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of Mid-Western University having completed

studies leading to a Bachelor’s

Degree in Political Science.

In a Caribbean Times exclusive, she

expressed appreciation to the Prime

Minister and the Cabinet for the confidence

they have displayed in her abilities

and to appoint her to the august


“I have an interest in politics as well

as in policy formation. I hold the view

that more women should get involved

in politics because we need more voices

at the table. They more voices we have,

the more our concerns get heard,” she


Lake believes that everyone age 18

By Everton Barnes

A new senator has been appointed to

the upper house, the Senate, to fill the

vacancy on the government’s side created

by the departure of President of the

Antigua Trades and Labour Union, Wigley


She is Aziza Lake, a producer employed

at the Antigua and Barbuda

Broadcasting Services (ABS), whose

appointment took effect from February

first this year. At age 33, she is also one

of the youngest members of the upper


Lake, was born and raised in Grays

Farm. She is the daughter of educator,

Patrick Lake, and her mother operates a

bakery in Grays Farm. She is a graduate

cont’d on pg 2

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Newly appointed senator Aziza Lake

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Thursday 9th February 2017

Executive lounge at the V C Bird

International Airport earns Virgin

Atlantic Lounge Leaders Award

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and published at Woods

Estate/Friars Hill Road.

The Editor is Justin Peters.

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The Executive Lounge

located at the V C Bird International

Airport has been

recognized and praised

highly by Virgin Atlantic

for its sterling service and

commitment to Service Excellence

in the lounge/hospitality


The lounge, a unit within

the Antigua and Barbuda

Airport Authority was

awarded the Bronze award

in the Virgin Lounge Leaders

for 2016. Such recognition

speaks highly to the

level of service and professionalism

provided daily to


Executive Lounge Manager

Stacy Cabrall expressed

great joy to have

received such recognition.

She states that the success

of the lounge is attributed

to the hard work, long

hours, professionalism and

commitment of her “Power

team”. Her aim is to ensure

that the product remains

fresh, competitive , and in

keeping with the trends in

lounge products and services.

The lounge is the first of

its kind in Antigua and has

been in operation for since

1 November 2015. It features

an outdoor deck, food,

cont’d from pg 1

years and older has the right

to vote and with that right,

all sections of society should

have a voice to affect the direction

of the country.

The new senator said she

plans to use her platform as

being a member of the Senate,

to champion the cause of

VACANCY – Job Placement Field Officer

An immediate opening for a highly motivated individual

to fill

the position of Job Placement Field Officer is available.

Applicants will be responsible to the Job Placement Coordinator:

5 CXC’s to include Math and English

Responsible to the Job Placement Coordinator

Assist with monitoring internships/placements, site visits

Assist with marketing/promotions, establishing networks

Assist with the data entry

Good communication skills, computer literate

Transportation is a MUST

Interested persons should email applications along with

cover letter and resume to no

later than Friday February 17th 2017.

Remuneration will be commensurate with qualifications

and experience.

Only suitable applications will be acknowledged.

unlimited drinks, free wi-fi,

local art work, great view

and exceptional service.

All travelers are welcomed

to visit the lounge at

gate number 1 and are invited

to enjoy the services at

an affordable cost.

The Executive Lounge is

a great way for passengers

to avoid the hustle and bustle

of the general departure

concourse and enjoy their

pre-flight moments being

pampered in comfort and


women and youth.

She added that it is her intention

to become the channel

through which the concerns

of the youth are brought to

the fore.

Lake will formally take

her place when the Senate

meets next Wednesday to debate

the 2017 National Budget.

She was among the government

senators meeting

with the Cabinet on Wednesday.

Cabinet spokesman, Lionel

Max Hurst, said the meeting

was aimed at re-establishing

the working relationship

between the senators and the

Cabinet. He said these meetings

at the beginning of each

year with the upcoming debate

on the budget in the Senate

among things discussed.

