MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2017 featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.BLOG

MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2017 featuring special MONTANA-CANS products, brand collaborations, events and artists. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.BLOG


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<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

EDITION # 02<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

WWW.<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.COM<br />

emoJivANDALS<br />

FeLiPe PANtoNe<br />

mURALS iN the mARKet<br />

the wALLRioRS<br />

ACRyLiC SeRieS<br />

Forgot the bolt cutters?<br />

No problem. Graffiti just<br />

got a shortcode!<br />

Traveling at the speed of<br />

art Felipe Pantone is making<br />

movement tangible.<br />

Detroit’s murals in a historic<br />

setting. More than just an<br />

urban art festival!<br />

Taiwan’s first international<br />

Graffiti Festival in the city<br />

of Kaohsiung.<br />

A series of studio visits<br />

with graffiti artist &<br />

illustrators<br />

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> / ISSUE # 02 / <strong>2017</strong>

2<br />

Covershot by @kevintsg<br />

mural by Brazilian artist SLIKS


<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> - HIGHEST QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY<br />


<strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> <strong>2017</strong> | printed in Germany

Content<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> / EDITORIAL<br />





POWWOW 2016 RECAP<br />




NYCHOS + THE WEIRD 5yrs<br />


NUART<br />

Moses & Taps Moscow<br />





JÄGERMEISTER x <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong><br />


06<br />

08<br />

12<br />

18<br />

22<br />

28<br />

36<br />

46<br />

54<br />

60<br />

68<br />

76<br />

82<br />

88<br />

96<br />

112<br />

122<br />

136<br />



At <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> we benefit, as a team and as company,<br />

from working closely with creative heads, our friends and<br />

partners. In return, it is our pleasure to support events,<br />

projects and artists. In our opinion, a fruitful cooperation<br />

is the source for creativity, development and growth on all<br />

levels. We are so fortunate and grateful for the fact that we<br />

are approached by artists and collaboration partners alike,<br />

who have incredible ideas and inspirations, is something<br />

that we are very thankful for. Cultural sponsorship and social<br />

commitment mean a great deal to us, which is why we are<br />

happy to invest in projects and event sponsorships that<br />

support the very causes which are so extremely close to our<br />

hearts. This is our great privilege.<br />

As a follow-up to the first edition, we are now happy to present<br />

the second edition of the <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> Lookbook,<br />

in which we’d like to take the time to feature some of the<br />

special projects and partnerships we have established and<br />

share our pride and gratitude with you.<br />

More information on <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong><br />

and its products can be found at:<br />

WWW.<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.COM<br />


TOPSPRAYERS at work | Moscow, Russia<br />

photography by Good Guy Boris<br />


8<br />


Emoji<br />

VandalsGraffiti<br />

Just Got A<br />

Shortcode<br />

www.emojivandals.com<br />



Being a part of an art scene makes you very much aware that a picture can<br />

say much more than any single word or even a sentence ever could. This is<br />

why we have acted on the necessity of having graffiti-based Emojis for your<br />

everyday texting habits. There is nothing left to prevent the everyday vandal<br />

of 2016 from appropriately communicating his or her needs with this exclusive<br />

set of characters. The iOS App #emojivandals for convenient iMessage<br />

stickers are not only available for download, but they’re also available as<br />

smoothly looped GIF‘s or MP4‘s for desktop use.<br />

We’ve got you covered from your bolt cutter to your lookout emoji, including<br />

graffiti specialists‘ most trusted very cool Montana BLACK can emoji. We’ve<br />

also been notified that some Emojis escaped and landed on a few selected<br />

Montana BLACK cans, which have been randomly packed with our regular<br />

BLACK cans and have found their way onto the shelves of your favorite Montana<br />

distributers. Oh no! Emojivandals have also left their mark in Germany’s<br />

capital in form of a huge painted Emojivandal overlooking the princess<br />

garden – complete with Hashtag #emojivandals.<br />


available at the Appstore<br />

Because of their unlimited coolness, we then decided to dedicate a limited<br />

edition can to these cool dudes, which was available separately in a few selected<br />

stores, in addition to a few collectable merch items such as Stickers and<br />

iron on patches. If you’re as crazy about them as we are, you can check them<br />

out at their own private domain: www.emojivandals.com<br />

These dudes are a part of the Montana family now.<br />


Grab your EmojiVandals today<br />

and spread them with your friends<br />

www.emojivandals.com<br />


to GiVE modErn<br />

Vandals<br />

thE Vocabulary<br />

thEy nEEd,<br />

wE haVE crEatEd<br />

thE VandalEmoji.<br />

this<br />

EXclusiVE sEt<br />

of charactErs<br />

allows propEr<br />

communication<br />

within thE<br />

Graffiti scEnE<br />

of 2016. thE appropriatE<br />

symbols<br />

for thosE<br />

EVEry-day Vandal<br />

nEEds arE<br />

now aVailablE,<br />

fully diGital<br />

and so VEry<br />

conVEniEnt.<br />


www.montana-cans.blog<br />




BLA<br />

CK<br />

ART<br />

IST<br />

SERI<br />

ES<br />

The Montana BLACK Artist Series is growing and becomes<br />

a highly impressive group-exhibition on <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.<br />

What started with the idea of ​giving the artists not only a tool<br />

for the creation of Graffiti but also making it art itself, developed<br />

into a series of high-quality artworks that show the possible<br />

creative processes that can be done with <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>. In<br />

the past two years we already produced spray-cans cans with<br />

the artworks of well-known graffiti and street artists like FOR-<br />


and THE GRIFTERS and over the last months proudly continued<br />

the series with great limited re-designs by TRISTAN EATON,<br />

DMOTE, NAWAS and BUFF MONSTER, who created the latest<br />

edition of the Montana BLACK Artist Series.<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> is very proud of every single limited edition<br />

