Caribbean Times 88th Issue - Wednesday 1st February 2017


Caribbean Times 88th Issue - Wednesday 1st February 2017

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Wednesday 1st February 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Everton Barnes

Administration negotiated the International

Monetary Fund (IMF) loan, it

Sports and Culture Minister, E.P.

Chet Greene, has made a call for all the agreed to pass control of these facilities

country’s major sporting facilities to be to sporting bodies; YASCO to the Antigua

and Barbuda Athletics Association

returned to government’s control and


and the ARG to the Antigua Football

In making his presentation to the Association,” he reported. These associations

have valid leases for the re-

debate on the 2017 National Budget,

Greene made a strong case for the return

of the facilities – mainly YASCO Minister Greene is of the view that

spective facilities.

and the Antigua Recreation Grounds – that decision was wrong as neither association

had the resources to properly

to government control as the sporting

associations, under whose control they maintain the facilities; the result, both

fall, are unable to properly maintain facilities are in dire need of upgrade

these facilities.

and repairs. This, according to the Minister

comes after the government spent Sports and Culture Minister, the Hon., E.P.

“During the period when the former

United Progressive Party (UPP) cont’d on pg 2

Chet Greene

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st February 2017

Sir Vivian Richards to coach in Cuba

By Everton Barnes

Cricket legend, Sir Vivian

Richards, is offering his

services to travel to Cuba to

coach cricket as part of the

exchange between Antigua

and Barbuda and the Spanish-speaking


Making the announcement,

Trade, Industry, Commerce,

Sports and National

Festivals Minister, E.P. Chet

Greene, said this comes out

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cont’d from pg 1

significant amounts of money upgrading the

ARG in particular ahead of Carnival last


“We take no blame for the conditions

at YASCO or other sporting facilities; that

blame belongs to the UPP.

“However, as a responsible government,

we take responsibility for fixing them,” he


The minister drew attention to a demonstration

that was held at YASCO on Saturday

by a group of ‘Concerned Parents’ calling for

among other things, the upgrade and repair

of the grounds. But based on an announcement

made in the Throne Speech, Greene

said the demonstrators were ‘unreasonable’.

“In the Throne Speech just three weeks

ago, the Governor General made specific

reference to fixing YASCO.

“We are currently negotiating with the

Farara Family for acquiring adjacent lands

of the Memorandum of Understanding

signed by both

countries last year.

“This is the first time that

we will have Antigua and

Barbuda nationals traveling

to Cuba in this capacity

as we will send coaches for

cricket and for steel pan. I

am happy to announce that

National Here Sir Viv has

offered his services to go to

Cuba to teach Cubans the

game of cricket,” the minister


He disclosed that the

performance and creative

arts form part of the MOU

through which a National

Sculpture Park will be created

on the grounds of the former

Ottos Primary School

at Radio Range. “This park

will feature sculptures depicting

the country’s African

ancestry, including the dark

period of slavery. Our African

ancestry will be memorialized

at the park to serve

as a teaching-aid for our

people and it will also form

part of the nation’s tourist attractions,”

he reported.

Under the MOU, he reported

that there is now an

air services agreement between

the two nations that

is being serviced by PAWA

Airline out of the Dominican

Republic providing regular

flights into Cuba.

The minister also praised

the role of the Office of the

National Authorising Officer

(ONAO), headed by Ambassador


Clarence Henry, for organizing

a trade mission to Cuba

out of which came the MOU.

Meanwhile, the minister

also launched a ‘buy local’

campaign that seeks to encourage

support for local

farmers, manufacturers and

producers. “We must create

linkages, not leakages as we

encourage consumers, hoteliers

and others to patronize

local industry. He noted that

each dollar spent locally is

retention in the local economy.

However, the minister

also wants local producers to

be equally mindful that their

products, whether there’re

from agriculture, manufacturing

or the creative arts,

must be of a high standard.

“We must protect the ‘Antigua

and Barbuda’ brand at

all times!” he declared.

so that we can expand the grounds and put in

a proper track and other facilities. Nothing

could take place between the Throne Speech

and the Budget debate.

“I feel the people who participated were

disingenuous,” the minister declared. He

expressed the view that their actions were

motivated by politics as there was a stated

commitment by the government upgrade


“Politics must not play a part in our cultural

and sporting affairs,” Greene admonished.

Regarding the ARG, Greene said the facility

is a national landmark and of great importance

to the country as the most popular

and used sporting and cultural venue as well

as a tourist attraction.

He noted that he is not happy with the

current state of the ARG as it is his view that

the facilities are not regularly cleaned nor

properly maintained.

Wednesday 1st February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

No conditions for adopting CCJ

By Everton Barnes

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is

cautioning the United Progressive Party

(UPP) that while he is willing to compromise

on the issue of adopting the

Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), he

will not accept any conditions placed

on him or the government.

