Caribbean Times 96th Issue - Monday 13th February 2017


Caribbean Times 96th Issue - Monday 13th February 2017

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Monday 13th February 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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Jamele Hurst of Nut Grove Jason Millette Shalom Bailey of Donovans Dorian Marshall of Donovans

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Monday 13th February 2017

Minister Greene eyes Cuba potential

Trade, Industry and

Commerce Minister, E.P.

Chet Greene wants Antigua

and Barbuda to be on the

ground floor of development

as Cuba begins to open up

to direct foreign investment

following improving relations

with the United States.

In talks with the resident

Cuban Ambassador, Gustavo

Veliz Olivares, Greene

said while everyone is still

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waiting to see what happens

with the new Trump Administration

in the White House,

he does not believe that there

will be a role back of the

steps implemented by the

Obama Administration.

“I was in Miami recently,

and while I was waiting

for my flight, there were as

many as thirteen flights going

to Cuba. I don’t know

what will happen with the

new White House, but I believe

the attraction of making

money is too important

to the Americans to want to

turn back current relations

with Cuba,” he opined.

Greene is urging all companies

that have the potential

to export products to Cuba to

begin thinking strategically

on what they can do to penetrate

the Cuban market of 11

million people.

The Trade Minister also

feels that Cuba wants to include

the countries of the

Caribbean in its developmental

thrust for the future.

“While I have not heard

it from any Cuban official,

it is my view that Cuba will

want to reserve a part from

the Caribbean countries who

stood with it in condemning

the current trade and economic

embargo on the island

imposed by the United States

Trade, Industry and Commerce

Minister, E.P. Chet Greene

for more than fifty years. My

feeling is that Cuba would

want to do this as a show of

its gratitude,” he remarked.

Greene indicated that the

Gaston Browne administration

will work hand in hand

with any company that has

an interest in exporting its

goods to Cuba.

Already, Lee Wind Paints

is about to mount a mission

to Cuba in the first quarter

of 2017 to explore the possibility

of exporting paints

to Cuba or to set up a joint

venture manufacturing facility


Ambassador Olivares

said Cuba wants to maintain

good relations with the

Caribbean and he too, is encouraging

local companies

to consider ways to get their

products into Cuba.

He also revealed that

many countries like Mexico,

Spain, and Canada are already

‘lining up’ to do business

with Cuba.

Monday 13th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Four men charged with kidnapping

Police arrested and

charged 36yrs-old Dorian

Marshall, 23yrs-old Shalom

Bailey and 33yrs-old Jason

Millette all of Donavans

along with Jamele “Marlo”

Hurst of Nut Grove with


All four men allegedly

held a Bendals’ man at gunpoint

on Wednesday and

forced him into a motor car,

and drove him towards the


It is alleged that the

young man had refused to

let them use his mother’s

vehicle to commit a robbery.

Upon reaching the Airport

Service Station, he reportedly

jumped from the moving

vehicle and escaped in

some nearby bushes, after he

was threatened. He received

several abrasions about his

body, and has since been


Members of the Rapid

Response Unit (RRU) and

the Special Services Unit

(SSU) launched an immediate

search for the men, and

in less than 24hrs; Marshall,

Hurst and Bailey were captured

and taken custody. Millette

surrendered himself to

the police around 12:30pm

on Saturday.

The police have since

recovered the white Toyota

Allion motor car, which

was involved in the incident.

They are expected to appear

before the court on Monday.

Meantime, 29yrs-old Ian

Chapman of Tindale Road

was charged with Assault

with Intent to Rob. He is

accused of assaulting a Gilpin’s

Avenue, Grays Farm

man with a gun on the night

of December 3 rd , 2016.

The man was at the

time sitting inside his vehicle

at a bar on Old Parham

Road, when the accused approached

the vehicle armed

with a gun and demanded


Ongoing investigations

Ian Chapman of Tindale Road

into the matter led to his arrest

after he was later identified

as the key suspect. He is

expected in Court on Monday.

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Monday 13th February 2017

Focus on historical landmarks

The Cultural Division

is aiming to educate young

people about historical landmarks

in Antigua and over

in Barbuda in its first staging

of Antigua History Week

(AHW) now in progress.