Artist Series can. Each can is featuring a world renowned artist<br />

who has the opportunity to design a personalized artwork for<br />

his/her favorite Montana BLACK color, from the 187 colors in<br />

the Montana BLACKrange. These designs are then implemented<br />

for a limited time in the production of the artists chosen color.<br />

Thus making any versions of the Artist Series cans exclusive,<br />

functional and collectable. The current designs of TRISTAN<br />

EATON, DMOTE, NAWAS and BUFF MONSTER are a good example<br />

for the variety of possibilities for the use of the Montana<br />

BLACK color range. Los Angeles based artist TRISTAN EATON,<br />

who became famous for his figurative illustrations, is one of the<br />

most exciting contemporary street artists in the United States<br />

of America, while DMOTE and NAWAS both stand for traditional<br />

graffiti writing, but could not be more different. DMOTE is<br />

world-famous for his classic way of stylewriting with roots in<br />

the Australian oldschool while NAWAS personifies a modern,<br />

creative way of European trainwriting. Like hardly any other writers,<br />

NAWAS creates new, creative interpretations of the name<br />

itself and the meaning of graffiti on trains. The latest design for<br />

the Montana BLACK Artist Series has been done by BUFF<br />

MONSTER. He live and works in New York City and became famous<br />

not only for the high recognition value of his comic-like<br />

characters which can be found in the streets and galleries all<br />

over the world.<br />

The Montana BLACK Artist Series will be featured 4 times<br />

a year at the same price as the regular version. So grab them<br />

while they are available! (Note: The can not be ordered specifically.<br />

Limited edition cans will be supplied as regular color!).<br />

Watch out for upcoming artists in this unique series!<br />


NA<br />

WAS<br />

The BLACK artist edition can #8 was not designed by an artist.<br />

We decided to change things up a bit, so instead, we upped<br />

the ante by inviting a whole crew to do what they do best. The<br />

NAWAS crew (Night Watchmen) from Belgium are top-end designers,<br />

illustrators and photographers by day, but by night, they<br />

don their smocks, balaclavas and fool’s caps to roam the streets<br />

and fulfill their deep-seated yearning to become urban art super<br />

heroes. After taking time to consider our broad assortment of<br />

colors, the NAWAS crew had made their decision, and selected<br />

our BLK 6005 „Acid“ as their color of choice. During the creation<br />

of the design, the team focused on emphasizing the title of<br />

the color by creating the theme of the design. The whole design<br />

screams acid in a hazardous zombie apocalypse-kind of way.<br />

A zombie hand can be seen pouring a bright green liquid into<br />

what becomes the NAW-ACID with a skull and bones floating in<br />

the puddle at the bottom of the can. It was to be expected that<br />

their strong orientation towards scene-writing would be reflected<br />

in the design of the litho. We are thrilled with the outcome and<br />

believe that the essence of the color has been portrayed to a T.<br />


D<br />

MOTE<br />

We are proud to feature DMOTE in our BLACK artist series.<br />

DMOTE is an Australian-born artist, based in New York, who has<br />

gained respect all across the globe. His artistic footprint can be<br />

found on nearly every continent and his influence has definitely<br />

changed the aesthetics on the streetscape of the universal graffiti<br />

scene. Of course, when he agreed to design a BLACK artist<br />

edition can for us, we were absolutely thrilled. He picked our<br />

BLK 3155 „Purple Rain“, and we think it reflects his artistic diversity<br />

and matches the quirky characteristics of his style very well.<br />

For the design of his can, DMOTE used the reoccurring theme of<br />

droplets, incorporating the color into his design. Staying within<br />

the color family, he has created a litho design that is definitely<br />

one-of-a-kind, emphasizing the use of geometric shapes to create<br />

a layered look. Over the years, DMOTE has managed to move<br />

beyond the graffiti drawing of his youth into the multi-faceted realms<br />

of design, illustration, painting, curation and fine art; all the<br />

while cleverly combining and shifting his emphasis to his liking.<br />

This is exactly what makes his visual presence so determined,<br />

energetic and with both feet in the street. We love DMOTE‘s new<br />

can design and are hyped with the way it fits the can, the color,<br />

and the artist.<br />


TRI<br />

STAN<br />

EA<br />

TON<br />

Tristan Eaton started his career with a toy that he designed for<br />

Fisher-Price when he was 18 years old. Before that he was an<br />

active graffiti enthusiast, painting on any kind of surface, even<br />

dumpsters in New York, Detroit and London where he lived as a<br />

teen. Working as an illustrator he was commissioned by clients<br />

such as Nike and even Barack Obama. Today, he is a full-time<br />

street artist, who focusses on fine art and large-scale mural<br />

work. His unmistakable style features loud colors in collagedesigns<br />

of pop imagery fused with iconography and symbolism<br />

and varying overlays and textures. It was clear that we had to<br />

have him design BLACK artist edition can. He agreed and<br />

chose our BLK 5070 „Horizon“.<br />

In the course of creating of the design, Eaton managed to tie in<br />

a distinctive combination of his most frequent visual elements<br />

such as faces, typography, line work, op art and image layering.<br />

His collage-like motifs give the spectator of his artworks endless<br />

details to decipher, almost like the images shift each time<br />

one looks at them, each time revealing something else more<br />

prominently, which gives his pieces an unparalleled depth and<br />

dynamism. And now, a little cluster of changeability is forever<br />

captured on our 10th BLACK special edition.<br />


Two icons that immediately come to mind as pretty much owning<br />

the color pink are Hello Kitty and Buff Monster. No surprise<br />

as to which color Buff Monster chose after agreeing to<br />

design one of our special BLACK artist edition cans for us: our<br />

P 4000 „Power Pink“. To him, the color pink symbolizes confidence,<br />

individuality and happiness. Of course, all of his distinctive<br />

Buff Monster design elements like dripping ice-cream,<br />

one-eyed monsters and skulls are integrated into the design.<br />

The typical Buff Monster character has two teeth and freckles<br />

and seems to drip like melting ice-cream. The can design<br />

sports three of these little fellows, plus he decided to use a cool<br />

technique in which a few chosen elements have been left out in<br />

the litho printing process, leaving the aluminum colored base of<br />

the litho exposed for a metallic effect. The New York-based artist<br />

was originally known for his street art, but has extended his work<br />

over the course of the past 15 years to include collaborations<br />

with readily recognizable brands and the creation of vinyl and<br />

resin toys, prints, shirts, stickers and trading cards. He also has<br />

created a range of limited edition collectables, one of which is<br />

now this one-of-a-kind Montana BLACK artist edition can.<br />

BUFF<br />

MON<br />

STER<br />


mOnOCHROmE<br />



A viDeO-seRies On CleAn AnD simPle<br />

„Clean and simple“ best describes the MONOCHROME-series concept of Spraydaily:<br />

graffiti videos, which feature one writer and three cans in each episode. The motor driving<br />

spraydaily.com is a small team of editors collecting daily graffiti-updates including<br />

videos, flix and interviews with artists from all over the world. The project was kicked<br />

off in April 2015 and has been consistently busy ever since. Artists such as SPORT,<br />

KAOS, WANE, SOBEKCIS and many, many more have been featured in these short clips,<br />

in which the artists is supplied with a few cans of our new Montana BLACKOUT and<br />

WHITEOUT and a can of our popular Montana SILVERCHROME, to create a piece with<br />

rich contrasts. Lucious outlines seem to appear magically, as if the can were guiding<br />

the hand in stead of the other way around. The clips range from 1 1/2 to 2 minutes and<br />

really give you some unique insight into the art of bombing on a variety of surfaces. The<br />

high coverage of these cans is demonstrated nicely, establishing its rank as no. 1 in the<br />

range of products for bombing. The designs are as the title implies „clean and simple“,<br />

focusing on outlines with minimalistic and smooth backgrounds. Spraydaily is a great<br />

coop partner and we’re looking forward to exciting new projects in the future.<br />

all videos on:<br />

www.Spraydaily.com<br />

montana-cans.blog/monochrome<br />

youtube channel: bit.ly/SPRAYDAILY<br />

#Spraydaily<br />

#Monochrome<br />

100%<br />



photos by Spraydaily.com<br />





Traveling at the speed of<br />

art Felipe Pantone is making<br />

movement tangible<br />


Felipe Pantone<br />

We at Montana-<strong>CANS</strong> are always on the<br />

lookout for creative people to work with. When it<br />

comes to street art, we have been truly fortunate<br />

to have worked together with some of the most<br />

prominent creative geniuses out there. One of<br />

whom is Felipe Pantone. The Valencia-based<br />

artist is an internationally renowned contemporary<br />

artist, who has moved his graffiti aesthetics<br />

to the absolute edge of every aspect of the<br />

spectrum. His journey of discovery that led to his<br />

unique aesthetic was born by his pursuit of a way<br />

to fuse exaggerated colorful art and his obsession<br />

with movement. The contrast of black and white<br />

and the use of vivid colors are components of his<br />

kinetic art style, which merges bold elements of<br />

graphic design with highly-evolved geometric<br />

shapes. His exceptional avant-garde artistic style<br />

teleports the viewer into another mesmerizing<br />

and vivid world, almost reminding us of the gaudy<br />

80’s with its SMPTE color bars on the TV.<br />

With the Internet, information seems to travel at<br />

the speed of light. This feeling of rapid movement<br />

influences for one Felipe Pantone’s life<br />

through hyperactivity and extensive travel plans<br />

but also his compositions, artistic style and working<br />

methods. If it is your dream and aspiration<br />

to create something of importance in the artistic<br />

world you must be able to grasp the contemporary<br />

era in terms of pop culture and your social<br />

periphery. And Felipe Pantone has proven to be<br />

capable of even amplifying the sense of our time<br />

in his artwork. Using visual elements extracted<br />

from technology such as glitches and other digital<br />

graphical elements which represent speed,<br />

this exceptional artist creates his pieces out of<br />

any medium, giving the appearance of containing<br />

movement which can be perceived by the<br />

viewer or actually relying on motion for its effect.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

