This is were you will find information

about some of the fantastic experiences

our students have had since returning in

September 2016. Following on from our good

GCSE exam performance the students have

taken part in various STEM activities, as

well as visiting the WW1 battlefields, Real

Madrid, Manchester United and top North

East universities. The STEM programme goes

from strength to strength and following Lord

Professor Robert Winston delivering our

2nd Annual STEM lecture, we are pleased to

announce that we have secured Marcus du

Sautoy FRS OBE who is the Simonyi Professor

for the Public Understanding of Science and a

Professor of Mathematics at the University of

Oxford, to deliver the 2017 lecture in October.

I look forward to continuing

the good work together.

Mr M Tilling





In November 2016 High Tunstall College of Science launched HTCS Alumni network

in partnership with Future First. It has been fantastic to find out what some of our

past students are doing now and show our current students the wide diversity of

opportunities that exist in education, employment and training post 16. Our Alumni

network is continuing to grow from strength to strength and we would like to thank

everyone who has signed up so far and encourage others to also get involved.

Stay in touch with us and help our current students...

1. Go to

2. Go to the ‘Sign Up’ tab

3. Click ‘Former Student’

4. Type in High Tunstall

Scan this code with

your phone or tablet

to be taken to sign

up on our website

An Alumni Community for Every School & College



On January 23rd 2017 High Tunstall students in Years 9, 10 and 11, along with their

parents, met over 40 of the UK’s biggest employers, including Nissan and Hitachi, as

part of an event to inspire their future careers. Also in attendance were 5 of the most

prestigious North east Universities alongside other post 16 educational establishments.

As a specialist Science College it is really important that our students are prepared to enter STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related industries. Employers, Universities and

Colleges are becoming increasingly concerned about the decline in students opting to study STEM

subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and fear the knock on effect this will have on

sectors such as Science and Engineering.

The aim of the event was to educate young people and their families about the growing need

for STEM skills and subjects in the UK and global work places, the qualifications they will need

to achieve in order to embark on a STEM career which are amongst the most highly paid and

also varied careers that a person can embark upon. Without innovative and creative Scientist,

Technologists and Engineers we will be poorly prepared to deal with the future challenges the

world will have, such as energy shortages and climate change.



Lord Professor Robert Winston

delivers Annual STEM Lecture

On October 5th 2016 High Tunstall

was visited by one of the world’s

leading Scientists, Lord Professor

Robert Winston. Lord Winston is

Professor of Science and Society

and Emeritus Professor of Fertility

Studies at Imperial College London

and is perhaps most famous for

pioneering fertility techniques

such as IVF and Pre-Implantation

diagnosis, which allows scientists to

screen embryos for genetic diseases.


Lord Winston was given a warm welcome

by our students and they in turn were

enthralled during two question and answer

sessions, during which High Tunstall

students were given the opportunity to

ask Lord Winston questions relating to

STEM, his own career, life choices, role

models and influences. Lord Winston was

given the opportunity to tour STEM lessons

within the school and was particularly

impressed with a mathematics lesson

where students were studying the

mathematics of the DNA helix model.

After spending time with staff and students,

Lord Winston travelled to the Borough hall,

to deliver High Tunstall’s second annual

STEM lecture. This was experienced by

a crowd comprising of 33 educational

establishments from across the Tees

Valley and a raft of industry and business

representatives and local dignitaries.

Lord Winston delivered on areas such

as reproduction, IVF, pre-implantation

diagnosis of genetic disorders, genetic

modifications and cutting edge STEM cell

research. His delivery was peppered with

never before seen clips of images including

ovulation and a genetically modified super


Lord Winston was a passionate, engaging and

knowledgeable speaker and his lecture both

energised and inspired all who were fortunate

enough to listen to it.

