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Volume XXI, Issue 7 <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 3

Timeless<br />


Volume XXI, Issue 7<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong><br />

P A L O S V E R D E S P E N I N S U L A M O N T H L Y<br />

Centuries ago when the world’s finest clockmakers were<br />

hard at work, their aim was to create a mechanical marvel<br />

that operates continuously and last forever. Imagine<br />

a hand made complex mechanism of inter-working parts designed<br />

to keep time accurately. Your clock is a work of art and<br />

your job is to keep this timeless treasure healthy for the next<br />

generation.<br />

Your clock reminds you of its presence every time you wind<br />

it. If the accuracy of the clock is not what it used to be, or the<br />

chimes are not as strong or rhythmic, or maybe it just stops;<br />

that means your clock is talking to you and telling you that its<br />

endless life is in jeopardy.<br />

It is imperative to maintain and service your clock regularly.<br />

Oil gets old and dry forcing the train of gears to work twice as<br />

hard to accomplish their goal. This results in damage that drastically<br />

shortens the life of a fine timepiece.<br />

Michel Medawar has been extending the lives of timepieces<br />

for over Sixty years as his father did Sixty years before. He is<br />

the inventor of the first talking clock in the world. He is a graduate<br />

from Patek Philippe in Geneva, Switzerland, The Theod<br />

Wagner Clock Co. in Wiesbaden, Germany, and the Howard<br />

Miller Clock Co. in Zeeland, Michigan. Call him so that he may<br />

come to your home and offer you a free estimate for servicing<br />

your clock. Or bring your wall or mantel clock to our store to<br />

see our showroom and receive the same complementary diagnosis.<br />

We are located at 810C Silver Spur Rd., in Rolling Hills Estates, Ca.<br />

90274. Or call us at (310) 544-0052<br />

Open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday<br />

810C Silver Spur Road • Rolling Hills Estates • CA 90274<br />

Call 310.544.0052<br />


Photo by Amy Theilig<br />

(amyTphoto.com)<br />

Terranea Resort President<br />

Terri Haack.<br />


24<br />

28<br />

34<br />

38<br />

44<br />

58<br />

Sweet deal<br />

by Esther Kang “Queen Sugar” author Natalie Baszile<br />

returns to the <strong>Peninsula</strong> to talk about how her novel was<br />

chosen by Oprah Winfrey to be the basis of a new cable<br />

television show.<br />

Terranea mom<br />

by Rachel Reeves Terri Haack grew up in a big family.<br />

That experience helped her hold Terranea Resort together<br />

when times were tough and to make it flourish in the good<br />

times.<br />

Heart and Seoul<br />

by Bondo Wyszpolski <strong>Peninsula</strong>’s DK Kim brings<br />

musicians from his native Korea to perform with the Asia<br />

America Youth Symphony, conducted by fellow <strong>Peninsula</strong>n<br />

David Benoit.<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> craftsman<br />

by Stephanie Cartozian An early 1970s craftsman home<br />

is as timeless as the surrounding nature it was designed for<br />

its residents to enjoy.<br />

Mexican adventure<br />

by Richard Foss Salsa Verdes Chef Rafael Solorzano<br />

reworks his menu to meet halfway with diners’ expectations<br />

and his interest in more exotic Mexican meals.<br />

High on the Hill<br />

by Stuart Chaussee Realtors Chris Adlam, Lily Liang and<br />

Steve Watts share their thoughts about the local home market<br />

for <strong>Peninsula</strong> Magazine’s annual Real Estate Roundtable.<br />


6 Breakfast Club anniversary dinner<br />

14 Malaga Cove Homeowners gathering<br />

18 Morgan’s Jewelers PV holiday party<br />


8 <strong>Peninsula</strong> calendar<br />

64 Around and about<br />

65 Home services<br />

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Teri Marin<br />



Richard Budman<br />



Teri Marin<br />


Tim Teebken<br />


Judy Rae<br />



Daniel Sofer (Hermosawave.net)<br />



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6 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

Russ Varon and Gina Doherty<br />

Our Heartfelt Appreciation<br />

Ralph Scriba, Craig Leach, Loraine Scriba<br />

Torrance Memorial Medical Center wishes to thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the 33rd Annual Holiday Festival which<br />

raised millions for the medical center's North Patient Tower transformation.<br />

Kristina and Kevin Durkin, Jeff Neu, Tiffany Mesko,<br />

Sandesha and Kapil Singh, Michael and Andrea Zislis<br />

Torrance Mayor Pat Furey, Carolyn Snyder, Jean and<br />

Ray O’Dell, Bob Habel and May Hoffman<br />

Richard and Melanie Lundquist<br />

Priscilla Hunt with family members<br />

$100,000+<br />

Billee and John Gogian<br />

Melanie and Richard Lundquist<br />

Oarsmen Foundation<br />

Loraine and Ralph Scriba<br />

Russell Varon<br />

$25,000+<br />

Ayne and Jack Baker<br />

Oi-Lin and Tei-Fu Chen<br />

Ofelia and Emmanuel David<br />

Sam and Rose Feng<br />

Donald and Priscilla Hunt<br />

TF Educational Foundation<br />

Ellen and Pat Theodora<br />

Torrance Memorial Medical Staff<br />

Julie and Jackson Yang<br />

Andrea and Michael Zislis<br />

$10,000+<br />

Deborah and Russ Barto<br />

COR Healthcare Medical Associates<br />

Diana Cutler<br />

Sally and Mike Eberhard<br />

George and Reva Graziadio Foundation<br />

Keenan Healthcare<br />

Marilyn and Ian MacLeod<br />

Brian Miura, M.D.<br />

Norris Foundation<br />

Owens and Minor Distribution Inc.<br />

Kirsten Wagner, D.D.S.<br />

and Richard Rounsavelle, D.D.S.<br />

Beatrice and Alfredo Sheng<br />

Janice and Timur Tecimer<br />

Liz and Rich Umbrell<br />

Marshall Varon<br />

$5,000 - $9,999<br />

Association of South Bay Surgeons<br />

Jennifer and Brad Baker<br />

Ann and David Buxton<br />

Judy Nei and Vinh Cam, M.D.<br />

Robin Camrin<br />

Steven Davis, M.D.<br />

EMCOR Service/Mesa Energy Systems<br />

Elaine and Ron Florance<br />

Angela and Dean Furkioti, D.D.S.<br />

Jackie and Greg Geiger<br />

Terry and Joe Hohm<br />

Kalpana Hool, M.D. and Hugo Hool, M.D.<br />

Charlotte and Russ Lesser<br />

Eric and Anna B. Mellor, M.D.<br />

Sandii and Lee Minshull<br />

Jeff Neu<br />

Borseen Oushana<br />

Kelly and Chris Rogers<br />

Marge Schugt<br />

Jan and Ian Teague<br />

Torrance Emergency Physicians<br />

Torrance Memorial Radiology Group<br />

$1,000 - $4,999<br />

2H Construction<br />

Christy and Jay Abraham<br />

Jeanne and Fikret Atamdede, M.D.<br />

Lori and David Baldwin<br />

BCM Boehling Construction<br />

Management. Inc.<br />

Peggy and Clifford Berwald<br />

Nadine and Ty Bobit<br />

Marsha and Ken Boehling<br />

Trudy Brown<br />

Linda and Zan Calhoun<br />

Cannon Building Services, Inc.<br />

Joan and Chris Caras<br />

Ann Carley<br />

Rama Chandran, M.D.<br />

Bryan Chang, M.D.<br />

Philomina and Raju Chhabria<br />

Jason J. Clark<br />

Sandy and Thomas Cobb<br />

Mei and William Collier<br />

James Cook<br />

Sharon Coors<br />

COR Healthcare Medical Associates<br />

Christian Cordoba<br />

Stephanie Cartozian<br />

Kathleen Crane and Hon. Milan Smith<br />

Ruth and Jim DeFlavio<br />

Susan Dilamarter<br />

Debbie and Steve Dinsmore<br />

Thyra J. Endicott, M.D.<br />

and Rev. Jonathan Chute<br />

Regina and Dan Finnegan<br />

Roy Fu, M.D. and Denise Kwok, M.D.<br />

Christina and Giovanni Funiciello<br />

Christine and Bob Gaudenti<br />

Gelbart and Associates<br />

Steven and Khryste Griswold<br />

Marne and Dan Gruen<br />

Susan and David Haas, M.D.<br />

Shanna and Jack Hall<br />

Laurie and Greg G. Halvorsen<br />

Lisa and Steven Hansen<br />

Harbor Care Center<br />

Mary G. Harris<br />

Nancy and Keith Hauge<br />

Mary and Peter Hazelrigg<br />

Heritage Rehabilitation Center<br />

Carole Hoffman<br />

Gabriella and Ken Holt, M.D.<br />

HUB International of California<br />

Danica Krslovic and Dominic Iannitti<br />

James and Gable Insurance Brokers<br />

Mary Rose and Thomas Jeffry<br />

Alexis and Peter Jensen<br />

Judy and Parnelli Jones<br />

Jackie and Vince Kelly<br />

Brenda and Kraig Kilgore<br />

Lucy and Byron Kimball<br />

Song and David Klein<br />

kpff Consulting Engineers<br />

Erika and Robert Kraak<br />

Donna and Louis LaMont<br />

Judy and Craig Leach<br />

Barbara and Barry LeQuire<br />

Linda and David Lillington<br />

Peter Lorman, M.D.<br />

Pat and Rich Lucy<br />

Barbara Demming Lurie<br />

and Mark Lurie, M.D.<br />

Marcil M. Mamita, M.D.<br />

Kristy and Eric Maniaci<br />

Carol and Gerry Marcil<br />

Thomas Mathieu<br />

McCarthy Building Companies<br />

Kathryn and David McKinnie<br />

Medline Industries Inc.<br />

Fifi Menzelos<br />

Melany and Paul Merryman<br />

Roxanne and Ramin Mirhashemi, M.D.<br />

Morrow-Meadows Corporation<br />

Murray Company<br />

Lisa and Eric Nakkim, M.D.<br />

Serena and John Ngan<br />

Corinne and Randolph C. O'Hara, M.D.<br />

Pacific National Group<br />

Christina and Phil Pavesi<br />

Payden and Rygel<br />

Kelli and Edward Piken, M.D.<br />

Nancy Poirier<br />

Adriana and Greg Popovich<br />

Kathryn and Craig Poropat<br />

Todd Powley<br />

Rosemary and Gerald Pudlik<br />

Colleen and Craig Quinn<br />

Reproductive Partners Medical<br />

Group, Inc.<br />

Carlene Ringer<br />

Azam Riyaz, M.D.<br />

Laura and James Rosenwald<br />

Nancy and Michael Rouse<br />

James Ryan<br />

Sandra Sanders<br />

Laura and Marc Schenasi<br />

Connie Senner<br />

Allyson and Alexander Shen, M.D.<br />

Laura and Tom Simko<br />

Debra and Jerry Soldner<br />

South Bay Pain Docs<br />

South Bay Gastroenterology<br />

Medical Group<br />

South Bay Plastic Surgeons<br />

Kathleen and John Spearman<br />

Spierer, Woodward, Corbalis and<br />

Goldberg<br />

Gina Sulmeyer, M.D. and Michael Arriola<br />

Aileen M. Takahashi, M.D. and<br />

Charles Spenler, M.D.<br />

Terranea Resort<br />

The Luminaries<br />

Mari Tokashiki<br />

Torrance Anesthesia Medical Group, Inc.<br />

Torrance Emergency Physicians<br />

Torrance Memorial Neonatology<br />

Torrance Orthopedic<br />

and Sports Medicine Group<br />

Torrance Pathology Group/Torrance<br />

Memorial Medical Ctr.<br />

Art and Cynthia Tuverson<br />

Unified Care Services<br />

Sandy VandenBerge<br />

Voya Financial<br />

Alissa and Mike Wilson<br />

Mary and Steve Wright<br />

Kay and Dwight Yamada<br />

Sandy and Frank Yang<br />



American Solutions for Business<br />

Choura Events<br />

G.S. Gaudenti Brothers<br />

Morrow Meadows<br />

Redondo Van and Storage<br />

Rolling Hills Flower Mart Studio<br />

The Zislis Group<br />

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.<br />

Thank you to all our donors.<br />

3330 Lomita Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505<br />

310-517-4703 - www.TorranceMemorial.org

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

PV Breakfast Club<br />

Celebrates 75th Anniversary<br />

Over 150 members and guests of the Palos Verdes<br />

Breakfast Club came together for the club’s 75th Annual<br />

Christmas Dinner Dance. The club was formed by<br />

neighbors volunteering for Civil Defense during World<br />

War II. Their motto is “No politics or causes, just neighborly<br />

fun and frolic.” The Breakfast Club meets on the<br />

first and third Saturdays of every month at the Palos<br />

Verdes Golf Club.<br />

For more information visit pvbcweb.com<br />


1<br />

2<br />

1. Las Tres Virgiñas: Virginia<br />

Butler, Virginia Burns and<br />

Virginia Malone.<br />

2. Marty and Don Tobias and<br />

Georgeann Dorn.<br />

3. Sandra and Craig Caryl.<br />

4. Ram Nadella, Bob Bethel,<br />

Karl Jackson and Dan Crane.<br />

5. Bruce Dalrymple, Scott<br />

Sharpe, Henry Bazak and Jens<br />

Bechman.<br />

6. Georgeann and Bill Dorn.<br />

7. John and Alicia<br />

Maniatakis, Allan and Sue<br />

Frew.<br />

8. Shawn and Lala Nejad.<br />

9. Priscilla Clark and Jan<br />

Sharpe.<br />

10. Joanne and Charlie<br />

Peterson.<br />

11. Carol and David<br />

Kleinman.<br />

3 4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9 10 11<br />

10 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>


COMING<br />

SOON<br />

One of the largest estates ever offered in the heart of Malaga Cove in Palos Verdes Estates with panoramic views of the<br />

