Caribbean Times 92nd Issue - Tuesday 7th February 2017


Caribbean Times 92nd Issue - Tuesday 7th February 2017

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Tuesday 7th February 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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Tourism Minister, the Hon., Asot

Michael has reminded the nation that

the Gaston Browne led administration

of which he is part is responsible for

bringing stability to Antigua and Barbuda.

In a stinging attack of the Opposition

United Progressive Party, Mr.

Michael says his report to Parliament

on the strides the Ministry of Tourism

has made is in stark contrast to what

the opposition would want persons to


He chided the party led by Harold

Lovell for being obstructionists,

warning that their (UPP) negativity

and efforts to paint a bleak outlook of

Antigua and Barbuda should not go


“From today onwards, we must

be even more vigilant and resilient to

the distasteful and acidic accusations

being manufactured by the (UPP).

Through distracting mouthpieces, the

UPP has been a purveyor of divisiveness.

Rather than help to create a progressive

society, the leadership of the

UPP has been busy defacing this nation’s

reputation,” Mr. Michael stated.

“Mr. Speaker, we invariably reap

what we sow and those sowing seeds

of destruction will be punished for

their lies and wolf-cries of corruption.

The detractors will be cast into the

political sea of forgetfulness to be remembered

no more,” he added.

The St. Peter MP boldly declared

that citizens and residents are realizing

a better standard of living under

the current administration, inquiring if

it is that bad as the opposition claims,

then why has the work by his ministry

and by extension the government

found favour with entities outside of

the country.

“Why is it that regional and international

institutions and persons can

speak about destination Antigua in

glowing terms, and commend the work

of my Ministry and several of its officials?

How did this twin-isle paradise

achieve its many accolades despite the

UPP naysayers daily spouting the dangerous

rhetoric of gloom and doom?

“Mr. Speaker, the answer is simple.

The UPP hardly did anything to

improve the livelihoods of the Antigua

and Barbuda people, and will stop at

Tourism Minister, the Hon., Asot Michael

nothing to see the back of the ABLP,

even if the virulent talk destroys the

country’s reputation and the good

work and steady progress that has

been made,” Mr. Michael stated.

The Minister of Tourism, Economic

Development, Investment and

Energy said his government’s record

speaks for itself and at the appointed

time, “Antiguans and Barbudans in

large numbers will let the UPP know

that enough is enough.”

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Government to re-issue diplomatic passports

By Everton Barnes

The Antigua and Barbuda

government is re-issuing

all diplomatic passports for

reissue as it announces new

guidelines governing the issuance

of these passports that go

into effect next month.

Word of this comes from

Prime Minister, Gaston

Browne, as he wrapped up

debate on the 2017 National

Budget in the House of Representatives

on Monday. He

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Police are currently conducting investigations

into two separate deaths of two UK visitors,

who died suddenly while on island.

Around 4 pm on Sunday, 80-year-old Brian

Kelly of the UK was rushed to the Mount

St. Johns Medical Center by the EMS, after he

suddenly fell ill onboard a cruise ship docked

at the Heritage Quay port. He was kept overnight

at the hospital for observation; however,

he died around 3:00 a.m. on Monday. Kelly

was accompanied by his wife aboard the vessel,

which arrived on the island around 7:00

a.m. on Sunday.

said the new policy has become

necessary because of

abuses in the past and the need

to ‘rein in’ these passports in

the national interest.

PM Browne revealed that

when his administration took

office in 2014 he learned that

in the waning days of the

United Progressive Party government

there was a ‘rush’ to

approve diplomatic passports.

He further revealed that

there were attempts to get

these passports approved ‘behind

the backs’ of the government.

“When I found this

out I took a decision that no

diplomatic passports may be

approved without the written

concurrence of the prime minister!

This was later extended

to the Cabinet. These are the

control mechanisms we had

to put in place to security the

integrity of diplomatic passports,”

he explained.

The government said the

decision to recall the passports

comes against the current

threat to global stability

caused by terrorism and organized

crime. “In keeping

with its international obligations,

and conscious of the

importance of preserving the

integrity, standing and value

of Diplomatic and Official

Passports of Antigua and Barbuda,

in March 2017 when

new electronic passports, containing

biometric data, will be

ready for issue, the Government

will re-issue all existing

diplomatic and official passports,”

he announced.

The recall will not affect

those current being held by

the Governor General and

spouse, the prime minister

and spouse, ministers of government

and spouses and diplomats

accredited by formal


Thereafter, PM Browne

said diplomatic and official

passports will be issued and

monitored in accordance with

the new guidelines. These

guidelines make provision for

a category of those entitled to

a diplomatic passports such as

those listed previously, but it

also make provisions for the

issuance of what is termed

Courtesy Diplomatic Passports.

Those entitled under this

category include national Heroes

and spouses, for Governors

General, former prime

ministers and spouses and

members of former members

of parliament who have served

for twenty or more years. Under

the new regime, the government

is also tightening up

on the issuance of Diplomatic

Passports to non-nationals as

ambassadors-at-large, honorary

consuls or special envoys.

“We took the decision that

they are to be granted the appointment

on a limited basis

to increase the global reach of

the state!” he stated.

