• 3.9 million children supported by PTA UK members

• 48.9% of all schools have a PTA in membership

• 13,548 membership enquiries handled

• £342,000 raised by our members through

partnership with Easyfundraising










• Co-funded project

with the Dept. of Social

Development, Northern Ireland,

to encourage parent volunteers

in schools

• 100,000 reception parents

in over 1,600 schools received

PTA Welcome Packs

• Parent voice:

– 75% want to help in school

– 85% want a say in


– 97% want to be consulted

on major school changes

• Took part in six high

profile campaigns

on issues that matter

to parents

Who are PTA UK?

• We are the UK’s leading membership

organisation for Parent Associations

in schools (PTAs).

• We are a charity that has, for more than

60 years, sought to advance education

by encouraging the fullest cooperation

between home and school.

• We want to make sure that every PTA

reaches its potential and that every

school has access to an effective PTA.

• We want more parents participating in

education in more schools and in more

ways so that all children benefit. We

do this by championing parents having

a voice in education and providing

parents with information and resources

on how they can get involved in school

life and support their child’s learning.

What is a PTA?

• PTA UK offers membership to Parent

Teacher Associations (PTAs), Friends

of the School, Parent Associations or

Parent-Staff Associations.

• These ‘home-school’ or parent groups

are separate entities to the school which

aim to advance the education of its

pupils by developing relationships

between parents and staff and

engaging in activities or providing

resources to support this. These groups

often register as a charity.




Parents are an amazing force for good in our

schools. Our member PTAs in all their forms do a

remarkable job in building school communities,

supporting families and teachers and providing

resources to help schools improve.

They have also remained a constant and sustainable

presence in our schools despite the continual

change in British society and educational landscape.

Always a lively topic of conversation, Education looks

set to be even higher up the agenda in 2016.

This (our first) impact report sets out how we invest

the income we receive from membership fees

and elsewhere. As well as supporting PTAs on the

ground, 2015 has seen PTA UK championing parents

in education in other ways and we hope our ability

to do this will go from strength to strength.

Emma Williams

Executive Director


Joe Saxton


PTA UK Trustee Board

June 2016

Big three PTA UK

achievements in 2015:


Welcome packs: reached 100,000 new

‘reception’ parents by working with over

1,600 PTA UK members


Partnership: working with the Northern

Ireland Department of Social Development

(NI DSD) to run a pilot project to encourage

more parent volunteers in schools


Giving parents a say: our annual parent

survey results and parent viewpoints

achieved national media coverage and

supported our response to government




Our Resources:

• People: In 2015, we had

14 staff based at our

headquarters in Tonbridge,

Kent and 8 working

elsewhere in the UK.


• Membership Fees

• Commercial

• Investments

Grant funding

• Other

• Income: £1,321,130

• Expenditure: £1,405,566

(re-investment of all our

income plus some of our

charity’s reserves).


• Commercial


Membership Services

Member training & events

PR, policy & research

General support costs

Our Mission:

In 2013-15 our mission was for PTA UK to

strive towards these four goals:





Be a voice for parents and PTAs

To reach out to every parent

A PTA in every school

Be the ‘go to’ resource for PTAs

and parents.



Our Achievements:


Public Affairs & PR:

NASBM and PTA UK have forged

even closer links in 2015 in recognition

of the common cause between school

business managers and parents in

making school a positive experience

for our children. We have enjoyed the

energy brought to PTA UK by Emma and

her team, along with the clear shift away

from a perception that the PTA are little

more than a group of willing parents who

raise money through charity activities and

fundraising; the reality is they actually

have a very important role to play in

helping to shape the education landscape

through feedback in terms of the quality of

education provided to their children

and by contributing an important

stakeholder voice when it comes to

government policy.