Speaking to reporters at a news

conference following a meeting with

the Leader of the Opposition, Baldwin

Spencer, on Monday, Browne said he

is prepared to make a number of commitments

to allay some of the concerns

expressed by UPP during the CCJ campaign.

He noted that the UPP had made a

number of demands in order to secure

its support for the move towards the

CCJ, but whilst he prepared to address

some of the demands, he does not want

them to be conditions for attaining the

party’s support.

“We are prepared to give them a

commitment to have comprehensive

Constitutional reform, we will give a

commitment to address the issues of

the lower courts, although as I indicated

to Spencer, fixing the lower courts

will require an enormous amount of resources,

especially if we are to get the

bond instruments in place to finance to

courts similarly to how the CCJ is financed,”

the prime minister stated.

He noted that raising US$100 million

dollars would require a regional

effort and that this money could not

be raised overnight…it would require

some time. However, he added that this

matter is currently occupying the attention

of leaders of the OECS.

“We are in a position to give those

commitments, provided that they are

not condition-precedent, where they are

doing to demand, for example, they we

have to fix the courts or raise a US$100

million before the UPP signs on. If that

is the case, then we will just have to call

it off,” Browne declared.

The prime minister described any

such possible ‘demands’ as obstacles to

‘any progress’ that the two parties may

make on the march towards the CCJ.

Spencer gave an undertaking to discuss

the prime minister’s offer with his

colleagues in the UPP and the prime

cont’d on pg 3

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st February 2017

ASC moves to further develop

academic programmes

By Joanna Paris

Principal of the Antigua State College,

Hyram Forde, has indicated that the academic

institution is working with earnest to

improve the quality of education delivered

through its departments.

Forde said that a considerable amount of

time has been spent on developing the departments

to improve the standard of what

is currently being offered to students.

“We have spent some time developing

the department of undergraduate studies,

we have spent time developing teacher education,

we are now paying attention to the

development of the school of nursing and

pharmacy and in very short order we will

be developing the School of Business”, he


He stated that the overall aim in to ensure

that all the departments can transition

to offering Bachelor Degrees.

Forde said that currently there are four

pillars that must be addressed to assist the

college in these further developments.

He noted that these are but are not limited

to infrastructure, the quality of the faculties,

the programmes that will be offered

and the quality assurance and accreditation

of the institution.

The Antigua State College was established

in 1976 with the aim to offer students

affordable tertiary education.

cont’d from pg 3

minister encouraged him to

‘use his considerable’ influence

within the UPP to ‘get

them on board’ into joining

the government in the move

to adopt the CCJ as the country’s

highest court of appeal

replacing the London-based

Judicial Committee of the

Privy Council.

Through-out the campaign

for the CCJ, the prime

minister has always maintained

that there will only

be a single issue; the CCJ,

placed on the referendum

ballot paper. Now he said

he is willing to accept a few

‘non-controversial’ questions

posed to the electorate

along with the CCJ for the


Wednesday 1st February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

School of Pharmacy officially launched

By Joanna Paris

Approximately 15 students

will make up the first

cohort of students to embark

on the path of attaining

a Bachelors of Arts Degree

from the relaunched School

of Pharmacy.

The School was officially

relaunched in a ceremony

which took place at the Antigua

State College on Monday.

A number of key personnel

representing the Ministry

of Health, the Ministry of Education

and the faculty of the

Antigua State College (ASC)

and other agencies were in

attendance. The eager group

of students were also present.

A beaming Principal of

the ASC, Hyram Forde, explained

that he is indeed delighted

that the school is once

again a reality after a hiatus.

He indicated that because

of the absence of the facility,

there has been a notable decline

in the number of qualified

pharmacists available on

the island.

He added that Pharmacology

will be an integral part

of the country’s educational

thrust at higher levels.

“Pharmacy is going to

be a pivotal discourse in the

University trusty of Antigua

and Barbuda. We are certainly

happy that we have

reached the stage where the

school will be re-opened,

the new programme will be

rolled out on February 1 st ”,

he said.

Forde further indicated

that the overall goal is to have

a mapped-out curriculum

which can be transformed

easily to the next level of getting

a Bachelor’s Degree in

the Field.

Minister of Health and the

Environment, the Hon. Molwyn

Joseph, told the gathering

that he opening of the

School of Pharmacy “could

not have come at a more opportune

time”. He noted that

this goes hand in hand as the

twin island state has emerged

as one of the leaders in offering

health care services in the

Organization of Eastern Caribbean

State (OECS).

He encouraged the students

to take advantage of

the opportunity that they

have ahead of them and to

think beyond the ordinary.

“I want to encourage you

to broaden your potential and

even though you are studying

Pharmacology, you can

broaden your horizons”, he


Also, echoing similar

sentiments and his expression

of happiness with the relaunch

of the School of Pharmacy

was the Ministry with

responsibility for Education,

Science and Technology, the

Hon. Michael Browne.