The event was kicked off

with the Governor General,

Sir Rodney and Lady Sandra

Williams accompanied by

senior officials of the Ministry

of Culture and National

Festivals attending a church

service at the Precision Centre

on Sunday.

Culture Minister, E.P

Chet Greene said the aim

of the inaugural AHW is to

focus attention on historical

landmarks and teach young

people about their significance

and what they meant

to their forefathers.

“AHW was created to

showcase and highlight Antiguans

and Barbudans significant

contributions to our

development. This year, the

focus is on historical landmarks

and why these places

are of importance to us as a

people,” Greene stated.

The minister recalled

that he had earlier given a

commitment to strengthen

and preserve the cultural

heritage of the country and

the celebration of AHW is a

realization of that commitment.

He drew reference to

one event during the week –

the display of chanting and

drumming by the Nyabinghi

Theocracy Order at Table

Hill Garden on Tuesday as

something of importance to

the country’s African ancestry.

He said the drums were/

are used in African societies

to communicate messages

and to celebrate events such

as weddings and deaths etc.

“Getting an appreciation of

the drums and their various

usages is very important for

our people. I wish to extend

an invitation to all to journey

to Table Hill Gardens,

Liberta, on Tuesday to experience

to cultural display,”

he urged.

Greene remarked that

the country needs to make

serious efforts to recapture

elements of the nation’s culture

that is either lost or in

danger of losing as a result

of neglect or the failure to

pass on the knowledge and/

or skills to the upcoming


Deputy Director of Culture,

Gilbert Laudat said

during this week a number

of individuals will visit

secondary schools to give

historical presentations to

the students. These individuals

include Joy Lawrence,

Dorbrene O’Marde, Alister

Thomas, Saiid Greene, Lionel

Max Hurst and Monica


The landmarks identified

for special focus include

Betty’s Hope, Devil’s

Bridge, Nelson’s Dockyard,

Clarence House, Monks Hill

and Boggy Peak among others.

Laudat said Barbuda has

not been left out as a speaker

will also journey over to the

Sir McChesney George Secondary

school for a lecture

to the students.

Monday 13th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Disability Act to be tabled in Parliament before year end

By Joanna Paris

On Friday, the President

of the Association for Persons

Living with Disabilities,

Bernard Warner met

with Attorney General the

Hon. Steadroy Benjamin,

Minister of State within

the Ministry of Legal

Affairs, Senator Maureen

Hyman-Payne and legal

drafters to discuss the way

forward as it relates to the

proposed Disability Act to

be tabled in Parliament this


In discussing the Act,

the Attorney General mentioned

that the bill will be

drafted based on the recommendations

of the association.

Benjamin noted that the

Gaston Browne led administration

will ensure that

the rights of persons living

with disabilities are observed

and protected.

Warner emphasized the

need for the country to review

the Disability Act of

2014 from Jamaica when

drafting the proposed legislation.

The Attorney General

agreed and noted that the

Jamaican Act will be examined

in its entity and will

be used to assist in development

of the laws for Antigua

and Barbuda in this


The Drafters present indicated

that further meetings

will be held with the

association, to get a clearer

understanding of their concerns

and to further plan

the way forward.

Warner added that the

body has been advocating

for legislation for some

time now. He said that the

legislation will assist in improving

the quality of lives

of persons living with disabilities.

The Minister made it

clear that the work will be

done and gave the commitment

that before the end of

2017 a Disability Act will

be presented to Parliament.

The government ratified

the United Nations Convention

for the Rights of

Persons living with Disabilities

in 2014.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th February 2017

Government’s New Policy increases transparency,

accountability and legitimacy of Diplomatic Appointments

The Government of

Prime Minister the Hon.

Gaston Browne has introduced

a new policy on the

issuance of Diplomatic

and Official Passports to

increase the level of transparency,

accountability and

legitimacy of diplomatic


Prime Minister the Hon.

Gaston Browne in making

the announcement in Parliament

recently, said that his

Government recognizes that

threats to global well-being

have altered and intensified,

particularly in relation to

terrorist activities and organized

crime and therefore

has an obligation to preserve

the integrity, standing

and value of its official travel


He noted that with effect

from March 2017, when

government will introduce

new electronic passports

containing biometric date,

there will be a recall of all

existing diplomatic and official

passports, with new

ones to be issued under the

new policy.