• Two large parent surveys told us: 85% of parents

want a say in education and 75% want to help

out in school

• 30 pieces of media coverage

• Responses to:

– Education & Adoption Bill (England)

– Education Select Committee inquiry on regional

schools commissioners (England)

– Estyn consultation on its inspection framework


– Shared Education Bill (Northern Ireland)

– Area Based Planning (Northern Ireland).

We supported six high profile campaigns

on issues that matter to parents:

• PSHE Association’s campaign for compulsory sex


• St John’s Ambulance & British Heart Foundation’s

every child a lifesaver and CPR training in all

schools campaign

• Competitions and Market Authority campaign

on fair school uniform pricing (we were mentioned

in 407 media articles related to this)

• UK Active’s work to increase physical fitness in


• #IWILL campaign to encourage young people to


• Our survey data supported NAHT/NUT’s lobbying

the Lords on the Education and Adoption Bill.

Stephen Morales

Chief Executive of the National Association

of School Business Management (NASBM)

We launched a new Blog:

• 18 posts since June.

• 6,932 unique page views from June to December.



Our Achievements

Other Stakeholder engagement:


• Wales National Education Conference – PTA UK

on parental engagement panel

• Stakeholder meetings with Governors Wales,

NAHT Cymru and others

• Supported the Welsh Government’s positive

parenting campaign ‘give it time’

• Met with manifesto writers and politicians with an

interest in education.


• Attended Conservative and Labour party

conferences and put questions to key politicians

• Ongoing partnership with the Charity Commission

for England and Wales

• Met with Neil Carmichael, chair of the Education

Select Committee

• Spoke at the UK Active Summit

• Relationship building meetings and collaboration

with NAHT, ASCL, NGA, Family Links, New Schools

Network, Family & Childcare Trust, Ofsted,

Department for Education, The Reading Agency,

Parent Gym among others.

Northern Ireland

• Attended party conferences and put key

questions to politicians

• Engagement and collaboration with the Charity

Commission NI

• Regular meetings with the NI Assembly Education


• Regular liaison with the Catholic Council

Maintained Schools (CCMS), Education Authority

NI, Northern Ireland Council Integrated Education

(NICIE) and the Integrated Education Fund (IEF).

• Ongoing collaboration with Barnardo’s, Action

for Children and Special Education Needs Advice

Centre (SENAC)

• Established links with Eastside Learning

• Spoke at the governance of the Voluntary and

Community Sector in NI event on the impact of

charity registration for smaller charities.


• Guests of Birmingham City University at e-step

parental engagement through social media

project conference in Athens

• Members of the European Parents Association

attended Luxembourg conference.



Our Achievements


Welcome Packs Pilot:

In response to feedback from our members, we

produced and delivered packs (in partnership with

iChild, Parcelforce Worldwide and others) to over

1,600 schools across England, Wales and Northern

Ireland. The result was some 100,000 parents got

to learn more about PTA UK and the PTA in their

new school, and received some useful advice and

resources to help them start school.

Mailing List:

31,129 (up 28% on 2014) parents and those from the

committees of our member associations.

Social Media:

We have worked hard to increase our followers and

grow our online community. Our ‘voice for parents’

activities has been a factor in this increase.


December 2015 3,112 (up 40% on 2014)



December 2015 29,009 (up 14% on 2014)



Our Achievements


Membership numbers:

PTA NI has guided our newly

formed PTA through some

challenging times to lay a solid

foundation so that our different

teams can move forward in:

volunteering for school clubs;

accessing grants for iPads

and playground equipment;

organising refreshments at

all different sorts of events in

and out of school; and raising

money at lots of super events.

Our PTA has really made a

big impact not only in school

life but also out in the

wider community.

December 2015: 13,949 (48.9% of all schools

in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have a

PTA in our membership), 58% of which have

charitable status.

New members in 2015: 897

• 94% retention rate

• 3.9 million children benefitting from having a PTA

in their school

Innovative projects:


We began a project with the Northern Ireland

administration to run a pilot initiative to introduce

volunteering in four schools in Belfast and

Carrickfergus. The funding of £33,268 from the NI

Department of Social Development over the course

of the project has been matched with £14,428 from

PTA UK. A full report will be prepared when this

project concludes in summer 2016.