Thursday 9th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Free glaucoma test for Pigotts Primary students

It was a full day for the

Pigotts Primary school, the

Lions International Group

hosted their Annual Glaucoma

fair where they visit several

school around the island

offering free glaucoma test

to the students.

Today they gave a short

presentation to the school

explaining what is glaucoma

and the importance of getting

tested at an early age,

then they administer free eye

tests to grade 1 and grade 4.

The Pigotts Primary also

had their 6th annual community

group outreach, where

they gave out food packages

to the elderly.

The schools collects one

food item from each student

and donations from the local

business in the area. These

items varies from vegetables,

canned goods, rice, oatmeal,

milk juices etc.

Then the grade six students

along with several

teachers go out into the



community and distribute

the package. This year they

distributed 30 package to the


Don’t Dream it.

Drive it








1 (268) 462-1062

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 9th February 2017

Legislation gives way to establishment

of Proceeds of Crime Fund

By Joanna Paris

The Lower House of Parliament

this week passed legislation, the Proceeds

of Crime Amendment Bill 2017,

which provides for the establishment

of a Proceeds of Crime Fund.

Mover of the Bill Attorney General

and Minister of Legal Affairs, the

Hon. Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin in

highlighting the explanatory memorandum

said that as the name suggests

the fund will hold the proceeds of

crime from a confiscation or forfeiture


Minister Benjamin said that the

funds will be managed and distributed

to organizations to aid in their fight

against criminal activities and also for

the development of public education

campaigns about these crimes.

“We are establishing a fund which

will be managed and distributed to

agencies, involved in fighting these


“It is also important for us to

have education programs, some of

the money seized will be used for a

public campaign to warn against the

dangers associated with these crimes

and also in assisting and promoting

or even trying to enjoy the proceeds

from crime that they are consequences”,

he said.

The Proceeds of Crime Fund will

be managed by the Accountant General

who is charged with the respon-

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs,

the Hon. Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin

sibility of properly documenting all

of the transaction associated with the


Thursday 9th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Ministry of Legal Affairs evacuated after fire scare

By Joanna Paris

The Ministry of Legal Affairs was

evacuated on Wednesday following a

fire scare.

Sources within the Ministry told

Caribbean Times that on employees

saw smoke emerging from one of the

bathrooms in the building and fire officials

were called to the scene.

Communications Officer within the

Ministry Laurisa Francis confirmed

that the incident resulted in “an abrupt

halt to the normal flow of operations at

the Ministry”.

“An employee reported that she saw

smoke coming from one of the male

bathrooms, somewhere around the vent

area and then we called the fire personnel

who were able to douse the fire with

By Everton Barnes

The new policy regarding

future issuance of Diplomatic

Passports has been

widely commended.

Government spokesman

Lionel Max Hurst said

at its weekly meeting on

Wednesday, the Cabinet

was informed that the announcement

of new guidelines

by Prime Minister

Gaston Browne on Monday

has been positively received

both at home and abroad.

“We have members of

the public who have communicated

their appreciation

for the move in a variety

of ways. Additionally,

several of our international

partners have also called to

express satisfaction with the

move,” Hurst reported.

He said the next move

is to have the new policy

printed in local newspaper

and to be circulated as widely

as possible.

During the wrap up of

the 2017 budget debate, PM

Browne announced that all

current diplomatic passports

will be re-issued by the end

of March when the new

passports become available.

The new guidelines will

go into effect at that time.

These measures will tighten

up the issuing of diplomatic

passports and plug any loopholes

that currently exist.

Hurst also announced

an extinguisher”, she said.

The employees left the building following

the arrival of the firemen and

will return to their duties today.

New policy guidelines applauded

that the government will

also make public the

6-monthly report produced

by the Citizenship By Investment

Unit detailing the

number of people whose

applications for passports

under the programme were


19 CIP passports under scrutiny

By Everton Barnes

The Cabinet has ordered the review of

nineteen passports that were granted under

the Citizenship by Investments Programme

to nationals of both Iran and Yemen, two

countries from which applications have

been banned.