In a few pieces, he has even incorporated QR<br />

codes with messages corresponding to his artworks.<br />

Deeply influenced by one of his idols<br />

Carlos Cruz-Diez, he has perfected his take on<br />

kinetic art, and has taken the next step by incorporating<br />

3-dimensional work. The fine arts<br />

graduate is just as at home painting on canvas<br />

or wood using varying techniques and amounts<br />

of masking tape, as he is creating freehand<br />

graffiti murals in more of an urban setting. To<br />

him, graffiti is a game of aiming to paint with<br />

the most style, the most times and bigger than<br />

anyone before. His use of mixed media in a fine<br />

art surrounding maximizes the impact his pieces<br />

have on the viewer.<br />



store.felipepantone.com<br />


26<br />

Felipe Pantone

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

follow the artist on:<br />

instagram.com/felipepantone<br />

facebook.com/pantone.ub<br />

www.felipepantone.com<br />

photos by @ Selina Miles<br />


A Graffiti<br />

Luau Going<br />

Global<br />

Spreading<br />

a Mindset<br />

through<br />

Art<br />


photography by Brandon Shigeta,<br />

Selina Miles, Daniel Weintraub<br />



<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

follow the event on:<br />

instagram.com/powwowworldwide<br />

montana-cans.blog/pow!wow!<br />

@powwowworldwide<br />

Spreading urban art all over the world is a goal<br />

for many urban art movements. The one we’d like<br />

to feature here is very close to our hearts. POW!<br />

WOW! is an urban art movement that originated<br />

in Honolulu, Hawaii and is organized by a<br />

global art network. Starting as an annual event,<br />

the POW! WOW! Hawaii festival has featured a<br />

huge roster and a broad range of top notch urban<br />

artists from all over the world. The collective of<br />

artists responsible for the festival have formed<br />

a global network, organizing street art events<br />

across the globe in other locations such as Taiwan,<br />

Long Beach, Israel, Singapore, Jamaica,<br />

Washington D.C., Guam, New Zealand, Germany<br />

among others.<br />

The 2016 POW! WOW! was busy in 7 different locations<br />

- starting off with the POW! WOW! Hawaii<br />

festival. Over a hundred artists, musicians, photographers<br />

and media partners got together to<br />

celebrate mutual creativity. The festival began on<br />

the 6th with the Opening Block Party presented<br />

by POW! WOW! and Night Market. The following<br />

days were packed with showcases, exhibitions,<br />

1-2-1 talks and of course a lot of mural-painting<br />

action. Artists like Risk, Pantone, 1010 and Bicicleta<br />

Sem Freio were spreading their creative<br />

energy all over Kaka’ako, further contributing to<br />

the growing mural scene. This year the festival<br />

was closed off with a new climax: the „stranded<br />

in paradise“ concert on Saturday, February 13th,<br />

which featured The Green, DJ Babu and Rakaa<br />

Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Cipha Sounds and<br />

many more. In March, a collaboration was formed<br />

which led POW! WOW! to the SXSW music festival<br />

in Austin, Texas. This combination of music<br />

and urban art has always fueled POW! WOW! in<br />

the past. Quite a few local artists were thrown<br />

into a mix of visiting artists, including Kamea<br />

Hadar, co-founder of POW WOW!.<br />


POW! WOW! DC, led by local artist Kelly Towels, got busy the<br />

end of May. Artists flew in from as far as Hong Kong (Caratoes).<br />

Other international artists included Jef Gress, INSA and the<br />

Yok, but also some local artists such as No Kings Collective,<br />

Decoy and Matt Corrado spread some urban love. The majority<br />

of the murals created during these few days were on walls in<br />

the NoMA neighborhood, in the interests of the partnership<br />

between POW! WOW! DC and the NoMA Business Improvement<br />

District. The second round for POW! WOW! Long Beach started<br />

in mid-July and turned out to be a smashing success as the<br />

week progressed. Life-size murals, art installations, a week of<br />

exhibitions, screenings, and talks were the fruits of the labors<br />

of over 30 artists who traveled from near and far. The line-up<br />

included Martha Cooper, Bumblebee, KASHINK, Aaron De La<br />

Cruz, Lisboan Pantonio and so many more.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

The New Contemporary Movement has a slightly different<br />

artistic objective, which POW! WOW! sees great value in<br />

supporting. The POW! WOW! Antelope Valley 2016 consisted of<br />

an exhibition with an incredible roster of over 55 artists. The<br />

exhibition titled ‚The New Vanguard‘ highlights the imaginative<br />

breadth of these New Contemporary artists including David<br />

Flores, Scott Listfield, Aaron Li-Hill, Casey Weldon just to name<br />

a few. ‚One city district at a time‘ is the motto with which POW!<br />

WOW! took on the downtown area of Worcester, Massachusetts.<br />

Dozens of artists left their mark, including Askew, Greg Mike,<br />

Imagine and Scott Boilard.<br />

In October, POW! WOW! invaded Japan for the second time,<br />

but this year, in the city of Kobe. The events within the festival<br />

ranged from murals to skate exhibition showcases, with<br />

educational talks and more. The festival was host to artists<br />

such as Persue, Sam Rodriguez, Cinta Vidal, Kami and Sasu<br />

of Hitotzuki. This year’s emphasis focused on education, with<br />

workshops for kids led by renowned artists. Summing up this<br />

incredible amount of output which POW! WOW! has generated<br />

over the past year, we are so happy to say that we’re on board<br />

with these guys. In further support of these years events, our<br />

Montana team decided to dedicate two special limited edition<br />

cans to two of POW! WOW!’s main events, as a symbol of the<br />

outstanding teamwork between POW! WOW! and Montana-<br />

Cans. The POW! WOW! Hawaii can from our color range of<br />

Montana BLACK and the POW! WOW! Long Beach can from our<br />

Montana GOLD range.<br />

#powwowworldwide<br />

#montanacans<br />

#montanacans_USA<br />


When it came to choosing a color for the POW! WOW! Hawaii can,<br />

we stuck to the colors of the festival’s logo and picked our Montana<br />

BLACK color BLK 4040 Pimp Violet. The design of the can is minimalistic,<br />

yet effective, sporting the POW! WOW! logo in white on the Pimp<br />

Violet base. For the Long Beach can, we chose a sunny color from our<br />

Montana GOLD range: G2030 Blast Orange. This can’s design is similar<br />

to the minimalistic design for the previous POW! WOW! Hawaii can:<br />

the white POW! WOW! logo on the Blast Orange base. A few lucky<br />

artists who participated in the respective festivals were supplied with<br />

these special edition cans and a select amount was also available for<br />

purchase, making them real collectors‘ items. We are proud to be a<br />

partner of POW! WOW! and to support this fantastic network in our<br />

mutual endeavor to spread the love for culture, music and especially<br />

urban art. Latest <strong>MONTANA</strong> x POW! WOW! Collabo Can – Color Shock<br />

Black S9000 of Montana GOLD.<br />

www.montana-cans.com<br />

www.powwowhawaii.com<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />



murals<br />

in thE<br />

marKEt<br />

morE than just an urban art fEstiVal<br />

deTRoiT’s newesT mURals in a HisToRic seTTinG<br />



Murals in the market<br />

The music hub Detroit is known for a broad range of things, but<br />

now, all it is also known as the creative city. Local publisher of<br />

fine arts 1xRun teamed up with Detroit’s Inner State Gallery, the<br />

Eastern Market Corporation and the Knight Foundation to organize<br />

an amazing 9-day event titled Murals in the Market, which<br />

is focused on public art. The historic Eastern Market in Detroit<br />

becomes host to more than 50 world-class local and international<br />

artists, who create a wealth of artworks throughout the district.<br />

During the festival, dozens of intertwining events will take place<br />

featuring installations, live music, children‘s‘ workshops, artists‘<br />

talks, community events and of course many art exhibitions. Even<br />

the formats of these exhibitions and talks are totally unique: a<br />

sampling of the events includes a Drink & Doodle get together<br />

hosted by Atlanta-based artist Greg Mike, a larger-than-life installation<br />

at Sheryo and the Yok’s Ping-Pong Auto Shack, a barbershop<br />

talk with Cey Adams + Kevin Lyons whilst getting groomed,<br />

and Detroit’s infamous Slow Roll Bike Tour, just to name a few.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

