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Caring for Our Communities - VNA of Ohio Community Report 2016

Caring for Our Communities - VNA of Ohio Community Report 2016


16 | VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION OF OHIO VNA of Ohio’s Laura Camp-Smith speaks at the 24th Annual Light a Life Ceremony where family members and staff gathered to honor and remember those who died in 2016. Patient Emergency Fund Ms. Jodell M. Bender Mrs. Pamela J. Beremand Ms. Marleen Birky Ms. Emily Blackie Mr. James Blythin Ms. Michelle Bodak Ms. Jenifer Boland Ms. Marcia L. Brents Ms. Lisa Brown Ms. Nancy A. Buckey Mr. Shane Burke Ms. Elsie L. Butler Ms. Donna Cameron Ms. Holly K. Coughlin Mr. Gregory Domyan Mr. Russell Dugger Ms. Nancy Finan Ms. Judy Fisher Ms. Cindy Fisk Ms. Emma Flesher Ms. Mary Ann Fuote Ms. Adrienne Gonzalez Mrs. Janet M. Guzik Ms. Karen Hagerman Ms. Patricia A. Huczel Mr. Thomas D. Huggins Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Jelinek Ms. Rose L. Katz Ms. Emily Smayda Kelly Ms. Candice K. Kingel Ms. Delores T. Mack Ms. Karen R. Mitchell Ms. Stephanie M. Moten Ms. Amy Nezovich Mr. Thien Nguyen Ms. Elizabeth Niksa Ms. Jacqueline Owen Mr. and Mrs. James H. Schaum Mr. Michael Schultz Ms. Becky Skillicorn Ms. Tammy Trent Ms. Mary Alice Tummonds Mr. and Mrs. Adam Zangerle VNA of Ohio Individuals Ms. Judy Allen* Ms. Pam Anson Ms. Elaine Argenziano* Ms. Emily Blackie Ms. Jane F. Blackie Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton Ms. Donna Borowski Ms. Symantha Bowen Mr. Theodore J. Brenner Ms. Trisha Brookhart Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Burns Ms. Kerry E. Capwell Edward N. Carrol Ph.D. Mr. Frank J. Caruso Ms. Teresa Castrovinci Mr. and Mrs. Joe Catanese Mr. Frank Celedonia Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Christie Mrs. Diane Clemens Mr. and Mrs. John Cooney Ms. Marjory A. Craft Mr. and Mrs. Domenic D’Agostino Mr. and Mrs. Frank D’Agostino Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dahler Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Dalzell Ms. Eleanor S. Davison Mr. and Mrs. Chris Deibel, Jr. Ms. Caroline E. Dengel Ms. Karen Devroy-Heruminek Mr. Ryan Dobro Ms. Carol Edwards* Mr. and Mrs. Merle D. Elkin Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton Emmons Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn R. Esch Mr. Daniel A. Fedeli Ms. Roberta R. Foote Mrs. Robert I. Gale Florence A. Gebbie Trust Sarah A. Goellner, Gail Schnell, Michael Schnell Ms. Marsha L. Gray Mr. Robert D. Gries Ms. Nancy J. Gross Mr. and Mrs. John Gunyula Ms. Janis Hamilton Mr. Rufus D. Heard Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hehnen, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Hinz, Jr. Mrs. Ruth R. Holm Ms. Wanda Hood Mr. Michael J. Horvitz Ms. Patricia Huczel* Mr. James Immke* Mr. Thomas D. Huggins Ms. Margaret L. Jarvis Mrs. Janet Johnson Ms. Barbara Jordan Ms. Barbara Julai Mr. Gene Karlen* Mrs. Bernice G. Kilcoyne Mr. George Kistner Mr. and Mrs. Alex I. Koler Ms. Regina D. Komar Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kosciuszko Mr. Joseph E. Kowal Ms. A. Patricia Kozlowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lograsso Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lomas Ms. Heather L. Long

CARING COMMUNITIES 2016 | 17 Mr. Melvin E. Lowe Mrs. Catherine L. Lozick Mr. Ray Lucia Ms. Janis E. Lyons Elizabeth Madigan, Ph.D. Mrs. Nancy McCormack Mr. and Mrs. John G. McDonald Ms. Ruth M. McKay Ms. Kady Millard Mr. Lee Monai Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Muglich Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mullee Victoria Nadzam, MSN, RN Mr. and Mrs. John P. Nairus Ms. Lillian A. Nawalanic Mr. Thien Nguyen Mr. Michael Onderak Ms. Jacqueline Owen Mr. Roger Palmentira Mr. Maynard Peterson Mr. and Mrs. George H. Plude Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pogue Mr. Peter M. Popovich Staff of Rosary Hall Ms. Kate Regan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rivalsky, Jr. Mrs. Barbara Robinson Mr. Carl A. Romansky Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Roth Patrick Runnels, M.D. Ms. Carol A. Russo Mrs. Twyla H. Sales Mr. Robert F. Scarr Ms. Tina Scudelletti Mrs. Paula Schodowski* Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Sears Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sensory* Ms. Julie S. Siegel Mrs. Sharon Steward Mr. and Mrs. Charles Surace Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Tamaro Ms. Emrie Thoresen Ms. Dorothy J. Turcotte Mr. and Mrs. Ken Urban Ms. Sandra L. Waldron Barbara Walker Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. John Walton* Ms. Mary C. Warren Mrs. Susan Willoughby Ms. Maria Wolansky* Ms. Mary Zajac* Promoting Independence Addressing Mental Health Concerns at Home Growing up in Germany, Hubertine was eight years old during World War II. When she and her family moved to the United States in the 1950s, she began to forget the horrors that she saw during that time. After a while, she forgot almost everything. It wasn’t until a few years ago that the memories started to come back. A fire at her neighbor’s house one morning triggered PTSD symptoms and the memories came flooding back. “I saw bombs. I saw people die.” Hubertine was already using physical therapists from VNA of Ohio who were helping her recover from a previous fall. Her therapists recommended that she work with a nurse, Sherry, from VNA’s mental health team. “You don’t even have to leave your house, they come to you. Isn’t that great?” “She [Sherry] listens to me, which helps me a lot,” Hubertine said. “She never hurries me. She never pushes me. She understands and gives me suggestions. We have a little bit of a chat, then she goes out the door and then everything is fine. I feel like they saved my life. Otherwise, I don’t know where I would have wound up.” Click here to view Hubertine’s story. Hubertine, a VNA of Ohio rehab and mental health patient

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