Queen’s Necklace. A royal wrought iron entrance leads you down a long driveway with massive, historic wooden gates<br />

followed by a stone and wood bridge to an oversized circular carport replete with waterfalls and gorgeous landscaping.<br />

Family-owned for over 40 years, on apx 4 sweeping acres and 3 parcels of land next to parkland with striking ocean, city and<br />

golf course views. This home is apx 10,000 sqft with abundant character, quality, and detail including a sun-drenched pool<br />

overlooking the Pacific Ocean, citrus and flower gardens, and large grassy areas for reception and entertaining. A truly<br />

private compound that is beyond compare. Price available upon request. Coming to market soon.<br />

12 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>


NEW<br />


12 San Miguel, Rolling Hills Estates<br />

5bdrm + Library, 6ba, 4,500+ sq ft, Lot size approx. 20,000 sq ft<br />

$3,599,000 www.12SanMiguel.com<br />


2249 Via Guadalana, Palos Verdes Estates<br />

4 bdrms + study, 5ba, 3,789 sq ft, Lot size 12,200+ sq ft<br />

$2,298,000 www.2249ViaGuadalana.com<br />

605 Paseo del Mar, Palos Verdes Estates<br />

6 bdrms, 9 ba, 6,800+ sq ft, Lot size 33,000+ sq ft<br />

Lease only. $28,000/mo. www.lilyliang.com<br />

2 Buggy Whip Dr., Rolling Hills<br />

4 bdrm, 4 ba, 8,000 sq ft, Lot size approx. 2.4 acres<br />

$13,500/mo. www.lilyliang.com<br />

1724 Esplanade #B, Redondo Beach<br />

3 bdrm, 4 ba, 1,830 sq ft<br />

$10,000/mo. www.lilyliang.com<br />

24 Narcissa Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes<br />

2bdrm, 2 ba, 1,825 sq ft, Lot size approx. 43,000 sq ft<br />

$7,500 www.lilyliang.com<br />

550 Silver Spur Rd. Suite 240, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90275<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> •

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />


Malaga Cove Homeowners Association<br />

Celebrates Camaraderie<br />

The Malaga Cove Homeowners Association celebrated its 10th Annual Neighborhood<br />

get-together Sunday, November 20. The historic La Venta Inn was the venue for this<br />

cherished community gathering. Over 175 Malaga Cove residents braved the whispers<br />

of rain and toasted to the holiday season while enjoying delicious appetizers, hors d’oeuvres<br />

and decadent desserts catered by New York Foods. This year’s celebration was organized<br />

by party co-chairs Valerie Beranek and Tricia Rapaport. Others who played a<br />

role include Olympia Wyman, Steve Rapaport, Alex Davis, Cynthia Underberger, Dave<br />

and Rita Evans, Art and Christine Fine, Betsy Treynor and La Venta's Mike Halish.<br />

1. Valerie Gorsuch and<br />

Cynthia Bartlett.<br />

2. Tanya and Jeff Dows and<br />

Vi Ballard.<br />

3. Tim and Dominique<br />

Charlton.<br />

4. Lola Hagerty, Shawna<br />

Regan, Edith Andrew, Patti<br />

Elder and Debbie Dinsmore.<br />

5. Christine Fine and Alyson<br />

Shepard.<br />

6. Kim Hall and Jim<br />

Vandever.<br />

7. Jim Flanagan, Denise<br />

Jacobs and Joe Juge.<br />

8. Alex Davis, Christine and<br />

Art Fine and Valerie Beranek.<br />

9. Steve and Tricia Rapaport.<br />

1<br />

2 3<br />

4 5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

14 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

www.chrisadlam.com<br />

Stunning, panoramic ocean, Queen's Necklace, city lights, DTLA views and beyond! This Palos Verdes Estates home<br />

features over 3400 square feet of open living spaces with high, vaulted ceilings, and French doors that lead to a large<br />

backyard....perfect for indoor/outdoor living and entertaining. $2,750,000

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

www.chrisadlam.com<br />

Beautiful, contemporary 6 bedroom home in Palos Verdes Estates. Over 5400 square feet, high ceilings, a<br />

spacious and open floor plan with ocean views, pool and spa, 3 car, attached garage and more. $3,199,000

Chris Adlam<br />

310.493.7216<br />

www.chrisadlam.com<br />

Gorgeous Palos Verdes Estates 5 bedroom home. Located in highly desired Valmonte with over 4.000 square feet of open<br />

and large living spaces. French doors, decks, patios....incredible indoor/outdoor living at its best! $2,500,000

S P O T L I G H T O N T H E H I L L<br />

Morgan’s Jewelers<br />

Celebrates 70th anniversary<br />

PV<br />

Morgan’s Jewelers PV celebrated its 70th<br />

anniversary and the holidays with live<br />

music, hors d’oeuvres and a Rolex watch<br />

giveaway as a thank you to their loyal patrons.<br />

The open bar’s top shelf libations included<br />

Duval beers and Hendricks gin. Fine<br />

jewelry purveyors came from all over the<br />

country to share their expertise and to showcase<br />

one-of-a-kind jewels. Carlos Chanu of<br />

Assael Pearls talked to guests about oysters<br />

pearls and also mother of pearl from Nautilus<br />

shells. Morgan’s owner Marshall Varon<br />

also shared his expertise.<br />

1<br />

2<br />


1. Elie Massoud, Marshall Varon and Christian<br />

Maeder.<br />

2. Carlos Chanu.<br />

3. Diane Augur and Abbe Karges.<br />

4. Christian and Aivy Maeder, Shintia Lynch and<br />

Marshall Varon.<br />

5. Krish Shivara.<br />

6. Sarkis Barsoumian and Paul Setian.<br />

7. Colleen Conradt, Stephanie Chavez and Robert<br />

Hall.<br />

8. Juliet Rollins.<br />

9. Anait Ovsepyan, Ray Fadel and Shintia Lynch.<br />

10. Miroslav Dvorak, Yala and Dean Woo.<br />

3 4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9 10<br />

20 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

Experience a new level of excellence in luxury real estate.<br />

• 700 Local Agents • Luxury Residential • Commercial Investment Division<br />

Palos Verdes Estates | Rolling Hills Estates | Rancho Palos Verdes | Torrance<br />

Redondo Beach | Manhattan Beach | Hermosa Beach | El Segundo | San Pedro<br />

Marina Del Rey | Venice | Santa Monica | Beverly Hills | West LA/Westwood<br />

310.378.9494 • RealEstateLosAngeles.com

Queen Sugar<br />

meets<br />

Oprah<br />

Palos Verdes native<br />

Natalie Baszile’s<br />

story of a contemporary<br />

African American family<br />

reuniting in the South<br />

captures millions of hearts,<br />

including Oprah Winfrey’s<br />

Author Natalie Baszile, center, with Queen Sugar cast<br />

members Retina Westley (Nova) and Kofi Siriboe (Ralph<br />

Angel) on the set in New Orleans.<br />

Photo courtesy of Natalie Baszile<br />

by Esther Kang<br />

At the 2014 Los Angeles Times Festival<br />

of Books, Palos Verdes High graduate<br />

Natalie Baszile crossed paths with O<br />

Magazine’s Leigh Haber. The magazine’s<br />

book editor was a fan of Baszile’s debut novel<br />

“Queen Sugar”, published that year by Penguin.<br />

“Queen Sugar” is the contemporary story of<br />

a troubled, African-American family called to<br />

relocate in the South after their late father<br />

leaves them 800 acres of prime sugarcane<br />

land in Louisiana.<br />

A few months after the book fair, Winfrey’s<br />

media production company called Baszile’s<br />

agent. Winfrey was interested in optioning<br />

“Queen Sugar” for a series on the Oprah Winfrey<br />

Network (OWN).<br />

“I was pleasantly surprised,” recalled<br />

Baszile on the phone from her San Francisco<br />

home. “I, probably like many authors, when<br />

we think about our books, think about it being<br />

adapted as a feature film, not necessarily TV.<br />

So it was a surprise to me that someone would<br />

see a TV series in ‘Queen Sugar.’”<br />

Winfrey, who is credited as executive producer<br />

on the series, tapped young, up-andcoming<br />

filmmaker Ava DuVernay to create<br />

the show. DuVernay was fresh from directing<br />

the Grammy-nominated “Selma”, a historical<br />

drama based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery<br />

voting rights marches led by James<br />

Bevel, Hosea Williams, Martin Luther King,<br />

Jr. and John Lewis.<br />

It wasn’t long before Baszile was sitting in<br />

Oprah’s Los Angeles home, flanked by the<br />

two women. They had long discussions about<br />

the heart of the story. They asked her if she<br />

had any ideas for casting. Because she had<br />

started writing the book more than a decade<br />

earlier, she thought that the actors and actresses<br />

she once had in mind were now too<br />

old.<br />

“When they asked me, I was honest,”<br />

Baszile said. “I had to rely on them for their<br />

vision.”<br />

Though having minimal involvement in the<br />

TV series, she was comforted by the fact that<br />

another African American woman would<br />

“continue this journey” in expanding the<br />

24 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

Author Natalie Baszile with Queen Sugar director Ava DuVernay<br />

at the New York premiere. Photo courtesy of Natalie Baszile<br />

world of “Queen Sugar.” DuVernay cast “Selma” co-stars Rutina Wesley,<br />

Omar Dorsey and Kofi Siriboe in leading roles, along with several<br />

talented, lesser-known actors such as Dawn-Lyen Gardner. In addition,<br />

DuVernay hired an all-female directorial team for the series.<br />

“It made sense to give the project my blessing and really be a cheerleader,”<br />

Baszile said. "Ava was trying to do in film and TV what I was<br />

trying to do in the book, which was to offer the audience a more nuanced<br />

and complicated picture of African-American life. And since I<br />

felt that we both were working toward the same goal, it was easier<br />

for me to say, ‘Okay, here’s this thing I’ve done. Take it and run with<br />

it.’”<br />

Season one of “Queen Sugar,” filmed primarily in New Orleans,<br />

premiered on OWN this past fall season. A green light for the second<br />

season was bestowed even before the first episode aired. With a 92<br />

percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and several million viewers tuning<br />

in throughout the 13 episodes, the drama series has been a hit.<br />

It is currently one of the highest rated shows on the network and<br />

earned five nominations for the NAACP Image Awards, including<br />

Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actor and Actress in Drama<br />

Series and Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series.<br />

“Every author hopes that their vision, the story they carry around<br />

in their head, the world they’ve inhabited for a decade — every author<br />

hopes that the world will resonate with as many people as possible,”<br />

Baszile said. “The most important thing to me was that she<br />

maintained the heart and the spirit of the book, and I felt that she<br />

did that. What I’m enjoying now is viewers and readers moving between<br />

these two worlds, which have echoes of each other.”<br />

Though it’s a work of fiction, elements of the story are inspired by<br />

the author’s own experiences in the South as a <strong>Peninsula</strong>-raised,<br />

African-American woman. During Baszile’s many research trips back<br />

to Louisiana — she visited three to four times annually for several<br />

years to learn about sugarcane farming — she experienced firsthand<br />

the micro-aggressions faced by people of color in the region.<br />

Baszile was born in Carson. Her family moved to Palos Verdes<br />

when she entered the first grade. Her father owned a business distributing<br />

aluminum for the aerospace industry, Her mother was a<br />

kindergarten teacher. After graduating from Palos Verdes High School<br />

in 1984, Baszile majored in English at UC Berkeley.<br />

Then she returned home to work for her father’s business, while<br />

writing at night. She also enrolled, briefly, in Afro-American Studies<br />

at UCLA, with the thought of becoming a professor. During this period,<br />

she began penning the first drafts of “Queen Sugar.”<br />

She is currently working on multiple projects that are in “various<br />

states of creation.” Two are novels and one could be a screenplay.<br />

Their focus is on nuanced stories with African Americans at the center<br />

“revealing the topics of our time, such as womanhood as an<br />

African American,” Baszile said.<br />

Last summer she taught a writing workshop for the MFA program<br />

at St. Mary’s College. Now, she is back to writing full-time.<br />

“I’m back to the writing because I have more stories that I want to<br />

tell than I have time to tell. My job is to write, whether it’s novels or<br />

some other form of storytelling,” Baszile said.<br />

Natalie Baszile will be holding book signings and presentations at Palos<br />

Verdes High School and Marymount College on Friday, <strong>Feb</strong>. 3, and at the<br />

South Coast Botanic Garden on Sat., <strong>Feb</strong>. 4. PEN<br />

Author Natalie Baszile with cast members at the New<br />

York premiere. Photo courtesy of Natalie Baszile<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> 25