PM Browne said the appointment

of non-nationals

to these positions must be a

decision of the Cabinet. He

revealed that on a monthly

basis he has received requests

from colleagues and other individuals

to appoint honorary

consuls, but he has refused to

do so.

Police probe deaths of UK visitors

Meanwhile, 68-year old Graham Edward

Frost died suddenly after he arrived at the

Mount St. John’s Medical Centre on Sunday.

Frost was a guest at the Jumby Bay Resort,

when he suddenly took ill and was transported

to the hospital by EMS. He was pronounced

dead by a medical doctor shortly after he arrived.

He, along with his wife arrived on the island

for vacation on the 3rd of February. They

were both due to leave on the 17th of February.

No evidence is there to suggest foul play in

both matters at this stage; however, an autopsy

will be conducted in each case.

Tuesday 7th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Central Medical Stores strike over

working environment

The staff of the Central

Medical Stores located in the

old HANCOM building on

Old Parham Road yesterday

staged a sit out outside of the


Reports reaching Caribbean

Times are that the staff

have refused to work in the

increasingly dangerous conditions

inside the deteriorating

building that houses the

life-saving pharmaceuticals

that are used by the Medical

Benefits Scheme, The Mount

St. John’s Medical Center

and clinics across the country.

This position came after

they were given assurance by

way of an official letter that

immediate steps were being

taken to relocate the staff and

the medical supplies and return

to normal operations by

yesterday, Monday, February

6th, 2017 as a result of a letter

sent to the Ministry threatening

industrial action; the situation

had not changed as of

the end of the day yesterday.

It was explained that the

structure has overgrown

mould that has started to

affect the stored medical

supplies which it has been

indicated are being improperly

stored. There were also

reports of rat infestations,

which are a cause for concern

as the droppings can

contaminate the supplies and

is generally unhealthy for

those who occupy the stores

on a daily basis. There was

also an indication that an old

MRI machine which lacks

the necessary shielding, creating

fears of an irradiated

environment along with other

refuse, such as old furniture

and were being stored in the


The major concern has

been expressed as the presence

of poor ventilation,

mould, fungus, rat droppings,

which has created an environment

unconducive to human

occupation, which has

also started to affect the supplies

stored at the location. It

was also stated that staff has

fallen ill and continue to fall

ill, primarily suffering from

respiratory issues.

A union representative

for the Antigua and Barbuda

Public Service Association

(ABPSA) who was on site

expressed that discussions

would have to take place

with the relevant authorities

before definitive answers can

be provided.

Honourable Molwyn Joseph,

Minister of Health and





Don’t Dream it.

Drive it




1 (268) 462-1062

the Environment was not

available for comment due to

his taking part in the National

Budget Debate yesterday.



4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Dredging of Heritage Pier continues

By Joanna Paris

Work has resumed which will result

in the removal of 97,857 Cubic

meters of material from the Heritage

Pier Side.

Minister of Tourism, the Honourable

Asot Michael has indicated that

this is being done in preparation to

welcome Oasis Class Vessels by the

end of this year.

He said that the dredged material

will be placed on lands adjacent to the

Multi-Purpose Cultural and Exhibition

Centre which will facilitate another

project that will feature the development

of a high-end harbour view development.

“Within a matter of days, we will

also commence the placement of sheet

By Joanna Paris

A five-day Regional

Sub regional workshop entitled,

‘Capacity Building

and Technical Support for

Firearms National Points of

Contact’ ended in Antigua

and Barbuda last week on a

successful note.

The forum brought together

officials from senior

law enforcement, legal and

foreign affairs representatives

and other senior public

officials from CARICOM

Member States, including,

Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas,

Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat

and St. Kitts and Nevis.

According to a press

statement, the capacity-building

workshop assisted in developing

the proficiency and

competencies of regional

piles alongside the northern part of the

Heritage Quay Pier. Upon completion

and after land reclamation using some

of the dredged material we will practically

complete our fifth pier.

“This will place us in the enviable

position of being able to accommodate

the Oasis Class Vessel by November of

this year. Only a small handful of countries

in the region have the capacity to

accommodate Oasis Class Vessels.

“This capability will cause an exponential

explosion in our cruise ship

arrival numbers”, the Tourism Minister

emphasized during his contribution

to the 2017 Budget presentation.

He also indicated that the drawings

for US$60M St. John’s Master Plan

have been completed.

firearms National Points of

Contact (NPCs) and strengthen

the capacity of participants

to be able to implement effective

firearms control measures

in their respective countries

in order to reduce arms

violence in the Region.

Speaking at the conclusion

of the Workshop

Callixtus Joseph – Regional

Crime and Security Strategy

Coordinator, CARICOM

IMPACS, stated that the

Agency is fully committed to

“Indeed, there ought to be great satisfaction

among our people, given our

accomplishments in 2016.

This ABLP Administration ably

led by our Hon Prime Minster Gaston

Browne is committed to spending over

half a billion EC Dollars over the next

three years to take both our cruise and

cargo port facilities to a level of modern


“We will shortly commence issuing

Requests for Proposals for private

partnership in developing the landside

facilities. These include: - hotels, duty

shops and cafés”, he asserted.

He stressed that these accomplishments

show that the country is continuously

repositioning itself as the number

one destination in cruise tourism.