According to a source close to the Cabinet,

the applications were processed under

the tenure of the former administration.

“It was brought to the attention of the

Cabinet that applications were processed

for 17 Iranians and 2 Yemenis so the Cabinet

has asked for a new due diligence research

into these individuals to ensure that

there is nothing in that background that

would raise a red flag,” the spokesman reported.

The CIP Unit has been mandated

to conduct the background inquiry into the

individuals and to report the findings to the


According to the spokesman the Cabinet

sees this request as a proactive measure

to ascertain definitively that there is nothing

about any of the individuals to be concerned.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 9th February 2017

Government moves ahead with discussions to get rid of

another product that poses danger to the environment

Seven months after the

successful implementation

of the ban on T-Shirt

plastic bags, the Ministry

of Health and the Environment

has signaled its intention

to get rid of another

product that poses danger

to the environment.

In a meeting with a number

of stakeholders yesterday

(Tuesday), Health and

the Environment Minister,

Molwyn Joseph announced

that Government has officially

initiated discussions

on its intentions to discontinue

the use of Styrofoam

products, including cups,

plates, coolers, containers

and bowls etc in the twin

island state.

While addressing the

gathering at the Environment

Division at Botanical

Gardens, Minister Joseph

said that the Gaston

Browne Administration

remains committed to protecting

the environment for

present and future generations.

Minister of Health, the Hon.,

Molwyn Joseph

While noting that the

process is one which requires

proper research and

planning so as not to jeopardize

local businesses, he

forcefully stated that the

opposition of a chosen few

will not deter him from

promoting the country’s

interests where matters of

the environment are concerned.

Minister Joseph stressed

that it is high time for people

to recognize that the

onus is on them to take

up the mantle and join the

fight for what is right.

“Instead of spending

two dollars and fifty cents

in doing something that

will save the environment,

they would go to the store

and make all kinds of noise

but I am not going to be

genuflecting to these kind

of people every time.

“It’s time for us to stand

up and tell them that they

have a responsibility to

their country and to themselves

to make the right

decision”, Minister Joseph


The Environment Minister

also received widespread

support from the

stakeholders in this venture.

They were highly cognizant

of the view that the

initiative is timely, but noted

that vigilance must be

exercised on how the process

is planned and implemented.

In this regard, Minister

Joseph assigned responsibilities

for the setting up

of a technical committee to

lead the initiative in concont’d

on pg 7

Thursday 9th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

cont’d from pg 6

sultation with him.

Discussion on the most

favourable substitutes for

replacement of these Styrofoam

products will be

among the top agenda items

for this committee.

Minister Joseph also assured

the stakeholders that

tax on importation of alternative

products will be

waived when the initiative

is officially implemented.

Among the distributors,

wholesalers and business

owners in attendance at the

function were Dave Soogrin

of Mega-Distributors,

Stanley Yang of Delightful

Restaurant, Lyndon Smart

of Little Canton Supermarket

as well as Michael

Friend and Sasha Mercer of

Epicurean Fine Foods.

Present as well were

Joyce Andrew of Chase

Distributors, Victor Michael

of First Choice Supermarket,

Bargain Centre’s

Raydee Matthew and

Marvin Geno Gore from

Gore Global Group Inc.

Gore, who is his company’s

CEO, disclosed

that they are standing firm

with the government and

are ready to aid in the fight

against harmful pollutants.

“We think that it is

something that is going to

have a very positive impact

on our society and environment

as a whole and we

stand fully committed to

facilitate the Government

in their endeavour, in not

only the ban on Styrofoam

but the other harmful pollutants

that we have now in

our environment that have

an adverse effect on our

population”, Gore said.

On the first of January

2016, the Government has

implemented a ban on the

importation of the commercial

t-shirt plastic bags

while a total ban on its use

was effected six months

later, 1 st July in larger supermarkets.