“At this College

you have good

teaching and

students who

want to learn

and ask good


Lord Professor

Robert Winston







Students from High Tunstall’s U13, U14

and KS3 girls’ teams flew into Madrid

airport to immerse themselves fully into

the Real Madrid experience during a long

weekend to remember.

As part of the visit, students took a tour of the World

Famous Santiago Bernabeu stadium, experiencing

the 60 metre long trophy room, changing rooms and

the students also got to sit in the same dugout as

Zinedine Zidane would be using the following day.

The students also took part in two tour matches per

squad with all three teams securing positive results

with the U14 squad winning both their matches

including a nail biting last minute win against the

Madrid Junior Champions.

The highlight of the trip was the chance to watch

the Galacticos in action during their 5-2 win against

Osasuna in front of 80,000 fans in the Santiago

Bernabeu stadium.

A once in a lifetime experience enjoyed by 45

students that displayed exemplary behaviour

throughout the trip.





During the October half term students from

across both key stages visited the Belgium

battlefields of World War One. As well as

being accompanied by specialist staff from

the College, students’ also had the benefit

of an experienced tour guide with extensive

knowledge of the area and battles fought

there. Consequently the trip was extremely

informative and interesting.


Throughout the trip all students were impeccably

behaved, listened intently to our tour guide and on many

occasions were visibly moved by what they had learn’t.

With the help of the tour guide some students were able

to find and visit the graves of their relatives who had

died during the conflict. Students found the experience

incredibly thought provoking and emotional, but at

the same time deeply satisfying to be able to pay their

respects. A wreath was laid on behalf of the College by

students during the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin

Gate, Ypres.

However, there were also lighter moments during the

visit! Students got to visit one of Ypres famous chocolate

shops. They all spent a fortune and then gorged

themselves on the goodies. Students enjoyed their

evenings in the hotel, playing table football, great fun but

not very relaxing as some students and staff (Mr Trumper

and Chloe Hardie) are just so competitive! On the last

evening they had karaoke, Mrs Cooper and Cameron

Sharp delighted everyone with their version of ‘Dancing

Queen’ but luckily Evie Lynas was on hand to calm things

down and show everyone what a real singer sounds like.

But then there was Tunny’s very own ‘rapmiester’ Basil


The History Department are planning another visit to this

historic site in 2018. This will be the 100th anniversary

of the end of the first world war and a particularly

interesting time to visit.

HTCS Gains Heritage

School Status


Earlier this year High Tunstall College was

awarded Heritage School status by the

Department of Education. This sought after and

highly prized accolade was given in recognition

of the focus given to local history within the

curriculum. Initially a group of selected students

from the current year 8 were tasked with

independently researching a particular period

from the history of Hartlepool. They then shared

their learning and from this were able to discover

the rich and varied history of their town. The

students demonstrated what they had learned

by creating 3D models of Hartlepool, from its

beginnings as a religious settlement in the 7th

century through to its development as one of the

countries busiest ports in the 19th century, it’s

subsequent decline and the more recent attempts

to regenerate the local economy. Students

enjoyed participating in the project, their

feedback was particularly positive with many of

them feeling a new sense of pride in their local

town, how it developed over time and how these

developments had impacted on the economy

and culture of their town. They recognised that

this is their heritage too and this is something

that we are passionate about within the History

Department at High Tunstall; we actively seek

to encourage students to think of history not as

something that other people made but something

that our own ancestors had a part to play in too.

Throughout the project students were supported by

two outside agencies, Historic England and Northern

Architecture. Both sets of visitors commented on the

positive attitude and behaviour demonstrated by

the students participating in the project as well as

throughout the school as a whole.