CARICOM IMPACS successfully

conclude regional training course

assisting CARICOM Member

States and strengthening

their capacity in reducing the

scourge of armed violence in

the Region.

He also urged participants

to utilize the knowledge,

skills, competencies and tools

they have acquired during the

Workshop in their daily activities

to strengthen firearms

controls in their respective


He further called on

States to ensure the sustainability

of National Points of

Contact and establish national

Firearms coordinating

mechanisms or commissions

as tools to advance arms control.

Experts at the Workshop

included the United Nations

Institute for Disarmament

Research (UNIDIR), IN-

TERPOL, CARICOM Secretariat,


Stimson Centre (ATT-Bap),

and the Centre for Armed Violence

Reduction (CAVR) in


The workshop is an initiative

of the Caribbean

Community Implementation

Agency for Crime and Security


and sponsored by the United

Nations Trust Facility Supporting

Cooperation on Arms

Regulation (UNSCAR).

Tuesday 7th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Priority areas for St. Peter’s outlined

Job creation for his constituents

is foremost on the

mind of St. Peter’s Member

of Parliament Asot Michael

as he seeks to transform the

lives of thousands of residents

he represents in Parliament.

Addressing them directly

last Friday from the seat,

they helped him win for the

ABLP in 2004, M.P Michael

said his commitment

has always been to improve

the lives of his constituents,

and he has held firm to that

promise, adding that of major

importance to him going

forward, is placing the

young people of St. Peter’s

on a path to self empowerment.

“My top priority for the

future is the creation of jobs

for the young people of the

community, I refer to jobs

that would be challenging

and rewarding that would

allow our young people to

By Joanna Paris

In efforts to further advance health

care services offered in Antigua and

Barbuda, plans are progressing steadily

for the establishment of a Cardiology

Unit at the Mount St. John’s Medical


Minister with responsibility for

Health, the Honourable Molwyn Joseph

made this revelation during his

contribution to the 2017 Budget Debate

in Parliament on Monday.

He expressed the hope that the centre

will be in place within the next three

to four months. He added that the proposal

is already in the possession of the

reach their fullest potential,”

Michael detailed.

In his first major meeting

with constituents in 2015,

following the general elections

the previous year, the

Hon. Asot Michael promised

a change to the trend,

where his people were being

excluded from gainful employment.

Back then, plans

for the refurbishment of

sporting facilities, road construction,

street lighting, water

and the repairs of clinics

within the St. Peter constituency

were also discussed at

length. While many of those

plans were set in motion, the

St. Peter’s M.P understands

the work is far from over.

“I am fully aware that

we must continue to develop

our housing stock, refurbish

our roads in the constituency

and with the support of our

Government we will be embarking

on that development

this year. As your representative

the areas, health and

education are dear to me, in

this regard I will be introducing

programs to strengthen

both in the community,”

he revealed.

While renewing his

promise to champion their

causes from a governmental

perspective, Mr. Michael

told the House of Representatives

that his mission was

to ensure that no constituent

will be left behind as his

government continues to improve

the lives of Antiguans

and Barbudans.

“I promised you the

good people of Pares, Parham

Town, Vernon’s, Gunthropes,

Lindsey, Paynters

and Fitches Creek and that

I would dedicate my efforts

to the continued growth and

prosperity of the constituency.

Working together we

have made our community

the envy of many other

communities, over the years

Member of Parliament for St.

Peter’s the Hon., Asot Michael

we have improved the infrastructure

of the community,

we have created opportunity

for the young and we have

provided the support needed

for the elderly, the disabled,

the unemployed and most

vulnerable among us.”

“We have seen the improvements

in 2016 and

more is promised in 2017.

Better days are not just coming

bye and bye but they

have finally arrived,” he


Cardiology Unit among health developments this year


“There are certain minimal things

we have to do. I have had discussions

with the cardiologist in New York so

we are ready to go. We are anticipating

that in 2017 we will have a cardiologist

at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre”,

he said confidently.

The Minister emphasized the need

for Antiguans and Barbudans to have

access to quality health care services

instead of having to thinking about going

abroad and incurring several costs.

He indicated that working will intensify

for the long awaited National

Health Insurance system to be developed.

“We intend to have that in place no

later than December of this year”, he

said. “No citizen should die because we

cannot find the money for care, not in

Antigua and Barbuda”, he added.

The Government is also in discussion

with a company from New England

to train Antiguans Barbuda to

make prosthetics.

The Health Minister said that this

is another service that is being sort and

once again mentioned that the aim is to

minimize costs associated with health

care. The team is expected to arrive

here next month.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Strategic targets set for the Ministry of Tourism in 2017

Cruise arrivals, air arrivals,

airlift, and public relations

are among the major areas of

concentration for the Ministry

of Tourism in 2017.

With a successful 2016

now in the record books, the

ministry will redouble its efforts

in ensuring the upward

trend continues. Tourism officials

are predicting a 10 per

cent increase in air arrivals

for 2017, including initiating

discussions with at least four

major airlines to begin serving

the country, namely Emirates,

Norwegian and Panama’s

flag carrier Copa. Plans

are also to engage US carriers

Spirit, Southwest and Jetblue,

through the Fort Lauderdale


A 6 per cent growth in air

arrivals and airlift was recorded

in 2016. Visitors totaled

265,187, an increase of 14,

737 when compared to 2015.