Contact us to hear about our comprehensive &<br />

successful marketing program. Also, we offer a<br />

Seniors Discount package.<br />

26 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 27

Leadership<br />

suite<br />

by Rachel Reeves<br />

How Terri Haack led Terranea<br />

from the brink of collapse to the height of success<br />

When Terri Haack left South Carolina in<br />

2007, she was buoyant. She had agreed<br />

to take a job as the managing director<br />

of Terranea Resort, a proposed $480 million project<br />

on the dazzling Palos Verdes coastline, and she<br />

and her husband, Doug — her high school sweetheart<br />

and a commercial pilot — would be moving<br />

to Southern California, where their son had<br />

moved eight months earlier to earn a bachelor’s<br />

degree at USC.<br />

“Life was grand,” Haack says now of the enthusiasm<br />

she felt then. She was taking the helm of a<br />

world-class resort in Southern California. The<br />

drawings depicted a gorgeous 102-acre resort –<br />

582 luxurious rooms, a golf course, stunning<br />

views, eight restaurants.<br />

For 20 years developers had failed to complete<br />

projects on that particular stretch of shoreline,<br />

but Haack knew Terranea would be different.<br />

There was talk it would become a national icon.<br />

She spoke glowingly of the resort within the Palos<br />

Verdes community and with potential corporate<br />

partners in the Los Angeles area. She recruited<br />

hoteliers from all over the country, who quit highpaying<br />

jobs because they believed in the vision<br />

she was selling.<br />

Then, less than a year into construction, the<br />

real estate bubble burst and a national banking<br />

crisis ensued. Terranea’s lending bank, the<br />

Chicago-based Corus Bank, collapsed. Consumers<br />

closed their wallets. The project’s construction<br />

costs rose. All around California and the<br />

country, developers in the same position as Destination<br />

Hotels – Terranea’s parent company –<br />

handed over the keys.<br />

“When we started, there was this great enthusiasm<br />

about what we were doing,” Haack recalls,<br />

“and then suddenly we were watching it all unravel.”<br />

Terri Haack grew up resolute. She was the<br />

only girl in a brood of seven brothers; her<br />

sister was born when she was 19. She was<br />

influenced by strong female role models, including<br />

a grandmother who raised 14 children and a<br />

mother who raised nine, who taught her willingness<br />

to serve and stamina — two traits that would<br />

ultimately define her leadership style. She was<br />

the first in her family to move away from home,<br />

taking the job of general manager at a Seattle<br />

hotel when she was 22 years old.<br />

Over the course of her career she worked for a<br />

series of critical, condescending bosses, all of<br />

them male; the experiences didn’t make her<br />

angry so much as push her to become a different<br />

kind of leader.<br />

“I watched what they did and how it made me<br />

feel,” Haack reflects. “Even today, I remember<br />

how my boss made me feel in the workplace on<br />

my first job, when I was fifteen and a half. I think<br />

the negative influence made me a positive<br />

leader.”<br />

When Terranea began to unravel, Haack<br />

manufactured optimism. She had experience<br />

with turning things around. Before<br />

moving to L.A., she had overseen the<br />

successful $200 million redevelopment of Wild<br />

Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms and nurtured<br />

Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia,<br />

through a major repositioning. She had broken<br />

through the glass ceiling in her industry.<br />

But the odds of success at the Terranea site<br />

were dwindling. More than once Haack came<br />

home on a Friday night and confided to Doug<br />

that she thought the project might collapse. He<br />

remembers feeling powerless, like there was<br />

nothing he could do to help her, but more vividly<br />

he remembers his wife’s “inner drive” and “positive<br />

and upbeat outlook” — buoys that undoubtedly<br />

kept the Terranea team afloat.<br />

“You have to stay so focused on the vision,” she<br />

says. “You have to have an inner sense of belief<br />

that you can get this done, especially when everybody<br />

else is saying you can’t. There was so much<br />

negative pressure. <strong>People</strong> had pretty much concluded<br />

we were going to fail. That gave me this<br />

kind of strength to say no, you’re not going to defeat<br />

me.”<br />

It was the same determination she had felt<br />

every time a previous boss treated her with disrespect.<br />

Instead of becoming angry or intimidated,<br />

she became the boss.<br />

At the Terranea project site Haack smiled, but<br />

some nights she sobbed during the whole drive<br />

home. She felt responsible for delivering on the<br />

promises she’d made, both to recruits and the<br />

community to which she’d sold a vision.<br />

“And all the while we had to portray this façade<br />

that we were this world-class resort gaining business,<br />

so we couldn’t let the public know how difficult<br />

it really was,” she says. “I think that fear<br />

fueled my ability to think creatively, to do things<br />

most hoteliers wouldn’t do.”<br />

Some ideas worked, like forming relationships<br />

with community organizations, going into partnership<br />

with sympathetic suppliers (all of which<br />

Terranea still uses today), and opening with a<br />

skeletal staff. Others didn’t, like approaching the<br />

Rancho Palos Verdes City Council to ask for a deferment<br />

of transient occupancy taxes until they<br />

could be repaid plus interest. The loan was denied,<br />

but people still believe the taxpayers bailed<br />

Terranea out.<br />

Since the resort opened its doors in June of<br />

2009, Terranea has generated more than $30 million<br />

for city coffers. It has become an economic<br />

engine for the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>, a site for<br />

corporate conferences and a popular wedding<br />

destination. It has also become an icon. Travel +<br />

Leisure Magazine rated Terranea one of the 500<br />

best hotels in the world; Conde Nast Traveler<br />

called it “one of the best places on earth.”<br />

Haack, who has since been promoted to<br />

the resort’s president, doesn’t talk about<br />

the publicity. She’s prouder of the Terranea<br />

culture, marked by a commitment to sustainable<br />

ethics and responsible corporate<br />

citizenry. Among other environmentally friendly<br />

practices, the resort recycles food waste, prioritizes<br />

organic produce in menu design, and serves<br />

only sustainable seafood. Its pools are filled with<br />

saltwater, its bulbs low-voltage, its uniforms<br />

made of organic materials (including hemp and<br />

bamboo), and its amenity containers biodegradable.<br />

When executive chef Bernard Ibarra said he<br />

wanted to focus on buying seasonal and local,<br />

Haack offered her support.<br />

“She’s the culture of the resort,” Ibarra says.<br />

“Without her, none of it exists.”<br />

She has integrated Terranea into the community<br />

and vice versa, supporting charities and nonprofits<br />

working on a wide range of issues:<br />

Children’s Hospital of L.A., Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

Land Conservancy, <strong>Peninsula</strong> Education<br />

Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Art at Your<br />

Fingertips, Vistas for Children, Children’s Miracle<br />

Network, Peace for Kids, Walk with Sally, The<br />

Rotary Club, Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce,<br />

Harbor Interfaith Services, Rainbow Services,<br />

Kiwanis, L.A. Biomed. Resort employees are<br />

encouraged, and sometimes paid, to volunteer at<br />

soup kitchens or homeless shelters.<br />

“That was a commitment from the very beginning,<br />

even when we could barely pay our bills,<br />

28 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

Terri Haack at Terranea Resort.<br />

Photos by Amy Theilig

that we would give back to the community in the way of<br />

overnight stays or auction items,” Haack says. “It was really<br />

hard in the beginning but I was so focused on being a good<br />

community and corporate partner, on how it had to be bigger<br />

than us.”<br />

Haack is busy. She leads a major resort and a staff of<br />

1,400 people. She speaks annually on Capitol Hill<br />

on behalf of the national hotel industry. She sits on<br />

scholarship committees, Marymount California University’s<br />

strategic planning board, and on the board of directors for<br />

both the American Hotel & Lodging Association and Habitat<br />

for Humanity. She also chairs the Palos Verdes Chamber of<br />

Commerce.<br />

But still she writes, by hand, birthday cards to every member<br />

of her staff. She has an open-door policy. She invites anyone<br />

who works at Terranea to see or email her personally<br />

with concerns, and she always makes time to respond. She<br />

knows most associates’ names, looks them in the eye, says<br />

hello, asks how they are. At meetings, she thanks everyone<br />

for playing a part in Terranea’s success, and means it. Haack<br />

recently instructed a busy member of her staff, whose absence<br />

she knew would be keenly felt, to fly back to Florida<br />

when her mother’s illness worsened.<br />

“I strongly believe she feels that all of her staff and employees<br />

are her family, and she treats them thus,” says Terri’s<br />

husband Doug, who came from a small family and learned<br />

through his wife what it’s like to care for lots of people.<br />

“She’s not just a face behind a wall,” says Shelli Nicola,<br />

Haack’s executive administrative assistant. “She is here, and<br />

she cares about everyone.”<br />

Haack encourages her employees to grow their skillsets;<br />

more than 300 people have been promoted since Terranea<br />

opened. At a recent holiday party, Haack named as one of<br />

30 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

two employees of the year a single mother of four who immigrated<br />

from Peru, began working as a temporary housekeeper at Terranea in<br />

2009, and is now leading a team of 38 associates.<br />

“It’s not just grow the business,” Ibarra says of Haack’s vision. “It’s<br />

grow the team.”<br />

And she has a standout team. Nicola says there is not a mean soul on<br />

staff; she attributes this to Haack, who hired good people and modeled<br />

for them “an attitude of servitude.”<br />

This is intentional. Each morning, when she pulls into her allotted<br />

parking space she asks herself, “How can I be of service today to someone?”<br />

The question directs her interactions with both guests and staff.<br />

More than once, an angry customer has ended up sending flowers and<br />

a note of apology after dealing with Haack.<br />

“She makes the weather at the resort,” Ibarra says, “and it’s always<br />

sunny.”<br />

She also makes the money. Her business savviness has grown Terranea<br />

into a nationally recognized model, both as a workplace and resort<br />

business. The awards she’s received confirm she’s good at both<br />

being a people person and a businessperson, among them Best Boss<br />

(Los Angeles News Group), General Manager of the Year (American<br />

Hotel & Lodging Association, or AHLA), General Manager of the Year<br />

for a Large Property (California Hotel & Lodging Association), Person<br />

of Distinction for Business/Innovation (Daily Breeze), Award for Business<br />

Excellence (Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce). She was also<br />

the first woman to be named Resort Executive of the Year (AHLA).<br />

Haack downplays the extent of her contribution to Terranea’s success<br />

and corporate culture.<br />

“I just feel blessed and grateful every day that I get to do something<br />

that brings me this much joy, and that allows me to bring joy to other<br />

people,” she says. Other members of the Terranea team say she’s being<br />

humble.<br />

“After all these years on the road and all the places I’ve worked, I can<br />

honestly say she is the best person I’ve ever worked for,” Ibarra says.<br />

“She’s unbelievable. The property is physically beautiful and the surroundings<br />

are beautiful, but what makes Terranea what it is is really<br />

Terri Haack.” PEN<br />

Free Consultation<br />

Call Today<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 31

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Heart<br />

& Seoul<br />

by Bondo Wyszpolski<br />

AASA president Robert Pacifici, DK Kim of the DK Kim Foundation and musical director David Benoit worked to bring the Korean Dream Orchestra to California.<br />

Photo courtesy of AASA<br />

The Asia America Symphony prepares to welcome the Korean Dream Orchestra<br />

In a matter of days, 32 young musicians from Seoul, South Korea will<br />

embark on an adventure of a lifetime. The highlight of their trip to<br />

Southern California (apart from a planned visit to Disneyland, of course)<br />

is liable to be the concert they are scheduled to perform on <strong>Feb</strong>. 16 at the<br />

Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles.<br />

It’s shaping up to be a milestone collaboration with the Asia America<br />

Symphony Association, under the musical direction of David Benoit, and<br />

one made possible in large part through the generosity of Dong Koo Kim,<br />

founder of the D.K. Kim Foundation and a major benefactor of the AASA.<br />

The Korean Dream Orchestra is sustained and promoted by Child Fund<br />

Korea, an organization that assists and encourages underprivileged children,<br />

helping them to better their lives and their prospects as they become adults.<br />

Similarly, D.K. Kim believes that education is the key to success for our<br />

young people. His foundation is committed to establishing a global presence<br />

that not only fights poverty, but promotes innovation through entrepreneurship,<br />

scholarship, and service. In other words, given the right tools, the children<br />

of today become the informed, self-reliant adults of tomorrow.<br />

Which brings us back to those 32 young Korean musicians, their Maestro,<br />

Seung Seok Oh, plus Je-Hoon Lee, the President of Child Fund Korea, and<br />

about six chaperones who will ensure that the youngsters won’t run off and<br />

join any rock ‘n’ roll bands. At least not on this occasion.<br />

The entourage will be in town from <strong>Feb</strong>. 11 to 17, with lodgings in the<br />

Torrance Marriott due to to the kindness of the D.K. Kim Foundation.<br />

They’ll have a couple of rehearsals, one on their own, one with members<br />

of the Asia America Youth Symphony, and later a dress rehearsal on the afternoon<br />

of the evening of the performance. The program will consist of<br />

some jazz tunes, some classical compositions, and a few Korean folk songs.<br />

Kelly Che will perform as a guest vocalist, accompanied by Maestro Benoit<br />

on piano.<br />

“Many, if not all, of the Korean musicians have never been on a plane or<br />

outside of the country,” says Robert Pacifici, President-elect of the the<br />

AASA. “This will be an eye-opening adventure!”<br />

Next summer, to reciprocate, 30 Asia America Symphony musicians will<br />

travel to Seoul.<br />

“The three organizations have one thing in common,” says Child Fund<br />

Korea’s Lee; “to invest in our youth through mentorship, education, and<br />

opportunity. By pooling their resources together, each foundation will benefit<br />

in participating in the welfare of our young children in the U.S. and<br />

abroad.”<br />

Benoit is also looking forward to the upcoming opportunity to bring together<br />

