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WEEKLY NEWS ISSUE 19 3 February 2017



Good Morning This week we will be saying Good Morning in Makaton. We sign, with a thumbs up, moving the hand down from the forehead to the tummy, then across the chest. Attendance Class attendance figures for this week: Robin – 97.5% Wren – 97.5% Sparrow – 100% WOW!! Starling – 94.6% - Oops! Chaffinch – 96.2% - Oops! Goldfinch – 97.8% Kingfisher – 96.8% Woodpecker-98.9% Magpie – 99% Owl – 98.3% Heron – 97.9% Raven – 97.9% Eagle – 96.4% - Oops! Hawk – 97.4 Well done to Sparrow who won Pierre the Penguin. Well done to Magpie who won the Attendance Cup. This week the whole school attendance is 97.4% Our school attendance target is 96.5%. Whole school attendance for this academic year to date is 96.6% 100% Attendance Prize Draw Well done to Dinusanth in Starling and Ben in Magpie who won the prize draw for 100% attendance in Spring Term 1. The each won a £30 Vue Cinema voucher and £10 off their food bill at Frankie and Bennys. Punctuality Let’s try to get all of our children in school on time!! Please remember that the children can be on our playground at 8.40am and our school bell rings a few minutes before our official start time of 8.50am to get the children ready for their learning. Some classes’ punctuality is poor. It is the children that get here on time and have their learning constantly disrupted that I feel sorry for. A polite reminder that registration starts for all children each morning at 8.50am. At this point, children should be in the playground, ready to line up. Late arrival is disruptive for pupils and teachers and causes embarrassment for the child arriving late. Please help us avoid problems by making sure you arrive at school in plenty of time to help get the day off to a good start! Class punctuality figures for this week showing the percentage of Lates: Well done – improving! Robin – 0.9% Wren – 0% Excellent!! Sparrow – 0.7% Starling – 1.1% Chaffinch – 0.7% Goldfinch – 0.8% Kingfisher – 1.9% Woodpecker – 1.3% Magpie – 0% Excellent!! Owl – 0% Excellent!! Heron – 0.3% Raven – 0.3% Eagle – 0% Excellent!! Hawk – 0% Excellent!! WEEKLY NEWS ISSUE 19 3 rd February 2017 Zoe – Wren Benjamin – Sparrow Esther – Goldfinch Gabrielle – Kingfisher Rhys – Owl Crispin – Heron David – Eagle Golden Ticket Winners Our Golden Ticket Winners this week were: Joshua – Robin Ayub – Starling Gaphian – Chaffinch Urte – Woodpecker Paige – Magpie Aaron – Raven Maellys - Hawk Stars of The Week At Oasis Academy Ryelands we are driven by a powerful ethos that CAREs. It aspires to treat everyone inclusively and recognises the importance of a holistic approach to education. We have been giving out our celebration certificates in line with our school values. The children’s and staff certificates have been awarded for demonstrating our values, as seen below: Values C - Community. We care for our community and help others whenever we can. A - Aspiration. When you work hard and believe you can do anything you then have options. R - Resilience. We never stop trying even when it gets tough. E - Enjoyment. Developing a love of lifelong learning in our community. The Circle of Inclusion. (which surrounds the word CARE) - We believe we are one family: we play together and learn together and no one is left out. Our aim is that our vision and values are real and part of our everyday life at Oasis Academy Ryelands and that our community is able to give real life examples where CARE is happening. Our stars of the week this week were: Aspiration Resilience Enjoyment Community Inclusion Sarai – Starling Marlon – Heron Derron – Eagle Mrs Portsmouth Maximus – Robin Eva - Raven Birkan – Wren Erik – Sparrow Damaris – Chaffinch Miss Groves Bethan – Kingfisher Alfie-Louise - Owl Zamira – Magpie Miss Wallace Natasza – Goldfinch Aicha – Woodpecker Asia - Hawk

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