President of the Antigua

and Barbuda Pharmacy

Council, Sandra Joseph, in

her remarks expressed that

it is indeed refreshing to relaunch

the school, which will

see more trained pharmacists

emerging in Antigua and


“Antigua and Barbuda

has no reason to be left behind,

we have already given

you the guarantee to educate

you up to a Bachelor’s Degree.

The world is yours, you

have the potential’, he said.

The School of Pharmacy

will be located at the Antigua

State College. The curriculum

will include chemistry,

biology, pharmacology and


6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st February 2017

OECS Director General praises

local kidney transplant programme

Antigua and Barbuda’s

history making kidney transplant

program has come in

for high praise from Director

General of the Organization

for Eastern Caribbean

States, Dr. Didacus Jules.

Commenting on the

milestone, Dr. Jules said

that the entire OECS region

was in awe of Antigua and

Barbuda’s accomplishments

and the accomplishment has

reverberated right across the


“I think it is a historic occasion,

not just for Antigua

and Barbuda but the entire

OECS since we have had

strong cooperation going on

in this sector of health and

we discussed areas of collaboration,

initiatives that

we need to take jointly in the

OECS. So when we got the

news that Antigua and Barbuda

had done this successful

operation there was very

high praise coming from all

the member states”, Dr Jules


The OECS official added

that plans are now in

the pipeline to establish an

OECS organ donor program

so that citizens of the sub-region

can access the care and

treatment they need when

that time comes.

“The PAHO representative

said that given what has

transpired in Antigua and

Barbuda, we should consider

the establishment of a regional

organ donor database

in the OECS so that it will

be easy for persons requiring

such transplant in the future

to tap into the entire OECS

in order to get the support

they require for such transplants”,

Dr Jules noted.

Dr Jules is confident that

health care in OECS is moving

in the right direction.

“We are definitely moving

in the right direction and

we are going to build upon

that platform that Antigua

and Barbuda has established

to take it further with that organ

database”, he said.

Monday January 16th

2017 went down in the annals

of Antigua and Barbuda

as the date of the first successfully

completed kidney

transplant was performed in

the twin island state.

The eight hour procedure

which was done at the

Mount St John Medical Centre

was performed by a fourteen

member team which

comprised four surgeons,

two Anesthetists and eight

specialist nurses. Among

the Surgeons were Dr Obi

Ekwenna and Dr Mike Rees

of Toledo Ohio USA alongwith

Antiguans, Dr Dwayne

Thwaites and Steve Richards.

Local Doctor, Ian Thomas

also played instrumental

role in the success of the operation.

Speaking on the momentous

occasion, Minister

of Health and the Environment-Molwyn

Joseph said

that January 16th was already

a historic day in the

lives of Antiguans and Barbudans

as on that very day,

seventy eight (78) years ago,

the Antigua Trades and Labour

Union was formed.

Wednesday 1st February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown

funds recreational tennis program for

children with intellectual disabilities

The Rotary Club of Antigua

Sundown (RCAS) has

partnered with the Wadadli

Gems to offer a tennis

program being launched as

“Tennis with Samantha”, a

tennis program for children

with intellectual disabilities.

“Community is at the

heart of what we do,” said

Herald Rolland RCAS

President. “So we’re

constantly working on

building stronger relations

with schools, local

community groups and


“Our club has been

championing the cause of

autism and other special

needs broadly so this initiative

is aligned with our


The goal of the program

is to provide a setting

where children with intellectual

disabilities can not

only get exercise but work

on their motor and social


Through tennis fundamentals,

they will also

work with the children to

develop their attention,

rational thinking (strategy

and tactics), and sportsmanship

on the court and

into their daily lives.

“Our mission is simple

– teach this special population

of children how to play

Students and teachers from the Adele School; RCAS’s investment will provide: tennis equipment,

water coolers, first aid kit etc. for the program.

tennis by ensuring that they

have access (with a helping

hand) to the sport,” shared

Samantha Johnson Tennis

Instructor for the program.

“This program is actually

the brain-child of our

founder Maylene Hector,

who is a parent of a special

needs child and knows the

benefits that a sport like

tennis could bring to these


“We’ve seen the work

done by Rotary Club of Antigua

Sundown in the area

of disabilities, specifically

autism and we knew they

would make a great partner.

We were right – they said

yes and now these children

have a chance to play.

We are grateful for their

(RCAS) commitment and


Tennis with Samantha

will run for ten weeks

and will be hosted at the

National Tennis Centre at


Lessons will take place

twice weekly for ninety

(90) minutes each session.

The students currently

enrolled in the program are

from the Adele School but

there are plans to expand

the program in the future.

Each session includes

warm-up; basic hand-eye

coordination skills; volleys

at the net; groundstrokes

from farther out; and an

obstacle course.

The session will also

include a group game and

picking up balls.