The United States market

dominated in 2016 according

to statistics, recording a 15

per cent growth over 2015.

Caribbean arrivals are also

reported to have increased, a

result of increased marketing

and promotion within the region.

On the cruise front, officials

are projecting 100, 000

passengers will disembark in

Port St. John’s in 2017. If the

ambitious plan is successful,

it will be the first time that

the country will record such

figures in any given year.

Meantime, expansion work

on berthing facilities is continuing

for such a feat to be


The overall success will be

hinged on the country raising

its awareness. Tourism Minister

Asot Michael says his ministry

will “Identify at least 2

major PR opportunities from

our major source markets that

will exponentially raise the

awareness of the destination.”

Going forward, Minister

Michael noted that the intention

is to strategically position

Antigua and Barbuda as the

destination of choice, in an

effort to increase business to

the country.

Minister Michael: Small hotel

properties continue to thrive

By Joanna Paris

Minister with responsibility for Tourism, the Hon. Asot

Michael has lauded the contributions of small hotel properties

to the country’s viable tourism sector.

While making his contribution to the 2017 Budget presentation

last week, Minister Michael outlined that the indigenous

properties have played a major role where accommodation

is concerned.

The Tourism Minister made the point as he highlighted

the significant increase that the country has experienced in

2016 with air arrivals.

“This ABLP led Administration has provided tangible

support to increase the involvement of the indigenous population

in the ownership, management, and operation of

tourism facilities and events to increase tourism earnings

retained in the country. Strengthening our presence and destination

appeal in the regional market should bring direct

benefits to several of these smaller properties”, he said.

Minister Michael also spoke of the involvement of the

small properties in regional and international roadshows

which have also increased their visibility abroad.

“We have engaged and facilitated the small hoteliers in

various marketing programs, and roadshow participation.

We journeyed together to London’s World Travel Market,

Trinidad, Cuba, Dominican Republic and the French West

Indies. This has resulted in increased bookings and business

particularly around our events such as Carnival and Cricket.

We have delivered on our promise and shown a real example

of how people participation can empower and prosper

indigenous Antiguan and Barbudan businesses”, the Tourism

Minister said.

Tuesday 7th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Tourism Minister makes a case for an

adjustment in his Ministry’s budget allocation

Tourism Minister the

Hon. Asot Michael is appealing

for an adjustment in the

allocation given to his ministry

in Budget 2017.

During debate of the estimates

in the House of Representatives

last week, Mr. Michael

reported the successes

of his department in the face

of economic uncertainty

throughout the world.

However, he insists that

in order for Antigua and

Barbuda to position itself to

withstand the challenges and

record further growth, his

ministry, specifically tourism,

must be adequately financed

in order to execute its plans

and programmes.

He wants budget technicians

to review the allocation

with a view of increasing the


“I am making a special

appeal that the additional

funds that were cut from

our original capital budget

of $13M down to $1.4M be

looked at again. These funds

were earmarked for four capital

expenditure projects and

it is imperative that our finance

technicians understand

the importance of the Tourism

sector, which is a driver

for the entire economy,” the

minister stated.

“I am appealing to the

Honourable Prime Minister

to use your good office Sir to

ensure that senior technicians

support your vision and provide

the necessary resources

for this vital industry.”

Approximately 31 and a

half million dollars have been

allocated to the Ministry of

Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy

in Budget in Budget 2016.

Minister Michael’s appeal

was boosted earlier by former

Prime Minister Sir Lester

Bird. During his contribution

to the budget debate, Sir Lester

stated that the allocation

given to the Ministry of Tourism

is inadequate and wants

it to be increase, especially

in the area of promotion and


Describing it as a major

contributor to the country’s

“economic fortunes”, Minister

Michael declared that the

accolades bestowed on the

country as a strategic player

By Joanna Paris

Minister of Information, Broadcasting

and Telecommunications, the Hon. Melford

Nicholas has given further details about the

expansion of the IT platform of the Royal

Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

While speaking at the post Cabinet Media

Briefing which took place at the Office

of the Prime Minister of Monday, the Information

Minister said that the government

is looking forward to further enhancing the

resources that are available to the police.

He said that discussions are in the final

stages for the law enforcement agency to

be equipped with a new information technology

platform that will allow them to

establish an effective records management

within the tourism industry

regionally and internationally

are an indication of greater

things to come. However,

amidst the achievements,

Minister Asot Michael is cautioning

key players within the

industry not to let down their

guards, and to be mindful of

the uncertainty that prevails

in Europe through Brexit, and

in North America with the

election of a new president.

“Right now, the world

faces a high degree of political

and economic unpredictability.

In the United States,

the Caribbean region’s biggest

trading partner and the

country from which a large

number of tourists come,

there is great uncertainty over

its future direction,” he noted.

“Will America become

a fortress, ripping up trade

agreements; closing its market;

denying entry to immigrants,

and forcing its business

community to operate

only in their domestic market,

or will a more internationalist

approach prevail – one in

which the US continues to

be an open economy that encourages

liberalized trade and

transnational investment?”

