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B-SMART- BVRITian Student Magazine on Advanced Research & Technologies is

here to keep the students and the faculty members informed with the latest

developments in the area of science, engineering & technology. It

also inculcates the habit of reading among students about new trends in

technology and emerging areas and to provide a platform to the student for

sharing knowledge.


Ms. Dipali Pattanayak , Asst. Professor ,Dept. Of IT


P. Kavitha, Asst. Professor , Dept. Of CSE

B. Sujatha, Asst. Professor, Dept. Of EEE

P. Prashanti, Asst. Professor, Dept. Of ECE


B. Divya Rani, IIyr-IIsem Dept. of EEE

V.Divyasree , IIyr-IIsem Dept. of ECE

Madhuri Peri , IIyr-II sem Dept. of IT

D. Pranavi , IIIyr IIsem Dept. of CSE


G.T.L.Sharanya (IIyr-II sem Dept. of EEE)

Deep Learning in Neural Networks


eep learning is a recently-developed

field belonging to Artificial Intelligence.

It tries to mimic the human brain,

which is capable of processing the complex

input data, learning different knowledge

intellectually and fast, and solving different

kinds of complicate tasks well. Switching these

features of human brain to a learning model,

we wish the model can deal with the highdimensional

data, support a fast and intellectual

learning algorithm and perform well in the

complicated AI tasks like computer vision or

speech recognition. Deep architecture is

believed to be such kind of model, with good

learning algorithms for the deep learning and

an excellent performance in solving AI tasks.

Deep Learning currently is not just an academic

research topic instead it’s been the prime

investment (billions of dollars) of top notch

software giants like Google, Microsoft,

Facebook, Apple to name a few. Face

recognition is one of the most important task in

the area of computer vision. Deep Learning

produced break through results in this task

when used. Below image shows the features

learnt by all the layers of a deep neuralnetwork

when trained on


The actual uses of Deep Learning in the present

day are

Google Brian - The project's technology is

currently used in the Android Operating

System's speech recognition system, photo

search for Google+ and video recommendations

in YouTube

● Apple Siri - Siri is a part of Apple Inc.'s

iOS, watchOS, and tvOS operating

systems. Siri is a computer program

that works as an intelligent personal

assistant and knowledge navigator.

● Microsoft Cortana - Cortana is an

intelligent personal assistant created by

Microsoft for Windows Phone 8.1,

Windows 10 Mobile (where it now

supersedes Bing Mobile), Microsoft

Band, Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS and


● Deep face - DeepFace is a deep learning

facial recognition system created by a

research group at Facebook. It identifies

human faces in digital images.

M. Usha Rani

III Yr II sem IT

“The mind is everything . What you think you become.” – Buddha 2


The Windows Weather Phone is a refresh from

bad weather predictions and inconvenient

phone interfaces. The Windows Weather Phone

is not only able to predict weather accurately,

but also make its completely transparent body

mimic the weather. If it’s snowing outside, it

would appear as if it’s realistically snowing

inside the phone itself- creating an astounding


To initiate text recognition simply blow

onto the screen- the phone recognizes

the change in air pressure and responds.

J. Sai Ravalika

I yr IT


DevOps (development and operations) is an

enterprise software development phrase used

to mean a type of agile relationship between

Development and IT Operations. History of

devop's is at the Agile 2008 conference,

Andrew Clay Shafer and Patrick Debois

discussed "Agile Infrastructure". The term

"DevOps" was popularizedthrough a series of

devopsdays starting in 2009 inBelgium. Since

then, there have been devopsdays conferences

held in many countries worldwide.

The Windows Weather Phone has no buttonsall

functions are controlled through the touch

screen. It also allows interaction with the actual

weather- for example it allows writing and

drawing on a foggy screen- much like how you

would draw on a misty window. Although not

planned to be commercially sold soon, its sleek

design and unique features promises a bright



Agile and DevOps are similar but differ in a few

important aspect. Agile is a change of thinking

whereas DevOps is actual organizational

culturalchange. DevOps promotes a set of

processes and methods for thinking

about communication and collaboration

between development, Quality Assurance and

IT operations.

The windows weather phone uses OLED


On a rainy day, the phone would appear

to be filled with raindrop while on a sunny

day the phone would appear bright.