After the student successes for those involved in the Scholars Programme delivered by the Brilliant Club in

2015 and 2016 planning has begun for 12 High Tunstall students to be involved in 2017. In 2015 the focus was

Mathematics and morality: fact or fiction? Last year we moved to a Science focus of Pleistocene Park: will we

ever clone a mammoth? For the last two years the students involved have been under the age of 14 and as a

college we have been impressed to see 50% of both groups awarded the highest grading for their equivalent

A Level standard assignment submission. An assignment with a focus from the Arts and Humanities has been

selected for 2017. Again a PHd tutor will work with the 12 students who are successfully accepted for The

Brilliant Club over a series of university style tutorials. The tutorials support their thinking for their assignment

submission and the programme culminates in a graduation event from Durham University. The launch event

also involves a visit to Durham University and this will take place on Friday 24th February 2017.


Ri Master



In the autumn of 2016, 5 of our finest

STEM students embarked upon a series

of Ri (Royal Institution) Engineering

Master classes. This series is an annual

event and the classes are interactive

extracurricular sessions, led by top

experts from academia and industry for

keen and talented young people from all

around the UK.

The classes themselves were held at

Hartlepool Power station and Hart

Biologicals and the focus of the classes

involved construction, robotics, biochemical

engineering and energy transmission and

generation. A common thread throughout

each session was the development of the so

called ‘soft skills’ that large corporations and

industry prize so highly and that are often

underdeveloped in young people entering

the workplace.

The master classes were a huge success and

will be repeated in the summer term.



On December 7th 2016 72 Year 10 and 11 triple science students made

their way to the Centre for Life Newcastle.

On the day they took part in a Rat dissection Masterclass, visited the animals

inside out exhibition, watched a planetarium show, got involved in the

interactive displays and finally they had the chance to ice skate.

Students really enjoyed the day, they were a credit to themselves and the college.





On Wednesday 14th December, High Tunstall hosted

our very own talent show. This was a long time coming

after students went through the first round at the

beginning of November where they had 2 minutes to

showcase their talent; some students even had to go

through call backs.

We had a variety of talent from acro- gymnastics to tap…from

musical theatre to emotional heart felt songs.

An evening like this doesn’t just get put together in a day,

there’s many hours of organisation and a whole host of

students that supported backstage and running the sound

and lighting desks, which make the atmosphere of the evening



We started the evening with Lucy Reed, her debut performance

here at High Tunstall…and what a start, performing a musical

theatre number from Matilda. She demanded the audience’s

attention and clearly set the standard for the night. In the first

act we had many heart felt renditions of well-known songs.

There were a few technical errors that Holly Mincher handled

perfectly making the audience laugh and creating a friendly

atmosphere within the room. Following on from this we had

Faith Green and Amy Dunn doing a quick running order change,

which they handled with true professionalism.

After the interval we started with four year 8 girls who had

worked tirelessly on creating a 4 piece harmony that was

performed near perfection. We had many dancers, some

doing acrobatic moves and to quote Mr Thompson “98% of the

population would end up in hospital doing those tricks”. Kirsty

Rae made the audience gasp in astonishment with her opening

line performing Michael Jackson’s ‘Whose loving you?’.

Whilst the judges were excused to make their decision on the

winner, our very own Mrs Pinchen took to the stage and shared

with us a song she had written herself, the audience were in

awe and many have questioned, why does she teach art?

All students took to the stage for a final round of applause,

whilst the final three contestants were announced. Marisa

Wyatt, Mia Robertson, Lucy Burgess and Millie Gallagher were

awarded 3rd place. Ella Bolton with her rendition of ‘Don’t

rain on my parade’ came 2nd which left the incredible Hollie

Shackleton and Emily Simpson being announced as the winners.

When Hollie and Emily took to the stage to perform their

winning tap/modern routine once more the auditorium erupted

with cheers, with some members dancing and singing along

celebrating the girls triumph.

A great evening had by all and a massive well done to all of the




Geography Field Trip


On the 15th and 16th September the Year 11

Geographers visited Whitby to collect data

for their GCSE Geography Investigation. This

year’s focus is on the economic impacts of

tourism in the area. The students will submit

their completed controlled assessment

folders in the New Year and the work is

worth 25% of the final GCSE grade. Despite

the poor weather, the students worked hard

throughout the day and enjoyed some fish

and chips, along with a few ice creams.