The Knight Foundation invests in journalism and arts. Fostering informed<br />

and engaged communities is their key mission. No better way to do that<br />

than through urban and tangible art.<br />


Murals in the market<br />

Katy Locker,<br />

program director<br />

for Detroit<br />

of the Knight<br />

Foundation<br />

sums the goal up<br />

nicely: “The festival<br />

is a great<br />

way to showcase<br />

Detroit’s<br />

creative spirit,<br />

while bringing<br />

more life to Eastern<br />

Market and<br />

encouraging<br />

people to connect<br />

with their<br />

city and each<br />

other.“<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />


Murals in the market<br />

We know for a fact how right she is, because we get to see the<br />

powerful effect urban art has on community spirit, and how it generates<br />

an eagerness to identify with ones hometown. Art brings<br />

people of all different backgrounds together, which is exactly why<br />

Murals in the Market has been so successful in the past two years.<br />

Detroit’s diversity fuels not only its creativity, but also it’s yearning<br />

for mural art. The 1xRun Team has curated more than 100 Largescale<br />

murals throughout the City of Detroit. For last year’s festival,<br />

they put together an incredible roster of more than 50 artists<br />

including world renowned artists such as Felipe Pantone, 1010,<br />

Cey Adams, Mr. Jago, Slick and so many more. Also, props<br />

to videographer Selina Miles for her great job on capturing all the<br />

special moments of this event. The Brisbane-based film director<br />

and self-proclaimed nomad is known for her documentations on<br />

street art and graffiti, and she has also has made commercials<br />

for huge brands. All together this event has given Detroit some<br />

much needed fresh spirit and fostered forward momentum in<br />

community spirit and in the acknowledgement of urban art. We’re<br />

pleased to be involved as a sponsor and proud of the festival’s<br />

development. Of course, we’re also really looking forward to this<br />

year’s edition.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

www.muralsinthemarket.com<br />

www.montana-cans.blog/murals-in-the-market<br />

images by Selina Miles<br />


www.montana-cans.blog<br />

montana GOLD<br />

CL2100<br />

SHRIM<br />

PAST<br />


P<br />

EL<br />

Montana GOLD 400ml<br />

CL2100<br />

Shrimp Pastel<br />

Pigments: PW 6 PO 43<br />



CL2100 Shrimp Pastel is a color shade out of Montana GOLD’s classic tones. Soft creme shade<br />

that is a lighter version of the CL2120 Shrimp, but it is not less lightfast. Great coverage. Highest<br />

Quality NC-Acrylic lacquer made in Germany. Low-Pressure for easy and soft use. FOLLOW Regular<br />

color Introductions on www.montana-cans.blog<br />

CMYK: C0 M34 Y26 K0<br />

RGB: R248 G189 B178<br />

HEX: #F8BDB2<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

„Vera“ by Hendrik Beikirch/ECB, Germany<br />

Brandenburger Str. 44, 68309 Mannheim<br />


STADT<br />

WAND<br />

KUNST<br />

2016<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

The mural „„vera“<br />

The mural „Vera“ by HENDRIK ECB BEIKIRCH<br />

was realized as a part of STADT.WAND.KUNST.<br />

2016 and is since then overseeing the city of<br />

Mannheim and its inhabitants. This woman<br />

from Siberia is not only great because of the<br />

size of the mural but as a part of HENDRIK<br />

ECB BEIKIRCH’s „Siberia“ series a part of something<br />

great! The mural Vera has a size of 44<br />

meters height and 37 meters width and is possibly<br />

the largest mural in Germany. It took 600<br />

liters of color for HENDRIK ECB BEIKIRCH and<br />

a team of painters and industrial climbers to<br />

finish the work on this masterpiece. The mural<br />

is open to public and can not be overseen at<br />

Brandenburger Straße in Mannheim!<br />



<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong><br />

supports great<br />

art in Mannheim<br />

In 2016 the STADT.WAND.KUNST mural art event took place in<br />

Mannheim for the third time. For this event, several well-known national<br />

and international graffiti and street artists once again painted<br />

large-scale murals in the cityscape of Mannheim, Germany.<br />

In the past, artists such as HERAKUT and SATONE joined the lineup<br />

of this unique event and this time it were BEZT and SAINER of<br />


ZAERI who painted their murals for STADT.WAND.KUNST on facades<br />

all over the city.<br />

The start of a series of high-quality street art in large-scale formats<br />

was made by the polish artist and muralist SAINER – to the<br />

surprise of many with an outstanding black and white painting. He<br />

was followed by the local illustrator MEHRDAT ZAERI, who created<br />

together with his wife Christina Laube the wall painting „Freiheitstexterin“<br />

on the facade of a former police building in B6.4. The next<br />

wall in the context of STADT.WAND.KUNST 2016 was created by<br />

the second part of the ETAM CREW, the Polish graffiti artist and<br />

illustrator BEZT. With his work „Europe“, he designed one of the<br />

greatest murals in Germany, which sets the viewer thinking and<br />

raises questions into the everyday life of the passing people.<br />

When the quality of the event already reached highest heights, the<br />

anticipation for the mural of HENDRIK ECB BEIKIRCH was at least<br />

as great as the facade he was asked to paint with a team of helping<br />

hands and industrial climbers. His wall painting „Vera“ is part<br />

of his „Siberia“ series. With his work over three facade sections<br />

and a amount of 13 floors, 44 meters height and 37 meters width,<br />

this piece of great art in Mannheim made an unmistakable sign for<br />

the arts, for events like STADT.WAND.KUNST, the inhabitants of<br />

the city of Mannheim and their visitors.<br />

In 2016, <strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>CANS</strong> lent STADT.WAND.KUNST its support as<br />

a partner and co- initiator. In addition to the organisation and infrastructure,<br />

the <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> team contributed the necessary<br />

spray-cans and tools. STADT.WAND.KUNST stands like no other<br />

event for great art in Mannheim!<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