“The only way to do great job is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs 3

The DevOps approach grants developers more

control of the environment, giving

infrastructure more application-centric

understanding.one goal of DevOps is to

establish an environment where releasing more

reliable applications faster and more frequency

occur. DevOps aims to maximize the

predictability, efficiency, security, and

maintainability of operational processes.

Atmospheric water generator converts air into

water when the temperature of the air

becomes saturated with enough watervapour

that it begins to condense (Dew Point ).This

makes the appliance more efficient . It samples


IIIyr IIsem IT

the air every 3 minutes to determine the most

efficient time to convert the air into water.It

will also tell you when to change the carbon

filter and will shut itself off if it cannot make

pure clean water


This Watermill is an Atmospheric Water

Generator invented by “ JOHATHAN RITCHEY ”

.It converts air into fresh water. It captures the

moisture content hidden in air .This watermill

produces fresh water at cost of about 3 cents a

liter (1 quart) originally designed for areas that

do not clean drinking , the watermill is for

households that prefer an eco-friendly ,cost

effective alternative to bottled water.


M Sai lakshmi

IIyr II sem EEE

HOMER (Hybrid Optimization of Multiple

Electric Renewable), the micro power

optimization model, simplifies the task of

evaluating designs of both off-grid and gridconnected

power systems for a variety of

applications. When you design a power system,

you must make many decisions about the

configuration of the system: what components

does it make sense to include in the system

design? How many and what size of each

component should you use? The large number

of technology options and the variation in

technology costs and availability of energy

“Success is not final, Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston 4

esources make these decisions difficult.

HOMER's optimization and sensitivity analysis

algorithms make it easier to evaluate the many

possible system configurations.

To use HOMER, you provide the model with

inputs, which describe technology options,

component costs, and resource availability.

HOMER uses these inputs to simulate different

system configurations, or combinations of

components, and generates results that you can

view as a list of feasible configurations sorted

by net present cost. HOMER also displays

simulation results in a wide variety of tables and

graphs that help you compare configurations

and evaluate them on their economic and

technical merits.

Soon, they could become even more versatile—

with the help ofchewing gum. Scientists report

in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces a unique

sensing device made of gum and carbon

nanotubes that can move with your most

bendable parts and track your breathing.

Most conventional sensors used today are

made out of metal. When they’re twisted or

pulled too much, they stop working. But for

sensors to monitor the full range of a body’s

bending and stretching, they need a lot more to

give. To meet that need, some researchers have

tried developing sensors using stretchy plastics

and silicones. But what they gainedin flexibility,

they lost in sensitivity. Malcolm Xing and

colleagues found a better solution right under

their noses—and in their mouths.

A L S S Bhargavi

IV yr II sem EEE



Body sensors, which were once restricted to

doctors’ offices, have come a

long way. They now allow

any wearer to easily track

heart rate, steps and sleep

cycles around the clock.

To make their supple sensor, a team member

chewed a typical piece of gum for 30 min,

washed it with ethanol and let it sit overnight.

The researchers then added a solution of

carbon nanotubes, the sensing material. Simple

pulling and folding coaxed the tubes to align

properly. Human finger-bending and headturning

tests showed the material could keep

working with high sensitivity even when

strained 530%. The sensor also could detect

humidity changes, a feature that could be used

to track breathing, which releases water vapor

with every exhale.



“Failure will never overtake you, if your determination to succeed is strong enough” – APJ Abdul Kalam 5



Airplane maker Boeing has created the "The

Lightest Metal Ever" called Micro Lattice. It is

developed by HRL Laboratories in California,

made out of 99.9

percent air.

It looks like sponge

or a mesh and is

flexible and strong.

It is light enough to

be balanced on top

of Dandelion, yet It

maintains tructural integrity when under stress.

This gives high energy absorption with ability

to completely recover from compression

exceeding 50 percent strain. Its impressive

properties makes its use forbattery

electrodes, acoustic vibration or shock energy

damping. Because of the strength and

unprecedented lightness of material, the

structural components in planes can be

replaced to reduce the weight and make

planes more fuel efficient.


IIyr II sem ECE-A

bossing around inanimate objects, and we

haven’t even gotten tothe fun parts yet.

