victory on the weekend, this time over

Hometech Systems Outlaws, 76-65 at the

JSC Sports complex.

Led by Vivian ‘Boast’ Destin with 19

points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals the

Grays Green men continue to cement their

status as championship contenders.

Lindsay McDonald assisted with 19

represent Jamaica Tallawahs,

West Indies, and all

the other teams I play for in

the world.

“Honestly, I’m being

positive and I haven’t been

thinking about anything

else that I want to do apart

from playing cricket; doing

what I love.

“I have so many fans

out there and they would

be disappointed, just as

I would be. I just want to

remain positive at the moment.

I think I can [avoid

a suspension] with the help

of God; I think it’s out of

my control, so I just have

to wait on what happens on


In March 2016, Jamaica

Anti-Doping Commission

(JADCO) pressed a legal

charge against Russell

for failing to provide his

whereabouts between January

and July 2015.

According to JADCO

Russell had failed to file his

whereabouts on January 1,

July 1 and July 25 that year

despite several reminders

over email, phone and letters.

In his defence, Russell

told the tribunal that he had

not been properly trained

to file the whereabouts, and

that he had authorised his

agent and travel agent to

file his whereabouts since

he was busy with cricket


The three-member tribunal

comprising Hugh

Faulkner, Dr Marjorie Vassell

and Dixeth Palmer, a

former Jamaica cricketer,

has been deliberating on

the case for a long time and

even delayed the original

verdict date last December.

Russell, who is recovering

from a left hamstring

Braves trounce Outlaws 76-65

Andre Russell has admitted to being stressed in recent times over

the impending verdict of the anti-doping tribunal.

points and 4 assists with teammates, Xavier

‘Xman’ Meade and Lennox ‘Termite’ Mc-

Coy chipping in with 16 points and 11 rebounds

and 15 points.

Nechus Jones also had 14 points and 8

rebounds for the victors.

Outlaws’ Humroy Wright banked 16

points with assistance from Kevin ‘Pumpkin’

Roberts with 13 points and Khalid Shabazz

with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

injury which forced him

out midway through the

Big Bash League in Australia

earlier this month, tested

his fitness last Saturday

when he turned to play a

league game for St Catherine’s

Cricket Club.

He ended up with three

wickets which played a

role in his team’s victory.

Last July, while playing

for the Jamaica Tallawahs

in the Caribbean Premier

League, Russell had said

it had been “depressing”

for him to carry on playing

while the hearings were on.

Ahead of the hearing, he

hoped his prayers would be


“As I said in the team

meeting to the guys, I just

would love for them to say

a prayer for me, and I’ve

been praying for myself as

well,” he said.

“I have faith (in) the

work that my lawyers put

out... I think they summed

up things very well.” (ES-


Tuesday 31st January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Stuart Law named West Indies coach

Former Australian batsman

Stuart Law has been

appointed as West Indies

coach. Law takes over the

position that has been lying

vacant ever since the West

Indies Cricket Board sacked

Phil Simmons last September

on disciplinary grounds.

Law, the WICB said in a

media release, will start his

new job from February 15

and his contract is for two


He might have played

a solitary Test for Australia,

but Law was one of

Queensland’s most distinguished

cricketers and went

on to become a legend for

the state in Sheffield Shield

competition. Law, 48, has a

solid pedigree in coaching.

He had brief stints as head

coach with Sri Lanka in

2011 and Bangladesh from

2011-12 and has served

in various coaching roles

with teams from around the


One of Law’s latest assignments

was as head coach

of Khulna Titans in the Bangladesh

Premier League.

WICB president Dave Cameron

was seen watching the

BPL to raise curiosity - it is

understood he was there to

conduct talks with Law.

Law is the third Australian

to be West Indies’

head coach. Bennett King

stepped down after the 2007

World Cup after being in the

role for two years. Countryman

John Dyson, his successor,

too was in the role

for two years before the

WICB sacked him in August

2009. Curiously Law’s contract

ends in February 2019,

just three months before the

next World Cup in England,

which begins May 30 of that


“His core functions will

include improved team results

while providing leadership

to players and team

management,” the WICB

release said. Law would

be the first to admit it is no

doubt an onerous task. They

might be the only team to

be crowned the World T20

champions twice, but West

Indies occupy the bottom

rungs in the ICC rankings

tables in the other two formats;

led by 25-year-old Jason

Holder, West Indies are

ranked eighth in Tests and

ninth in ODIs.