For more information

on the Rotary Club of Antigua

Sundown, please visit

them on Facebook.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st February 2017

Guyana gives Chinese miner nod

to begin manganese production

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Guyana’s

manganese sector is set for major

expansion in the coming months.

Two months after the David

Granger administration gave the nod

to a deal between BOSAI Minerals,

the Chinese company currently involved

in bauxite operations in Linden

and Reunion Gold Corporation to

acquire the latter’s rights in the Matthews

Ridge Manganese Project, preparatory

works are scheduled to get

underway by the first half of the year.

The deal paves the way for manganese

mining to resume in Matthew

Ridge, Region One after several decades.

The Ministry of Natural Resources

is expecting major dividends from

the agreement, including substantial

revenue, jobs and infrastructural development.

“Bosai expects that employment

numbers can reach as high as 1,200

during the peak of construction and


– Police in Jamaica have recaptured

a man charged with

the murder of two American

missionaries, three weeks

after he escaped custody.

Dwight Henry was

nabbed during a sting operation

last Thursday night, as

he was travelling in a car in

St Mary – the same parish

where he allegedly killed

53-year-old Harold Nichols

and 48-year-old Randy

Hentzel on April 30 last

then stabilize at 300 to 400 during

normal operations. Once in production,

the company intends to ship

350,000 tonnes of manganese per

year,” the ministry said.

Bosai will mine using conventional

open pit methods with minimum

blasting, and the mine will have a life

of 15 to 35 years, depending on the

rate of extraction, a statement from

the ministry said.

Under the agreement, the Reunion

Gold Corporation will transfer to

the Bosai Mineral Group four prospecting

licences that make up the

Matthews Ridge project, the March

2011 Mineral Agreement between

Reunion, Guyana and the Guyana

Geology and Mines Commission, and

capital assets.

According to the ministry, preparations

will begin during the second

half of this year and will include the

construction of a wharf facility at

Port Kaituma to receive supplies for


Henry had been arrested

in June last year, along with

Andre Thomas, for the murders.

However, he escaped

from the Port Maria Hospital

on January 4 after being

taken there for medical attention.

He will now face an additional

charge of escaping

custody, according to Assistant

Commissioner of

Police Fitz Bailey who also

told the media that several

operations were carried

out in several communities

across St. Mary before Henry

was finally caught.

Hentzel and Nichols

were found dead in St.

Mary, where both accused

and victims lived.

The missionaries, who

were attached to the Pennsylvannia-based


charity TEAMS for Medical

Missions, had been residing

in Jamaica for several


The Matthews Ridge drill rig.

the mine and mill, and the construction

and upgrading of roads from Port

Kaituma wharf to Matthews Ridge

and Pipiani.

Other works would include mine

development, including stripping and

pit work for ore extraction, construction

of tailings management and water

supply facilities, and installing a

milling plant for treatment of manganese


Mining operations are scheduled

to begin in another two years. (Caribbean360)

Police in Jamaica capture escapee accused

of American missionaries’ murders

They had left their

homes on motorcycles on

April 30 to carry out some

missionary work in Albion

Mountain in the same

northeastern parish. Hentzel’s

body was discovered

that afternoon and Nichols’

body was found the following


Autopsies confirmed

that Hentzel died of a gunshot

wound while Nichols

was shot and chopped. (Caribbean360)

Wednesday 1st February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

Trump asked to help free Mormon jailed

on weapons charges in Venezuela

UTAH, USA – The mother of a

Utah man jailed and allegedly subjected

to “horrifying abuse” for the

last seven months in Venezuela has

begged US President Donald Trump

to help free her son.

In her new YouTube video, Laurie

Holt reiterated her belief that that

her son Joshua Holt is being used as a

“political pawn” by Venezuela’s government.

Joshua Holt and his wife, an Ecuadorean

national, were arrested on

June 30 on weapons charges. Venezuelan

officials alleged that he was

stockpiling weapons at his wife’s

apartment and have suggested his

case is linked to other unspecified attempts

by the US government to undermine

President Nicolas Maduro’s

socialist administration.

Laurie has staunchly refuted that

claim, insisting that her son, a former

Mormon missionary, travelled to

Venezuela to marry a woman he met

online while seeking Spanish-speaking

Mormons to help him improve his


In her video, the Riverton, Utah

resident criticized the inability of

former President Barack Obama’s administration

to gain freedom for her

son, going on to appeal to Trump’s


“President Trump, my son’s only

offence was that he was an American

citizen. I know that you surely agree

that being a citizen of this great nation

should mean something,” she said.

“Josh and his wife and our entire

family have been living in a hellish

fog for the last months. My son

has undergone the most horrifying

and degrading physical and mental


Laurie Holt with a photo of her imprisoned son, Joshua.

The video was posted a week after

US Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah most recently visited Holt on January

He added that consular officers

mentioned the case in a meeting with 16 and will continue to make regular

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. visits.