Expect the<br />

unexpected!<br />

with a mural painting by SAIneR/etAM CRU the latest StADt.wAnD.<br />

KUnSt event started into a colorful summer – surprisingly in black<br />

and white!<br />

„I was curious how it looks when I transform a rough sketch into a<br />

larger format“, SAIneR answered our interview question about his<br />

mural. this transformation was more than successful and the city of<br />

Mannheim became one great large-scale piece of art richer.<br />


„Baseball Sketch“ by Sainer/Etam Cru, Poland<br />

Waldhofstraße 59, 68169 Mannheim<br />


52<br />

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />


Great,<br />

greater,<br />

great art!<br />

Once again, the artist BEZT demonstrated<br />

that he is not only great as a part of the<br />

fabulous ETAM CRU but also a great single<br />

artist. The mural he painted for STADT.<br />

WAND.KUNST 2016 in the city of Mannheim<br />

leaves the viewer thinking and throws questions<br />

into the everyday life of the people<br />

passing by. Everyone who wants to see<br />

one of Germany’s greatest murals should<br />

not miss a trip to Mannheim. The mural<br />

„Europe“ is accessible to everyone and can<br />

be found in the district E7,22.<br />

„Europe“ by Bezt/Etam Cru, Poland<br />

E 7/22, 68159 Mannheim<br />


www.muralharbor.at<br />

montana-cans.blog/muralharbor<br />


Mural<br />

Harbor<br />


Mural Harbor<br />


Whoops…Art!<br />

Linz’s Gallery<br />

by Accident<br />

Open-air urban galleries are pretty impressive<br />

and a few cities around the globe are<br />

continuously working on creating their<br />

very own version. But imagine a voyager<br />

variant if you will; a maritime adaptation to<br />

the pedestrian gallery. There just might be<br />

only one place on this whole earth where<br />

something like this can be found. It exists in<br />

the harbor of Linz in Austria.<br />

The freight container complex was originally<br />

not intended as a space for street art.<br />

A small group of mature skateboarders and<br />

snowboarders will tell you that the Harbor<br />

is „the coolest place in the city“. It’s raw aesthetic<br />

and pure industrial feel radiates the<br />

aura of another time. After rediscovering<br />

this abandoned wasteland, this group of<br />

friends conjured up some frugal creativity<br />

and started creating a space that was truly<br />

their own. They have thrived on the inspiration<br />

they have reaped from the sweeping<br />

mix of disengaged coldness of the old harbor<br />

grounds and the vivacious wildlife that<br />

has reoccupied the empty spaces.<br />


Mural Harbor<br />

In 2012, for aesthetic reasons, STOHEAD was<br />

invited to paint a large-scale piece on a grey<br />

wall opposite to the club’s balcony. But as<br />

with so many of our featured projects… they<br />

often just start with just one wall. A year later<br />

ROA stopped by, and a year after that ARYZ.<br />

A literal harbor of murals began to grow and<br />

it became obvious there was potential for a<br />

sizable project. With that in mind, an infrastructure<br />

was established and a roster was<br />

curated for further ongoing additions.<br />

Today Mural Harbor has surpassed 100 murals<br />

created by artists from 25 different nations.<br />

And of course, <strong>MONTANA</strong> is hugely supportive<br />

of this amazingly unique project. We are<br />

always on the lookout for graffiti fans and<br />

creatives who decide to take matters into their<br />

own hands; and with the Mural Harbor team,<br />

we have found great ones.<br />


photos by @Selimeins<br />









The Weird crew<br />

There are some pretty incredible crews out there in the graffiti-stratosphere.<br />

Most crews range from 2 to 5 artists, but we’d like to feature<br />

a special larger crew from Germany and Austria. The Weird crew has<br />

10 members, each with a background in graffiti, and each with their<br />

own recognizable style, but all with a unique focus on character design.<br />

They work as artists, graphic designers, illustrators and lecturers in 6<br />

different cities. For their 5th anniversary, they have come together for a<br />

special birthday bash in Vienna to celebrate their collaboration as well<br />

as their friendship. First they kicked off the get-together with some live<br />

mural painting action at the Calle Libre festival in Vienna. This was<br />

followed by an exhibition at the Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space, located<br />

in the heart of Vienna. After a successful opening, the Weirdos took off<br />

towards Linz for their final act of anniversary high time.<br />

photos by @selimeins<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />

the-weird-crew.tumblr.com<br />

#theweird #weirdcrew<br />


The Weird crew<br />

Mural Harbor, organized by another team of trusted Montana coop<br />

friends, is well known for its swanky mural scape created by artists<br />

from all around the globe. The Weird crew was hosted there for almost<br />

two weeks, during which they created what originally was supposed to<br />

be an anniversary wall, but ultimately turned into an incredible Weird<br />

house, as the ideas and artworks grew with each arriving member of<br />

the crew. The concept of the collective morphed into a 4 season theme.<br />

First, Vidam’s wall titled „Spring Fever“ gives you the initial taste of<br />

sunshine. Then, „Pineapple Jonny“, by HRVB, sends your brain into a<br />

full-tilt summer feeling. Rookie and DXTR worked on their edition of<br />

a windy autumn in a fantastic collab, finishing off with Frau Isa, who<br />

reminds us that winter is just a blink away with some holly and ivy and<br />

hot cocoa. In addition to the „4 seasons“, Look the Weird and Cone each<br />

created walls with their own very idiosyncratic styles, which feature two<br />

radically different designs.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />



The Weird Crew<br />

Furthermore, Nychos got busy and created a<br />

mural titled „Translucent Serpent“, staying<br />

true to his style and his love for anatomically<br />

inclined designs, while DXTR painted<br />

a seemingly endless piece titled „the Hunt“,<br />

featuring a wild chase. Eight completed walls<br />

later, the Weirdos can dust off their hands and<br />

lean back in self-satisfaction, knowing that<br />

they have proven, once again, that they’re a<br />

bottomless pit of creativity.<br />

Montana has been following and influencing<br />

the German graffiti scene since the mid-90s<br />

and during that time, we have become friends<br />

with so many artists and curators. We appreciate<br />

the different styles and types of creative<br />

heads we have come to meet and work with.<br />

It is all the more fulfilling to us and gives us<br />

great joy when all these incredible people start<br />

working together and networking with one<br />

another, to create and work on something even<br />

bigger than themselves.<br />


photos by @Selimeins<br />

the-weird-crew.tumblr.com<br />

#theweird #weirdcrew<br />


68<br />

Metropolink<br />

Art, Expression<br />

and Community



When we are asked to contribute to graffiti festivals, we usually<br />

don’t need a whole lot of convincing. But when that festival<br />

takes place in the hometown of Montana-Cans, Heidelberg,<br />

Germany, we are on fire! The Metropolink festival has now<br />

been held twice, and each time with an incredible outcome. As<br />

UNESCO, Creative City Heidelberg has been a hiphop and graffiti<br />

hub ever since it started flowing over to Germany from the USA<br />

via movies and pop culture. Even today, there continues to be<br />

a variety of events around urban art in different venues in the<br />

city. Organizer Pascal Baumgärtner’s focus is to create new<br />

and beautiful places that bring people of different age groups<br />

and of all walks of life together. And even in the first year of the<br />

Metropolink festival, he took great strides to achieve his goal:<br />

Many live mural paintings were featured all over the city,<br />

24 mobile cubes were used as exhibition rooms, there were<br />

workshops for kids, a symposium about art in public spaces<br />

was held, 6 different exhibitions opened their doors for the first<br />

time and 30 junction boxes were redesigned. For round two, the<br />

Metropolink team attempted to involve all of Heidelberg’s city<br />

districts. The festival created an artistic synthesis from July 8<br />

to July 22, 2016, including an extensive array of attractions. In<br />

the city district of Kirchheim, a public gallery was created by<br />

international artists such as Stohead, Pau and SweetUno. The<br />

ever-grey concrete walls of the industrialized apartment block<br />

in Emmertsgrund got a makeover by none other than Hendrik<br />

Beikirch. The roster includes even more internationally<br />

renowned artists, such as Herakut, SMASH137, Limow and<br />

many more.<br />

A Festival<br />

that Brings<br />

People<br />

Together<br />



In overseas ship containers positioned on the Bismarck<br />

plaza, spectators could debate with refugees or homeless<br />

people, and even give full scope to their creative minds. The<br />

„Raumfänger“, a mobile event tent, featured contextualized<br />

Poetry Slams and concerts. A documentation center took<br />

you on a wild journey through Heidelberg's graffiti history<br />

from its first steps up to today. One special highlight was<br />

the "Urban-Romatic-Tour" which enabled the passengers<br />

on board to watch artists while they do what they do best:<br />

contribute to the urban scope of originality. The convertible<br />

bus took you to 18 different stops in 8 districts. The diverse<br />

program proves that we have a city in which creativity<br />

can and should be lived out, says mayor Eckart Würzner.<br />

We agree and are proud to have been a part of this great<br />

beginning.<br />

www.metropolink-festival.net<br />

photos by @ Manuel Wagner, Alexander Krziwanie<br />



“Anatomy of the main weapon of choice“ artwork by Nychos as a homage to our game-changing<br />

Montana BLACK spray paint! Screenprints were sold at www.rabbiteyemovement.at<br />