Listening Station

Instead of pairing with a smartphone and taptap-tapping

your way to the right Spotify

playlist, you can simply shout “Alexa, play A

Charlie Brown Christmas album” and it will.

(Echo commands are triggered by the word


Organizing Principles

This is where Alexa starts to get handy. You can

use Echo to create a to-do list and shopping list.

Echo can link with your Google calendar.You

can also find out how long it’ll take to get where

you’re going (“Alexa, what’s the traffic like?”)

and how much you should bundle up before

you head out (“Alexa, what’s the weather

today?”). The most helpful personal assistant is

that Echo works with IFTTT (If This Then That)

recipies that create a cross-app cause and

effect.dozens of IFTTT Alexa recipes available,

including gems like: find your phone by asking

Alexa turn on the television. Amazon Echo is

versatile, it’s original, it’s weird, it’s useful.

Amazon Echo

This Year’s Perfect Lazy Gift

Echo is a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker that

listens when you talk to it. This alone makes it

ideal for anyone who enjoys making noise or

Sushma. K

II Yr II sem CSE B

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” – Goldsmith 6


LiFi, The Boom in Wireless Technology. It is

the latest of wireless technology. LI-FI

transmits data light bulb which is invisible to

visible eye LI-FI shows amazing and drastic

speed in delivery and performance. The

wireless communication hits the every end

as you could control your Air Conditioner

with your smartphone, you get updates

about the temperature of the refrigerator in

your mobile phone

The interesting facts about Li-Fi its use in

electromagnetic sensitive areas and

inflammable areas. This technology is 250

times faster than normal broadband. This

ultimate makes it much cost effective and

gains much potential. As soon as the stock in

the refrigerator goes down its is sensed by


Yes! These internet of things makes your life

simplified and let you think futuristic.

Flora Moses

IIIyr II sem CSE


Digital India is an initiative by the Government

of India to ensure that Government services are

made available to citizens electronically by

improving online infrastructure and by

increasing Internet connectivity. It goes with the

motto "power to empower".The three core

components of this initiative are:

The creation of digital infrastructure

Delivering services digitally

Digital literacy

This project includes providing broadband in

2.5 lakh villages, universal phone connectivity,

Net Zero Imports by 2020, 400,000 Public

Internet Access Points, Wi-fi in 2.5 lakh schools,

all universities; Public wi-fi hotspots for citizens,

Digital Inclusion: 1.7 Cr trained for IT, Telecom

and Electronics Jobs creation: Direct 1.7 Cr. and

Indirect at least 8.5 Cr. e-Governance

&eServices: Across government India to be

leader in IT use in services – health, education,

banking Digitally empowered citizens – public

cloud, internet access.

Many organizations have come forward to help

this initiative like Facebook, Microsoft, Reliance.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of

expanded access to a pared down internet.

Expanded access is, after all, one of the three

pillars of Digital India. Why not shift costs to

content providers, who enter into exclusive

contracts with data providers, all enabled by

Facebook’s Free Basics app? Such an

arrangement could expand internet use rapidly

in a country where some 80 percent of the

population does not have access, benefiting

crores of people. It would also, naturally,

benefit Facebook.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” – Johnson 7

Advocates of net neutrality — a vocal minority

linked to NGOs and internet start-ups — are

unhappy with such an arrangement, which they

feel will disadvantage consumers by limiting

choice. It could also discriminate against smaller

content providers struggling to compete with

established internet companies. Net neutrality

advocates have argued that there are other

ways to expand access and lower costs, such as

subsidizing data plans or through advertising.

The prime minister has made it clear that access

is his top priority, but net neutrality advocates

need not completely despair. The relentless

drive to expand digital access in India may be

necessary in the short term, but may make less

sense once the Indian internet market becomes

more saturated.

That is another way of saying that the access vs

neutrality dilemma could resolve itself


As incomes rise, consumers may gradually opt

for data plans that give them greater access,

foregoing more restrictive but free data


Facebook’s Free Basics would, in that event,

simply be a stepping stone that contributes in

time to its own irrelevance.

Self-confidence is extremely important in

almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many

people struggle to find it. Sadly, this can be a

vicious circle:people who lack self-confidence

can find it difficultto become successful.