East and West:<br />

“It is dear to me to be able to give such an experience to these young musicians<br />

from both orchestras. It’s going to be an unforgettable ‘Seoul Meets<br />

Soul’ concert.”<br />

It won’t only be music that the visiting musicians will be thinking of.<br />

They’ve already petitioned for a burger-and-fries stop at In-n-Out on their<br />

way to Torrance from the airport.<br />

To learn more about the Thursday, <strong>Feb</strong>. 16 concert, call (310) 377-8977 or go<br />

to aasymphony.org. PEN<br />

34 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 35

Ansel Adams<br />

L i v e s H e r e<br />

The master bedroom retreat has floor to ceiling glass and minimalist modern lines that are conducive with mid-century modern design.<br />

A mid-century craftsman revels in the wide-open beauty of its surroundings<br />

by Stephanie Cartozian<br />

The terms “craftsman” and “handcrafted” are loosely used these days,<br />

but the hard-won work of wood craftsman Robert Halderman and the<br />

home he constructed in Palos Verdes Estates in 1973 show the depth<br />

and meaning of authentic craft.<br />

First purchased by Ed and Shirley Retzler when originally completed,<br />

later sold to Drew and Kathy Kim in 2011, this home is a blend of modern<br />

and California coastal architectural style, reminiscent of the famed Sea<br />

Ranch enclave in Sonoma. Bohemian and ecologically aware, these homes<br />

are unpainted and unadorned wood dwellings that boast simplicity. But<br />

their design is deliberate, taking in the ocean, mountain, sky and city views<br />

from every vantage point yet melding with sloping outside topography, uninterrupted.<br />

The Sea Ranch enclave was the catalyst for California coastal<br />

protection; the California Coastal Commission emerged in 1972 from the<br />

quagmire of dissenting opinion regarding ocean access as it related to the<br />

Sea Ranch Development. Forty five years later, the ranch’s design is increasingly<br />

relevant as living with simplicity and conscience have become<br />

an antidote to excess.<br />

Kathy Ito Kim, the current owner, toured the home six years ago as a<br />

Realtor hoping to show it to prospective buyers. Instead, she and her family<br />

bought the home for themselves and updated it while preserving its initial<br />

aesthetic. Originally designed by William Abbott of Tozier and Abbott,<br />

A.I.A., this home has a plentitude of floor-to-ceiling glass, yet it is situated<br />

in such a way as to ensure complete privacy. It’s an architectural feat. Sanctuary<br />

here imparts sanctity. “For me it’s mostly a retreat,” Kim said. “We<br />

Photos by Tony LaBruno<br />

Built with Western Cedar, the architecture blends modern and California<br />

coastal designs reminiscent of Sea Ranch in Sonoma County.<br />

38 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

Floating sphere lighting fixtures and seamless Corian countertops<br />

give this modern kitchen an ethereal and contemporary feel.<br />

Bea and Walter Kim on their handcrafted butcher block stairs replete with an<br />

exposed hardware railing and Kevin Ito’s fiery snow falling photograph in<br />

the background.<br />

The newly expanded breakfast nook, where the “sunset show”<br />

plays most evenings.<br />

are really outdoorsy people so it feels really comfortable and organic to<br />

us.”<br />

The home is almost entirely made from Western Cedar and Douglas Fir<br />

Pine, all hand-cut and crafted in various linear designs, some horizontally<br />

placed others diagonally or vertically. The interior’s second level is<br />

arranged around a central outdoor atrium. Its pitched ceilings and clerestories<br />

open the interior to the outdoors, creating a warm, light-infused space.<br />

The pot belly gas fireplace is situated warmly in the living room and one<br />

can see the vast Los Angeles cityscape, the oceanic shimmer of the Channel<br />

Islands and the sparkling “Queen’s Necklace” view of the Santa Monica<br />

Bay from various viewpoints throughout the home, melding interior with<br />

exterior elements.<br />

“Here it’s all about the sunsets. It’s like a show,” Kim said, looking out<br />

of a breakfast nook picture window facing the ocean.<br />

There used to be a television cabinet and closet here, Kim noted, but<br />

both have been removed to make the breakfast area larger; combined with<br />

the adjoining kitchen space, it’s become a “great room” conducive to in-<br />

The outside atrium with slatted wood overhang is centrally located<br />

upstairs providing an outside/inside element in the main living<br />

quarters.<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 39

trospection as well as family time.<br />

The kitchen was modernized and<br />

remodeled by the Kims in keeping<br />

with the original aesthetic of the<br />

home.<br />

“The wood for the new kitchen<br />

came from the same mill where<br />

the original wood came to build<br />

the actual house,” Kim said.<br />

Craftman Robert Halderman, revisiting<br />

his original work, sourced<br />

the new wood, as well. Miller<br />

Woodworking of Harbor City,<br />

whose owners are Palos Verdes residents,<br />

hand-scratched the kitchen<br />

wood to create the linear, floating<br />

cabinetry replete with invisible<br />

touch latches. The refrigerator and<br />

pantry are disguised behind custom<br />

millwork hand stained in a<br />

deep onyx color. “Our main thing<br />

was preserving the aesthetic and<br />

the feel of the house but pulling<br />

out more of the modern and updating<br />

the house,” Kim said. “...That<br />

was the trickiest part.”<br />

They also added larger windows<br />

to the second level and a guest<br />

bathroom.<br />

“The windows used to be much<br />

smaller,” Kim said.<br />

In the new kitchen are Corian<br />

countertops, flowing and virtually<br />

seamless with bold effects of white<br />

color coupled with translucency.<br />

Kim said she had yet to see something<br />

her children could spill that<br />

could stain them.<br />

The upstairs is further comprised<br />

of the master bedroom and<br />

bathroom, situated adjacent to the<br />

atrium, with windows that act like<br />

skylights opening to the stars and<br />

moon as well as a large picture<br />

window to view the city lights. The<br />

master bathroom is also newly remodeled<br />

and has both Corian walls<br />

and countertops. Outside the room<br />

is a wall piece which appears to be<br />

a decorated skateboard. The family<br />

enjoys board sports and Kim explained<br />

this was an iconic design<br />

made by the international fashion<br />

The master bathroom has Dorn Bracht contemporary fixtures, frameless<br />

mirror and glass shower enclosure and Corian walls, all in line with a<br />

minimalist modern design.<br />

The children's room has permanent wood bunk beds built into the wall and<br />

a rustic linear wood design throughout.<br />

designer Celine, one of a limited<br />

number that a fashion blogger<br />

friend of hers had printed on skateboard<br />

decks.<br />

Perhaps one of the most vivid art<br />

pieces in the home, hanging in the<br />

stairwell, is a dynamic, large scale,<br />

and close-up photograph of snow<br />

falling. Kathy’s brother, Kevin Ito,<br />

was the photographer who captured<br />

this ethereal show of light<br />

within falling snow, making the<br />

event consonant with a meteor<br />

shower or some other extraordinary<br />

extraterrestrial event. The<br />

piece literally lights up the stairwell<br />

and breaks homogeneity. The<br />

passion the family has for the outdoors<br />

is tactile, expressed vividly<br />

throughout the home’s core.<br />

The wide dovetailed butcher<br />

block stairs lead you to the downstairs<br />

and showcase what a wood<br />

craftsman can achieve given the<br />

right skillset and gift of patience.<br />

Down these same stairs are two<br />

bedrooms and an additional bedroom<br />

being used as an office. The<br />

family added an expansive recreation<br />

room off the garage for the<br />

kids, which has a couch, piano,<br />

pinball machine and other amusements.<br />

Kim acquired the hip midcentury<br />

modern furniture and<br />

accessories here by visiting a myriad<br />

of vintage shops. With just over<br />

2,600 square feet of living space on<br />

just over 7,400 square feet of land,<br />

this house doesn’t leave its residents<br />

wanting for much.<br />

“You don’t make a photograph<br />

just with a camera,” said legendary<br />

photographer Ansel Adams. “You<br />

bring to the act of photography all<br />

the pictures you have seen, the<br />

books you have read, the music<br />

you have heard, the people you<br />

have loved.”<br />

This home is a paragon of this<br />

sentiment. If Ansel Adams were<br />

among us now, he would have<br />

found in this residence his ideal.<br />

PEN<br />

Owner Kathy Ito Kim reading to her children Bea and Walter in the master<br />

bedroom.<br />

40 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

edlerderenzis.com<br />

1700 PERCH ST. SAN PEDRO $1,195,000<br />

3609 NAVAJO PLACE<br />


$2,895,000<br />



$1,499,000<br />



$8,249,000<br />



$899,000<br />

129 ROCKY POINT RD<br />


$2,649,000<br />

6961 KINGS HARBOR<br />


$1,397,000<br />



310.872.4333<br />

CALBRE#01113145<br />



310.418.62610<br />

CALBRE#01760239<br />



310.283.8790<br />


42 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 43

Chef and owner Rafael Solorzano at Salsa Verdes. Photo by Brad Jacobson (CivicCouch.com)<br />

Rafael’s second act<br />

by Richard Foss<br />

Upscale Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles<br />

often serve a curiously distorted cuisine.<br />

We have talented chefs who know<br />

Mexican traditions because they grew up with<br />

them, and they have better produce and meat<br />

than is generally available south of the border.<br />

Unfortunately their audience is used to a bland,<br />

homogenized version of the cooking of only one<br />

part of the country, comprising the northwestern<br />

states and Baja peninsula.<br />

A leading local chef discovered this problem<br />

the hard way and relaunched his restaurant as a<br />

consequence. Rafael Solorzano was ambitious<br />

when he opened Alfredo Garcia’s in Palos Verdes,<br />

serving a menu with numerous items from Yucatan<br />

and the southern regions. The restaurant<br />

was a critical success, but confused locals who<br />

didn’t recognize most of the items on the menu.<br />

Reached by phone for an interview Solorzano<br />

said that he now recognizes that he might have<br />

tried to do too much too soon.<br />

“<strong>People</strong> like things that are familiar to them. I<br />

introduced so many things people here didn’t<br />

know, like tamalitos, chiles nogada, and cochinita<br />

pibil, all at once. <strong>People</strong> seemed to like that there<br />

was a choice, but that was not what they actually<br />

ordered. They really liked the mole and we sold<br />

that a lot, but not the birria (a spicy stew made<br />

with goat meat). When I talked to people they<br />

said they wanted things that were more fresh and<br />

healthy. They want a very good version of things<br />

they already know.”<br />

Solorzano knew what they liked, and how to<br />

present it with style. He had previously cooked<br />

at the LA Country Club and other prestigious<br />

venues. He developed a new menu centered on<br />

Northern Mexican specialties and rebranded the<br />

place as Salsa Verdes (not, he explained, because<br />

they specialize in green sauces, but because he<br />

makes salsa and they’re in Palos Verdes).<br />

There has been a fallback to old favorites,<br />

though they’re made with uncommon skill and<br />

an emphasis on light, gently sharp flavors. In the<br />

tortilla soup this was expressed with a dash of<br />

lime juice while in a daily special of prawn ceviche<br />

tostadas, the same effect was achieved with<br />

mango and watermelon. Those tostadas were the<br />

hit of our meal and deserve a place on the menu.<br />

The mix of marinated seafood, onion, and<br />

cilantro with fruit was refreshing and delicious.<br />

Tomatillos have a different kind of fruity tartness,<br />

and lent some zing to a moderately spicy<br />

green sauce that we enjoyed over crab enchiladas.<br />

Crab is a sufficiently delicate meat that is<br />

often overwhelmed by spicy sauces, but this one<br />

was a partner in the flavors and enhanced without<br />

dominating.<br />

The other mains I have tried are chicken enchiladas<br />

in mole sauce and sea bass Veracruz style,<br />

topped with a vegetable medley of sautéed bell<br />

peppers, zucchini, capers, onion, and green<br />

olives. The rich sauce reminded me of a French<br />

ratatouille, and it goes just as well with grilled<br />

fish with just a little char on the exterior. Cilantro<br />

rice and black beans completed the plate for a<br />

Salsa Verdes’ chef is passionate<br />

about bringing the best of his<br />

native cuisine to the <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

substantial meal.<br />

The chicken enchiladas in thick, rich mole<br />

sauce are a carry-over from the previous menu,<br />

and it’s easy to see why they made the cut. The<br />

Puebla-style sauce made with chocolate, chili<br />

peppers, nuts, and spices has a deep, complex flavor<br />

and is one of the treasures of Mexican cooking.<br />

Chef Rafael makes it very well. The two big<br />

enchiladas on the plate are garnished with queso<br />

fresco and red onion and there are dabs of pico<br />

de gallo and chopped radish on the plate, but it’s<br />

all about the sauce and I used the last of my corn<br />

chips to get every bit of it.<br />

I have only tried one of the desserts, an unusual<br />

dulce de leche cake crusted with caramel, served<br />

atop a crisp cinnamon tortilla chip, and garnished<br />

with berries. It was a bit sweet for my tastes, but<br />

all Mexican desserts tend to be off the scale for<br />

my palate. My wife, who has a greater tolerance<br />

for sweets than I do, thought it was delightful.<br />

Salsa Verdes is successful on its own terms.<br />

This is the type of Mexican restaurant the <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

will support, with assured cooking of standards<br />

and just a little exploration into more<br />

arcane traditions. It’s a solid second act from a<br />

chef who is passionate about bringing the best of<br />

his native cuisine to the <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

Salsa Verdes is at 2325 Palos Verdes Drive West.<br />

Open Tues. - Sat 11 a.m. - 9:30 p.m., Sun. 1 – 9 p.m.<br />

Closed Mon. Parking lot below, elevator access,<br />

wheelchair okay. Beer, wine, and agave wine margaritas<br />

served. Some vegetarian items. Menu at SalsaVerdes.com,<br />

phone (424) 206-9456. PEN<br />

44 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>


With the great goodness of Mama<br />

in Rolling Hills Estates, we now offer<br />

our Cafe’ - a smaller version in Malaga Cove Plaza!<br />

Specializing in Mama’s Spaghetti & Meatballs with<br />

our newly inspired flatbreads, salads and more!<br />

Join us for Lunch & Dinner Mon-Sat.<br />

• Outdoor Patio Seating • Lots of Free Parking<br />

36 Malaga Cove Plaza<br />

Palos Verdes Estates<br />

(310) 375-6767<br />

815 Deep Valley Drive<br />

Rolling Hills Estates<br />

(310) 377-5757<br />

www.mamaterano.com<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 45

CONCRETE - For the Drought-Conscious<br />

eventcalendar<br />


Compiled by Teri Marin<br />

You can email your event to our address: penpeople@easyreadernews.com<br />

All submissions must be sent by the 10th of each month prior to event taking place.<br />