Total ban on the use of

same in the smaller business

establishments is being

fully enforced.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 9th February 2017

Thursday 9th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 9th February 2017

Award-winning Sandals Manager says

training staff must be mandatory

Dickenson Bay, Antigua

– The importance of training

and developing human

resources for the hospitality

sector cannot be taken for

granted, and is a key requirement

for the success of the

industry, not just in Antigua

and Barbuda, but throughout

the world.

This from Matara Murphy,

the training and development

manager at Sandals

Grande Antigua, who received

the Tourism Management

Award at the National

Youth Awards on February 5,


“At Sandals, we have set

up the Sandals Corporate

University (SCU) which not

only allows us to assist staff

in obtaining industry-recognised

certification, but we

also provide scholarships

for them to further specialisations

and even pursue full

degrees,” she said.

Twenty-eight-year old

Murphy, who is also the

current Antigua Hotels and

Tourist Association (AHTA)

Young Hotelier of the Year,

believes that even if a company

cannot do something on

that scale, it can find local, or

affordable online resources,

which can teach customer

service and the basic skills

needed for any job function.

Altogether over 11,000

persons have benefitted from

the SCU’s numerous certificate

programmes throughout

the Caribbean, while just under

800 have received professional

certification as a result

of scholarships given by

Sandals amounting to almost

US$1 million.

Sandals Deputy Chairman

and Chief Executive

Officer Adam Stewart is

mindful of the contribution

of team members to what the

resort has achieved …after

all, Sandals Resorts International

has been voted World’s

Leading All-Inclusive Company

21 consecutive years.

“A big part of why we

are so successful is the input

of our team members. They

are among the finest in the

world, and we are proud to

invest in their training and


“No one else invests in

people the way we do, not

just internally, but for the

wider community through

our Hospitality Training Programme,”

Stewart said.

Matara is herself a success

story that has come

out of the Sandals training

system. She is a graduate of

the Antigua & Barbuda Hospitality

Training Institute’s

Hospitality Management associate

degree programme.

She started in the industry, at

age 19, as a concierge agent

at Sandals Grande Antigua

and later, with the help of

Sandals Corporate University,

gained a scholarship to

complete a bachelor’s degree

from Monroe College in

Saint Lucia.

Murphy returned to Antigua

in 2014 as the raining

manager for Grand Pineapple

Beach Resort and in 2015

became the Training and Development

Manager for Sandals

Grande. During her tenure

at Sandals she has built

on the Hospitality Trainee

Programme (HTP), facilitating

the training of over 200

young people in the tourism


“After going through our

training, young people in Antigua

are ready for the world

of work and we have historically

been able to employ

most of them. For those who

we cannot engage on a permanent

basis, other resorts

and restaurants, confident in

Sandals training standards,

look to us for recommendations,”

Murphy said.

General Manager of Sandals

Grande Antigua Gaurav

“Mr G” Sindhi had words of

congratulations for Murphy

on her most recent award.

“I can’t think of anyone

else in the industry more deserving

of the accolades than

Ms Murphy,” he said.

“As a citizen of Antigua

& Barbuda, she is passionate

about the industry, always

looking for better ways to

improve the standards of the

resort, and continuously is

seeking to help develop her


Thursday 9th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

US Embassy opens EducationUSA

Advising Center at T.A. Marryshow

Community College in Grenada

The U.S. Embassy to

Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean,

and the Organization

of Eastern Caribbean States

is pleased to announce the

opening of its EducationU-

SA advising center at the

T.A. Marryshow Community

College (TAMCC) in


The center will enable

more Grenadian students to

pursue their dreams of studying

in the United States, and

the knowledge and skills

with which they return will

allow them to contribute to

Grenada’s growth and development.