Under the new policy,

the following persons will

now be entitled to hold Diplomatic


Categories of entitlement

for Diplomatic Passports

(a) Governor-General

and spouse;

(b) Governor General’s

Deputy and spouse;

(c) Prime Minister and


(d) Cabinet Ministers

and spouses;

(e) President of the Senate

and spouse

(f) Speaker of the House

of Representatives and


(g) Leader of the Opposition

and spouse

(h) Permanent Secretary

in the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs and spouse;

(i) Ambassadors, High

Commissioners, and officers

of diplomatic rank,

Attachés, and Consular

Officers serving the Government

in accredited

countries and international

and regional organizations

abroad, and their spouses;

The Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services

Regulatory Commission (“the Commission”)

by the powers conferred on it by

the International Banking Act 2016, No 6

of 2016 has taken the following regulatory

actions on Meinl Bank (Antigua) Ltd (“the


1. Pursuant to Section 62(g) and Section

62(h) of the International Banking Act

2016, No 6 of 2016, the Commission removed

three of the directors from the board

of the Bank.

2. Pursuant to Section 104(c) of the

International Banking Act 2016, No 6 of

2016, Mr Cleveland Seaforth, Managing

Partner, KPMG Eastern Caribbean has

been appointed the Official Administrator

of the Bank.

In addition to assuming control of the

Bank, the Official Administrator will investigate

the operations of the Bank and submit

(j) Persons appointed as

“Ambassadors at Large” or

“Special Envoys” for particular

missions abroad on

a mission of a diplomatic

character with other governments

or international

organizations or, generally

in the furtherance of the objectives

of the state, to bring

added value to our bilateral

and international relations;

(k) Children of a person

to whom a passport has

been issued under (i) above

whose normal place of residence

is with that person

and who are traveling with

that person or proceeding to

join that person abroad.

New guidelines will also

govern the issuance of Official

Passports, which will

see only Members of the

Senate and members of the

House of Representatives,

and senior public servants

attending international or

regional conferences.

The new policy also introduces

a new criteria for

appointment of non-national


Special Envoys and Honorary

Consuls. The sharing of

a list of holders of Antigua

and Barbuda Diplomatic

and Official passports to

countries with which it has

formal diplomatic relations

and the tabling and publication

of same annually in

Parliament and the media

also form part of the policy.

Press statement on Meinl Bank

a report to the Commission on the results of

his investigation. On completion of the investigation

the Commission will review the

report from the Official Administrator and

take the appropriate actions to protect the

interest of depositors and creditors, along

with the integrity of the international financial


The Commission assures the depositors

and creditors of the Bank that the regulatory

action being taken is intended to protect

and to safeguard their interest and the Official

Administrator will work along with the

Bank’s stakeholders during the period of

his appointment.

The Commission wishes to reassure all

stakeholders of its commitment to ensuring

the safety and soundness of all licensed financial

institutions under its regulatory and

supervisory purview within the jurisdiction

of Antigua and Barbuda.

Monday 13th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

CIBC FirstCaribbean donates $35,000

to support cancer organisations

Two local organisations

are benefitting from funds

raised locally and regionally

during CIBC FirstCaribbean

Bank’s fifth Annual

Walk for the Cure which

was held last October.

The Bank’s Country

Manager Glen Smith noted:

“Our participation in

our Annual CIBC FirstCaribbean

Walk for a Cure is

important in terms of increasing

awareness of the

disease; raising funds for

cancer care, showing support

for cancer survivors;

and remembering those

who have passed.

The funds raised in 2015

were donated to the Oncology

Department at Mount

St. John Medical Centre

and the Breast Friends Organisation.

“And we are once again

proud and happy to maintain

this support for these

two organizations by this

year presenting $35,000.”

Mr. Smith added: “We

see this as an integral part

of CIBC FirstCaribbean’s

continuing commitment to

be engaged with the real issues

facing our clients and

their communities.

“By becoming personally

involved in this event

and also raising funds,

we are demonstrating that

CIBC FirstCaribbean’s

commitment to Antigua

and Barbuda is about more

Mr. Smith (far right) along with staff, sponsors and representatives of Breast Friends and Mount St.

John Medical Centre.

than handing over a donation.