] u<br />

t<br />

• Stamping<br />

• Driveways<br />

• Pool Decks<br />

• Arificial Turf<br />

• Patios<br />

• Stonework<br />

• Pavers<br />

• Foundations<br />


Casey Lindahl - Founder & President of Lindahl Concrete Construction, Inc.<br />

310-326-6626<br />

Call for Showroom address<br />

Call for estimate<br />

LindahlConcrete.com<br />

Lic.#531387<br />

Robert T. Downs, Sharon A. Bryan* ** + ++, Christopher M. Moore* ** + ++, Rebecca L.T. Schroff** + ++, Jan T. Inoue*<br />

* Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization;<br />

** Certified Trusts & Estates Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization;<br />

+ Chosen to 2016 Super Lawyers; ++ Chosen to 2015, 2016 and <strong>2017</strong> editions of Best Lawyers of America ©<br />

Honored by our peers for our professional excellence,<br />

Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue LLP<br />

2016 Super Lawyers<br />

Certified Family Law and Trusts & Estates Specialists<br />

Complex Property • Custody • Support Issues<br />

Personal Service • Exceptional Results<br />

Cost Effective • Timely Resolutions<br />

(310) 540-8855<br />

21515 Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 490, Torrance<br />

www.mbsllp.com | mail@mbsllp.com<br />

Saturdays, January 28 & <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 4<br />

Volunteer trail watchers<br />

If you hike, bike or ride horses, become a Trail Watch Volunteer and make a<br />

difference. Trail Watch Training 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Ladera Linda Community<br />

Center, 32201 Forrestal Dr, Rancho Palos Verdes. Sign up at pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

Saturday, January 28<br />

Outdoor Volunteer Day<br />

Nurture seedlings and grow shrubs for habitat restoration projects all around<br />

the <strong>Peninsula</strong> at the White Point Native Plant Nursery. 9 a.m.–noon. Reservation<br />

required by Wednesday, Jan. 25. Sign up at pvplc.volunteerhub.com.<br />

Native plant sale noon to 2 p.m. 1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro.<br />

Farming in the South Bay<br />

Author Judi Gerber will discuss the history of the area’s local family farmers,<br />

dating back to the 1700s at White Point Nature Education Center. 10 a.m.<br />

– noon. Free. 1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro. RSVP at pvplc.org.<br />

Guided Nature Walk<br />

Enjoy coastal views and learn about the plants, animals, restoration area &<br />

more! 9 a.m. White Point Nature Preserve, 1600 W. Paseo del Mar in San<br />

Pedro. Meet at the information kiosk between parking lot & Nature Center.<br />

For more info call (310) 541-7613 or RSVP at: pvplc.org, Events & Activities.<br />

SGT Peppers<br />

Enjoy classic Beatles hits from Ticket<br />

to Ride to Come Together played on<br />

the same vintage of instruments the<br />

Beatles used - recreating the original<br />

vibe. 8 p.m., Grand Annex, 434<br />

West 6th St., San Pedro. (310) 833-<br />

4813 or grandvision.org.<br />

Sunday, January 29<br />

Tour of Abalone Cove<br />

Enjoy a guided hike lead by the Los<br />

Serenos docents down to Abalone<br />

Cove. 3 p.m. (Also 1:30 on <strong>Feb</strong>. 25)<br />

Learn about the native fauna and<br />

flora and interesting facts about the<br />

local tide pool. The hiking difficulty<br />

is moderate to strenuous. Wear<br />

sturdy shoes. 5970 Palos Verdes Dr<br />

S, Rancho Palos Verdes. Parking fees<br />

waived up to 45 minutes prior to the<br />

event and 30 minutes after. Free. For<br />

more information, call (310) 377-<br />

5370 or visit losserenos.org.<br />

Thursday, <strong>Feb</strong>. 2<br />

New Neighbors Club<br />

Social and charitable women’s organization<br />

open to residents of the<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong>. Activities include book<br />

club, golf, excursions and dining out.<br />

48 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

Saturday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 4<br />

One Book, One <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

The Palos Verdes Library District and partners Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Friends<br />

of the Library, South Coast Botanic Garden Foundation, Marymount California<br />

University, Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> Land Conservancy, Palos Verdes Art Center,<br />

Sustainable Palos Verdes Schools, Palos Verdes High School and Palos Verdes<br />

Performing Arts present the 8th annual One Book, One <strong>Peninsula</strong> event featuring<br />

Natalie Baszile, author of Queen Sugar. 2-4 p.m. South Coast Botanic<br />

Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Blvd, Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>. No fees associated<br />

with this event but Garden admission is an additional fee. No registration required<br />

but seating is limited and will be first come, first served basis. For more<br />

information visit pvld.org/onebook or southcoastbotanicgarden.org/eventpolicies<br />

to learn more about event.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 5<br />

Kids Club with Project Wild<br />

South Coast Botanic Garden’s Kids Club includes wildly fun activities to eneventcalendar<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Library Community Room, 701 Silver Spur Rd., RHE. 10 a.m. Luncheon<br />

follows the meeting at 12:30 p.m. For more info, call Viktoria Mohme<br />

(310) 377-4862.<br />

Friday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 3<br />

The Fire<br />

David Brewer and fiddle champ Rebecca Lomnicky play upbeat Scottish fiddle,<br />

bagpipes, and bodhran with guest vocalist Christa Burch. Opener: Lyons<br />

Academy of Irish Dance. 8 p.m., Grand Annex, 434 West 6th St., San Pedro,<br />

(310) 833-4813 or grandvision.org.<br />

Shortest<br />

Run to<br />

Catalina!<br />

Southern California’s Newest Marina<br />


Happy Valentine’s Day!<br />

Guest Slips Available!<br />

Marina Amenities<br />

• SLIPS from 28’ to 130’<br />

• Dry Storage w/Crane Launching<br />

• New Restrooms w/Showers<br />

• Ice Machines & Laundry<br />

• Pumpout - Public & In-Slip<br />

• Ample FREE Parking<br />

Marina (310) 514-4985 • Dry Storage (310) 521-0200<br />

Cabrillowaymarina@westrec.com • cabrillodb@aol.com<br />

www.westrec.com/marina/cabrillo-way-marina<br />

2293 Miner St., San Pedro, CA 90731<br />

NOW<br />

OPEN!<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 49

eventcalendar<br />

gage children ages 5 – 10 in wildlife and environmental education. Kids Club<br />

is included with Garden admission, but a $5 donation is greatly appreciated.<br />

3-4 p.m.; activities may run longer than anticipated. Registration required and<br />

limited to 20 children. 26300 Crenshaw Blvd, Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>. southcoastbotanicgarden.org.<br />

Wednesday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 8<br />

Palos Verdes Woman’s Club<br />

Meeting at noon at the Rolling Hills Country Club. Program will be Valentine<br />

music and songs performed by Anne Destabelle. 27000 Palos Verdes Dr E,<br />

Rolling Hills Estates. For reservations and info call Beverly at (310) 378-1349.<br />

Friday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 10<br />

Musique concert<br />

Brynn Albanese, violinist and graduate of Rolling Hills High School Class of<br />

‘86, returns to the <strong>Peninsula</strong> after 30 years to perform with her gypsy ensemble<br />

group, Cafe Musique!, in concert at Rolling Hills United Methodist Church.<br />

7:30 p.m. Admission is free but donations are appreciated! For more information,<br />

contact the church office at 310-377-6771.<br />

Saturdays, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 11, 18<br />

Film Fest<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Oscar Nominated Shorts. Live action & documentary short subjects presented<br />

by San Pedro International Film Festival. Warner Grand Theatre, 478<br />

W. 6th St., San Pedro. (310) 548-2493; warnergrand.org.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Feb</strong>. 11<br />

Willie Watson<br />

Watson (formerly of Old Crow Medicine<br />

Show) is a singer-songwriter,<br />

multi-instrumentalist and star of the<br />

traditional and old time music renaissance.<br />

8 p.m. Grand Annex, 434<br />

West 6th St., San Pedro, (310) 833-<br />

4813 or grandvision.org.<br />

Arts Fundraiser<br />

Norris Pavilion & Norris Theatre, annual<br />

gala . Dinner and show. 27570<br />

Norris Center Dr, Rolling Hills Estates.<br />

(310) 544-0403 or<br />

palosverdesperformingarts.com.<br />

Banning Museum<br />

12th Annual Valentine’s Tea and<br />

Tunes, at The Banning Museum. 1-3<br />

p.m. Elegant light lunch, special<br />

teas, hat contest, live entertainment,<br />

tour the Mansion and special exhibit.<br />

Limited seating.The cost is $65<br />

for Friends of Banning Museum<br />

members & $75 for non-members.<br />

401 East M Street, Wilmington.<br />

Reservations (310) 548-2005.<br />

Pen Heritage fundraiser<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Heritage School’s Winter<br />

Gala. Dinner, silent and live auctions.<br />

6 p.m. The Automobile Driving<br />

Museum, 610 Lairport St, El Segundo.<br />

(310) 541-4795.<br />

50 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

Trail Crew Introductory Class<br />

Join this introductory class to learn how to improve <strong>Peninsula</strong> trails with various<br />

techniques for erosion repair, building rock walls, proper pruning and more!<br />

No experience needed, 18 and over. 9 a.m. to noon. PV Land Conservancy<br />

Office: 916 Silver Spur Rd. #104, RHE. Sign up at: pvplc.volunteerhub.com<br />

or (310) 541-7613x215.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 12<br />

Sweetheart’s Stroll in the Garden<br />

Included with Garden admission, join a romantic afternoon in the South Coast<br />

Botanic Garden enjoying a picnic and local beer and wine. Tastings will be<br />

$5 for 5 tastings. No registration required. Noon - 4 p.m. 26300 Crenshaw<br />

Blvd, Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>. Visit southcoastbotanicgarden.org/event-policies<br />

to learn more.<br />

Dawn Unity Groups<br />

Annual Interfaith Bible Lecture, featuring Professor Daniel Smith-Christopher<br />

and Professor Marvin Sweeney. 7:30 p.m. Rolling Hills United Methodist<br />

Church, 26438 Crenshaw Blvd, Rolling Hills. infobobroth@alum.mit.edu.<br />

Rolling Hills United Methodist Concerts<br />

Second Sundays at Two. Stars of Tomorrow from USC Music School. 2 p.m.<br />

Free, donations to artists. 26438 Crenshaw Blvd, RHE. RHUMC.org.<br />

Los Serenos tours at Ocean Trails Reserve<br />

Enjoy a guided hike led by the Los Serenos docents down to Ocean Trails Reserve<br />

at 2 p.m. Enjoy coastal views, visit WWII sites and possible Gray Whale<br />

sightings. It’s free and the public is welcome! Canceled if rain. 5970 Palos<br />

Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes. Park on La Rotonda Dr. at Twin Harbors<br />

View Dr. For more info, call (310) 377-5370 or visit website at losserenos.org.<br />

4203 Spencer St., Torrance, CA 90503<br />

(310)214-5049 • www.pevelers.com<br />

Appointment Recommended<br />

Showroom Hours: Monday Thru Friday 10-5<br />

Closed Saturday and Sunday<br />

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<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 51

V ilicich<br />

Watch & Clock<br />

Established 1947<br />

We Buy<br />

Watches!<br />

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$ 9 8 0<br />

Residential Water Heater<br />

40 gal. installed! ($1080 - 50 gal. also available)<br />

Includes hot & cold water supply lines<br />

Expires March 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />

$ 7 5<br />

Rooter Service - Main Line<br />

Must have clean-out access. Some restrictions may apply.<br />

Expires March 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />





F R E E<br />

E S T I M A T E S<br />

M e n t i o n t h i s a d w h e n<br />

s e t t i n g u p a p p o i n t m e n t .<br />

3 1 0 . 5 4 3 . 2 0 0 1<br />

Thursday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 16<br />

South Coast Rose Society<br />

Social hour at 7 p.m. followed by a special Valentine’s Day exhibit about roses<br />

& romanticism. South Coast Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Blvd., Palos<br />

Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>. For more info, please visit them on Facebook.<br />

Friday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 17<br />

The Addams Family<br />

The Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory will present a student production<br />

of the hit musical, “The Addams Family” at the Norris Theatre, through<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary 26. The ghoulish world from the 1960 television series come to<br />

spooky and spectacular life on stage. Performance times are 7:30 p.m. on<br />

Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays, as well as a 2 p.m. show <strong>Feb</strong>ruary<br />