On Thursday 10th November 2016 five teams

from High Tunstall travelled to Doncaster in

order to compete in a Varsity competition,

with the winner of the most fixtures taking

home the trophy. The teams travelling from

Hartlepool were the year 7 boys rugby, year

10 boys rugby, year 9 boys football and the

year 7 and 9 girls netball. Students left the

college ahead of the 2 hours journey in good

spirits and were confident of securing a

victory over their Doncaster counter parts.

Upon arrival students were straight into their warm ups

in preparation for the respective fixtures, whilst parents

and staff eagerly awaited updates via social media. The

first result to come in was the year 7 girls netball which

saw High Tunstall claim the first points of the Varsity with

an overwhelming 11-1 for Miss Taylor’s side. This result

was swiftly followed by another High Tunstall win in the

Year 9 girls netball with another convincing 11-7 win for

Miss Proud’s team.


Momentum was starting to build and this was

followed up with another High Tunstall win for

Mr Blythe’s year 7 boys rugby team, dominating

their match and running out 45-5 winners. Hall

Cross were starting to find some answers to the

High Tunstall rampage and got their first points

of the competition, scraping a 1-1 draw against

Mr Holden’s year 9 boys football team who

were in control of the match for large parts but

struggled to find the net.

Finally a strong Hall Cross year 10 rugby

team secured their first victory of the

competition, inflicting High Tunstall’s only

defeat in the competition with a solid 34-

17 win capitalising on a slow start from Mr

Stewart’s side. High Tunstall were rewarded

with their efforts with a trip to Meadowhall

Shopping Centre on their way back to

Hartlepool for food and a quick shopping trip

ahead of the Christmas period.

This was an excellent victory for Team Tunstall

over a very competitive Hall Cross team, which

hosted the first event in this Varsity superbly.

The College is looking to forward hosting the

return fixture at High Tunstall later in the year

and will be hoping to keep hold of the trophy.






Thursday 3rd November 2016 saw the new

crop of Year 7 students attend Northumbria

University for a sports taster session allowing

them to experience world class facilities at

Sport Central in Newcastle City Centre within

a number of different sporting activities. The

aim of this session was to inspire students to

consider a career in sport and what courses and

facilities would be available at the University.

Students left the college before the start of school

allowing them plenty of time to explore the City Campus

within the centre of Newcastle prior to the start of the

days activities. The students then gathered outside Sport

Central and were split into the three teams they would

be working in during the day. They were led into the main

sports hall at Sport Central, home to the Newcastle Eagles

Basketball Team to find out what was in store for them.

The activities would work on carousel throughout

the day with the first two taking place before lunch.

Students throughout the day took part in taster sessions

for boxing involving a variety of circuits around fitness

and developing into students looking at the technique

required for the different punches available.

The second activity the students completed was rock

climbing. This session took part within the indoor climbing

wall within Sport Central and the students were able

to challenge themselves on different walls, each with

varying levels of difficulty. They were also required to

belay for the their partner, helping to keep each other safe

and then get them down once they had reached the top.

The final activity was a strength and conditioning session

with a Northumbria University coach. The students learnt

various methods of developing their own fitness whilst

also learning how to perform each of these skills with the

correct technique. The coach incorporated a number of

different games to keep the session competitive.

Finally the students received a talk from a current

Northumbria University athlete who currently plays for

the Scotland National Hockey Team. The athlete talked

to the students about her journey as a sportswomen

but also talked to the students about her academic

achievements and how they helped her become the

person she is today. Finally she spoke about the kinds

of courses available at Northumbria University and the

support each student receives.

Following the last session at Northumbria University the

students were allowed to go to the Metro Centre as a

reward for their fantastic start to the year. Students were

able to go for food and head to the shops for a spot of

Christmas shopping ahead of the festive period.