The walk is also held

to coincide with the Canadian

Breast Cancer Foundation’s

CIBC Run for

the Cure sponsored by the

bank’s parent company,


CIBC has been supporting

this event for more than

20 years, donating millions

to breast cancer research in


The bank manager also

thanked the local and regional

sponsors Roberts Industries;

Cool and Smooth;

Hadeed Motors Ltd.; Linton

Mark Contractors;

Terminix; GiGi Industries;

DEWS; Philip Abbott;

Sandals; Cable and Wireless;

Going Places Travel;

VISA; and Tata Consultancy


“Many thanks also to

Mrs. Julia Joseph, our Walk

for the Cure Coordinator,

her committee and all our

staff members who work

tirelessly year after year,

in planning and executing

fundraising activities.”

Speaking during the

presentation President of

Breast Friends, Mrs. Eunetta

Bird thanked the bank

for its unwavering support

over the years:

“Your donations over

the year have allowed us

to intensify our educational

campaign and public

awareness campaigns by

conducting seminars and

workshops; we also conduct

an annual free breast

screening in Antigua and

Barbuda as well for the

general public,”

Ms. Sonia Grant, Senior

Department Manager

at Mount St. John Medical

Centre also thanked the

bank, its staff and the many

sponsors for the timely donation

and its commitment

to the ongoing work at the

Oncology Department.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th February 2017

Royal Police Force of Antigua

and Barbuda passing out 2017

Monday 13th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

Senator Lake to make her

debut presentation Wednesday

By Joanna Paris

Newly appointed Government Senator,

Aziza Lake, will make her debut presentation

in the Upper House of Parliament

when the body meets this coming

Wednesday. The Senators will begin their

debate on the 2017 Budget, which was

debated and passed in the Lower House

a little over a week ago.

Senator Lake was conferred with

her instruments of appointment during a

brief ceremony which took place at Government

House last Friday. Governor

General, His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams

congratulated Senator Lake on her

appointment and encouraged her to make

the best of her appointment to serve the

people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Senator Aziza Lake, left, and Governor

General Sir Rodney Williams

“This gives you another opportunity

to make an impact in terms of how things

are done and run in our country. I want

to say to you that you must use your wisest

council at all times and do not allow

anyone to persuade you unnecessarily.

We expect you to carry out your duties

without fear of favour, without malice

or ill will and we would hope that you

will be objective in what you do and not

subjective, also to be professional and not


Senator Lake pledged to do her best

as she seeks to play a meaningful role in

the further advancement of Antigua and


“I would like to say that I am indeed

humbled by the decision of the government

to appoint me to the Upper House

of Parliament. I will do my endeavoured

best to make decisions that are in the best

interest of Antigua and Barbuda”, she

said after receiving her instruments.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th February 2017

D-risking – Neocolonialism

The lifeline of an economy

in a global environment

depends on the efficient management

of its financial sector.

The consequences of failure

of its financial sector may

adversely affect sectors such

as foreign investment, foreign

trade, tourism and others. A

financial sector may fail either

by way of insufficient

management or be affected

by external forces beyond its

control or by both.

Fortunately, the financial

sector led by the original

central bank (ECCB) is fairly

managed efficiently, but is

currently facing an external

threat called “de-risking.”

De-risking is the cancer

attacking the lifeline of our

economy as well as the Caribbean

region on a whole.

According to World Bank

Group data gathering efforts

between April and October

2015 local/regional banks in

Latin America and the Caribbean

experienced a decline in

Correspondent banking relationships


What is De-risking?

De-risking refers to financial

institutions ending relationships

with and closing the

accounts of clients considered

“high risk”. Specifically

considered in this paper is

the termination of correspondent

banking relationships,

the phenomenon known as

de-risking, which has resulted

in account closures in the US,

the UK and Australia.

You may be alarmed to

think your business may

not be able to receive and or

send money across boarders

or worse yet in your personal

capacity not be able to receive

or send funds to your

love ones abroad as a result of


Why Are We Facing


To say there is a simple

answer would be false. According

to Dow Jones and

ACAMS AML Survey reasons

resulting to de-risking

are hefty fines imposed for

deficiencies in meeting compliance

obligations by financial

institutions (FIs).

Why not better management

as an answer to de-risking?

Only the regulators imposing

hefty fines to FIs can

provide an answer. In any

event this practical approach

to the problem is simply insufficient.