25. Tickets are $15 for ages 12 and under; $22 - $28 for teens and<br />

adults. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 310-544-0403 or visit<br />

norriscenter.com. 27570 Norris Center Drive, Rolling Hills Estates.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 18<br />

Rose’s Pawn Shop<br />

Grammy-nominated powerhouse returns to the Grand Annex for a great night<br />

of indie rock. Their music evokes Woody Guthrie and Bill Monroe but it’s pure<br />

21st century Americana. 8 p.m. 434 West 6th St., San Pedro, (310) 833-<br />

4813 or grandvision.org.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 19<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Symphony<br />

A Royal Affair. Inna Faliks, soloist, Redondo Union High School Auditorium,<br />

631 Vincent St., Redondo Beach 7pm (310) 544-0320.<br />

World Of Wolves<br />

An exciting presentation allowing up close and personal interactions with ambassador<br />

wolves like Damu and his friends. Project Wildsong presenters will<br />

give an overview about wolf habitat, diet, physical characteristics, pack structure<br />

and ways wolves communicate. 2-4 p.m. South Coast Botanic Garden,<br />

26300 Crenshaw Blvd, Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>. Bring blankets or lawn chairs<br />

to sit on. Registration required; online preregistration highly recommended.<br />

$6 adult members / $12 non; $3<br />

child members (ages 5-12) / $5<br />

Thank You<br />

For Your<br />

Vote!<br />

ON CALL<br />

24 HOURS<br />

7 DAYS<br />

52 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong><br />

2013<br />

Thursday, <strong>Feb</strong>. 23<br />

PV Historical Society<br />

Sweets, Secrets, and Wine. Stories<br />

from the Artifacts Collection. Palos<br />

Verdes history is filled with stories<br />

and secrets that many residents may<br />

not know or remember. The first of a<br />

series of talks based on pieces from<br />

the collection. The evening will begin<br />

with time for viewing the selected obeventcalendar<br />

non-members. 4 and under free.<br />

southcoastbotanicgarden.org.<br />

Organ donation<br />

The Neighborhood Church presents<br />

Notre Dame Choir Organist Johann<br />

Vexo, the latest in its series of annual<br />

organ concerts. Tickets $20. 4 p.m.<br />

415 Paseo del Mar, PVE. (310)<br />

378-9353. Neighborhoodchurchpve.org.

If the Queen’s Necklace is a Treasure, then<br />

1721 Paseo Del Mar is its Crown Jewel<br />

4 Bedrooms | 4.5 Bathrooms | 6,844 SF<br />

Over 330 feet of ocean frontage on almost an acre of land<br />

Offered at $13,900,000 | 1721PaseoDelMar.com<br />


Email: phedstrom@earthlink.net<br />

Phone: 310.936.5875<br />

CALBRE# 00796720<br />


Email: gayle.probst@gmail.com<br />

Phone: 310.977.9711<br />

CALBRE# 01137236


Custom Concrete & Masonry<br />

eventcalendar<br />

jects and social hour. Short talks by three board members who are local historians<br />

- Ann Hugh, Bruce Megowan and Vicki Mack. Q & A after each talk,<br />

followed by light desserts. Pt. Vicente Interpretive Center, 31501 Palos Verdes<br />

Dr W, Rancho Palos Verdes. 7:30 to 9 p.m. Members $10, Non $20. Seating<br />

limited, RSVP (310) 373-6018 or membership@palosverdeshistoricalsociety.org.<br />

Saturday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 25<br />

Fashion Show<br />

The Bedecked, Bejeweled and Bedazzled Vista’s for Children Fashion Show<br />

and Boutique/Luncheon in the Queen Mary Ballroom. 10 a.m.- 4p.m.1126<br />

Queens Hwy, Long Beach. Vistasforchildren.org for more info.<br />

Honey Country<br />

Rooted in three-part harmonies and southern twang, this trio can be heard on<br />

HBO’s True Blood. 8 p.m. Grand Annex, 434 West 6th St., San Pedro, (310)<br />

833-4813 or grandvision.org.<br />

Un Tributo a Mexico<br />

Grandeza Mexicana Folk Ballet Company, led by Artistic Director Jose Vences,<br />

showcases the splendor of Mexican Folk danf. Warner Grand Theatre, 478<br />

W. 6th St., San Pedro. (310) 548-2493 or warnergrand.org.<br />

Sunday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 26<br />

The Belle of Amherst<br />

A play, with afternoon tea. Actress Melanie Jones mesmerizes in this onewoman<br />

play as Emily Dickinson, a daring poet in 1800s New England. Followed<br />

by Afternoon Tea (with scones, sandwiches, dessert). 2 p.m. To benefit<br />

Meet the Music. Grand Annex, 434 West 6th St., San Pedro, (310) 833-4813<br />

or grandvision.org.<br />


• Pools, Spas, Fountains<br />

and Waterfeatures<br />

• Firepits and Fireplaces<br />

• Outdoor Cook Centers<br />

• Stone and Tile Patios<br />

• Interlocking Pavers<br />

• Retaining Walls<br />

• Driveways<br />

(310) 325-6790<br />

www.quinnpools.com<br />

License B, C-8, C-53 #775677<br />

We reimburse UBER & LYFT up to $10<br />

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320 Tejon Place Palos Verdes Estates (310) 378-0267<br />

www.LaRiveGauchePV.com<br />


Dine & Enjoy Our Lunch & Dinner Specials!<br />

54 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

eventcalendar<br />

Tuesday, <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 28<br />

Shrove Tuesday Luncheon<br />

Sponsored by the St. John Fisher Women’s Council. The Luncheon is their annual<br />

fundraiser for the local charities they support. Guest Speaker will be<br />

Bishop Sartoris. Admission will be $25. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Reservations can be<br />

made at the Parish Office, 5448 Crest Rd. RPV until <strong>Feb</strong>ruary 24. Call Elaine<br />

Sweers at (310) 377-7704 for more info. PEN<br />

BEACH FC <strong>2017</strong> TRY-OUTS<br />

We are excited to announce our upcoming Try-Outs for<br />

our younger teams in both the South Bay<br />

and Long Beach.<br />

Ages: 2011 - 2003<br />

All players are welcome to attend.<br />

Come and join the Beach Family.<br />

Suzy Zimmerman, Agent<br />

Insurance Lic#: OF71296<br />

4010 Palos Verdes Dr N, Suite<br />

103<br />

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274<br />

Bus: 310-377-9531<br />

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<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> 55



M E D I C A L C E N T E R<br />

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat....<br />

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William J. Wickwire, M.D.<br />

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Two Coolscuplting Devices to Treat Two Areas at Once!<br />

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All PPOs Accepted<br />

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Appts. Available<br />

Parker Hearing Institute<br />

Prides Itself on Professional and Empathetic Care<br />

When Dr. William Lee Parker of Hermosa Beach, was only nine<br />

months old he formed the letter “L” with his thumb and index finger,<br />

then touched his tiny thumb to his forehead, and signed his first word,<br />

“daddy.”<br />

Though William Parker had normal hearing, both his parents were<br />

deaf. He didn’t begin to speak orally until he was three-years-old. The<br />

Parker family lived in Hawthorne.<br />

“My language structure, which began with sign language, was<br />

right on target,” he said. Neighbors and other deaf families taught<br />

Parker how to communicate with his voice. Dr. Parker has become<br />

the teacher, not only helping the deaf and hard of hearing, but<br />

showing them and their families how to cope in a world that isn’t always<br />

compassionate and just.<br />

Parker is an audiologist. His patients at the Parker Hearing Institute<br />

in Torrance, which he founded in 1975, range from infants and children<br />

to adults and senior citizens. His children Josh and Andrea followed<br />

him into the business after years of study in audiology. Josh is<br />

now in charge of the Institute, with offices in Torrance and San Pedro.<br />

Every working day Josh battles adversity. He tests the hearing of a<br />

little girl who was born deaf, then counsels her parents on how to<br />

overcome their anxieties and fears about raising the child. Through<br />

speech therapy, he teaches a hearing impaired youngster to articulate<br />

words and sentences properly. He convinces a cantankerous<br />

senior citizen to quit brooding and accept the fact that he must, at<br />

this late stage in<br />

life, wear a hearing<br />

aid.<br />

The Hearing<br />

Loss Association<br />

of America estimates<br />

that 48 million<br />

Americans<br />

are affected by<br />

hearing loss and<br />

1 out of every<br />

1,000 children is born deaf. One fifth of the population has hearing<br />

loss, and only one fifth of THOSE persons seek hearing help. The vanity<br />

issue (looking old) keeps 38.4 million people from wearing hearing<br />

aids.<br />

Modern digital aids are invisible and highly adaptive to noisy environments.<br />

Parker Hearing Institute prides itself on professional and empathetic<br />

care.<br />

Dr. William Lee Parker is proud of the practice he built and is doubly<br />

proud of his children, now adults, who carry on the high standard of<br />

hearing care that he brought to Southern California. Together with<br />

their hand-trained audiologists, Parker Hearing Institute has helped<br />

over 40,000 persons achieve greater hearing health.<br />

Parker Hearing Institute | 4201 Torrance Blvd, Suite 140, Torrance CA 90503 | (310) 540-4327 | www.ParkerHearing.com<br />


56 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

A<br />

ward-winning physician Essam Taymour is seeing remarkable results<br />

with a breakthrough outpatient treatment that rejuvenates<br />

women’s vaginas and urinary tracts, ending age-related problems<br />

of dryness, itching, painful intercourse, frequent urination and recurrent<br />

urinary tract infections.<br />

The treatment uses gentle laser pulses to revive tissues at the cellular<br />

level, thickening and lubricating the vaginal wall, restoring elasticity and<br />

blood flow, and balancing the bacterial ecosystem. The treatment is<br />

commonly referred to as MonaLisa Touch, after the trade name for the<br />

laser apparatus.<br />

An overwhelming majority of the women Taymour has treated with<br />

MonaLisa Touch have seen their symptoms disappear after three painless<br />

five-minute sessions.<br />

“The results are absolutely astounding,” said Taymour, a board-certified<br />

obstetrician and gynecologist with full privileges at two hospitals,<br />

including Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, where he was named<br />

Doctor of the Year in 2010.<br />

The new treatment is bolstered by positive studies. One study tracking<br />

50 women found an 84 percent satisfaction level, with no adverse effects.<br />

Of the women who had been refraining from sex because of pain,<br />

85 percent were able to resume sexual relations.<br />

After treating about 100 women, Taymour’s results have outstripped<br />

those of the study. Among his patients, all of those who had complained<br />

of painful intercourse have been able to resume normal sexual functioning.<br />

Some of Taymour’s patients have taken to Yelp.com to laud his treatment.<br />

“Three treatments helped rejuvenate things down there, and even<br />

helped with better bladder control,” said a Palos Verdes woman, who<br />

also praised Taymour’s knowledge and technical skill.<br />

Taymour was a pioneer of the laser treatment in Southern California.<br />

He began offering it two years ago, when the closest colleague to keep<br />

pace was located in Beverly Hills.<br />

The symptoms that are treated by MonaLisa Touch, grouped under<br />

the term Genital Urinary Syndrome, affect some 50 percent of postmenopausal<br />

women, and about 15 percent of pre-menopausal<br />

women, Taymour said. But despite the prevalence of the syndrome, it is<br />

significantly underdiagnosed.<br />

“Surveys have found that only about 25 percent of women can even<br />

identify this set of complaints with menopause. The great majority of<br />

Dr. Essam Taymour<br />

Helping Women with Breakthrough Treatment<br />

DR. ESSAM TAYMOUR | 3550 Linden Ave., Suite 1, Long Beach | 562-595-5331 | gynomedgroup.com<br />

women don’t even put two and two together, that their complaints are<br />

linked to menopause,” Taymour said.<br />

“The syndrome progresses, and symptoms get worse, as women get<br />

older,” he said. “With human lifespans getting longer, Genital Urinary<br />

Syndrome is having a greater impact on quality of life.”<br />

Women often address the symptoms with over-the-counter creams<br />

and gels, which provide a limited, “Band-Aid-like” solution, or estrogen<br />

medications, which carry health risks and cannot be used by all women.<br />

“We really were challenged in treating these symptoms,” Taymour<br />

said.<br />

Then in 2014 the FDA approved the new treatment, which uses a fractional<br />

laser to heat certain tissues just enough to activate dormant cells,<br />

triggering a host of rejuvenating effects in the vaginal and bladder<br />

areas.<br />

In addition to MonaLisa Touch, Taymour provides a broad spectrum<br />

of obstetrical services including laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgeries.<br />

He has championed minimally invasive gynecological surgery<br />

since it began to evolve in the 1980s.<br />

He is currently involved with a new innovative procedure using a radio<br />

frequency probe to shrink benign tumors called fibroids in the uterus.<br />

The treatment, called Acessa, replaces surgeries that can scar and<br />

weaken the uterus, requiring births by cesarean section.<br />

Taymour’s Yelp rankings are off the charts, with comments such as:<br />

“Best doctor ever…He made it possible for me and my fiancé to have<br />

an opportunity to have children. Hardly any marks after my surgery. He<br />

did it all laparoscopically [as non-invasively as possible] and with minimal<br />

pain.”<br />

“Dr. Taymour was my third opinion on my options of fibroid reduction<br />

or removal surgery. The Acessa procedure was a fantastic option for<br />

me. I had little to no pain…He was everything I needed in a doctor to<br />

handle this challenge and keep my body intact.”<br />

“He is a skilled surgeon [and] performed a hysterectomy laparoscopically<br />

with little swelling or bruising, and virtually no scarring.”<br />

“He saved me from a close call emergency C-section!”<br />

“The most kind and efficient doctor...He makes you feel as if you’re<br />

his only patient that day!”<br />

The patients’ comments often dwell on his caring and compassionate<br />

approach.<br />

“I don’t think this is a job,” Taymour said. “It’s a mission. You are there<br />

for others.”<br />


<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 57

2 0 1 7 R E A L E S T A T E R O U N D T A B L E<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Realtors Chris Adlam, Lily Liang and Steve Watts. Photo by Brad Jacobson<br />