Confident people inspire confidence in others:

their audience, their peers, their bosses, their

customers, and their friends. And gaining the

confidence of others is one of the key ways in

which a self-confident person finds success.

The good news is that self-confidence really can

be learned and built on. And, whether you’re

working on your own confidence or building the

confidence of people around you, it’s wellworth

the effort!


our level of self-confidence can show in many

ways: your behavior, your body language, how

you speak,what you say, and so on. Look at the

following comparisons of common confident

behavior with behavior associated with low selfconfidence.

Which thoughts or actions do you

recognize in yourself and around

yourself.Confidence can be a tough thing to

build up, so we've put together some handy

tips to help you out. If 'you're still having a hard

time - don't worry! There are other ways you

can find extra support, and work on boosting

your confidence. This might help if: You’re

looking for ways you can become more

confident & you want to know some practical

strategies to become more confident You’re not

sure why you’re lacking confidence


IIIyr IIsem IT

“Work in Silence , Let Success make noise.”-Frank Ocean 8

Tips for building self-confidence

Not everyone is born with an inbuilt sense of

self-confidence. Sometimes it can be hard to

develop confidence, either because of personal

experiences that have caused you to lose

confidence, or if you suffer from low selfesteem.

Look at what you’ve already achieved.

Think of things you’re good at.

Set some goals.

Talk yourself up.

Put your thoughts in their place.

Start with gratitude.

without any pilot onboard. Some applications of

these devices are in border patrol; search

rescue and damage investigations during/after

disaster; monitor criminal activities; mining;

advertising; scientific surveys and secure


QUADRICOPTER(A.R.Drone)developed by the

company Parrot, which costs 300$. It is the first

quadricopter that can be controlled by an

iPhone/ iPod/ iPad device through its onboard

Wi-Fi system. It was initially designed for the

Apple iOS platform but now it can also be

controlled with any Android device or even a

computer and a joystick. Besides its affordable

price, this consumer grade drone has some

features that qualified it as a prototype of an

ideal safety assistant drone. A major feature

that is very useful in this research is real time

video streaming. Dual cameras are embedded,

one on the front and one underneath facing the

ground, which help the operator to control the

drone through the Wi-Fi connection.

Take a daily step outside your comfort zone.



C. Ankita,


A.R. Drone

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

that would operate under remote control


III Yr II sem, EEE

“Coming together is beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is Success”- Henry Ford 9

Quantum Computing –

The Future of the Computers.

With the right mathematical background and

talent, Quantum Computing could be a very

rewarding field to pursue.

able to access your credit card number and your

bank Since factoring is very hard, no

eavesdropper will be account is safe. Unless,

that is, somebody has built a quantum

computer and is running Peter Shor's


Future uses of Quantum Computing :

Quantum Computing is essentially harnessing

and exploiting the amazing laws of quantum

mechanics to process information. A traditional

computer uses long strings of “bits,” which

encode either a zero or a one. A quantum

computer, on the other hand, uses quantum

bits, or qubits.

What can a quantum computer do

that a classical computer can’t?

Multiplying two large numbers is easy for any

computer. But calculating the factors of a very

large (say, 500-digit) number, on the other

hand, is considered impossible for any classical


RSA encryption, the method is used to encrypt

your credit card number when you’re shopping

online, relies completely on the factoring

problem. The website you want to purchase

from gives you a large "public" key (which

anyone can access) to encode your credit card

information. This key actually is the product of

two very large prime numbers, known only to

the seller. The only way anyone could intercept

your information is to know those two prime

numbers that multiply to create the key. Since

factoring is very hard, no eavesdropper will be

Quantum Computing could help us design new

drugs and new materials, such as

superconductors that work at room


Quantum computer is inherently faster

than a classical computer is at searching

through a space of potential solutions

for the best solution.

Quantum Computing could help us

design new drugs and new materials,

such as superconductors that work at

room temperature.

The pioneering work being done today

is paving the way for the coming

quantum era. The quantum revolution

is already under way, and the

possibilities that lie ahead are limitless.



“The greatest sin is to think yourself weak” ― Swami Vivekananda, Pearls of Wisdom 10


Electronic nose

Electronic sensing refers to capability of

reproducing human senses using sensor

arrays and pattern recognition systems.

