Ecosystem Integration



Ecosystem Integration

Optimized Video Conferencing with

BlueJeans Network and

Edgewater Networks


Video conferencing continues to evolve as a common method of connecting coworkers,

project teams, and vendors to their customers. Delivering the platform

easier, faster, safer, and with less of a drain on existing resources is critical to its

evolution and adoption amongst the masses. BlueJeans Network and Edgewater

Networks have developed a joint video conferencing solution that enables these

requirements while delivering an exceptional user experience.



Information security teams are tasked with protecting the organization and

continuously seek to eliminate all security threats from the organization’s

environment. In instances where video conferencing and unified communication (UC)

platforms are determined to be essential to daily business practice but potentially

introduce threats to the organization, video conferencing functions are segregated on

isolated network segments.

Video over IP using H.323 was still fairly new in the early 2000s, and used primarily

for intra-company communications. At this time, technology that enabled H.323

devices to traverse a NAT boundary en route to the Internet did not exist. Given

H.323’s status as not NAT-friendly, users were forced to configure their endpoints

with a public IP adderss to collaborate using H.323 over the public Internet, thus

preventing the need for NAT traversal. Larger video implementations adopted the

concept of the Video VLAN, which was isolated from the rest of the network.

With the explosion of desktop video and proliferation of features available, the

market moved towards bringing all of these devices onto the LAN-proper, developing

firewall traversal devices that handled the NAT boundary requirements. Large-scale

infrastructure investments in video became commonplace, with multi-system interop

driving exponentially increasing complexity.

Solution Brief


This evolution helped spawn the rise of Video as a Service (VaaS), in which the

infrastructure elements of video are moved to the cloud. For many companies, the main

infrastructure requirement is an Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), which enables largescale

meetings with multi-protocol support (H.323/SIP/SfB/ISDN/POTS).

Meanwhile, for the information security community, the rise of inside-out cyber-attacks

has brought the need to focus their attention on malware, clickware, and ransomware

as sources of data leaks rather than the traditional “accessed via an open port” outsidein

attacks. Time spent on systems that should have no bearing on data security is

seen as time wasted. This had led to organizations returning to the Video VLAN

concept, allowing InfoSec to remove an entire system from their threat horizon while

simultaneously ensuring that full functionality remains for the user-base.



BlueJeans Network delivers a global, highly interoperable, cloud-based

videoconferencing platform that simplifies the process of conducting virtual meetings

and enabling video calls. BlueJeans Network’s proprietary software allows user to

easily join a video call from several types of video-capable devices. From standardsbased

SIP and H.323 hardware codecs, Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business, and

its’ own BlueJeans App, all of these devices can easily meet in the cloud with full

functionality including content and encryption.

This ease-of-use coupled with the advantages that video conferencing offers has

led to mission-critical status for video conferencing in some of the world’s largest

corporations. With BlueJeans Network providing the core functionality requirements,

companies are free to rethink the rest of their video infrastructure investments, as well

as the manner in which those investments are implemented to meet both the needs

and policies of the organization.

To enable SIP and H.323 endpoints to properly connect to the BlueJeans Network

service, the device on the LAN side of an enterprise’s network must be able to

communicate freely to one of several Internet hosts in the BlueJeans Network. In the

vast majority of cases, the calls operate exactly as expected. However, in response to

Solution Brief


to increasing cyber-threats, enterprises have begun implementing a more

restrictive information security posture. With these increased restrictions, Unified

Communications of any sort can be impacted to varying degrees, including proper

operations of the BlueJeans Network platform. The impact of the restrictions may

cause severely degraded video functionality, rendering large investments in video

conferencing technology unusable.


To optimize the organization’s investment in a video conferencing platform in a

cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner, Edgewater Networks’ EdgeProtect

Intelligent Edges are deployed as the ingress/ egress points for endpoints when

connecting to the BlueJeans Network service.

The Edgewater Networks EdgeProtect is deployed on the customer premises and is

specifically designed as a single platform for SIP and H.323, enabling the simple and

secure access for video communications. The EdgeProtect is an enterprise security

border controller that provides complete NAT and firewall traversal for remote and

mobile users. EdgeProtect Intelligent Edges provide call control for both SIP and

H.323, multi-vendor support, protection against toll fraud, and protect the video

environment by separating hardware endpoints to a video VLAN in the DMZ.


BlueJeans Network and Edgewater Networks are focused on delivering secure and

seamless video conferencing services to customers despite corporate firewall security


Edgewater Networks has completed certification testing of its EdgeProtect solution

with the BlueJeans Network service in the Edgewater Networks QuickConnect

Interoperability Lab, ensuring that EdgeProtect can be deployed easily and quickly

in a BlueJeans Network environment to deliver a safe and seamless multimedia


Solution Brief


About Edgewater Networks

Founded in October 2002, Edgewater Networks is a market leader in enabling IP-based voice, video and data services. Service

providers and enterprises of all sizes use Edgewater Networks solutions to simplify customer premise configurations

for quick and smooth installations, reduce time to market and deliver rapid return on invested capital. The company helps

customers deliver intelligence at the network edge with its Network Edge Orchestration platform that includes the

EdgeView Service Control Center, EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges, the QuickConnect certification program, Professional


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