During his confirmation hearing, Former Secretary of State John

Tillerson did not mention Holt by Kerry raised Holt’s jailing during a

name but said he planned to demand meeting with President Maduro in

that Venezuela President Nicolas September, and a senior State Department

official travelled to Caracas

Maduro release all political prisoners.

In recent months, Laurie has endured

a series of disappointments as for his release.

twice in recent months in part to push

four different hearings scheduled to The US House passed a resolution

discuss her son’s plight have been in September calling for the release of

cancelled. No new hearings are currently


Venezuela, but the pressure has so far

Holt and other political prisoners in

Will Cocks, spokesman for the US yielded no tangible results.

State Department’s Bureau of Consular

Affairs, said the department is prison in Caracas run by Venezuela’s

Joshua Holt is being held in a

concerned about the postponements intelligence police, that also holds a

and is following Holt’s case closely. number of activists that the opposition

considers political prisoners.

The department has raised the

matter with the Venezuelan government,

urging respect for Holt’s hu-

Maduro’s government is using Holt

Human rights groups contend that

man rights and an expedited effort and his wife as bargaining chips to

to resolve the case, Cocks said in a extract unspecified concessions from


the United States. (Caribbean360)

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st February 2017

Tuesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Nav. school

5. Speck in the sea

10. “Lonely Boy” singer

14. Actress Teri

15. Physical condition

16. Gardening moss

17. Height: Pref.

18. Strips for breakfast

19. Grimm meany

20. Epitome

23. Vegas winner

24. Vocalist Sumac

25. One-million link

27. Suffix with brom-

28. “Let’s have no more of


32. Start a computer session

34. Wallet material

37. Say it isn’t so

38. Think tank highlight

41. “What’s Going On” singer


42. Financers

43. “Rush, Rush” singer Paula

45. Canadian gas brand

46. Sink in the middle

49. “So long”

50. “__ recall ...”

53. __ Dame

55. Promising rookie

60. Dark beer

61. Mathematician Newton

62. 500 sheets

63. Libertine

64. John saved by Pocahontas

65. “M*A*S*H” star

66. Current measures

67. Toast opening

68. Listen to


1. 2005 U.S. Open finalist

2. Hidden

3. Get there

4. Male bee

5. Library ID

6. Thick carpet

7. Dainty trim

8. Strong glue

9. Coffee break hr.

10. Each

11. Victoria’s Secret item

12. Anna of fiction

13. Downed

21. Big name in computer


22. __ de mer

26. Whatever

29. Monitor’s beat

30. Ended in __: drew

31. Macbeth, for one

33. Bookie’s concern

34. In __ of

35. Stops

36. Itinerary details: Abbr.

38. Period of increased births

39. Biennial golf competition

40. Golf clubs

41. Motormouth’s “gift”

44. Fall behind

46. Addison’s publishing


47. Teen’s hangout

48. Lose one’s temper

51. __ kebab

52. “Who’s there?” response

54. First name in talk

56. Turner and a president

57. Matched set

58. Daily charge

59. Folk singer Phil

60. Bikini part

Wednesday 1st February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Mainly sunny skies.

High - 80ºF

Low - 73ºF

Wind: East 16 mph

Sunrise 6.40 am; Sunset 6.01 pm

Tuesday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). The competition for your

attention today is rather fierce.

So many offers will be made

to you — mostly trivial and

best passed up. But one offer

will be interesting, possibly

even vital. Your instincts will

help you discern.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March

20). Don’t do it because it’s a

“good opportunity.” You could

fritter away your energy trying

to take advantage of all the

“good opportunities.” Unless

this one deeply inspires you,

it’s not good enough.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

History is more art than science.

Like magnetic audiotape,

memories get a little more

corrupted every time they are

recalled. As for today’s story,

expect that its emotional truth

might be different from its factual


TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

The gurus suggest that the path

to enlightenment involves the

elimination of opinion. That

would be taking it to extremes

today, though you might temper

your opinions with a fair

dose of open-mindedness.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

You’re a hard worker, and

you’ll play even harder if

you can find the time to do

it. If you can’t, then make the

time. Because it’s what you do

during off hours that will have

the most impact.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). People

who are never wrong are

universally suspected, and no

one likes a know-it-all. It’s

why you go the route of curiosity

and experimentation

and possess a cavalier attitude

about correctness in general

today. It’s simply more fun

that way.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Like an actor who is cast in an

unlikely role, you have some

stretching to do. Is this an honor,

a challenge or a pain? Likely

all three will fit in someway

before the show is over.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Go

on and argue for your side.

You’ll be respected for having

an opinion — and a spine.

Keep it good-natured and light

and no one will be offended,

even if they disagree.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

“Fake it till you make it” is

one approach. Then there’s

the one where you’re at peace

with being out of your element.

A little lost, you’re confident

you’ll work it out and

the others will want to help

you do that.