The EducationUSA

center at TAMCC will be

headed by Mrs. Kirl Alexander-John,

who will join

EducationUSA’ s global network

of advisers working in

over 400 advising centers

throughout 170 countries.

She will guide local students

through EducationUSA’ s “5

Steps to U.S. Study” process

by assisting them in researching

schools, exploring

financial aid opportunities,

completing applications, applying

for student visas, and

preparing for departure.

U.S. Ambassador to Barbados,

the Eastern Caribbean,

and the OECS Linda

Taglialatela helped open the

new center during a ceremony

at TAMCC on February

8. “We are extremely

pleased to re-open the EducationUSA

advising center

at the T.A. Marryshow Community

College,” Ambassador

Taglialatela said. “As

a U.S. Department of State

program, EducationUSA is

the only official source for

comprehensive information

on U.S. higher education.

Our advisers strive to assist

local students worldwide in

navigating the admissions

process by providing comprehensive

and accurate information

about accredited

U.S. colleges and universities.

U.S. Embassy Bridgetown

remains committed to

its goal of promoting educational

opportunities in the

United States to students in

Grenada and throughout the

Eastern Caribbean.”

EducationUSA advising

centers managed by U.S.

Embassy Bridgetown are

located on the islands of Antigua,

Barbados, Dominica,

Grenada, St. Kitts, Nevis, St.

Lucia, and St. Vincent. Students

can learn more about

EducationUSA and the advising

center in their country

by visiting http://barbados.


U.S. Ambassador to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the

OECS Linda Taglialatela delivers remarks during the T.A. Marryshow

Community College EducationUSA advising center’s opening


12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 9th February 2017

Wednesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Divided

6. Powder mineral

10. Spasms

14. Exchange

15. Milky gem

16. Capital of Norway

17. Bride’s walkway

18. Short note

19. Juicy fruit

20. Mislay

21. Occupant

23. Eating away

27. Infamous fiddler

28. Digestive ____

30. Water plants

34. Ocean scene

38. Lounge about

39. Dirt

40. Graceful tree

42. Name tag

43. India’s continent

44. Black candy

46. Paper measures

48. Sub finder

49. Flat bread

51. Lubricated

56. Produce

60. Songstress ____ McEntire

61. Like some tea

62. Reside

64. Recluse

65. Slipper

66. Great Lake

67. Love, Italian-style

68. Heavy weights

69. Auction off

70. Pub missiles


1. Like old bread

2. Preceding

3. Lariat

4. Ran in neutral

5. Golf device

6. Actor ____ Cruise

7. Mimic

8. Bemoan

9. Nearby

10. Highest price (2 wds.)

11. Words of understanding

(2 wds.)

12. Tribe

13. Ilk

22. Pension plan (abbr.)

24. Longing

25. Gun rights group (abbr.)

26. Gawk

29. Viola’s kin

31. Mongolian desert

32. A Baldwin brother

33. She, in Bordeaux

34. Singe

35. Relaxation

36. Pavarotti solo

37. Sudden rushes of cattle

41. Chinese dynasty

42. Folk knowledge

45. Roadster

47. Knight’s title

48. Sarcastic writing

50. Fables

52. Scent

53. Mister (Sp.)

54. Reviewer Roger ____

55. Is bold

56. Main point

57. Reverberate

58. City light

59. Like Satan

63. Lamprey

64. Lass’s mate

Thursday 9th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Partly cloudy.

High - 80ºF

Low - 73ºF

Wind: East 14 mph

Sunrise 6.37 am; Sunset 6.03 pm

Wednesday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). The journey ahead gets

increasingly interesting and

demanding, too. Answer the

challenge by planning to get

more sleep. You’ll need to be

sharp, and sleep deprivation

will only lead to mistakes.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March

20). Your patience is legendary,

and you’ll stick with the

program, person or project

long after others would have

given up. Your intuition tells

you to hang in there, and it

won’t steer you wrong.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Collaborate. The compromise

you strike will be worth it, as

long as you approach it like

an experiment. What can you

discover by working with

others that you could not find

out by working on your own?