NUART 2016<br />

Stavanger<br />

Norway<br />



<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong><br />

supports<br />

annual<br />

street art<br />

festival<br />

in Stavanger<br />

Norway<br />


NUART is an international street art festival,<br />

which takes place once a year at the coastal city of<br />

Stavanger, Norway. The festival consists of a series<br />

of citywide exhibitions, events, performances,<br />

interventions, debates, workshops and possibilities to<br />

practice different ways of street art. It is a place where<br />

people who are interested in contemporary street<br />

art and its expansion come together, exchange their<br />

views and have a huge celebration since 2001. The<br />

festival invites the worlds leading and most-talented<br />

street artists to present their pieces in- and outdoor.<br />

In 2016 the popular artists ADD FUEL, AXEL VOID,<br />




participated in the event. For artists like these,<br />

NUART is a platform to present their works in a more<br />

alternative way and to avoid the established art<br />

system. So the focus of the festival is more on people<br />

and their daily surroundings as on an elite isolated<br />

space. NUART is a non-profit festival that is thankful<br />

for a lot of volunteers and vandals who help to set it<br />

up every year.<br />

The exhibited street art is deeply connected with<br />

graffiti, comic culture and stencil art. To realize their<br />

great work, the artists use Montana GOLD cans.<br />

Montana GOLD spray-cans are not only a technical<br />

support – furthermore it is a way street artists have<br />

the possibility to express their contentual thoughts.<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> provides such a wide range of<br />

colors, which the artists can use. Each color has<br />

another impact on the surrounding. The different<br />

caps give the artist the possibilities to paint gestural,<br />

extensive and also very detailed.<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> is proud to support the NUART<br />

festival in varied ways.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

photography by Ian Cox, Henrik Haven,<br />

Calum Lasham and Brian Tallman<br />


www.nuartfestival.no<br />


82<br />

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />


mosEs<br />

& taps<br />

mosCoW<br />

russiA<br />

photography by Good Guy Boris<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

thE<br />

topsprayEr<br />

paint<br />

thrEE<br />

murals<br />

in thE<br />

capital<br />

of russia<br />

MOSES and TAPS aka the TOPSPRAYER are well<br />

known for their unconventional Graffiti actions in<br />

public space. Even if you never know what's coming<br />

next with those two graffiti-individualists, it was a<br />

big surprise when the message came out that they<br />

are working on a mural in the city of Moscow. The<br />

way they are, with no surprise, it wasn't just one<br />

mural but rather three murals at the campus of the<br />

former biggest newspaper of Russia. Followers of<br />

MOSES and TAPS know that they are not known as<br />

TOPSPRAYER for nothing because they painted as<br />

much as just a very few.<br />

MOSES and TAPS became famous on the streets.<br />

Better than that: They became famous on the tracks<br />

of Germany and Europe, where their pieces covered<br />

walls and trains long before they published a book<br />

with the title TOPSPRAYER and got even more<br />

recognition by a wider audience. In the beginning, the<br />

individual high-quality graffiti styles of MOSES and<br />

TAPS couldn't be much more different. Together they<br />

painted train systems all over the world. Nowadays,<br />

if you think of MOSES, you think of TAPS at the same<br />

time. With MOSES and TAPS , two characters of the<br />

graffiti culture (or even more?) faded together and<br />

became one, under the synonym TOPSPRAYER. The<br />

two different styles became a symbiosis within a<br />

corporate identity painted with Montana BLACK True<br />

Cyan and True Yellow. At least, you couldn't even<br />

recognize anymore who was who.<br />



<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

<br />

The MOSES and TAPS<br />

mural in Moscow is at<br />

least, according to its<br />

height, the biggest of<br />

their corporate identity<br />

paintings. They designed<br />

two facades with their<br />

well-known color-splashes,<br />

throw-ups and patterns<br />

of lines in blue and<br />

yellow, which each of us<br />

has already seen before,<br />

somewhere in the worldwide<br />

city- or landscapes.<br />

The third mural goes a step<br />

further. To the blue and<br />

yellow new, bright colors –<br />


which break the corporate<br />

identity – explode, as if<br />

<br />

MOSES and TAPS wanted<br />

to free themselves from<br />

their self-imposed norms.<br />

It is left to the viewer to<br />

conclude the future path of<br />

<br />

MOSES and TAPS . We are<br />

already looking forward,<br />

it seems as if it will be<br />

colorful!<br />

photography by Good Guy Boris<br />

Watch the video:<br />

bit.ly/Moscow-Video<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

FACES<br />

AND<br />

LACES<br />

RUS<br />

SIA<br />



<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

Since 2006 the popular FACES & LACES festival takes place regularly<br />

in the capital of Russia. <strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>CANS</strong> has been a long<br />

time partner of the event and was, of course, present at the 10th<br />

anniversary, supporting the participating artists with a wide range<br />

of colors and products. The FACES & LACES festival is one of the<br />

most exciting festivals in Russia and unites concerts, parties,<br />

bmx, skateboarding, sneaker culture, streetwear, graffiti- and street<br />

art culture every year to a unique clash of subcultures in the heart<br />

of Moscow. The anniversary was under the motto of CITY UNDER<br />

CONSTRUCTION and, in addition to exciting performances in all<br />

areas – for example LIL B and the Invisibl Skratch Piklz –<br />

it was the place to be for national and international graffiti and<br />

street art.<br />

The festival took place from August 6th to 7th in high-summer<br />

conditions and Moscow presented itself at its best. The artists<br />

had best conditions to shake the cans and become creative to<br />

the beat of the performing DJ’s at the popular Gorki Park. The<br />

beginning of several painted walls all over the area were done<br />

by the Serbian twins SOBEKCIS, as well as the Russian artists<br />

PEEKS and PLUSIER. They painted a typical Russian truck and<br />

one of the many walls with a large color range of <strong>MONTANA</strong> GOLD<br />

spray-cans.<br />

www.montana-cans.blog/faceslaces2016<br />


Photography by Igor1337<br />


Also since 2006, the SECRET WALLS live illustration battles have<br />

been organized all over the planet. So it was a perfect match for<br />

the battle to take place at FACES & LACES 2016, which brought<br />

numerous artists on stage to compete in a creative way. The walls<br />

were done by artists such as MAD (Moscow), TAME (Minsk), INEY<br />

(Moscow), SLOOF (Rostov-On-Don), KOGAN (Berlin) and REN<br />

GRAUN (Saint Petersburg).<br />

Under the bustling sun of Moscow you could enjoy the colorful<br />

impressions of the festival by wearing a classic KANGOL hat designed<br />

by artists such as MUCH, BODIK, SUBWWAYMOSCOWW and<br />

EGOR who used <strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>CANS</strong> ACRYLIC marker. After so much<br />

creative spirit the FACES & LACES festival was a successful event<br />

not only for friends of the graffiti- and street art culture. <strong>MONTANA</strong><br />

<strong>CANS</strong> wishes all the best for the next 10 years. Party On!<br />


www.montana-cans.blog/faceslaces2016<br />


NEW <strong>MONTANA</strong>-cans BLOG ONLINE:<br />

www.montana-cans.blog<br />

Montana BLACK BLK 3148 Beast–Color shade out of Montana BLACK’s BLK tones. Luminescent pink containing fluorescent pigments that make this awesome pink<br />

shiny. Great coverage. Highest Quality NC-Formula lacquer made in Germany. High-Pressure for fast application and wider output. CHECK THE NEW BLOG FOR INSTANT<br />

COLOR INTRODUCTIONS:www.montana-cans.blog/category/colors<br />



Wallrio<br />

At Work<br />

Taiwan’s<br />

Internat<br />

Graffiti F<br />


s<br />

k First<br />

ional<br />

estival<br />


Urban art movements are not confined to specific countries or areas. They<br />

are spreading around the globe, attempting to generate awareness and justification,<br />

and educate the cultures that they encounter. The Wallriors festival<br />

is an urban art and graffiti festival in Taiwan. It is held twice a year in the city<br />

of Kaohsiung, the last one took place in November, 2016.<br />

The organizational team behind the festival is a network of artists, observers<br />

and idealists who work on art projects in public spaces. Their objective is to<br />

make art accessible to a wider audience by taking it out of the conventional<br />

gallery space and embedding it into the cities where we live - truly making art<br />

for everyone.<br />




Sao-Paolo-based artist SLIKS is known as a<br />

writer graffiti artist. But he also has mastered<br />

the art of large-scale graffiti art as proven by<br />

his incredible mural in bright colors.<br />


The Wallriors organizational team united with the<br />

Arcade Art Gallery in order to bring international artists<br />

to its scene. The line-up included international artists<br />

OKUDA, SEN2 and SLIKS, but also many local artists<br />

participated including BAMBOO, DEBE, MR.OGAY and<br />

FASO1. Stunning murals were created all over the city<br />

scape of Kaohsiung City.<br />



104<br />

The streets of Kaohsiung are being formed and enriched by these incredible<br />

murals. Making it possible that every pedestrian becomes a gallery visitor.