Dec. 21). You don’t need to

get more things done. You

need to get important things

done. What’s going to feed the

bottom line? What’s going to

matter most at the end of the

day? What’s going to make

you smile?

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

You’ll dig in your heels today.

You set your own groove

and you’ll move when you’re

ready. Even when you feel the

hand of fate at your back, you

won’t budge. No one, not even

destiny, can rush you.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Like the goat that is

your symbol, you’re willing

to climb over the obstacles

in your path. If you have to

do that every time you pass,

though, you’ll waste a lot of

energy. Remove the obstacles

instead. Clear the road.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

The Antigua Girls High School invites all parents, old girls,

past teachers and well wishers, to its 131st Anniversary Service

and Prize Giving, on Wednesday 8th February 2017,

at the Spring Gardens Moravian Church, beginning at 8:30

am. Following the service there will be an EXHIBITION OF

WORKS at the school’s auditorium. ALL are invited to view

the creative works of our young ladies.



Knowledge of the island’s heritage sites, etc.

Excellent communication & people skills

Possess a true passion for the Service/Hospitality Industry

Able to Mix Drinks

Computer Literacy

Must be flexible


Two years experience in a similar role

Must be flexible

Must have experience using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign

and Illustrator


Two years experience in similar role


Bachelors Degree in Management with Accounting background

At least 5 years’ experience in a Management position.

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located on

Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 5628533/34/35.

Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICA-

TIONS is Thursday 2nd February, 2017

The Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board wishes to

advise all employers that have weekly paid employees that

the new rate of 11% for Government employees and 12%

for Private sector employees commences from February 6th,

2017. This means that this week ending February 3rd should

be calculated at 9% and 10% respectively. Please be guided


All members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen Association

are notified of the next monthly meeting, to be held

on Saturday 4 February 2017 at 3 pm, at Leah`s House on

Prime Minister`s Drive, Saint Johns. Please be on time and

bring along your poppies and donations, or notify the Chairman,

Secretary,PRO or Welfare Officer on 720-0058,723-

3452,721-1970 or 561-1062 of your apologies.

Wednesday 1st February 2017

Leave people’s

business and

mind your own

By: Mrs. Jacqueline Wetherill

Leave people’s business and mind your own,

Who live in glass house don’t throw stones;

Many times you don’t know if the thing is true,

But you spread it like wild fire

and cause havoc too.

Leave people’s business and mind your own;

Stop playing so conniving,

devious, and cut throat;

You will laugh and chat up with your friend

Then back- talk them,

from how they look, to how they smell.

Leave people’s business and mind you own;

What they wear is not your business;

What they cook is not your business;

How their house looks is not your business.

Some people are so caught up

minding people’s business.

Wait, you forget there is somebody

who also has your business;

So keep on minding people’s business,

and don’t fix your business.

Remember, people’s business is

not your business.

Let me tell you how to conduct your business:

Your business is not my business, and I don’t

care to know your business;

If I mind your business, then I will become like

you, minding people’s business.

So leave people’s business alone

and mind your own business.

Wednesday 1st February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Liberta Blackhawks slump once again

By Marver Woodley

The Liberta Blackhawks uphill battle

in securing another goal over the

weekend was once again shut down

following a defeat at the hands of Fitzroy’s

Rewinding Pigotts Bullets.

Playing in the opening game of the

double header on Saturday, Liberta was

trounced 1-nil.

The game seemed to be heading in

a nil all draw after no goal was scored

with the first hour of play but in the

nick of time Troy Reid netted the lone

goal for Bullets in the 73rd minute to

secure his team the point.

The second game off the day also

resulted in a continued downward spiral

for Ace Trucking & Heavy Duty

Equipment Glanvilles.

Their attempts of moving from the

Premier Division’s basement were cast

away after their match up against Sugar

Ridge SAP who trounced them 4-1.

National striker Peter Byers ensured

his team the win after displaying superb

talent on the field to strike not one or

two but all four of his team’s successful

goals. Jondale Jno-Lewis tried his very

best in the final minutes of play for his

team but the strike wasn’t enough to secure

Glanvilles the win.

Meanwhile a day prior on Friday

the lone game played in the Second Division

in Zone II was between Young

Lions and Blue Jays. The game however

ended in a 1 all draw with Michelle

Francis netting the first goal for Blue

Jays and Roy Yorke scoring in the 67th

minute for Young Lions.

Sunday’s action on the other hand

was even better as Old Roald striker

Stefan Smith made circles around

Tryum FC for his team. In the historic

feet, the player netted several times

in the 40th, 52th 54th, 59th,8th, 85th,

90th, and with extra time, teammate

Jalon Young was the other player to add

to the tally in the 67th minute.

By Carlena Knight

Seven athletes have

qualified for the 2017

Carifta Games which will

be held in Curacao in from

April 15th-17th.