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

You’re in the mood to uncover

a mystery. It seems by now

something would have come

along to pique your interest.

Alas, you’re going to have to

go searching for new inspiration,

unanswered questions

and purposeful quests.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Optimum productivity isn’t

really about how much you

get done; it’s about getting

the right things done — the

things that matter to you,

make a difference to others

and possibly enrich and improve

your overall experience.

with you wherever you go.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Your

wish will be granted precisely

as asked. This will inspire

you, in the future, to ask in

even more specific terms.

You’re getting better and better

at accepting help, by the


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

If you’re wondering why

you can’t seem to give a care

about the work at hand, it’s

because the stakes aren’t high

enough to motivate you. So

make it more fun. Impose a

severe limit or an outrageous


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Though you may fantasize

about making a drastic

change, the reality is that a

series of small steps will get

you there with more grace,

stability and certainty.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

You have no interest in making

a “good” impression. You

want it to be spectacular. You

want them to be thinking of

you long after you’re gone. If

anyone can cast such a spell,

it’s you. Restraint and a sense

of mystery are key.


Dec. 21). You’re in danger

of digital overload. Try this

radical idea: real life! Meet

in person. Tell the joke or the

story to someone’s face. The

payoff for actual human contact

will be brilliant.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

The beautiful thing about a

fantasy life is that it can be

anything you want it to be

and, no matter how big and

wild it grows, it can always

stay contained in your head

and completely portable,

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). The one you interact

with most, in your head or

otherwise, is the one you’re

having a relationship with.

The dynamic doesn’t have to

be positive for it to be meaningful.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 9th February 2017

Nine-year wait for Volleyball

General Election finally here

By Marver Woodley

The long awaited general

elections for the National Volleyball

Association is finally


The lengthy overdue elections

will be held later this

evening at the Multipurpose

Cultural and Exhibition Center

with just one brave person

willing and ready to challenge

the current President for the

top executive position, as

President. The Association

has been the lone body on island

with international recognition

that has not had an election

of its executive members

within 9 years.

According to the current

President Wilbur Harrigan

By Marver Woodley

The Antigua and Barbuda

Football Association has released

a few new changes to

the Under 20 National team.

The team which qualified

for the semi-finals of the Confederation

of North, Central

American and Caribbean Association

Football, CONCAF

Under 20 competition will see

an addition to the list of player

who let the island a few days


DJ Buffonge of Manchester

United/England, Elliot

Webber of Leicester City/ England,

Kalis Gore of Leicester

County/England and Elijah

Jarvis of Rochester University/USA,

as oversees representatives

Andre Brown the

the lengthy wait for the elections

is due to a delay in the

planned review of the Association’s

constitution long with

a constant request by the current

executive committee to

push back the Annual General


Frank Shorts, former

National player and current

coach, has publicly announced

his campaign for presidency

during the executive meetings

of the Association.

With very little time to deliberate

his decision he will

nonetheless place his name on

the ballots to be voted upon,

promising to bring team work

and local recognition at the

forefront if elected.

lone national player from Old

Road FC, along with Minister

Max Fernandez’s son Christian

Fernandez of Oklahoma

Wesleyan University/USA to

round off the roster.

The other players who

will be taking to the field

once again will be Christian

By Marver Woodley

Show stopper Chief of Staff has been given

the first Turf Club crown for the 2017 season

clinching the feature event at the first Meet.

Held on Sunday at the Cassada Gardens

Race Track, Chief of Staff won the featured

Race of the day going up against Silent Action,

Demolition Man and newly imported

Sexy Cuba who performed in fine action after

Head Coach praises Parham for lifting

the ABFA Premier 2016/2017 title

By Marver Woodley

Head Coach of the newly crowned Antigua and Barbuda

Football Association Premier Division title, Asot Arcade Parham

has showered his team and sponsors with praises for lifting

the trophy. The team was able to life the trophy early after maintaining

the lead for several straight weeks to end the last round

of matches on 41 points ahead of closest rivals Sandals INET

IMOBILE Grenades.