Some argue that de-risking

may trigger survival

mood and force transactions

into alternative channels with

limited regulations.

With an uncertain banking

future we can be certain

of the greater systemic risks

and negative impact on market

competition due to the

presumption that there will be

fewer indigenous financial institutions

providing financial


What is the foreseeable

future for our Banking Industry?

Are indigenous banks

to be endangered within the

years to come as a result of

de-risking? Is the Independence

of our banking industry

doomed due to the foreseeable

influx of U.S. subsidiary

banks within our region, as

indigenous banks fail? The

uncertain future of the banking

sector rests on predications.

Change is coming what is

being done?

It appears nobody knows

what to do. For years dialogue

and more dialogue has been

the theme to resolve de-risking.

Are we marching in time

while we dialogue with correspondent

banks? Even if

a solution does come about

through dialogue should we

continue to put all our eggs in

one basket?

It is argued that this appears

to be a form of economic

pressure to control and or

influence the region. Hence

the term neocolonialism, as it

appears that this policy from

a strong nation may very well

be seeking political and economic

hegemony over the

extended geographical area

without necessarily reducing

the subordinate nations or

area to the legal status of a


cont’d on pg 11

Monday 13th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11


cont’d from pg 10

Suggested Solutions

According to PWC (Poland)

alternative solutions to

wholesale de-risking are:

Following the Financial

Action Task Force ( FATF);

Re-evaluating the current

products and services as well

as the AML methodology,

governance and related technology;

Use centralized standard

solutions such as Know Your

Client (KYC) utilities (banks

should join The KYC Registry);

It appears most banks are

in compliance with most of

the suggestions of PWC (Poland).

The regulators continue

to impose more rules and

banks continue to comply.

Out of the box alternatives

have been to move away from

the US dollar as the international

reserve currency.

In my search for options to

deal with de-risking, the succession

planning introduced

by the Bahamas appears to be

the way of the future. It appears

to be a long term plan

drifting from the risk of having

all our eggs in one basket.

For years the US dollar

has been the international reserve

currency. If threats that

have adverse effect to economies

continue, it may be time

to address, to explore an alternative

international reserve


The Jamaican Gleaner dated

December 7 th 2016 stated

that the “Bahamas has been

earmarked as a hub to trade

the Chinese currency, according

to Minister of Financial

Services Hope Strachan, who

announced the initiative as

one of several in the pipeline.

The rationale is that the

Bahamas government, Bahamian

business, financial

institutions as well as those

throughout the region would

have the ability to engage in

less costly and less time-consuming

processes related to

transactions involving the direct

clearing and payment of

the yuan currency. It would

eliminate the reliance on the

US dollar and the transacting

of business through the United

States, The creation of a

platform for the yuan to trade

freely with the Bahamian dollar

will allow for international

trade finance and trade and

investment to increase significantly.”

If importing goods from

China we no longer need to

go into New York bank to pay

Beijing, possibly we could go

through Luxembourg where

Chinese Yuan is traded in Europe.

The Long Term Plan

Most argue that the Yuan is

an unstable currency and China

and unpredictable country.

Thus, at face value too risky

to rely on as an international

reserve currency. We therefore

must focus our eyes on

all options such as the Euro,

and or Russian Ruble etc...

Uncertain times call for certain

strategies, assessment of

all options must be explored.

Editor’s Note: The opinions

expressed in this Op-ed

are those of the author and

do not necessarily reflect the

views of Caribbean Times.

Senior Manager

A well-established financial institution is seeking

to recruit a Senior Manager.

The Position/Job Profile

The successful candidate will be expected to

manage credit risk and total client relationships.

The candidate will be responsible to

lead the team of the collections department.

Essential Skills and Experience

Candidates must have at minimum a first degree

in Finance, Accounting or related discipline

from a recognized institution. A minimum

of 6 years experience in a financial

institution with management experience being

no less than 3 years. Technical competencies

in Microsoft products and the ability to use a

loan program. The candidate is also required to

have a good understanding of financial statements,

proven experience in collections and

credit analysis skills.

The successful candidate will possess excellent

written and verbal communication skills.