106<br />



Including some old cars, which were painted and positioned<br />

in a local skatepark as obstacles for the skaters.<br />

This old city has grown from a small village in the 17th<br />

century into the political, economic and industrial center<br />

of southern Taiwan. We find the Wallriors festival to<br />

be the perfect addition to our promotional efforts and<br />

are happy to support its growth in the coming years.<br />




follow the wallriors event on:<br />

montana-cans.blog/Wallriors<br />

www.thewallriors.com<br />

@thewallriors<br />



m o n t a n a<br />

c a n s<br />

s u p p o r t s<br />

t h E<br />

d u b a i<br />

s t r E E t<br />

m u s E u m<br />




<strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>CANS</strong> sponsors and supports the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM – the first<br />

contemporary street art event of this amount in the Middle East. The event takes<br />

place in the streets of Dubai over a period of five years and welcomes numerous<br />

national and international artists to the United Arab Emirates. The DUBAI STREET<br />

MUSEUM is curated by ROM LEVY, the founder of the blog streetartnews.net, and<br />

SANAZ ASKARI, the owner of the MINE Gallery Dubai. Both managed to create<br />

a great mixture of highly innovative artists such as 1010 and CASE (MA’CLAIM)<br />

from Germany, ERNEST ZACHAREVIC from Lithuania, SETH THE GLOBEPAINTER<br />

from France, MARTIN WHATSON from Norway, Russian artist JULIA VOLCHKOVA,<br />

HUA TUNAN from China and INKMAN from Tunisia. These participating artists<br />

already finished their murals during the first phase of the event on large-scaled<br />

walls along the 2nd of December Street in Al Satwa, a district with a high-density<br />

of retail outlets and private residential dwellings. The finished works can be seen<br />

in our <strong>MONTANA</strong> BLOG filled with regular updates on graffiti-, street art- and<br />

contemporary art events like the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />



as the official sponsor, monTana cans<br />

provides monTana Gold spray-cans to<br />

all the participating artists, who need<br />

the best tools for their works on different<br />

surfaces and highest-quality colors that<br />

resist the harsh climate of the United<br />

arab emirates. The unique event unites all<br />

kinds of national and international street<br />

art of the highest standard – no matter<br />

if is abstract or figurative. it turns the<br />

streets of dubai into an open-air museum<br />

with many different ways and artistic<br />

interpretations of „The Past“ – the curated<br />

theme of the dUBai sTReeT mUseUm.<br />


118<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

photography by Rom Levy and Zane Meyer<br />



With German artist CASE (MA’CLAIM) one of <strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>CANS</strong><br />

longtime friends is a main part of the line-up for the DUBAI<br />

STREET MUSEUM. CASE (MA’CLAIM), who is one of the pioneers of<br />

photorealistic graffiti, pushes not only the quality of this great event<br />

into highest heights. Together with his graffiti crew MA’CLAIM,<br />

he became internationally known in the early 2000s and since<br />

then participated in several graffiti- and street art events together<br />

with his crew mates and as a single artist. Today his works can be<br />

found in galleries and exhibitions all over the world. In Dubai, he<br />

finished two of the largest murals of the event. His two artworks<br />

are dedicated to the traditional Arabic culture and combine the<br />

curated theme „The Past“ with the typical, detailed view on the<br />

characteristics of the society. With „Fishermen“ and „Arabic Coffee“,<br />

CASE is once again able to capture the small particularities of<br />

society in a large format. The artworks were done with <strong>MONTANA</strong><br />

GOLD and can be visited in the streets of Dubai.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

www.montana-cans.blog/dubai-street-museum<br />

www.dubaistreetmuseum.ae<br />


Greetings tour<br />

Photography: @Lisa Beggs<br />



Greetings tour<br />

Creating a<br />

Whole City<br />

in a Postcard<br />

The best projects grow like a sprouting seed. Some spark<br />

of an idea that was just there all the sudden, which can<br />

then either be discarded or developed consciously or<br />

subconsciously into a real live project. It is this genuine<br />

evolvement that give these projects their authenticity.<br />

One of our most recently established collaborations is our<br />

partnership with the Greetings Tour.<br />

The artist duo Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs are on a special<br />

road trip in an RV, traveling to cities throughout the United<br />

Stated for almost two years now! In these cities, they create<br />

interactive murals, and essentially, future landmarks. The<br />

design is based on the classic Large Letter postcards from<br />

the 30’s-50’s which depicted the name of a city with images<br />

of landmarks from that specific city in each of the letters.<br />

The artists' very different backgrounds and passion for their<br />

joint endeavor are what make this project so unique. For<br />

Ving, the emphasis lies on them creating art for the public,<br />

the mural artwork being something local residents will want<br />

to identify with and appreciate in the end. Focusing not only<br />

of popular, well-known landmarks, but also incorporating<br />

undiscovered treasures and historical elements into their<br />

aerosol art designs.<br />



126<br />

Greetings tour

Photography: @Lisa Beggs<br />


Greetings tour<br />

Combining Beggs’ photography and the help and<br />

tips from locals has led to exclusive insights that are<br />

featured in the letters in the mural, which then is given<br />

back to the community in turn, especially the offline<br />

community, but also social media and blog posts are<br />

keeping fans from all over the globe up to date as well.<br />

The duo is also interested in collaborating with local<br />

artists and businesses, enriching the designs even<br />

more, and giving each city its very own flare. In the end,<br />

the entire project will be gathered into an extensive<br />

publication in form of a series of linen postcards. We<br />

love their idea and are thrilled to support them on their<br />

artistic journey.<br />

#greetingstour<br />



130<br />

Greetings tour

Photography: @Lisa Beggs<br />


Greetings tour<br />

Victor Ving is a former NYC graffiti artist who now utilizes his aerosol<br />

art experience to create public murals for local communities. He is one<br />

of the co-owners of Klughaus Gallery and Graffiti USA art agency.<br />


More on our blog:<br />

www.montana-cans.blog/ greetings-tour<br />

or on www.greetingstour.com<br />


Greetings tour<br />

Photography and<br />

Dance, she moved to<br />

New York City where<br />

she began shooting.<br />

Lisa’s portfolio can be<br />

found on her website<br />

www.lisabeggs.com<br />


Photographer Lisa<br />

Beggs was born<br />

and raised in Ohio.<br />

Upon graduating<br />

from Ohio University<br />

for Commercial<br />

Photography: @Lisa Beggs<br />


KNALL-ORANGE for<br />

Community Spirit<br />

A Special Can for<br />

a Special Brand<br />

We’re always thrilled when other brands or artists come to us with a great idea. So, when established German<br />

brand Jägermeister came knocking we were all ears. Skipping the deliberation process alltogether,<br />

we were sure this was going to be awesome. To make this opportune decision even more worthwhile, we<br />

decided to create a special-occasion-can in Jägermeister’s true orange color, namely „KNALL-ORANGE,“<br />

which translates loosely to „BRIGHT-ORANGE“. Of course, under the pretext of designing the can’s litho<br />

and exchanging further ideas, we had to meet the Jägermeister Team from Wolfenbüttel, who are so passionate<br />

about their work. Naturally this – how else could it have been – was commenced by the partaking<br />

of a shot of the legendary herb digestif from Wolfenbüttel. It is likely that precisely this, made the design<br />

and campaign even more fruitful than we had hoped.<br />

The can’s design is sleek and minimalistic, sporting both the Jägermeister and the Montana Logo on the<br />

„KNALL-ORANGE“ base of the can. Of course the #wallsofwir campaign is also printed on the can.<br />

The „KNALL-ORANGE“ color was created and mixed solely for this specific can.<br />

All together 3,480 limited edition cans were produced and distributed, and because we know how much<br />

our fans love our limited edition cans, we decided to incorporate this collectable into our Collaboseries.<br />

Since the cans were not available for normal purchase, they belong to our special collectable can editions.<br />