Maureen Campbell

Vice-Principal at Woodlawn School

Northern Ireland

• Parents 4 Schools

We also trialled a new professional-led approach

to PTA set up in 12 pilot schools across England and

Wales. This was particularly targeted at communities

where parents have been reluctant to get involved in

school life in the past.

Teacher Training:

We ran workshops at a Teach First event on

parental engagement.



Our Achievements


Membership Benefits:

We have worked with a number of partners to

substantially improve the benefits we can offer

our members to make their association even

more effective.

Our partnership with easyfundraising, for example,

meant that 3,109 of our members raised nearly

£342,000 through this ‘donate as you shop’ online

service to support our children’s education.

We also promoted the Aviva Community Fund to

our members which offers the chance to secure

funding for an important cause in the community.

Our members had an opportunity to put forward

a project idea to improve their school and it could

receive funding of up to £25,000 from the fund.

We are thrilled with the

changes to our outdoor Early

Years space. The area is now

much more engaging and

allows the children to practise

physical skills, and encourages

their understanding of the

world and helps develop

communication and social

skills. We cannot thank PTA

UK and Playscheme enough

for transforming our outdoor

learning potential.

The easyfundraising and PTA UK

partnership continues to go from

strength to strength. They have

worked closely and efficiently with

us to plan and deliver fundraising

resources and advice for schools.

They really know their audience

and have been invaluable in

helping us promote the affinity

between our digital platform

and the work of a modern PTA,

generating a valuable new

revenue stream for schools.

St Mary’s Catholic

Primary School

in Portslade, East


In April, we teamed up with Youth Sport Direct and

Playscheme to offer our members the chance to win

a custom-designed play area worth £10,000. The

competition winner was St Mary’s Catholic Primary

School in Portslade, East Sussex, who were thrilled

with their new play area.

We also worked with Liberty Insurance and Lorica

Insurance Brokers to offer an enhanced, bespoke

insurance product.

Mic Miller

Operations Director at



Our Achievements


Website: we’ve been actively improving and

refreshing our online resources for our members.

Web users 158,088

Web sessions 271,791 up 3% on 2014.

Communications with members:

23 e-newsletters

3 magazines

We dealt with 13,548 enquires from our members

up 15% on 2014:

• 1,845 web enquiries

• 4,153 email enquiries

• 7,550 telephone enquiries.

Being a member of PTA UK

has helped, as it’s good to

hear about other people

having the same struggles

and successes. The Facebook

page has also been a great

resource for me. I learn

something from posts there

on a daily basis.

Super September campaign to support our members

to kick off the academic year and ensure good

governance and practice. This included the launch of

the ‘Good Practice PTA’ model and resources.

Kylie Milne

PTA chair at Friends of

St Francis Catholic Primary

School, Maidstone



Member Success in 2015

Our members do an amazing

job of building school

communities and providing

people and other resources

to benefit the education of

all children. Here are three

inspiring examples:


Aidan Neeson

Chair of the Friends

group at Millquarter

Primary School Co.

Antrim Northern Ireland

Our new school Principal suggested we start up a PTA

and there was a keen interest among parents for an

association to organise fun events for the community

and school. I was appointed Chairperson and

contacted PTA NI for support. They suggested a model

that I knew was going to work for our school, parents

and the PTA by giving everyone a part to play that they

were comfortable with and skilled at.

We now have our overarching PTA with four subgroups:

School Volunteers; External Funding;

Traditional Fundraisers; and the Hospitality. I’m

delighted to say that after following PTA NI’s advice we

secured £10,000 from Awards for All which provided

much needed iPads and software.

We raised another £5,759 in 2015 and we attribute

this success to not only the hardworking parents and

school staff but also to the support from PTA NI.