Heading one the most

important departments of

government and with another

bumper season predicted

for tourism in 2017, the Hon.

Asot Michael has pledged “to

recapture and improve Antigua

and Barbuda’s standing,

and we are delighted that our

efforts to punch above our

weight are delivering tangible

benefits for all to see.”

More technological

developments for the RPFAB


“We are in advanced stages at the Ministry

in terms of working in conjunction with

the force, we are looking at a number of suppliers

who have come forward with regard

to making a bid to provide the facilities for

the police to have all of the modern features

available to fight crime anywhere and this

will be cost effective”, he explained.

The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda recently

examined data pertaining to the crime

fighting triumphs of the Royal Police Force

in 2016 and is very satisfied that a change

in the leadership resulted in improved performance,

as reflected in the data.

Reports also indicate that crime has been

significantly reduced across the country.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Tuesday 7th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Early cancer diagnosis saves lives, cuts treatment costs

Message for World Cancer Day February 4 th 2017


Today, on World Cancer Day, millions

are urged to get active to help

combat the world’s most deadly disease.

Under the banner ‘We can. I can.’

the day will encourage people to be

more active - in every sense - in the

fight against a disease that, in less than

two decades, will be responsible for the

deaths of up to 24 million1 people.

Aside from prevention, a growing

body of evidence shows that physical

activity significantly helps cancer patients,

not only to manage the life-altering

side-effects of treatment such as

fatigue, depression and heart damage,

but also in reducing the risk of the disease

worsening or recurring. Research

shows, for example, that a breast cancer

patient’s risk of recurrence and of

dying from the disease can be reduced

by up to 40 per cent by doing recommended

levels of physical activity2.

New guidance from WHO, launched

ahead of World Cancer Day (4 February),

aims to improve the chances of

survival for people living with cancer

by ensuring that health services can focus

on diagnosing and treating the disease


New WHO figures released this

week indicate that each year 8.8 million

people die from cancer, mostly

in low- and middle-income countries.

One problem is that many cancer cases

are diagnosed too late. Even in countries

with optimal health systems and

services, many cancer cases are diagnosed

at an advanced stage, when they

are harder to treat successfully.

“By taking the steps to implement

WHO’s new guidance, healthcare planners

can improve early diagnosis of

cancer and ensure prompt treatment,

especially for breast, cervical, and colorectal

cancers. This will result in more

people surviving cancer. It will also be

less expensive to treat and cure cancer


All countries can take steps to improve

early diagnosis of cancer, according

to WHO’s new Guide to cancer

early diagnosis.

The three steps to early diagnosis


* Improve public awareness of different

cancer symptoms and encourage

people to seek care when these arise.

* Invest in strengthening and equipping

health services and training health

workers so they can conduct accurate

and timely diagnostics.

* Ensure people living with cancer

can access safe and effective treatment,

including pain relief, without incurring

prohibitive personal or financial hardship.

Challenges are clearly greater in

low- and middle-income countries,

which have lower abilities to provide

access to effective diagnostic services,

including imaging, laboratory tests, and

pathology – all key to helping detect

cancers and plan treatment. Countries

also currently have different capacities

to refer cancer patients to the appropriate

level of care.

WHO encourages these countries to

prioritize basic, high-impact and lowcost

cancer diagnosis and treatment

services. The Organization also recommends

reducing the need for people to

pay for care out of their own pockets,

which prevents many from seeking

help in the first place.

Detecting cancer early also greatly

reduces cancer’s financial impact: not

only is the cost of treatment much less

in cancer’s early stages, but people can

also continue to work and support their

families if they can access effective

treatment in time. In 2010, the total annual

economic cost of cancer through

healthcare expenditure and loss of productivity

was estimated at US$ 1.16


Strategies to improve early diagnosis

can be readily built into health

systems at a low cost. In turn, effective

early diagnosis can help detect cancer

in patients at an earlier stage, enabling

treatment that is generally more effective,

less complex, and less expensive.

For example, studies in high-income

countries have shown that treatment

for cancer patients who have been diagnosed

early are 2 to 4 times less expensive

compared to treating people diagnosed

with cancer at more advanced

stages. Accelerated government action

to strengthen cancer early diagnosis is

key to meet global health and development

goals, including the Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs).”

SDG 3 aims to ensure healthy lives

and promote well-being for all at all

ages. Countries agreed to a target of

reducing premature deaths from cancers

and other non communicable diseases

(NCDs) by one third by 2030.

They also agreed to achieve universal

health coverage, including financial

risk protection, access to quality essential

health-care services, and access to

safe, effective, quality and affordable

essential medicines and vaccines for

all. At the same time, efforts to meet

other SDG targets, such as improving

environmental health and reducing social

inequalities can also help reduce

the cancer burden.

Cancer is now responsible for almost

1 in 6 deaths globally. More

than 14 million people develop cancer

cont’d on pg 11

Tuesday 7th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Antiguan graduates: Another doc on the block

On January 19th, 2017,

well-known Educator, Fitzmore

Burns graduated from

the University of Leicester

with a Doctorate degree in

Social Science. The veteran

Mathematics Teacher of over

30 years was the first of 653

graduates to receive an award

on that day.