Overall the students had a fantastic day and the College

would like to thank Northumbria University for hosting an

excellent day.

Team Tunstall go




Wednesday 30th November saw the Sport

Science faculty host another trip, this time

heading over to Manchester to watch the

Red Devils in action against West Ham

United in the Quarter Finals of the EFL Cup.

The students left school at the end of the school day

ahead of a late evening stopping off for some food

on the way. Disappointment spread on the bus as

the teams were announced and both Paul Pogba and

Jose Mourinho were suspended leaving Mourinho

to watch from the stands. Upon arrival the students

headed through the busy crowds towards their seats

stopping off at some of Manchester United's famous

monuments such as the Sir Alex Ferguson statue.

Before kick off Old Trafford completed a minute

silence for the Chapecoense plane disaster which was

beautifully upheld by High Tunstall Students and the

whole of Old Trafford.

Team Tunstall were sat in some excellent seats within

the top tier of the Sir Alex Ferguson stand and had a

prime view for Zlatan Ibrahimovic's first goal within

2 minutes of kick off get on the end of a fantastic

back heel by Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Despite a period of

United dominance West Ham equalised with former

United man Ashley Fletcher scoring after 35 minutes.

Half time came and students were looking forward

to the prospect of a penalty shootout however

this was short lived with Anthony Martial scoring 3

minutes after the restart, which was backed up by

another Martial goal after 62 minutes. Team Tunstall

were been treated to a goal fest and also saw the

return a legendary midfielder Bastian Schweinseiger

who received a tremendous reception from the Old

Trafford faithful. The performance was topped off by

another Zlatan Ibrahimovic goal in stoppage time

and Team Tunstall made their way to the bus for the

long journey back to Hartlepool.

It was a great night for Manchester United who

progressed to the Semi Finals of the EFL Cup and the

occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended

the trip.





The 22nd Annual Awards Evening was

held on Thursday 17th November 2016

at the Borough hall and was attended

by more than 500 parents/carers. The

evening was a resounding success and

recognised over 200 students (290

individual awards) who have excelled

in different subject areas or for their

service to the College during the

2015/16 academic year.


There were perfomances on the stage

from the Colleges Creative Arts Academy,

perfoming a song from the musical

Annie, which is to be the College show later

in the year. There was also perfomances

from the College choir and the College vocal

group. Students from the college managed

the sound and lighting systems to enable

them to gain experience in a theatre setting.

The evening also raised over £300 pounds for

the 'Save A Hart' fund, which has been set up

for Georgia Hart, who is an ex student who

suffers from Friedreich's Ataxia. The funding

is to go towards assisting in extending the

trial treatment to aid Georgia, but at the

moment is not available on the NHS.

Hub News

The Hub has been

very busy this term,

welcoming the new

Year 7students.


they choose their

books to either take

home or read during

form time and one

English lesson per

week. They seem to

have settled in well

and we are quickly

getting to know them

when they access the

Hub for homework or

after school clubs.

Maths and English intervention is

continuing with all students eager to

access this additional opportunity to


For Children’s Book Week, the Hub ran

a competition to design bookmarks

for the school. Our student librarians

thought it made sense to produce our

own rather than buy them and the

standard of the entries were fabulous.

After much deliberation the winners

were chosen: Beth Anderson 8C1, and

James Vasey 8T2 with Caitlyn Pinder

8T1 and Emma Harrington 7S2 as the

runners up. These have been printed

and are available for both students and

staff to use.

As you can see, the designs are lovely.

Well done!

To say a massive “Thank you” to the

Student Librarians for all the hard work

they do every day, we held a Christmas

“back-to-basics” party. The students

had fabulous fun playing Musical

Chairs, Hot Potato and Pin the Tail on

the Donkey, with the overall winners in

the face of stiff competition being the

Friday Librarians. Congratulations, you

were worthy winners!