Head Coach Rolston ‘Debu’ Williams showered his team

with praises for their outstanding work, as well as the sponsor

Hon Asot Michael, the Parliamentary Representative for Parham,

for his continued commitment towards the team and the

entire managing and executive committee of the Parham Football

Club, lamenting that it was a team effort.

Taking the opportunity during a post-match he took the opportunity

to sincerely thank all of the team members for a job

well done. Under his direction, Parham was in perfect performance

when they won their stunner game to clinch the title on

Sunday against Glanvilles. He nonetheless, urged his team to

continue to stay focus as two more games are ahead as the season

winds down.

Six new players added to Under 20 team

Suttie-Corbett, Kahendi Jackson,

Kenduka Challenger,

Leroy Graham, Denie Henry,

Matthew Hall, Shalon

Knight, Vashami Allen, Benedict

Bowers, Mohammad

Hakeem, Jarmarlie Stevens,

Javorn “Bozo” Stevens, Luther

Wilden, and Jacob Blackstock.

The team which departed

to Costa Rica on Monday

participated in a pre-tournament

preparation camp.

Their first match will be

against Mexico on the 17th

three days later they will face

Honduras before closing out

against Canada on the 23rd.

Chief of Staff captures first

Turf Club Meet for the year

the race restarted. Other horses in the winning

circle were Ouch, Bella, You Betta Believe It

and If in their respective races. Sponsors for

the first meet are as follows Vybz Fm, Dews,

Cools and Smooth, Occasions Party Rentals,

Antigua Printing and Publishing, Paint Plus

and ZDK Radio. The Next Meet for the Antigua

and Barbuda Turf Club will be the Philly

Classic a week away on the 19th of February.

Thursday 9th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15


Have you seen the Giant African Snail in your home or community?

If so, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Put on protective gloves

2. Collect snails and place them in a secure covered container

with some salt.

3. Call the Plant Protection Unit at 462-6776 or 462-6777 for

advice on disposal

Bring along your picnic blankets and folding chairs and enjoy

a relaxing evening on the lawn watching a movie or just

mingling with a bowl of delicious hot soup at the South Zone

Planning Committee of the Anglican Church's Pre-Lenten

Water Night and Movie on Friday, February 24, 2017 from

6 pm to 9 pm at All Saints Anglican Rectory Grounds, Matthews

Road, All Saints. The contribution is only $10. Patrons

will have a choice of various types of soups. There will

be Hot Dogs, Cupcakes, Popcorn and a bounce castle. Beverages

will also be on sale. Tickets are available from Parish

Priests and members of South Zone Planning Committee.

The fundraising post Valentines for Antigua & Barbuda Diabetes

Association is now rescheduled for Tuesday 21st February,

2017 from 4:00-6:00pm.



Give the Gift of Love by Taken an HIV Test!

The AIDS Secretariat – Ministry of Health and the Environment

will be offering Free and Confidential HIV Counselling

and Testing for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday 14th February,

2017 from 9:00am - 8:00pm at the AIDS Secretariat’s Office

on the Corner of Long & Temple Street.



The AIDS Secretariat – Ministry of Health and the Environment

Presents Valentines’ Day Delicious Cake Sale on

Tuesday 14th February, 2017 from 10:00am at the AIDS

Secretariat’s Office on the Corner of Long & Temple Street.

All of the proceeds go towards our HIV Outreach, Prevention

& Control Activities

All members of the Executive of the Antigua and Barbuda

Ex-Servicemen Association are reminded of the monthly

meeting, to be held on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 5 pm,

at the Association`s Headquarters "Leah House" on Prime

Minister`s Drive. Please be on time or notify the Chairman

on 720-0058, PRO on 721-1970 or the Secretary on 723-

3452 of your apologies.