Electronic nose is an Electronic Sensor. It

identifies the specific components of an

odor and analyses its chemical makeup to

identify it. An odor is composed of

molecules. Each of these molecules has a

correspondingly sized and shaped receptor in

the human nose. When a specific receptor

receives a molecule, it sends a signal to the

brain and the brain identifies the smell

associated with that particular molecule.

Electronic noses based on the biological model

work in a similar manner, substituting sensors

for the receptors, and transmitting the signal to

a program for processing, rather than to the



Electronic noses such as the Cyranose

320 can help grape growers pinpoint

harvest dates to make a better product

for consumers.

Space applications (NASA)

Detection of pollutants and gas leaks

for environmental pollution.

Medical diagnosis


II Yr II sem ECE

Smart Home Security-Cocoon

The present smart security devices in the

market at the moment, tend to be relatively

simple, combining motion detection with an

Internet connected camera alerts a user with

smart phone apps to detect an intruder. A new

device-Cocoon that uses 'infrasound' (sound

below that of human hearing) a sub sound

technology which is outside the range of normal

human hearing to detect movement by listening

to things people can't hear was developed.

With this new security device, we have set

about correcting the main problem with

existing sensors, where there are way too many

false alarms triggered by the suburban sound

track .Humans hear within the range from 20Hz

to 20kHz.


uses a



to detect


and this sub


technology combines sound wave detection

(audible and infrasound) with digital profiling

and machine learning. Sub sound technology

enables Cocoon to detect and make sense of

the noises created by activity throughout the

home so it can notify you if anything unusual

happens. A key benefit of sub sound technology

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time”- Arnold H Glasow 11

is that it enables Cocoon to detect and profile

activity throughout the home without the need

for additional sensors. It means you only need

one small Cocoon device in order to keep the

home secure, eliminating the need for

expensive wired home security systems.




Spatial user interfaces (SUIs) let users freely

interact with both 3D virtual information and

traditional 2D workstation application

information. Spatial augmented reality (SAR)

em ploys projectors to directly illuminate

physical objects with perspectively correct

computer-generated information in real time

(see Figure 1). SAR requires unique techniques

to support interaction with 2D and 3D virtual

information associated with physical objects.

SAR systems can alter objects’ visual surface

properties, such as colours, textures, small

changes to geometry, shininess, and

transparency. Annotations such as

instructions can be projected directly onto

the objects’ surfaces when and where they

are required. Users don’t have to wear or

carry equipment, such as an HMD or a

handheld display. SAR user interface and

application design is an exciting research

area still in its infancy. SUI concepts, such as

movement in 3D space, combining 2D and

3D information, and natural interactions,

are critical for SAR user interfaces’ success.

SAR could greatly improve processes in

many application areas in which physical

objects are common.

K. Sai Charvitha

IV Yr II sem IT

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom”- Goeorge S Patton 12

Virtual Digital Assistants : “ I live in

your devices and I know you, Do you

know me?”

In this era,we talk to phones,not talk to others

through our phones,The world is moving

towards digitalization where programs are

becoming human like Cortana and Siri. The

world is transforming towards the usage of

Virtual Digital Assistants, which can come in

many forms. The Virtual Digital Assistants are

automated tools which helps the human

through their voice commands or through their

written words (Natural Language

Processing).This assistance can be offered in

many ways, such as, enabling the most recently

visited links on enterprise websites or to make a

conversational speech based interaction in

order to facilitate basic necessities like reading

out the messages, emails on your smart phones

such as Cortana, Siri, Google now.

VDAs represent the fusion of speech

recognition, natural language processing (NLP),

and artificial intelligence (AI) and hold the

potential to have a transformative impact on

user interfaces in the mobile, automotive,

connected home, and enterprise domains,

among others.

Virtual Assistant technology is not just about

setting up an avatar. Can Virtual Assistant pick

up the phone, chat on instant messenger,

update Facebook or send a text using SMS? The

Natural Language Interaction technology that

drives the Virtual Assistants from Artificial

Solutions can be applied to multiple customer

service touch points, from SMS and instant

messaging, through understanding and

responding to sentiment on social media to

using voice integration to handle telephone


So, it’s your time to know more about your VDA

which staying in your devices for your


Damini Satya


“The true sign of intelligence if not knowledge but imagination” – Albert Einstein 13

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