Five males and two females

qualified over the

weekend in their respective

fields during the Antigua

Barbuda Athletic Association

development meet.

Making their return to

the team are 2016 bronze

medalist, Kalique St. Jean

of Roots and 2016 bronze

medalist, Joella Lloyd of

Super Nova in the Under 20

boys 5000m and the Under

18 girls, 100 and 400 metres.

Jean who has qualified

for his third straight games,

finished in a time of 16.04

seconds and Lloyd, a fourth

form student at the Antigua

Girls High School, finished

in a time of 11.51 seconds

for the 100m and 54.34 seconds

in the 400m and are

expected to lead the team.

Jalen Dyett will make

his first appearance at the

games after qualifying in

the Under 18 boys 400m

in a time of 49.80 seconds.

Dyett is a student at the

Princess Margaret school.

Majority of the qualifying

athletes however came

from the field events with


Harlan James of PSE

Track club qualifyied in the

Under 18 boys high jump

leaping to an amazing 1.95

metres. The Clare Hall Secondary

student will make

his second appearance to

the games having done so in


Sheldon Noble of Roots

qualified in the Under 18

boys long jump after soaring

to 7.15 metres. Noble

is a student at the Antigua

Grammar school.

Making his first appearance

to the Games is Taeco

Ogarro of Roots. Ogarro

Tryum thou they sit in the bottom

three bracket strikers Theo Browne and

Kevin Samuel put up a good fight netting

three goals.

Grenades was the second winner of

the day during the triple header, netting

twice for his team was Atapharoy

Bygrave in the 37th and 76th minutes

along with Rakeem Henry to end on the

bright side of a 3-2 result.

Hoppers was sadly at the other end

of that result with Lynval Wilson and

Eugene Kirwan trying their best for


Although the point isn’t needed

leaders, Parham added the win to their

ever-growing resume of points in the

Division when they defeated Empire

in the final game of the day. Empire

wasn’t given the slightest glimmer of

hope for the win as the game ended in a

2-nil score. National striker Trevaughn

Harriette and Reginald Richardson netted

the two goals.

Seven athletes qualify for Carifta Games

who is also a student at the

Antigua Grammar school

qualified in the Under 18

boys triple jump with an impressive

distance of 15.20


The lone female field

athlete is Dahlia Barnes

who was the first to qualify

for the Games.

Barnes who is a student

at Island Academy is

the 2016 CUT Games long

jump champion and qualified

in the Under 18 girls

long jump with a distance

of 5.88metres. This will be

her second appearance at

the Games having done so

in 2016.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st February 2017

Parham leads the pack with just a

few games left in Premier Division

By Marver Woodley

Following an action pack

weekend Asot’s Arcade Parham

continues to lead the

pack following their recent

win the Antigua and Barbuda

Premier Division.

They brought their scoreboard

tally to 38 points to

secure them a definite spot

in the next round of matches

for the competition.

While they continue to

stay on top Cool & Smooth-

AC Delco Glenns Pet Paradise

continues to stay

abreast of the competition

just 7 points below, they

however are tied with close

rivals Sandals INET IMO-

BILE Grenades who sits in

third but with the same point

tally of 37.

Flow Old Road sits comfortable

in forth position

with a massive gap from rest

of the pack with just three

points short of challenging

the top three contenders.

Although Cool & Smooth

Empire round off the Division’s

top five they are far

away from the action on 19

points the minimal points

nonetheless will promote

them into the next round of

matches but they will have a

lot of work to do if they intend

on keeping up with the

true competition.

Fitzroy’s Rewinding Pigotts

Bullets has been enjoying

their success during this

season which has earned

them 17 points and holders

of the 6th position in the

10 team standings. Rubbing

shoulders with them is Sugar

Ridge SAP who also has 17

points but resides in the 7th


Leading the bottom three

teams in Liberta, Liberta

struggled at every obstacle

but regained their strengths

to earn them 12 points in

the standings one more that

Tryum who sits in 9th and

four more than struggling

Glanvilles in 10th.



Don’t Dream it.

Drive it








1 (268) 462-1062

Wednesday 1st February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Junior Pitbulls blow out Stingerz

in Division 3 Basketball

By Marver Woodley

Seaview Farm FC chances

of moving into the Antigua

and Barbuda’s Football

Association’s Second Division

was once again shut

down thanks to Willikies.

The Seaview Farm men

held strong against the Division’s

leaders as they ended

the day 4-3 but on the losing

end on Monday.

Lead striker Phil Nicholas

netted twice for Willikies

along with teammates

Fabrino Charles, and D’jarie

Sheppard, although Seaview

Farm loss striker Markland

Wright was in perfect form

as he netted all three goals

for his team.

By Carlena Knight

Jr Pitbulls blew out LJ

Northside Stingerz in division

3 action of the Antigua

Barbuda Basketball Association

League on Monday


With the first matchup

of a double header being

played at Ottos, Pitbulls

trounced Stingerz, 89-47

with Eric Joseph Jr. Scoring

a game high 30 points, pulling

7 rebounds and grabbing

8 steals.