Member Success in 2015

Queen Elizabeth’s


Wimborne Minster





School set their sights

beyond the usual group of

fundraising parents by welcoming

stakeholders of all kinds to create QE

Family in 2015, a diverse organisation

capable of great things.

Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones: “It’s

vital that Queen Elizabeth School is seen

as a hub of the community and business

landscape. Given the current political and

financial climate, working differently is

essential for our school’s financial security

and continued academic success.”

QE Family is a group of teachers, parents,

other friends of the school (and crucially

students) which aims to support the school

through business links, volunteering and

raising money towards additional facilities

and enrichment opportunities. They hope

that by engaging the community it can

draw on a wider range of fundraising skills

and contacts.

Business Development Officer, Peter

Trueman: “We believe that partnerships

between parents, educators and children

enhance our pupils’ success. We have

seen how children learn more and

have a better quality of school life when

everyone in the school community makes

a contribution and works in partnership.”

The School Leadership Team has

provided opportunities for a number of

organisations and businesses (including

Dorset Police, Lorica Insurance Brokers

and the British Heart Foundation) to

hold activities in the school that inspire

students and equip them with new skills

and perspectives. Relationships with

stakeholders and the school have been

built through business breakfasts and an

annual award presentation event.

QE Family entered a PTA UK competition

and won £500 and a day’s volunteering

from staff at Lorica Insurance Brokers. They

decided to spend the £500 on prizes for

their annual presentation and are deciding

how to deploy the volunteers.

Chair of QE Family Sue Sparks: “We were

thrilled to win the Lorica award, not just in

itself, but as a start of a supportive new

relationship for the school as a whole,

working together with Lorica as part of the

local community.”

Another event sponsor, the technology

company Indigo, is working with the school

to enhance computer science provision.



Member Success in 2015


Stanton Bridge

Primary School


One stunning example of how working with parents

can transform a school is Stanton Bridge Primary

School in Coventry. With the school on the verge

of special measures, Headteacher Sofina Islam

remembers being told at her first parent evening: “Mrs

Islam you need to know that we don’t tell our friends

that our children come to Stanton Bridge, it’s known to

be the worst school in Coventry.”

The school was in a particularly poor state and

parents were very vocal about how, as a result, their

children were not given the best possible opportunities

to achieve. Sofina recognised that this passion had

the potential to create a united front; combining the

parents’ drive to make the school better with the staff’s

effort to bring the school back from the brink of failure.

Now, Stanton Bridge is one of the top performing

schools in the UK, demonstrating the influence the

parent body has on the success of a school.

Watch more on her story on PTA UK’s YouTube channel.



What Our Members Said:

Everyone is delighted…

we definitely could

not have achieved this

without the tireless

efforts and support of

our brilliant PTA.

Without our PTA we

couldn’t run events such

as these and we really

value the hours that

they willingly devote to

school. Thank you, PTA!

Liz Brown

Chair of Governors

after funds raised for new hall,

kitchen, offices and ICT suite

Salway Ash School, Dorset

Dawn Groves


Holy Trinity CE First School


While getting support

from parents is key to

our success, ultimately

a PTA’s purpose is to

enrich the children’s

school experience.

It will be remembered

as a really happy

time bringing the

whole school, parents

and members of the

community together.

Kylie Milne

PTA Chair

St Francis Catholic Primary

School Maidstone

Cerrie Holmes

Assistant Head

on their ‘Get Active Week’

Snettisham Primary School

King’s Lynn

We are proud to support and represent our 13,949

member associations and champion the vital role that

parents can play in education so that all children benefit.

If you are interested in learning more about PTA UK or

would like to explore working with us, please contact:


39 Shipbourne Road

Tonbridge, Kent

TN10 3DS

t: 0300 123 5460



PTA UK is a registered charity, number 1072833;

a company limited by guarantee and

registered in England no 3680271.

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