Burns, a graduate of the

Antigua Grammar School

and the Antigua State College,

holds a Bachelor’s degree

in Political Science, a

Master’s degree in Business

Administration from the

University of the West Indies,

and a Master’s degree

in Training and Human Resource

Management from the

University of Leicester.

He has served Antigua

and Barbuda working as

a Teacher (public service)

for 27 years and last served

as Principal of the Pares

and Clare Hall Secondary

Schools. He also worked as

Fitzmore Burns

a Training Manager (Jolly

Beach Resort & Spa) a Personal

Banker (Scotia Bank),

Date Entry Clerk (LIAT, 1974

Ltd) Night Auditor (Divi Anchorage,

now Sandals) Local

Tutor (UWI Open Campus)

Lecturer (ABIIT & ASC) and

acting Resident Representative

(ECCB Agency Office)


Dr. Burns’ thesis sought to

define and evaluate the existing

culture of the Public Sector

from a policy perspective

in the areas of recruitment,

compensation, discipline and


The thesis began by establishing

the background to

the study, first considering

its importance in light of the

current fiscal situation affecting

the service. It then gives

a synopsis of the public sector,

its historical origin, the

role that the Trade Unions

have played in politics, and

the reasons why the policies

governing the areas of

recruitment, compensation,

discipline and retirement

need to be examined in light

of the present culture.

Empirical data were collected

in a series of thirty

every year, and this figure is projected to

rise to over 21 million by 2030. Progress

on strengthening early cancer diagnosis

and providing basic treatment for all can

help countries meet national targets tied to

the SDGs. Comprehensive cancer control

consists of prevention, early diagnosis and

screening, treatment, palliative care, and

survivorship care.

Cancers, along with diabetes, cardiovascular

and chronic lung diseases, are also

known as NCDs, which were responsible

for 40 million (70%) of the world’s 56 million

deaths in 2015. More than 40% of the

people who died from an NCD were under

70 years of age. WHO, and the internation-

cont’d from pg 10

al community, have set targets to reduce

such premature NCD deaths by 25% by

2025 and by one third by 2030, the latter as

part of the SDGs.

‘We can. I can.’ make a difference: Just

as everyone can play a crucial role in maintaining

their own health and wellbeing - by

being active, limiting alcohol consumption,

avoiding tobacco, and

moderating red and processed meat

consumption - everyone can also contribute

to the success of World Cancer Day:

every post, share or tweet adds to the noise

and raises the profile of cancer in people’s

minds, in the world’s media and on the

global health and development agenda. Let

your voice be heard. # WE CAN I CAN.

interviews with participants

drawn from the senior, middle

and junior levels of the

public sector (established

workers, non-established

workers and retired civil

servants) and responses to a

questionnaire survey of 116

people in over a dozen government


The study found that the

Antiguan public sector is

unique in its origin and that

its workers have strong ties

to Government Ministers.

An in-depth analysis has revealed

that despite the perception

of tension and the

disparities between established

and non-established

workers in the areas of recruitment,


discipline and retirement,

the two groups were found

to work in harmony, sharing

a desire to move the sector


The thesis also found that

because of the evolution of

the public sector and its governance

and ties to political

power, the relationship between

politicians and public

sector workers was personal

in nature.

The study further contends

that the interface between

the Colonial bureaucracy

and the demands of the

market are likely to drive individuals

to become independent

of politicians, in their

desire to create value in the

sector. The thesis concludes

that reform is needed in the

areas mentioned, but the political

will is necessary.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Monday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Soak up

5. Pinches

9. React to “cheese”

14. Jai ___

15. Grimm character

16. A Brady

17. Leo or Libra

18. Home run pace

19. Giraffe cousin

20. Start of a quote

23. Jason Kidd, for one

24. “The Gold Bug” author

25. “The Addams Family”


29. Morning moisture

30. Part of ETA (Abbr.)

32. They play while the cat’s


33. On the wagon

36. Award given by The Village


37. Go beyond a once-over

38. Middle of quote

41. Part of the Aloha State

42. Land of Molly Bloom

43. “___ Davis Eyes”

44. Baby buggy

45. “___ real!”

46. Type of sauce

47. Group with 100 members

49. Home of the Horned Frogs

50. Where to find Magic and


53. End of quote

57. Famous shroud’s locale

60. Person with a list

61. Certain no-show

62. Astonish

63. Apropos of

64. First name of “The Church


65. “American Buffalo” playwright

66. Not sleep peacefully

67. They’re kept under lids, especially

at night


1. Boatyard

2. “It’s ___!”

3. Bob of “Full House”

4. Kind of snake or crab

5. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

6. Match up

7. Eye accent

8. Adam’s third

9. Come home

10. Is in the black

11. Tax break savings account

12. Hack off

13. Gin name?

21. “Falstaff,” for one

22. Actor Zimbalist Jr.

26. Like close friends

27. Acclaim

28. Witherspoon in “Pleasantville”

29. Divest of individuality

30. Terminate, at Cape Canaveral

31. Prevalent

33. Slams the door on

34. It gets many touchdowns

35. “The Hostage” playwright

36. Garfield’s pal

39. Israeli desert

40. Close to

46. Temper tantrums

48. Principle

49. Peter and Alexander

50. “Forget about it!”