He was assisted by Judah

Ferris with 18 points, 12 rebounds

and 10 steals while

teammate, Ahmani Browne

contributed 17 points, 6 rebounds

and 5 assists for the


Stingerz’ Doyle Carter

had 11 points and 8 rebounds

while Amaris Bird chipped

in by pulling 12 rebounds.

Ottos Coolers trampled

All Saints Slammers, 96-56

The matchup between

Young Warriors and 5 P’s,

a game which resulted in a

3-nil result with 5 P’s being

at the winning end.

Another short victory

was won by John Hughes as

they defeated Golden Grove


The winning shots for

John Hughes were netted by

teammates Garcel Morrison

and LeCroft Bunside in the

5 th and 80 th minutes respectively

while the lone goal for

Golden Grove was netted by

Nicholas Litters in the 46 th


The other two games that

day were between Jennings

United and JSC Progressors

which ended in a 1-1 draw

and a matchup between St

John’s United and Police FC

in the feature match.

In front of a packed home

crowd, Coolers flexed their

muscles on Slammers with

an 18 point, 11 rebound

performance from Javon Simon.

Danny Perez assisted

with 17 points while

teammate, Lincoln Weekes

chipped in with 15 points

and 5 rebounds. Slammers’

Raheem Stevens had 16

points and 7 rebounds. Andis

Charles assisted with 11

points in a losing effort.

Express out of ABBA Division One

By Carlena Knight

Former Champions in the Antigua Barbuda

Basketball Association, Big Banana

Express have been removed from the 2017

division one line up after forfeiting two

straight games.

This decision was made by the executive

body of ABBA who met last weekend and

decided upon the matter.

Express, who hail from the Grays Green

community have struggled in recent years

but made their return last season to division

one with a number of former players returning

to the club.

Just as times before, they could not salvage

a strong core of players to maintain

their position in the association’s top division.

With their removal, only 9 teams remain

in the top flight.

Willikies continues to lead the pack

that left Police at the loosing

end once again of a 2-nil


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valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



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16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Wednesday 1st February 2017

Andre Russell banned for one

year for doping-code violation

West Indies allrounder Andre

Russell has been banned for one year

from cricket for a whereabouts clause

violation by an independent anti-doping

panel in Kingston. The ban is

effective from January 31, 2017 and

will last until January 30, 2018.

A three-member tribunal comprising

Hugh Faulkner, Dr Marjorie Vassell

and Dixeth Palmer, a former Jamaica

cricketer, found Russell guilty

of being negligent in filing his whereabouts

on three separate occasions

within a 12-month period in 2015.

That - under the World Anti-Doping

Agency rules - amounted to a failed

dope test.

Patrick Foster, Russell’s lawyer,

confirmed the verdict and said he

would discuss all options with his client

including appealing the ban.

In March 2016, the Jamaica Anti-Doping

Commission pressed

charges of negligence against Russell

for not filing his whereabouts on January

1, July 1 and July 25 in 2015 despite

several reminders through calls,

e-mails and written letters.

In his defense, Russell had told

the tribunal that he had not been negligent.

Considering his cricketing

commitments around the world, and

his own lack of training in filing the

required paperwork, he said he had

authorised his agent Will Quinn and

Tajae Smith, one of the JADCO officials,

to take care of the process.

However, JADCO legal counsel

Lackston Robinson disagreed saying

the players had been offered education

programmes on anti-doping

which also involved filing procedure.

Robinson accused Russell of “gross

Andre Russell had admitted to feeling depressed while playing cricket ever since the

charge was filed against him.

negligence” during the hearings.

On November 17 last year, while

summing up his arguments during the

final hearing before the tribunal retired

to decide on the verdict, Foster

told the tribunal that if firm evidence

of negligence was indeed established

and Russell was found guilty then,

keeping in mind his history of complying

with testing protocols in the

past, he ought to be banned for not

more than one year.

At the moment, it is unclear

whether Russell will appeal against

the verdict, but even if he were to do

so, a quick solution to his problem

does not seem possible.

Depending on where he files his

claim and how long it takes to examine

the evidence, he might have to

deal with another long and difficult

legal battle.

That means it is highly likely that

Russell will miss his next assignment,

the Pakistan Super League which

starts on February 9. In any case, his

team, Islamabad United, have already

named England fast bowler Steven

Finn as a replacement. Kolkata

Knight Riders, the franchise Russell

plays for in the IPL, might also think

of investing in a replacement at the

player auction in February.

Later in 2017, if the ban stays,

Russell will miss out on playing for

Nottinghamshire in the NatWest T20

Blast and for defending champions

Jamaica Tallawahs in the Caribbean

Premier League. (ESPNcricinfo)

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