High<br />

on<br />

hill<br />

the<br />

Terranea Resort, Trump National and<br />

the new Rolling Hills golf course<br />

have helped drive <strong>Peninsula</strong><br />

real estate to all time highs,<br />

according to three top<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> Realtors<br />

58 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

y Stuart Chaussee<br />

Chris Adlam, Lily Liang and Steve Watts recently shared their<br />

thoughts for <strong>Peninsula</strong> magazine’s annual Real Estate Roundtable.<br />

Each has over three decades of experience selling <strong>Peninsula</strong> homes.<br />

Adlam was recently named the number 72 Top Producing Agent in the<br />

nation by the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends. He works for Vista<br />

Sotheby’s International Realty.<br />

Liang has completed over $1 billion in residential real estate transactions<br />

and is Executive Vice President of Strand Hill Properties – Christie’s International<br />

Real Estate.<br />

Watts and partner Ceci Watts are top producers at Re/Max Estate Properties.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Steve, take us back, perhaps 10 years, to the prior peak in real<br />

estate on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

WATTS: In 2007 we hit a peak. Then prices fell 30 percent to 40 percent to<br />

the trough in Q4 2010. Manhattan Beach fell less, but we declined at least<br />

30 percent on the Hill. The peak price in 2007 was around $1.7 million.<br />

We declined to a low of close to $1.2 million in 2010. Since then we have<br />

recovered nicely and we are now at all-time highs on the Hill, with an average<br />

sales price close to $1.8 million. The market has fully recovered.<br />

CHAUSSEE: At the 2013 Roundtable, which Steve and Chris participated in,<br />

I asked you both about the potential for price appreciation at that time.<br />

You both gave a relatively muted outlook, stating you thought average annual<br />

gains would be 5 percent or so. Are you shocked that we have had<br />

such robust price recovery?<br />

ADLAM: Yes, I am shocked. In 2008 there were only 86 sales in Palos Verdes<br />

Estates. The total sales were $165 million,<br />

with an average sales price of $1.925 million.<br />

In 2016, we were almost double those<br />

levels. We had 165 sales representing $366<br />

million in sales volume. Although the average<br />

sales price was only $2.2 million.<br />

WATTS: From 2012 through 2016 we have<br />

been very consistent, with around 600 total<br />

sales on the <strong>Peninsula</strong> every year. We had<br />

628 sales in 2016. In 2005 we had 617 sales<br />

and then declined to a low of 347 in 2008.<br />

It’s also interesting to note that in 2015 the<br />

highest priced sale on the Hill was $15.5<br />

million. Chris had the highest priced sale<br />

this past year of $11.9 million. What is interesting<br />

about the average sales price is that<br />

it really hasn’t increased that much. I found<br />

another interesting statistic looking at how<br />

many homes sold above $5 million in 2016<br />

on the Hill versus Manhattan Beach. I<br />

would have bet my life that what I found<br />

would have been quite different. I thought<br />

Manhattan Beach would have greatly exceeded<br />

the <strong>Peninsula</strong>. However, Manhattan Beach had 17 and Palos Verdes<br />

had 15. And, Manhattan Beach did not have one sale above $10 million.<br />

We had two sales above $10 million on the Hill and, again, zero in Manhattan<br />

Beach.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What does that tell you?<br />

WATTS: That the high-end market of Palos Verdes has greatly improved<br />

over the years relative to Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach currently<br />

has a greater number of homes on the market above $5 million, at 25<br />

homes and we only have 14.<br />

ADLAM: It’s important to note that the price per square foot in Manhattan<br />

Beach is significantly higher than on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>. Manhattan Beach is<br />

priced at over $1,200 per square foot. Our average price per square foot<br />

on the Hill last year was $622.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What can a new buyer expect going forward, as far as price appreciation<br />

per year? Say 5 to 10 years out?<br />

LIANG: I think real estate is the best way to accumulate wealth and I believe<br />

that will continue. What is important is that you must have “holding<br />

power.” We may go down temporarily, but prices will always recover. So,<br />

holding power is the key. Looking out seven years or so I think you could<br />

see a total return of 20 percent or more.<br />

CHAUSSEE: So, we’re only talking about 3 percent or so in average annual<br />

price appreciation from current levels?<br />

LIANG: Right, and we may have a decline somewhere in that period of 10<br />

percent or so, but the recovery afterwards should make up for the drop.<br />

Again, that’s why you need to have holding power.<br />

WATTS: The unknown is what is going to happen under the new administration<br />

and with interest rates. There is a projection of perhaps two interest<br />

rate hikes this year, but in the wealthier areas of the country, like the <strong>Peninsula</strong>,<br />

buyers are less affected by interest rate hikes. They can afford the<br />

higher adjustment on the mortgage. And, I agree with Lily, real estate has<br />

historically been a marvelous investment, but you have to be in a situation<br />

where you are not forced to move and sell your home in a bad or declining<br />

market. We will have a slowdown again – it will happen.<br />

CHAUSSEE: How much do you think we will decline during the next correction?<br />

WATTS: I believe the market here on the Hill will sustain itself even in a<br />

slowdown in the economy. I don’t think our market will even decline by<br />

15 percent or 20 percent. If it did decline by that much we would have demand<br />

come back in and support prices quickly.<br />

ADLAM: I agree.<br />

WATTS: I do want to quantify this - some properties will be hit harder than<br />

others. Distressed homes in a poor location or condition will be hit. When<br />

we have a correction, certainly poorly located or “dysfunctional” properties<br />

with a gas station in the backyard or lots of road noise will get hit more<br />

significantly.<br />

ADLAM: Back 10 years ago or whenever the exact period was when we had<br />

a big correction, remember, buyers were putting so little down to make a<br />

purchase that they didn’t have much<br />

“skin in the game.” It was easy to walk<br />

away from a property that had declined<br />

in value. We have financially healthier<br />

buyers and owners now.<br />

WATTS: I would think in recent years<br />

we often saw down payments, on average,<br />

of 40 percent to 50 percent and<br />

even some all cash purchases.<br />

LIANG: I recently went to Hong Kong to<br />

promote the South Bay area. I have<br />

lived in many different countries of the<br />

world and where we live is one of the<br />

nicest. However, the ultra-rich foreigner<br />

has not really heard of the South Bay.<br />

They know Beverly Hills and Malibu,<br />

but not Palos Verdes. I think that we<br />

have the resources and environment<br />

here to create a Nice or Monte Carlo<br />

and that was my goal in promoting the<br />

South Bay. I think it should be a place<br />

that attracts international buyers.<br />

ADLAM: When you compare some of<br />

the other great cities around the world, London, Paris and San Francisco –<br />

we are a bargain.<br />

LIANG: Yes. Even locally, relative to Marina del Rey and the West Side,<br />

homes here are a bargain.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Where are you seeing your buyers come from?<br />

LIANG: I have been working with many different international buyers. Last<br />

year I was much more active as a buyer’s agent than a listing agent, which<br />

was different for me. My buyers are not only from Taiwan, Hong Kong or<br />

China – they are from all over.<br />

WATTS: Technology has changed our business tremendously. Drones and<br />

3D virtual tours allow buyers to work directly with the listing agent. In<br />

2016 we had a higher number of dual-listing agents than ever before. This<br />

is when the potential buyer goes directly to the listing agent and says he<br />

wants that agent to represent him, possibly because they think they can<br />

get a better deal on the purchase.<br />

CHAUSSEE: So, does the listing agent then get both sides of the sale?<br />

WATTS: Yes, there is some negotiation and there is possibly a reduction.<br />

Similar to what Lily said, we are seeing a lot of international buyers who<br />

will contact the listing agent directly because they can gather all sorts of<br />

information online now and see the property through virtual tours. They<br />

Terranea Resort’s guests have helped increase international awareness<br />

of the Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>Peninsula</strong>. Photo courtesy of Terranea<br />

Resports<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 59



can learn everything about the property and then come out and visit. However,<br />

Palos Verdes has predominantly been an internal “move-up” market<br />

for locals. For example, an owner has done well financially and sells his<br />

home for $2 million looking to buy a property valued at $3.5 or $4 million.<br />

ADLAM: It’s that and those moving from the Beach Cities to the Hill.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Lily, going back to what you said previously about being more<br />

active now as a buyer’s agent, is that something you planned.<br />

LIANG: Not at all. It was simply due to the fact that I’ve had many more<br />

buyers approach me.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Let’s look at the current status on the Hill as far as inventories<br />

and how are we doing relative to other areas in the South Bay?<br />

ADLAM: Right now we are in January so inventory is relatively low. This<br />

is typical for this time of year. Sellers will take their homes off the market<br />

or put them on hold.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What is the current inventory?<br />

WATTS: 118 homes. We were around 150 homes at this time last year.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Has the lower inventory this year affected pricing in a positive<br />

way since you have less supply?<br />

ADLAM: Normally, yes. But, everyone expects inventory to be low this time<br />

of the year. If we had inventory at this level in March then there might be<br />

a different answer to your question. A few years ago in Palos Verdes Estates<br />

in <strong>Feb</strong>ruary there were only 19 homes on the market. And I can also remember<br />

other times when we had probably 200 homes for sale in Palos<br />

Verdes Estates.<br />

160 Cedar Ridge Drive<br />

9 Bedrooms, 11 Bathrooms, 16,000 sq ft<br />

$4,925,000<br />

• Fabulous Mountain Estate<br />

in a gated community<br />

• Main House, Separate Apt.<br />

and Guest House<br />

• 2.75 Acres<br />

• Children's Ensuite<br />

Bedroom with 12 built-in<br />

bunk beds<br />

Shirley Walters<br />

Coldwell Banker- Redlands<br />

• Large his and her's office<br />

• Children's Playground<br />

• Enclosed garage space to<br />

accommodate 6 cars<br />

• Minutes from the Lake<br />

• Beach and Lake Privileges<br />

are included<br />

Jane Angel<br />

Previews Property Specialist<br />

Coldwell Banker- PV Beach Cities<br />

Cell: (310)292-2290<br />

Office: (310)791-6022<br />

Email: jangel@coldwellbanker.com<br />

BRE # 01272591<br />

Cell: (909) 436-6993<br />

Email: shirley.walters@coldwellbanker.com<br />

Bre # 01827379<br />

The new Rolling Hills Country Club and the 114 new homes to be built by<br />

<strong>Peninsula</strong> native Chuck Lande are expected to lift neighboring property values.<br />

Photo courtesy of Rolling Hills Country Club<br />

CHAUSSEE: If you look at the market this past year would you characterize<br />

it as a healthy market?<br />

WATTS: Yes, it was healthy and steady – good for buyers and sellers. It was<br />

not an overly inflated market.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What was the general price appreciation for 2016?<br />

WATTS: Probably 8 percent to 10 percent. It was pretty steady across the<br />

board, though some homes had much higher price appreciation. Good<br />

quality properties will always sell at a premium. If you have all of the right<br />

ingredients – four bedrooms, view property etc. you might have a buyer<br />

who doesn’t care if he has to pay $800,000 or $1 million more – he wants<br />

your property. So, it might sell for much higher than the statistics would<br />

indicate.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What is the entry level now to purchase a home on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>?<br />

ADLAM: Entry level for PVE is probably around $1.3 million.<br />

WATTS: For the entire Hill there are only two homes on the market priced<br />

below $1 million, which is really staggering. For PVE, Chris is probably<br />

right that the lowest priced home is $1.3 million and that will generally be<br />

in the Valmonte area. Sometimes the lower priced homes may be found in<br />

Lunada Bay too. But again, we are seeing historically low levels of inventory.<br />

CHAUSSEE: How much do you need to spend to find a nice family home?<br />

WATTS: $300,000 down payment and a purchase for $1.4 million will get<br />

60 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

you 2,500 square feet, not extensively updated and with no view.<br />

ADLAM: The buyers do have a choice. They can elect to live in Palos Verdes<br />

Estates for something significantly smaller for a little more money than if<br />

they decide to live in Rancho or Rolling Hills Estates, where they could get<br />

more for their money.<br />

CHAUSSEE: And how about Rolling Hills?<br />

ADLAM: That has been an interesting market. The last time I checked I<br />

think there were 26 homes for sale in Rolling Hills and three in escrow.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Which tells you what?<br />