51. Pioneer Daniel

52. It can help you to see the


54. Redo a clue

55. Truckee stop

56. Fall behind in the stretch

57. Highland hat

58. Ethan’s co-star in “Gattaca”

59. Compute

Tuesday 7th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Intervals of clouds and sunshine.

High - 80ºF

Low - 74ºF

Wind: East 17 mph

Sunrise 6.40 am; Sunset 6.01 pm

Monday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Though you have no ulterior

motive, someone not used

to compliments and niceties

may be skeptical. You’ll earn

trust over time as people get to

know you and see how consistent

you are in your kindness.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

Zoom out of this scene, because

the big picture will be

much lovelier than the small

one. Avoid expending too

much attention on minor, ugly

details that don’t really matter


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Whether they put themselves

up there or you did, all who

stand on a pedestal will eventually

have to come down.

Let’s hope the reality will

come as a relief instead of a


TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

You focus intently on your

loved ones as they express

themselves freely. Whether

they understand it or not, this

loving quality of attention is a

rare and special gift.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). The

stardust you are made of may

be billions of years old, and it

still wants to shine. You are

most luminous and attractive

when you commit to the goal

and get moving.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). If

you succeed at something that

doesn’t matter to you, whose

success is it? You will have a

heightened awareness of the

how, what and who of influences

affecting you.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Most of it is noise today.

Luckily, you are very good at

separating the static from the

signal. The message will fit

you like a key in a lock. It will

be the exact password to open

the gates.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

You’ll be extremely sensitive

to how your mood differs

depending on whom you’re

around. Maybe you didn’t realize

this before, but you’re

in a position of appointment.

To a great extent, you get to

choose your company.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

It’s a blurry line that separates

excitement from fear. You’re

the one with a steely reserve

even as others come unnerved.

When the stakes are high,

you’ll keep your cool and

solve the problem.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

There’s no benefit to finding

out who tipped over the apple

cart. Unbalanced situations

will topple sooner or later, and

it’s usually more of a cumulative

effect than it is the fault of

one person. What can you do

but laugh?


Dec. 21). Don’t assume that

everyone wants the high status.

Low-status positions have

just as many benefits, if not

more. The lowly messenger

boy knows what’s going on

throughout the entire kingdom.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). You don’t need to change

anything, yet change you will.

You may even decide to overturn

a verdict you made long

ago, as you’re seeing things

differently now. The more you

experience the better you understand.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Parham top Glanvilles 3-1 on

Sunday in the ABFA Premier Division

By Marver Woodley

Asot’s Arcade Parham has secured

yet another win following Sunday’s triple

header in the Antigua and Barbuda

Football Association Premier Division

at the Antigua Recreation Grounds.

Securing yet another game to stay

ahead of the pack Parham defeated Ace

Trucking & Heavy Duty Equipment

Glanvilles in the final game of the day,

they trounced Glanvilles 3-1.

They escalated to 41 points with

just two games let in the competition,

with successful strikes coming from

Ranje Christian in the 85th minute and

By Marver Woodley

With the National Olympics

Committee, general

elections still months away

it hasn’t stop trouble form

brewing in the organization’s


To many surprise executive

member of the organization

Wilbur Harrigan who

is currently the President of

the Nations Volleyball Association

has shut down the

growing question of whether

or not he will be contesting

the Presidency position

during the elections.

Harrigan has noted that

he will not be aiming for the

position and has no interest

in it, Harrigan is also the

Committee’s vice-president

has had numerous clashes

with other members of the

executive arm specifically

the President who is also the

Nation’s Minister of Sports,

Chet Greene.

The estrangements are

surrounding Harrigan‘s disapproval

of Minister Green’s

dual role, but in contras supported

him in his campaign

for the position nine years

ago. According to reports his

aim for doing so was to beef

up the Minister’s resume.

Nonetheless he still

maintains his stance that the

double attacks from national striker

Trevaughn Harriette in the 2nd and

38th minutes.

Glanvilles put up a marvelous fight

in the first half of the game to remind

Parham why they are in the competition

and that it isn’t over yet, with the

lone strike coming from Romar Gidorsingh

in the 12th minute.

The fight nonetheless left Glanvilles

at the bottom of the standings

once again and will be demoted after

the season.

The first game of the day on the

other hand resulted in a nil all draw between

Sandals INET IMOBILE Grenades

and Cool & Smooth Empire as

both team stayed on guard throughout

the entire 90 minutes of play.

Sugar Ridge Sap’s attempt to edge

pass Fitzroy’s Rewinding Pigotts Bullets

were once again shot down as Bullets

held strong on their quest to move

into the standings top 5 teams in time

for the next round of matches.

Bullets defeated SAP 3-1, with

strikes coming from teammates Zakeem

Michael in the 89th minute and

twice from Roderick Williams in the

6th and 65th.

NOC Vice-President shuts down

Presidency campaign question

Braves trumps Ottos 89-58

By Carlena Knight

H.U.F. Baldwin Braves trumped Ottos

Full Throttle, 89-58 on Sunday night at the

JSC Sports Complex.

Led by Xavier ‘X-man’ Meade with 22

points and 11 rebounds the Grays Green

continued their unblemished record in division

one of the Antigua Barbuda Basketball

Association league.

