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5D Astrology Report February 2017 Rising Strong


5D Astrology Report February 2017 Rising

5D Astrology Report: February 2017 Rising Strong “I did then what I knew how to do. Now I know better, I do better” Maya Angelou The 1 Year of 2017 - the first green shoots of a new 9-year energy cycle - begins at the Aquarius New Moon on January 26 and accelerates through February’s switch point astrology. This is when we walk across the bridge across tomorrow from the wrecking ball Uranus/Pluto years of 2008-16 into the Light Grid of the 2017-2022 Uranus/Eris/Haumea years. The Year of the Yin Fire Rooster is all about opening up, about asking difficult questions, about seeing the Emperor’s new clothes and revealing inconvenient truths. No more hiding our heads in the sand or hoping everything will go back to “normal”. It’s our time to step up to history because it turns out we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The future is here, now and it is you. So rise from the ashes, discard your scar coat, re– feather and re-tool. 2017 is also a 10 year - symbolising the sacred circle of Self. The number 10 is formed by a pillar within a circle, it is masculine and feminine, representing the healing codes of Isis and Osiris. In Tarot the number 10 is the Wheel of Fortune; in the Kabbalah 10 symbolises the Tree of Life. 2016 asked you to let go completely. It was a year of trusting in what could not be seen and believing in what could not be felt. 2017 is about standing in 1