Lastly, the popular quiz on Wednesday’s

had a surprise “beat- the Teacher”

week with perhaps an over confident

Mr Trumper turning up in the lead role.

He did however manage to achieve

a respectable third place against

seasoned quizzers and was leading at

one stage. He was a great sport and the

students loved it.







Throughout December HTCS staff and students have been collecting nonperishable

items for the Hartlepool Foodbank to help support families in

need within our local communities. Over 750 items have been donated so

far with more items being collected daily before being delivered to the

Foodbank in time for distribution before Christmas. The Foodbank initiative

ended with the celebration of Christmas Jumper Day to support the Save

the Children charity, all staff and students were encouraged to wear a

Christmas jumper for the day and make a £1 donation to the charity. So

far donations are totalling over £300 which will go towards working with

children in need around the world.

Mr Turner who has coordinated both initiatives said, “It is important that our college

can raise awareness of the Foodbank initiative within Hartlepool and the fantastic

service they provide during difficult times for many families across the town and

within our local communities. The response from both HTCS staff

and students has been phenomenal. Students from across all

houses within the college have been involved and donated items

which will be a big help to the local foodbank over the Christmas

period. We are proud as a college to support local schemes within

Hartlepool. It was also great to see so many staff and students

wearing Christmas jumpers in support of Save the Children. I am

delighted with the amount of money we have raised so far and

that we can contribute to such a worthwhile charity. I would like to

take this opportunity to thank all of those who have been involved,

well done Team Tunstall!”

Over 750 items have been collected for donation to the local

Hartlepool Foodbank. Mr Turner and Miss Harding, pictured

above, have been collecting and organising the items.



Following recent years successes of County Cup triumphs the newest

recruits to TEAM Tunstall will represent the North of England in the last

16 of their national competition.



On a heavy, sticky North Yorkshire field, High Tunstall took on a strong HGS team in the U12

National Open Schools Cup Last 32.

A tough opening period saw both teams battling to claim the ascendency with Kamil Mohammed starting

well on the right side of the back 3. Tunstall were also indebted to a superb all-round display from Matty

‘Sweeper Keeper’ Pattison who cleared numerous balls with aplomb as well as clattering the Harrogate striker

into next week.

Midway through the first half, Tunstall produced a scintillating phase of play to take the lead. Oscar Wake

played in Owen Stephenson who expertly flicked the ball into the path of Luke Woolston who finished


A tense 10 minutes followed and the visitors were thankful to Joey Ryder for a number of determined tackles

and blocks to get the boys into half time in the lead.

The second half began with excellent work from Travis Lyth and Ellis Trimble keeping a clean sheet in tact.

The lead was then doubled as Kamil fed in Luke Woolston down the right hand side and the outcome was 2-0

to Tunny.

From this point on the game was controlled with telling contributions from Jack Dixon, Alex Smith, Luke

Swales and James Hogan and High Tunstall are now the last team in the North of England in the competition.

Awesome effort, Proud Teachers as ever.





On the 14th December 2016 our VEX Robotic team travelled to Park View

Secondary School in Chester Le Street to take part in the Durham and Tees Valley

VEX Robotics Clawbot Challenge, a competition designed to test the building,

programming and driver control robotics skills of students within the region. After

a tough day competing against seven other schools I am delighted to announce

that the team from HTCS won the main overall prize for

progress made throughout the day and development of

this year’s competition robot. A massive well done to our

team and no doubt this will carry us forward into this

year’s competition. The VEX EDR team have now started to prepare for the North East regional

qualifier which will take place at Nissan on the 27th January 2017, I am sure you will join me in

wishing them luck and hoping that they can qualify for the national qualifier later in the year.


The picture to the left shows Elliot Fox receiving our recent award from Mr M Nelson who is

the North East VEX Robotics co-ordinator. The top right picture shows our VEX Robotics Team

of (Left to right) Daniel Spires Y10; Ashley Kerry Y10; Elliott Fox Y10; and Emma Kerry Y11.