He was assisted by Lennox ‘Termite’

McCoy with 19 points and 6 rebounds and

Vivian ‘Boast’ Destin with 18 points, 12 rebounds

and 7 assists.

Lindsay McDonald chipped in with 15


Akeem James of Full Throttle had 15

points, 16 rebounds and 5 blocks in a losing


In the other matchup that night, Yorks

Crushers forfeited to LJ Northside Stingerz.

dual roll poses a conflict and

will continue to work along

with the body, lamenting

that if he is asked to step in

a President temporarily he

will be he has no interest in

holding the permeant position

for an entire term.

Meanwhile although it

is months away two prominent

figures have already

expressed their desire to

contest for the position in

the form of Daryl Matthew,

President of the Nations

Basketball Association and

Everton Cornelius, President

of the Athletics Association.

Minister Green on the

other hand has expressed

his decision to not run for

the position once again as

he will still be the Nation’s

Minister of Sports and will

no doubly still have the final


Tuesday 7th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Ovals and Flyers remain undefeated

By Carlena Knight

Defending champions, F

and G Trading Cuties Ovals

Ojays and former champions,

Flyers continue to

make an impressive run in

division one of the Antigua

Barbuda Basketball Association


Both teams remain undefeated

with their latest

victories coming over the


On Thursday night, both

teams were in action as

Flyers defeated Ottos Full

Throttle, 69-55 while Ojays

trumped Freetown Travellers,


Selassie Brathwaite was

the leading scorer for the

orange men with 16 points

and 11 rebounds while

teammates, Adonis Humphreys

and Steven Matthew

contributed with 14 points

and 10 rebounds and 12

points respectively.

Warren Bogle of Full

Throttle had 14 points and

Akeem James grabbed 11

rebounds in a losing effort.

Ojays’ veteran, Marlon

‘Buju’ Charles led his team

to victory with a 20-point


Devorn Benjamin assisted

with 14 points while

Captain Bryan ‘Hollywood’

Matthew chipped in with 11

ABFA outstanding monies

to be paid within 14 days

By Marver Woodley

The General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Football

Association has given his word that all clubs owed by

the Association will be paid within two weeks.

This is according to reports that Gordon Derrick, General

Secretary of the ABFA has promised to pay all outstanding

monies, his announcement was made following one club’s

disclosure that they haven’t paid to date up the $15,000

worth of prize money from last season.

President of the Liberta Sports Club noted what the Club’s

football team has not been paid for the President’s Cup and

dominating the 2015/2016 First Division which earned them

their entry into the Premier Division this season.

President Kenneth Benjamin noted that he was forced to

take extreme measures as not only are prize monies owed

but for the rental of the Liberta Sports facility.

Derrick who has never been one to hide and give excuses,

apologized upon receipt of the news and admitted that the

Benjamin is correct in his outcries as clubs ought to be paid

on time and ensured that all clubs will be paid within the

next 14 days as Liberta is not the only club the Association


points and 8 rebounds.

The action continued

on Saturday night as Flyers

picked up another victory.

This time, over Yorks

Crushers, 79-57.

Adonis Humphreys led

the orange men with 25

points and 18 rebounds

while Steven Matthew assisted

with 14 points.

Crushers’ Cohen De-

Souza had 15 points and 15

rebounds with Kebo Orford

and Davidson Beazer chipping

in with 10 points each.

Ojays blew out Harold

Lovell Rockersville in the

feature match on Saturday

at the JSC Sports Complex

defeating them 98-46.

Veteran Marlon ‘Buju’

Charles ran a shooting clinic

on Rockersville with 24

points and 7 rebounds.

Captain Bryan ‘Hollywood’

Matthew assisted

with 15 points while teammates

Devorn Benjamin

and Adissa Harris contributed

with 13 points and 9


Ariel Quallis had 15

points, 6 rebounds and 8

steals for Rockersville.

Answorth Telemaque

scored 11 points while Kevin

Francis banked 10 points

and 6 rebounds in a losing


16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Tuesday 7th February 2017

ASSS administration building re-opened

By Justin Peters

Yesterday, adding to the

list of completed school

plant renovations made by

the Ministry of Education,

the Administration building

at the All Saints Secondary

School, which was

destroyed by fire in February

of last year, has been


The state of the art structure

will house the faculty

and staff of the school,

having been described as

their second home. The

new building contains desk

space for teachers and administrators,

as well as

bathrooms and storage areas.

As a first in Antigua,

APUA has also installed

fiber for which will supply

the institution with the

fastest internet available

presently on the island, a

welcome addition in a time

when the internet is an essential

tool for education.

The e-textbooks that the

Minister of Education, the Hon.,

Michael Browne

ministry has been working

feverishly to make

available will be piloted at

the All Saints Secondary

School making it the first

school on the island to benefit

from the technology.

Minister of Education,

the Honourable Michael

Browne expressed his pride

in the accomplishments

that the students and teachers

have made despite the

obvious setbacks after losing

so much in the fire.

He commented that

other schools should not

be jealous of the improvements

made at ASSS because

schools are provided

with what is needed and

all schools do not have

the same requirements. He

proudly proclaimed “Promise

made, promise kept” as

the students, teachers and

invited guests joyously

echoed his sentiment.

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