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Food Safety Bites February 2017


Food Safety Bites February

Food Safety Bites February 2017 Food Safety BitesFebruary 2017 Selected news, views and issues from 'field to fork' If you have any comments or queries about the articles below or would like further information on any matter, please contact In this month's edition: 1. Brexit 2. Diet and health 3. Free Range Eggs 4. Food Fraud 5. Sustainability and Environmental 6. Food Safety 7. Origin 8. 2017 salt targets in danger of failing, warns CASH 9. CCTV in French abattoirs ‘won’t halt malpractice’ 10. From farm to fork: How much do you know about where Europe's food comes from? 11. Boom and bust in the orange market: Brazil's crop plummets whilst Tunisia's reaches record high 12. ACS backs Passport Office & Home Office campaign encouraging PASS Cards as ID 13. Meat processors show leadership in animal welfare 14. The Cabinet Office has published a detailed paper on the future practices of regulators. 15. Industry welcomes GFIA, the UK's gluten-free trade group 16. Labelling and Marketing 17. EU court of auditors attacks Commission for its failures on food waste 18. UK FSA Food and Allergy Alerts (January 2017)

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