Jägermeister understands that within a creative heart, there is graffiti, an art form that brings people<br />

together in collaboration, to create and enjoy. It is our pleasure to have played a part in this project and<br />

help further this perception of what our art form is really all about.<br />


#<strong>MONTANA</strong>COLLABOSERIES<br />



www.montana-cans.blog/jaegermeister<br />



pirit<br />

eam<br />

Common<br />

enomiator<br />



<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

Unity<br />

through<br />

Urban<br />

Art<br />

Just imagine if someone came up to you and said that they<br />

believe the very thing you’re most passionate about is perhaps<br />

the perfect medium to promote team spirit and bring people<br />

together. No matter what your passion, you’d probably be pretty<br />

stoked! We definitely were, when Jägermeister came to us with<br />

unique proposal. We were hooked and full of enthusiasm, and<br />

on top of it all, the mutual affinity was almost tangible.<br />

Jägermeister is known worldwide for their top quality herb<br />

digestif. In Germany, they're also known for their well-executed<br />

campaigns, their good sense of humor and their love for<br />

camaraderie.<br />

Their #wallsofwir campaign promoted community spirit,<br />

which is a typical topic for all of Jägermeister’s projects. The<br />

4-week #wallsofwir campaign was focused on creating 4<br />

large-scale murals in public spaces in four large German cities,<br />

Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart, and had a roster of 16<br />

German artists based in those respective cities. After the first<br />

bit of brainstorming, it was clear we had to create a special<br />

color for this occasion related to the classic Jägermeister<br />

Orange. "KNALL-ORANGE" which translates loosely to "BRIGHT-<br />

ORANGE" was created and handed out for free in graffiti shops<br />

in each city throughout the duration of the event, to further<br />

promote it.<br />

The project was kicked off in Hamburg by artists ANNA<br />

T-IRON, OJEY 80, HEIS and the ALPHABET BOYS. Supplied<br />

with a whole bunch of Montana BLACK cans, the team got to<br />

work to create a collage-style piece in the cities party district<br />

of St. Pauli. It turned out to be a real Jäger-masterpiece with<br />

Jägermeister’s font logo letter J as recognition feature. Next<br />

up, Berlin-based artists DEE DEE KID, GOGO PLATA, DEJOE and<br />

DIE DIXONS created a real Berlin Wall of unity. Featuring all<br />

kinds of creatures from humanoid to a more robotic faction, this<br />

wall invites its spectators to become a part of a unique team,<br />

including a designated selfie point for perfect angle.<br />


Find all images on:<br />

www.montana-cans.blog/wallsofwir<br />

www.jaegermeister.de<br />

#wallsofwir<br />

We at Montana identify<br />

ourselves as a passionate<br />

brand which is made in<br />

Germany. The Jägermeister<br />

team met our passion and<br />

raised us a cause. We are<br />

proud to have been a part of<br />

Jägermeister’s #wallsofwir<br />

campaign and are grateful for<br />

the outstanding partnership<br />

that has been established.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

017<br />

In Cologne, 4 unique styles<br />

were combined to create an<br />

exclusive mashup. Similar to<br />

the incredible combination<br />

of Jägermeister’s 56 herbs,<br />

both of these blends combine<br />

to become something that<br />

is even more special. Artists<br />



stayed true to their individual<br />

styles, proving that team spirit<br />

also means diversity and<br />

multifariousness.<br />

Last but definitely not least,<br />

the #wallsofwir mural in<br />

Stuttgart was to portray<br />

community spirit quite literally.<br />

Artists DINGO BABUSCH,<br />


created a breathtaking<br />

mural with the names of 20<br />

Instagram-users who won<br />

the Jägermeister contest in<br />

September, 2016. Each name<br />

has its very own style, creating<br />

a colorful and powerful unity.<br />


Th e<br />

Montana<br />

Acrylic<br />

Series<br />


After the <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> products have left our factory, we can find our<br />

colors on various surfaces in the most varied forms of art and with the<br />

most diverse styles all over the world. We can find the results of creative<br />

work with <strong>MONTANA</strong><strong>CANS</strong> in public spaces and private art collections<br />

but often we can only guess the creative process in between the production<br />

of our products and the finished artworks. For the <strong>MONTANA</strong><br />

ACRYLIC SERIES we started producing a series of Studio Visits to document<br />

how different the artists use our products and turn them into<br />

unique pieces of art. The <strong>MONTANA</strong> ACRYLIC SERIES Studio Visits are<br />

exciting insides into the art world and show how important the technical<br />

part of our products is next to the creative processes.<br />


The Montana Acrylic Series<br />

For the beginning of our series of Studio Visits, we met<br />

graffiti artist and illustrator HOMBRE SUK who showed us<br />

how he gives live to his sketched characters with the help<br />

of <strong>MONTANA</strong> ACRYLIC products.<br />


photography by Alexander Krziwanie<br />


THE <strong>MONTANA</strong> ACRYLIC SERIES<br />

The first episode was followed by a visit to designer<br />

and artist HANNAH RABENSTEIN, who we met at the<br />

Nürnberg Pop Festival to look over her shoulder when<br />

she was decorating a black MINI with a wide variety of<br />

white letters in different types, shapes and sizes.<br />


watch all Videos on www.montana-cans.blog<br />

follow on instagram @<strong>MONTANA</strong>MARKERS<br />

Images by Jordan Katz<br />


The Montana Acrylic Series<br />

In addition, Studio Visits brought us to hand-lettering artist<br />

ANNA T-IRON, designer JAN PAUL MÜLLER and illustrator and<br />

tattoo artist MAX BIRKL, who are working with <strong>MONTANA</strong> AC-<br />

RYLIC SERIES products and are representative for the widerange<br />

of artistic possibilities the ACRYLIC SERIES is covering.<br />

The <strong>MONTANA</strong> ACRYLIC Studio Visits are regularly published<br />

with pictures and as a video on our <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> blog. They<br />

show the differences in the everyday routines and provide background<br />

informations to each artists thoughts. It is great for us<br />

to see how wide the range of using the <strong>MONTANA</strong> ACRYLIC SE-<br />

RIES is and we are already looking forward to upcoming Studio<br />

Visits in the ateliers of participating artists.<br />


www.montana-cans.blog/acrylicseries<br />

#acrylicseries #montanamarkers<br />


152<br />

Nitro Combi formula on freight<br />

for instant Graff updates check www.montana-cans.blog/graffiti

#nitrocombi<br />

#Germanspraypaint<br />



Media owner and publisher:<br />

Montana-Cans<br />

Graphic design | Art direction:<br />

RB02 Design Raum & Montana-Cans<br />

Frank Bässler, Alexander Krziwanie<br />

Texts:<br />

Lydia Scott, Ole Zimmermann<br />

Special thanks to all contributing photographers:<br />

Good Guy Boris (MOSES & TAPS)<br />

Selina Miles (Murals In The Market, POW! WOW!)<br />

Brandon Shigeta, Daniel Weintraub (POW! WOW!)<br />

Kevin @kevintsg (THE WALL-RIORS)<br />

Selimeins (MURAL HARBOR, THE WEIRD)<br />

Ian Cox, Henrik Haven, Calum Lasham, Brian Tallman (Nuart)<br />

Igor1337 (Faces & Laces)<br />

Lisa Beggs (Greetings Tour)<br />

Rom Levy, Zane Meyer (Dubai Street Museum)<br />

Jordan Katz, Alexander Münch, Jok Sauer,<br />

Alexander Krziwanie, Frank Bässler,<br />

Dominik Baum, Manuel Wagner<br />

© <strong>2017</strong>, Montana-Cans<br />

All rights reserved.<br />

Reprinting, even in part, only with the approval of the<br />

publisher. No liability can be accepted for unsolicited<br />

photos, slides, films or manuscripts received.<br />

/<br />

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Deutschland<br />

Ph: +49 (0) 6221 36 333 0<br />

info@montana-cans.com<br />

www.montana-cans.com<br />

www.montana-cans.blog<br />



<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> / EDITION # 02 / <strong>2017</strong><br />

WWW.<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.COM<br />

TNR 447181

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