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Bodybuilding

Judge? If so, the Antigua Barbuda Amateur Bodybuilding

Federation Inc will be hosting a Judges Workshop on Saturday

11th February 2017 at the ABI Financial Building,

2nd Floor, Redcliffe Street, St John’s, Antigua from 2pm to

6pm. Come prepared to learn about the new judging criteria

for all bodybuilding categories.

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 9th February 2017

Cornwall seals sensational victory

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – A scintillating

unbeaten half-century from

Rahkeem Cornwall proved the difference

as Leeward Islands Hurricanes

trounced Windward Islands Volcanoes

by four wickets, in a dramatic Group

A game of the Regional Super50 here


In pursuit of a difficult 294 for victory

in the day/night affair at Coolidge

Cricket Ground, Hurricanes were in

control at 164 for one in the 30th over

behind captain Kieran Powell’s brilliant

80, but lost five wickets for 44

runs to collapse to 208 for six in the

39th over.

The burly Cornwall, who celebrated

his 24th birthday a week ago, then took

control of the run chase for Scorpions,

blasting 74 not out off just 50 balls to

stun Volcanoes.

He belted 10 fours and a six as he

added 91 off 63 balls in an unbroken

seventh wicket stand with Trinidadian

all-rounder Akeal Hosein, whose unbeaten

26 came from 24 balls and was

equally crucial.

With 49 required from 48 balls, the

left-handed Hosein eased the pressure

by clearing the ropes at mid-wicket

with left-arm seamer Kyle Mayers before

combining with Cornwall to get

eight runs from Delorn Johnson’s next


Mayers returned the pressure by

conceding just two runs in the 45th

to leave Hurricanes requiring 29 runs

from 30 balls.

Cornwall took matters into his own

hands in the following over, hitting

left-armer Johnson straight for four and

then squirting him square for another


Volcanoes then cracked under the

pressure with Devon Smith spilling an

easy catch at long off as Hosein hit out

against Mayers in the 47th over, and

Leeward Islands allrounder Rahkeem Cornwall plays a shot.

Cornwall seized on the moment to deposit

the very next ball straight for six

and hand Hurricanes the momentum.

With just two required for victory

from the penultimate over, Cornwall

fittingly ended the game when he caressed

the fourth ball from Mayers to

the cover boundary.

The half-century was Cornwall’s

second of the tournament – and second

against Volcanoes – following his

unbeaten 70 in his Hurricanes’ third


Powell had earlier extended his run

of phenomenal form when he faced 84

balls and struck four fours and three

sixes, to mark his fifth consecutive

score of over fifty.

He laid the foundation for the successful

run chase by posting 112 for the

first wicket with Montcin Hodge who

scored 46 from 54 balls, before adding

a further 52 for the second wicket with

Jermaine Otto who struck two fours

and two sixes in a frenetic 47.

Powell, who has already scored

three centuries, now has 509 runs at an

average of 84.

Volcanoes had appeared to put

themselves in the driver’s seat when

they piled up 293 for eight off their 50

overs, after opting to bat first.

They were propelled by veteran

left-hander Smith who broke out of a

lean patch to hammer 101 off 103 balls

with 13 fours and one six, in notching

his seventh List A hundred.

He was joined by Sunil Ambris who

carved out a cameo 53 off 36 deliveries

with six fours and a six, while Andre

Fletcher weighed in with 41.

Volcanoes were struggling at 42 for

two in the seventh over before Smith

and Fletcher combined in a 133-run,

third wicket stand to bolster the innings.

When Fletcher perished in the 34th,

Ambris posted 34 with Smith for the

fourth wicket and 39 for the fifth wicket

with Mayers (16), to capitalize on

loose Hurricanes bowling.

Hosein snared four for 57 with his

left-arm spin while seamer Gavin Tonge

picked up

three for 75.


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