Strong negotiation skills. Excellent interpersonal

skills, the ability to work well with

a team, good work ethic strong integrity and


Applications inclusive of Resume can be sent


Vacancy: Senior Manager

The General Manager

PO Box 703

St Johns

Antigua W I

Or email

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th February 2017

Friday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Symphonic finishes

6. ‘’Not only that ...’’

10. Blanchett of ‘’Elizabeth’’

14. Dodge successfully

15. Drying oven

16. Cathedral protuberance

17. ‘80s phrase

20. Kids clean it

21. Transitions

22. Pt. of CBS

23. It may be glossed over

25. Bench press unit

26. Boxing term

29. Ruined Edomite city

31. Union issue

33. It’s always a winning


35. Catcall

37. Fasten again

38. ‘80s phrase

41. Easily conned

42. It may be half or blue

43. Paris-to-Marseilles dir.

44. Pick of the crop

46. Word in a Hugo title

48. Place to get money

49. ‘’Ich bin ___ Berliner’’

51. One more than due

52. Sibilant silencer

55. Customary practices

58. Author Christie

60. ‘80s phrase

63. Tarn

64. ‘’Jeopardy!’’ contestants,


65. ___ prosequi (court-record


66. Clueless

67. Lith. and Ukr., once

68. Classic suit


1. Enclosures

2. Endocrine gland

3. Painter of ballerinas

4. Weaponry

5. TV character Remington

6. Luau lunch

7. Rowers work them, briefly

8. Worker at plays

9. Presented, as a show

10. Cod or Town

11. They desert causes

12. Menu general

13. Poet’s sundown

18. Squirm

19. Sterling

24. Light refractor

27. Part of a place setting

28. Lyric poem

29. Irritate

30. ___ Martin (Bond’s


32. Attorney general for Reagan

33. Anticipate

34. Alvin and Theodore

36. Fire

39. Find another table for

40. Catch slyly

41. Org. with some big guns?

45. Circus wear

47. Sovereign’s stand-in

50. Gets warmer

52. Means of mounting a fence

53. Oil-bearing rock

54. Compelled

56. Proofreaders’ mark

57. Mix, in the kitchen

59. ‘’Don’t have ___, man’’

(Bart Simpson quote)

60. Under the weather

61. ___ Paulo

62. Smoke signal message,


Monday 13th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

A few clouds early, otherwise

mostly sunny.

High - 80ºF

Low - 71ºF

Wind: East South East 6 mph

Sunrise 6.37 am; Sunset 6.03 pm

Friday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Over the course of human

history, much has been lost as

a result of foolish pride, arrogance

and intolerance. On the

bright side of this fact, today’s

losses for the foolish will lead

to gains for you.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

Your mood: constructive. Like

a master builder, you will carefully

add one brick at a time

until the structure is complete.

Today’s consistency and repetition

will build tomorrow’s

comfort and protection.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

The mature way is to look at

the situation and say, “This is

what it is” — not seeing what

you wish it were (or what it

should be) but seeing what’s

really there. Today’s fixes will

be practical measures based

on current realities.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Productivity only counts when

it’s emotionally healthy; otherwise,

the cost outweighs the

benefits. The to-do list is important,

but not so important

as the spirit-in-which-thingsare-done


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

For the most part, you’ll like

what happens when “you do

you.” And even when you

don’t like what comes of it,

you’ll be better for it because

you’ll have the rewards and

lessons that come from living


CANCER (June 22-July 22).

You need an emotional outlet

for your health and general

well-being. Drama on the

screen or the page is much

preferred to drama in real life

today — and at least as cathartic,

if not more so.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You

take relationships seriously,

yet you’re still able to get over

disappointments rather easily

these days. For these reasons,

it’s the perfect time to take a

chance, risk rejection and go

for the big spoils.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

You like your comforts, and

you’ll figure out a way to have

them. In many ways, your life

today will reflect the Danish

concept of hygge, with coziness

and warmth at the center

of it all.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You

are capable of great self-sacrifice

and will apply it to a worthy

cause and/or to ensuring

the happiness and welfare of

your loved ones, to whatever

extent that is possible.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Surprisingly, there is almost

no glory in the trophy because

nearly all the glory is in the

flow of action leading up to

it. Also, to really celebrate the

winners, one has to know the



Dec. 21). Faith is important

because it keeps you going

when you don’t have any evidence

that your efforts will

lead to anything. However,

don’t rely on faith alone. Keep

turning it into experience until

you get tangible results.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). As you get better and better