WATTS: Prices are inflated and the product might not be very good.<br />

LIANG: You have the winding streets and the homes seem to be all onelevel<br />

Ranch style, so you only have a certain select buyer who will be attracted<br />

to that area and style of home.<br />

ADLAM: You really have to want to live in Rolling Hills. It’s an isolated sort<br />

of feel, but it is wonderful and a beautiful community. You get lots of privacy<br />

and land, but you have to know exactly what you are getting.<br />

WATTS: And you have the gated community which adds to the protection<br />

and privacy appeal.<br />

CHAUSSEE: In past Roundtable discussions, Realtors have commented that<br />

Palos Verdes Estates has typically held up better in weak periods and had<br />

also appreciated better during times of economic growth. Is a PVE home<br />

typically a better investment as far as retaining its value in a tough market<br />

and appreciating better during a strong market?<br />

ADLAM: Yes, I would say PVE has typically been a little safer investment<br />

and held its value better.<br />

WATTS: Correct.<br />

LIANG: PV Estates has no tract houses. Every home is custom built, which<br />

is appealing. Because they are all custom homes, even if your neighbor<br />

sells his or her home for what you think is a relatively low price, it doesn’t<br />

mean that your home would sell low too – each home is unique.<br />

ADLAM: I had a listing in PVE a couple years ago that was five doors away<br />

from another home on the market. One sold for $469 per square foot and<br />

my listing sold for just over $1,000 per square foot.<br />

CHAUSSEE: And why the discrepancy in pricing?<br />

ADLAM: One was an historic home, great condition with a little better view<br />

and the other had 1970s architecture.<br />

CHAUSSEE: But you’re talking about twice as expensive per square foot!<br />

ADLAM: Right. When we talk about price per square foot it can only be<br />

used as a guide – you can’t hang your hat on it.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Is there a premium price percentage you can typically add to a<br />

home in PVE vs. Rancho or another part of the Hill?<br />

ADLAM: Not really, but you can say that in the Estates you will typically<br />

get less square footage for the money and you will pay a bit more. It varies<br />

per property.<br />

WATTS: We don’t use price per square foot that much. It can range from<br />

$400 on the low side to $1,200 on the high side. It doesn’t tell you if the<br />

home has vaulted ceilings, a view, whether it’s a completely updated home<br />

or not. Simply using square footage doesn’t help much. And, that’s what<br />

Zillow uses which is very misleading and inaccurate.<br />

CHAUSSEE: So you find Zillow estimates, or “Zestimates” to not be that<br />

helpful?<br />

WATTS: Not helpful at all – actually it can be very misleading. I typically<br />

find that Zillow will overestimate in value.<br />

ADLAM: A perfect example of that is the experience the CEO of Zillow had<br />

with his own property. The Zestimate for his home was somewhere around<br />

$1.9 million, but his home ended up selling for just over $1 million.<br />

LIANG: I think for tract houses, Zillow is a pretty good reference because<br />

the homes are so similar, but not for custom homes.<br />

WATTS: You really can’t use a statistical formula like Zillow uses to determine<br />

the value of a custom-built home. And, even in a tract neighborhood<br />

you’ll have many homes that are remodeled and updated so those homes<br />

will be worth more than the same home next door that isn’t updated, but<br />

has the same floor plan and square footage. Zillow doesn’t know that and<br />

that’s where an analysis by a professional can be helpful in giving you an<br />

accurate indication as to pricing. Zillow also does not account for views at<br />

all.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Is there a typical premium you can put on a view property on<br />

the <strong>Peninsula</strong>?<br />

WATTS: You can within reason. I would say the best view value on the Hill<br />

is the Queen’s Necklace with coastline and city view combined. Some do<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> 61

The Palos Verdes <strong>Peninsula</strong>’s international reputation<br />

received a boost when local businessman<br />

Donald Trump, owner of Trump National Golf<br />

Course, was elected president of the United<br />

States. Photo courtesy Trump National Golf<br />

Course<br />

not care for the Harbor view because they think it is cluttered and messy,<br />

but I like it and find it quite interesting.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What is the most in-demand view?<br />

ADLAM: Queen’s Necklace, looking north.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What could a Queen’s Necklace view add to a property as far<br />

as price premium?<br />

ADLAM: It could make it worth three times as much. Let’s use Paseo La<br />

Cresta (aka New York Hill), as an example. If you are on the rim of Paseo<br />

La Cresta, lot value alone<br />

is $6 million. If you are<br />

on the interior with no<br />

view, I don’t want to say<br />

the lot value might be<br />

only $2 million, but it is<br />

most certainly nowhere<br />

near the lot value of a<br />

view property on New<br />

York Point.<br />

WATTS: That is an extreme<br />

example, of<br />

course. Let’s look at another<br />

example. Chris and<br />

I are in escrow on a place<br />

on Via Del Monte. If you<br />

took the property and<br />

moved it across the street<br />

with no view it might go<br />

for half the price. I think<br />

you can add a low premium<br />

of $350,000 to a<br />

property with a view, all<br />

the way up to $1 millionplus.<br />

If you want to own<br />

on the bluff at Rocky<br />

Point, on the outer edge,<br />

where you have a limited<br />

number of homes available,<br />

a buyer with a somewhat unlimited budget might not really care if<br />

he has to pay $3 million or $5 million for what is essentially an irreplaceable<br />

property. It might not come on the market again – he wants to buy it.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What if you can’t afford to buy a home on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>, is<br />

renting a decent option?<br />

WATTS: There is very little inventory and rents have gone up a lot.<br />

LIANG: I have 4 rental listings right now that are available – high-end<br />

homes. One is listed at $28,000 per month. I have leased it before for<br />

$25,000 per month.<br />

CHAUSSEE: But what is entry level on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>, as far as monthly rent?<br />

WATTS: $4,000 would be the minimum.<br />

LIANG: $6,000 per month will get you a nice rental property.<br />

ADLAM: There is a lot of demand but no inventory.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Has the success of Terranea and Trump National helped prices<br />

on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>?<br />

LIANG: I think it has helped a lot. Before Trump National and Terranea,<br />

there were even fewer potential buyers who knew of the <strong>Peninsula</strong>. Now<br />

they come to visit Trump or Terranea and they see just how beautiful it is.<br />

WATTS: Terranea has brought a tremendous benefit to the community. Significant.<br />

ADLAM: The <strong>Peninsula</strong> has now actually become a destination spot. It wasn’t<br />

before.<br />

WATTS: Terranea, far more so than Trump, as far as helping to attract visitors<br />

and increased pricing. Terranea has a tremendous draw and if you<br />

talk to anyone who stays there, you’re never going to hear a bad word. The<br />

visitors marvel at the open space and views.<br />

CHAUSSEE: What about the new homes planned at Rolling Hills Country<br />

Club?<br />

WATTS: They are going to build some spectacular homes that will be entry<br />

level at $3 million and head significantly higher from there. I believe there<br />

will be 114 homes for sale. It will be open for golf around June and the<br />

Clubhouse should open in October. It will be beautiful.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Do you think the demand will be there?<br />

WATTS: Oh yes, without a doubt. It will be spectacular.<br />

CHAUSSEE: How will the homes be sold?<br />

WATTS: We don’t know yet, but I’d like to say that if the owners happen to<br />

read this article, I hope they will open it up to local real estate agents – it<br />

would be advisable. They can learn from the experience Terranea had in<br />

that they tried to sell the properties on their own before opening it up to<br />

local agents.<br />

CHAUSSEE: So you think the new homes being developed at Rolling Hills<br />

Country Club will also add to the appeal of the <strong>Peninsula</strong>?<br />

ADLAM: Absolutely. New construction is a huge premium. My understanding<br />

is it will be a world-class experience with golf, tennis, pool, clubhouse<br />

etc. It will be unique on the <strong>Peninsula</strong>.<br />

LIANG: I also think it will bring value to the area, but I don’t think buyers<br />

will delay making a purchase to wait to see what’s offered at the Country<br />

Club. There are so many reasons people move to certain areas of the Hill.<br />

For example, young families with children often prefer Lunada Bay because<br />

of the short distance to three school levels.<br />

CHAUSSEE: Is there any risk of another bubble in real estate on the Hill<br />

and how would you define a bubble?<br />

WATTS: It becomes a bubble if our inventory grows above 200 to 220<br />

homes. Right now we are around 115 homes on the market. In part, a bubble<br />

is created by overpriced listings that aren’t selling. I believe right now<br />

probably 70 percent of the homes we sell have some sort of price reduction<br />

before they are sold – even in a good market. There are also some unrealistic<br />

expectations by our real estate community that will overprice a home<br />

to gain a listing, which can add to general overpricing and higher inventory.<br />

As far as a bubble, I think it will take a significant rise in interest rates,<br />

and an increase in inventory and price to reach bubble levels. The problem<br />

is if prices and inventories keep moving up, you eventually get to a tipping<br />

point. The catalyst could be the stock market having a significant correction,<br />

some global issue, something happens perhaps with the new administration<br />

that creates an issue – we could have a correction. But again, as<br />

Lily said, you simply need to have “staying power” so you can ride out any<br />

temporary price correction. And,<br />

don’t forget, even in a bad market, if<br />

you have a great property, your<br />

home’s value could actually increase.<br />

ADLAM: I absolutely agree. A unique<br />

property can actually increase in<br />

value during an otherwise declining<br />

market. Remember, statistics are one<br />

thing, but they don’t tell the whole<br />

story. In 2015 the average sales price<br />

on the <strong>Peninsula</strong> was $1.82 million<br />

and in 2016 it was $1.79 million. So,<br />

there was actually a decline in price<br />

using the average of all homes sold.<br />

But, we all agree that despite those<br />

numbers, prices have generally<br />

moved higher in the past year.<br />

LIANG: The reason for the apparent<br />

decline in price has been the quality<br />

and location of the homes sold on<br />

the Hill. You have perhaps had more<br />

homes sold in less desirable areas on<br />

the <strong>Peninsula</strong> that are priced lower<br />

than the more desirable areas like<br />

Palos Verdes Estates, which have actually<br />

increased in value. I don’t<br />

think the average sales price decline<br />

in the past year is actually indicative<br />

of the strength of the overall market.<br />

The opinions of the participants in<br />

this Roundtable discussion are their<br />

own and not of the companies they represent.<br />

Under no circumstances does<br />

the information in this column represent<br />

investment advice. PEN<br />

Stuart Chaussee is a<br />

Palos Verdes-based fee-only<br />

registered Investment Advisor. He<br />

is the author of three financial<br />

books, including the awardwinning<br />

Advanced Portfolio<br />

Management; Strategies for the<br />

Affluent.<br />

He is a former contributing writer<br />

for TheStreet.com. Stuart<br />

welcomes your feedback and<br />

can be reached through<br />

www.preservingwealth.com<br />

or e-mail him directly at<br />

stuartchaussee@msn.com<br />

62 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong> • <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>People</strong> 63

Las Niñas Evergreen Ball<br />

around&about<br />

Las Madrecitas, an auxiliary of the Charitable<br />

Children’s Guild of the Orthopædic<br />

Institute for Children (OIC), held its 51st<br />

annual Evergreen Ball in the Grand Ballroom<br />

of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Saturday,<br />

January 7. The event recognized<br />

the Las Niñas <strong>2017</strong> senior class for their<br />

exemplary volunteer service to OIC and<br />

their community.<br />

At the event, Dr. Anthony Scaduto, OIC’s<br />

president and chief executive officer,<br />

awarded each Las Niñas honoree with a<br />

white gold medallion in recognition for<br />

their service.<br />

The Las Niñas honorees are: (Top row,<br />

left to right) Katelyn Walti, Isabelle Spelta,<br />

Courtney Zwarg, Sally Gerich; (2nd row)<br />

Jennifer Doi, McKenna Howard, Danielle<br />

Lean, Tyler Amano-Smerling, Claire Bogosian,<br />

Claire-Marie Irawan; (3rd row)<br />

Sophia Traversi, Joslyn Chu, Nadia<br />

Maher, Sarah Myers; (Front row) Lauren<br />

Hart, Nicolette Walker, Jennings Nelson,<br />

Alison Cromer, Alexis Nickl. (Not pictured)<br />

Davis Anderson and Danielle Suhr.<br />

Photo by Gilmore Studios<br />

Trump iced<br />

n An ice sculpture of Donald Trump<br />

greeted guests at the sold out presidential<br />

inauguration day breakfast hosted<br />

by Trump National Golf Course in Rancho<br />

Palos Verdes. Breakfast was<br />

$45.17, in recognition of the local<br />

businessman becoming the 45th president<br />

of the United States in the year<br />

<strong>2017</strong>. Photo by Ross Huffman<br />

Bridge champ<br />

Palos Verdes resident Edward<br />

Piken and Steve Cohen of Las<br />

Vegas won the 10K IMP Pairs<br />

at the Fall North American<br />

Bridge Championships<br />

(NABCs), one of the 15 championship-level<br />

events held in<br />

Orlando last November. This<br />

was Piken’s third NABC title.<br />

CSCRB receives commendation<br />

Judith Opdahl, executive director<br />

of Cancer Support<br />

Community Redondo Beach<br />

(CSCRB) accepts a commendation<br />

from Los Angeles<br />

County Supervisor Janice<br />

Hahn during last month’s Association<br />

of Chambers of<br />

Commerce (SBACC) Installation<br />

and Awards luncheon at<br />

the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel<br />

in Carson. SBACC was<br />

named Public Sector/Government<br />

Agency/Nonprofit of<br />

the Year. CSCRB provides<br />

more than 165 free programs for emotional support and education<br />

for people with cancer and their families. For more information on<br />

CSCRB, call (310) 376-3550 or visit<br />

cancersupportredondobeach.org.<br />

Photographer Capozzola a finalist<br />

n Palos Verdes High science teacher Renee Capozzola’s photograph<br />

of two black tipped sharks was selected as a finalist in the<br />

Shark division of the “The World Shootout," an international underwater<br />

photography contest.The winners in each category will<br />

be announced at the upcoming Boot Dusseldorf dive show in Dusseldorf,<br />

Germany at the end of January.<br />

64 <strong>Peninsula</strong> • <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2017</strong>

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