The bottom right picture is our new robot which has been built for the

upcoming qualifier which is yet to be named!




Do you think you have

what it takes to be part of

a HTCS VEX team? I will be

looking for new students

across Y7-Y9 to form

new VEX IQ & EDR teams

for the next academic

year in 2017-2018. I will

need students who can

display our T20 skills

including Communication,

Leadership, Resilience, lead

a team, build a robot and

write programming code. If

you are interested please

come and see me in B10, be

prepared to sell your skills!

I am delighted to announce that the VEX

curriculum programme is now up and

running with Year 9 students who have

opted to study Product Design/Engineering

within the Technology and Enterprise

faculty. The students have started to

assemble their VEX Robot kits and will spend

the next 14 weeks learning and developing

their STEM skills, including designing,

building and programming VEX equipment,

whilst using Tunstall Twenty skills to embed

their learning within curriculum studies.

Keep an eye out for future developments

across more year groups and curriculum

subjects as we are hoping to increase VEX

use around the college in the near future!

The pictures on the left show current year

9 students engaged within the new VEX

Robotic curriculum course ran as part of an

option with the Technology & Enterprise


Maths Problem Solving

at Durham University


On Wednesday 7th December, twenty-four year

9s and 10s joined with forty pupils from two other

schools in Durham Cathedral for a day exploring the

mathematics of the north east as well as their own

problem solving experience. They received a lecture

from the chairman of the Mathematical Association,

Peter Ransom, and a guided tour of the cathedral

before moving to lunch in St Chad's college. There

they were introduced to staff and students of the

college where they had a chance to ask questions

about life as a university student. Thereafter the

pupils were given practical mathematical problems

set by students of the university at the Science Site.

Under the mentoring of Chris Goy, these students

showed our pupils strange mathematical puzzles

to reveal the simplistic joy in solving them. The

pupils handled the puzzles well and showed a great

deal of enthusiasm as well as lateral thinking. The

event was described by another teacher as being

"something more than simply a day for mathematics

but a cultural and inspirational day. It has given

pupils the chance to grow in their aspirations for

maths and life after school".

The event was organised by David Myers, a Mathematics

teacher at High Tunstall, in conjunction with the Cathedral

and University. It is hoped that next year we can double our

numbers thereby doubling the number of aspirational students

and their excitement for studying the art of Mathematics.





The CAA has had a fantastic first term with many

new and exciting opportunities for our talented


Students are put forward from their Creativity teachers to be

placed onto the CAA and have the whole of Year 7 to showcase

and prove that they deserve to be on the programme. The

current Year 8 students have proven themselves to be a very

creative year as 17 students were added onto the course.

These students have had to prove themselves in the following

areas; Art, Photography, Music, Singing, Drama and Dance.

We started the year with the students who have already been

on the CAA for the year, where they spent the day with Miss

Smith working hard creating their portfolios, showcasing all the

excellent opportunities they were given last year in developing

their skills further. This portfolio will be submitted to Arts

Award in the Summer and these students will then be awarded

their Bronze level.

Students have attended clay sculpting workshops with Mrs

Pinchen, experienced the musical technology at Hartlepool

Sixth Form College, and participated in a Billy Elliot workshop

delivered by a working West End actor.

Upcoming, we have workshops from our very own CAA students

to develop the younger years skills, to gain their bronze level, they

are to lead their own workshops that showcase that skills they

have learnt. These workshops will be opened up to Year 7 students

who have shown the potential to be on the CAA next year.

We also have another 4 workshops coming up at Hartlepool

Sixth Form, focusing on Performing Arts, Media & design work.

Alongside, this Mrs Pinchen and High Tunstall’s own artists will

be developing the art work for a national child development

campaign, and Dan Reily is set to return in the summer term

to offer another West End workshop.

The CAA is going from strength and strength.

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