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Boise’s Best Window Tinting specializes in providing affordable window tinting service in Boise for residential, automotive and commercial purposes. We believe in delivering the highest standard of professionalism and service that will exceed your expectations. To get a customized window tinting service for your office, retail shop, home or car in Boise, call us today at (208) 353-1730.

Welcome To Boise's Best Window Tinting

Looking for Window Tinting Boise, ID.

Polish Styling Center is Boise's number

one choice for high quality window

tinting. We take pride in the quality of

our work and the quality of our

window films. Window tinting is more

than just darkening your

windows. Good quality window film

makes all the difference in the world

and using a good window tinting

professional is essential. For

automotive, residential and commercial

window tinting in Boise, look no further

than Boise Window Tinting.com


Polish Auto Styling Center offers over 20 years experience

in window tinting for picture perfect, accurate tint fitting

every time!

•100% Accurate Tint Film Application Our

“micro-edge” film cut technology makes

tint film application quick, flawless, and

ready to apply

•Friendly, professional , and Courteous

Technicians. Our Styling Center is the Best

of the Best!. Our Techs. are proud to be

distinguished for our high standards and

Superior Quality of Work.

•Our American made window tint is

backed by a lifetime warranty and our

professional installers are certified. Trust

Ultimate Mobile with your next window

tinting film package and stay cool!


Residential Window Tinting Idaho

Boise’s Best Window Tinting specializes

in providing top class and affordable

residential window tinting in Idaho by

using Lumar home window tinting to

create a comfortable living environment.

Our residential window tinting service

will help in improving the safety and

quality of your home. To protect your

furniture and furnishings from harsh UV

rays, rely on our professional window

tinting for home in Idaho. Give us a call

today at (208) 353-1730 to get a free quote.


Home Window Tinting Boise

Boise’s Best Window Tinting uses

top quality product- LLumar to

deliver a professional home

window tinting in Boise at a

reasonable price. Our window

tinting will make your home a

comfortable living environment

with the assurance of privacy and

safety. To get a customized and

affordable window tinting in Boise

for your home, call us now at (208)



Contact US

Polish Styling Center

5305 N. Glenwood St.

Garden City, Idaho 83714

[P] 208 353-1730

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