The two-time ODI world

champions finished behind

Pakistan and Bangladesh in

the qualifying race for this

summer’s Champions Trophy.

They are now jostling

once again with Pakistan,

three points behind them for

eighth place on 86 points,

to gain automatic entry for

the 2019 World Cup. The

cut-off date for qualification

is September 30, 2017,

with the ODI nations who

sit outside the top eight then

joining the qualifying tournament

which is currently

scheduled to take place in


Law said the West Indies

assignment had come at an

“important time” in his career.

“I am excited at the

opportunity to contribute to

what I think is an interesting

time for West Indies,” the

WICB release quoted Law

on his new job.

Outgoing director of

West Indies cricket Richard

Pybus, who was part of the

selection panel for choosing

a new coach to replace Simmons,

said Law was taking

over at what is a “critical

time in the development of

the West Indies men’s team,

with the emergence of some

outstanding young talent, as

seen in the most recent test

series against Pakistan.

He has great experience

and breadth of knowledge as

a player and coach and his

cross-cultural experience

and winning attitude will be

key assets in the development

of the team.”

Law is the third new appointment

announced by the

WICB in the past month.

Former West Indies captain

Jimmy Adams was appointed

as West Indies director

of cricket to replace Pybus.

Johnny Grave starts as the

WICB chief executive from

February, a role previously

held by Michael Muirhead

who stepped down last October.




Sagicor wishes to inform customers

that its office will open for business

at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, 31 st January

to allow staff to attend a meeting.

Sagicor apologises for any

inconvenience and wishes to thank

you for your cooperation and


16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Beaton, Johnson, shine in Jaguars win


– Captain Leon Johnson

and Assad Fudadin

stepped up with half-centuries

while fast bowler Ronsford

Beaton notched a career-best,

as Guyana Jaguars

beat ICC Americas by five

runs under Duckworth/Lewis,

to log their second win of

the Regional Super50 here


Chasing a tricky 221 for

victory in a game reduced to

45 overs per side due to rain,

Jaguars were 212 for four in

the penultimate over when

bad light brought a premature

end to the contest at the

Windward Cricket Club in

the east of the island.

Calculations put the Jaguars

ahead on the D/L method,

handing them a victory

to follow up the eight-wicket

one over Combined Campuses

and Colleges Marooners

on Saturday.

Johnson was one of the

main architects of Monday’s

win, top-scoring with

78 while fellow left-hander

Assad Fudadin weighed in

with 43.

All-rounder Chris Barnwell

was unbeaten on 29 in

a positive stand with veteran

Shiv Chanderpaul on 22 not

out, when the game ended.

Fast bowler Ronsford

Beaton had earlier produced

a Man-of-the-Match performance

with four for 28 as

ICC Americas, sent in, rallied

well to reach 220 or seven

off the allotted 45 overs.

Captain Nitish Kumar

carved out 66 while Timroy

Allen again showed his

worth with the bat 37.

Following a delayed start

because of early morning

showers, ICC Americas survived

the cheap loss of Kamau

Leverock for 14 at 19

for one in the seventh over,

to reach 120 for three in the


This was thanks to Kumar

who anchored two productive

stands, putting on 45

for the second wicket with

Fahad Babar (24) and another

56 for the third wicket

with Alex Amsterdam (22).

All told, the 22-year-old

right-hander faced 73 deliveries

and counted three fours

and three sixes.

When he was fourth

out, Allen blasted two fours

and two sixes in a swift 34-

Captain Leon Johnson

ball knock, in a 53-run fifth

wicket stand with Srimantha

Wijeyeratne who hit a run-aball


Jaguars’ reply started

shakily when opener Rajindra

Chandrika (2) and

Raymon Reifer (6) perished

cheaply to the leave the innings

uncomfortably placed

at 29 for two in the 11th over.

However, Johnson and

Fudadin combined to revive

the run chase, posting 131

for the third wicket to deflate

ICC Americas. While

Johnson struck nine fours

and a six off 84 balls, Fudadin

counted four fours off 88


They fell in the space of

six deliveries but Chanderpaul

and Barnwell put on

50 for the fifth wicket to see

Jaguars to safety. (CMC)

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