at taking care of yourself,

your physical constitution

gets increasingly vigorous and

strong. People will be helpful

and well-disposed toward you

and will depend on you for


14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th February 2017

Pares Secondary sports legends honoured

By Justin Peters

The Pares Secondary

School has a proud history

of producing some of

the greatest sportsmen and

sportswomen in the history

of the island of Antigua and


Many of these valiant

gladiators have gone unrecognized

and overshadowed

by more recognized legends

such as Sir Vivian Richards

and Sir Andy Roberts, but

their contributions are equally

as important.

They are a testament

to the revelation that our

108-square mile island is

capable of producing professional

players in all areas of

sports, and from educational

institutions such as the Antigua

Grammar School or

Princess Margaret School

that have more commonly

been recognized for producing

sporting greats that have

gained international acclaim.

Framed photos of former

PSS students who attained

greatness in West Indies

Cricket and Volleyball were

jointly donated by Mark

Chambers, a Police officer

from Northern Ireland

and Ralph Bowen, a former

student of Pares Secondary

School and lawyer. The

charitable gesture will ensure

that students who are

now attending the secondary

institution now and for

years to come will be able

to recognize and be motivated

by former students who

like them aspired to join the

regional and international

sporting fraternity.

The photos which will be

hung on a wall just inside’s

the school’s entrance for

all to see, depict John Archibald,

former West Indies

Youth Player, Dave Joseph,

Anthony Martin, Devon

Thomas, Austin Richards

Jr., and Garvin Tongue who

played for the West Indies

Cricket Team as well as

West Indies Volleyball Players,

Karen Joseph and Shennette


The timely donation was

facilitated through the intervention

of Ivor Lawrence,

also a former Pares Secondary

School student who has

coached and played cricket

locally and internationally,

most recently coaching the

NYPD Cricket Team.

Lawrence explained

“One of my philosophy is

to focus on the youths because

they are the future. If

we neglect the youths, we

neglect the country. We must

do everything in our power

to educate and empower

them; that is my objective

and I will continue to play

my part in society. I am very

grateful to my elders who

have taught me well former

Teachers along with my former

coaches Guy Yearwood,

John Archibald, Taddy Arrindell,

Kiethley Maginley,

Hugh Gore and my Brother

Charlesworth Lawrence

who has been a more than a

brother to me.”

Guest speaker Hugh

Gore delivered a powerful

message and implored the

students present to be humble

and take not only school,

but life seriously, recalling

that Sir Vivian Richards was

one of the humblest individuals

he had ever met, despite

being one of the best cricketers

of all time, an attitude

to which he attributes some

of the cricketing legend’s


Monday 13th February 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15


The Social Security Board wishes to advise all self employed

persons that their declared earnings shall not be less

than the minimum wage, and are reminded that their Social

Security contributions rate remains at 10%.

Bring along your picnic blankets and folding chairs and enjoy

a relaxing evening on the lawn watching a movie or just

mingling with a bowl of delicious hot soup at the South Zone

Planning Committee of the Anglican Church's Pre-Lenten

Water Night and Movie on Friday, February 24, 2017 from

6 pm to 9 pm at All Saints Anglican Rectory Grounds, Matthews

Road, All Saints. The contribution is only $10. Patrons

will have a choice of various types of soups. There will

be Hot Dogs, Cupcakes, Popcorn and a bounce castle. Beverages

will also be on sale. Tickets are available from Parish

Priests and members of South Zone Planning Committee.


DAY. Give the Gift of Love by Taken an HIV Test!

The AIDS Secretariat – Ministry of Health and the Environment

will be offering Free and Confidential HIV Counselling and

Testing for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday 14th February, 2017

from 9:00am - 8:00pm at the AIDS Secretariat’s Office on the

Corner of Long & Temple Street. IT’S BETTER TO KNOW!!



• Two years experience in a similar role

• Must be flexible

• Must have experience using Adobe Photoshop

• Process data in inventory system

• Spot check the accuracy of stocks in the system

• Check off and post shipments received at storeroom

• Assist with various duties in the printing department as needed


• 4 Days per week

• Two years experience in a similar role


• Police or Military experience would be an asset

• Must be able to work all shifts


• Must be able to work all shifts


• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• Good probing questioning techniques is essential

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a listed

vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. OSEC telephone numbers are

5628533/34/35. Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL

APPLICATIONS is Tuesday 14th February


The AIDS Secretariat – Ministry of Health and the Environment

Presents Valentines’ Day Delicious Cake Sale on

Tuesday 14th February, 2017 from 10:00am at the AIDS

Secretariat’s Office on the Corner of Long & Temple Street.

All of the proceeds go towards our HIV Outreach, Prevention

& Control Activities

All members of the Executive of the Antigua and Barbuda

Ex-Servicemen Association are reminded of the monthly

meeting, to be held on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 5 pm,

at the Association`s Headquarters "Leah House" on Prime

Minister`s Drive. Please be on time or notify the Chairman

on 720-0058, PRO on 721-1970 or the Secretary on 723-

3452 of your apologies.

The fundraising post Valentines for Antigua & Barbuda Diabetes

Association is now rescheduled for Tuesday 21st February,

2017 from 4:00-6:00pm.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th February 2017

Pride prep for semis by trouncing CCC


– Barbados Pride

warmed up for next week’s

Regional Super50 semi-finals

in Antigua by thumping

Combined Campuses and

Colleges Marooners by 143

runs in their final Group B

game here Saturday.

Coming off their only

defeat of the tournament

to Jamaica Scorpions last

Thursday, Pride conjured

up a dominant performance

in posting 294 for eight off

their 50 overs at Kensington


They were propelled by

left-hander Jonathan Carter

who top-scored with 79

while Shai Hope weighed in

with 62 and opener Kraigg

Brathwaite, 51.

In reply, Marooners were

bowled out for 151 off 44.5

overs with captain Jamal

Smith getting 42 and opener

Amir Jangoo, 34.

The innings was crippled

by the spin duo of Sulieman

Benn (3-29) and Ashley

Nurse (3-30), while captain

and fast bowler Jason Holder

picked up two for 20.

Pride finished top of

Group B on 33 points, five

clear of Scorpions who finished

second to also advance

to the semi-finals.

Marooners, meanwhile,

completed a dismal campaign

where they won just

two games in their eight outings,

to finish one from bottom

in the five-team group.

Opting to bat first,

Pride were given a solid,

if not spectacular start by

Brathwaite and Kevin Stoute

who put on 74 for the first


Brathwaite faced 81 deliveries

and counted four

fours as he passed 400 runs

for the preliminaries while

Stoute struck 36 from 55

balls, also with four boundaries.

When Stoute was lbw to

left-arm spinner Ryan Hinds

(2-37) in the 17th over,

Brathwaite added another

39 with Hope for the second

wicket before also departing,

top-edging a cut at Hinds to

be caught at the wicket in the

29th over.

His departure, however,

paved the way for an up tempo

third wicket partnership

of 119 off 84 balls between

Hope and Carter.

The right-handed Hope

rattled off his third consecutive

half-century, smashing

four fours and three sixes in

a fluent 63-ball knock while

the left-hander Carter blasted

five fours and five sixes in

a whirlwind 57-ball innings

to reach 300 runs for the


Hope was in full flight

when he edged a swing at

seamer Nino Henry, who

claimed three for 32, and

was caught behind in the

42nd over and Carter followed

when he holed out in

the deep in the bowler’s next


Pride failed to find late

momentum, however, and

lost six wickets for 59 runs.

Marooners were in trouble

as early as the fourth over

when Vikash Mohan edged

one from Holder to Benn at

slip, to perish for four with

eight runs on the board.

Cassius Burton (3) followed

in the sixth over with

the score on 14, mis-timing

a drive back to Holder to

leave them in further danger

but Jangoo stalled Pride’s

advance by anchoring two

small partnerships.

Jonathan Carter

The left-hander put on

28 for the third wicket with

Hinds (16) before combining

with Smith to post an

important 54 for the fourth


Jangoo faced 67 balls

and struck three fours while

Smith consumed 63 deliveries

and also registered three


Marooners were rebuilding

when Jangoo missed

a heave at Nurse and was

bowled in the 25th over and

his dismissal opened the

floodgates, as the last seven

wickets fell for 55 runs.


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