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Insights Success The 30 Most Valuable Tech Companies Insights success November2016

Insights Success The 30 Most Valuable Tech Companies Insights success November2016

Genitek Solutions:

Genitek Solutions: Leverage Business Intelligence and Analytics Research to Gain Competitive Advantage Genitek Solutions, a Management Consulting Firm which provides IT Services, Cloud Computing and Online Marketing Solutions also, believes in one methodology “How to improve your ROI” and with this technique, they have turned around many business houses. Impacted Approx. 38 different verticals like Health Care, Ecommerce, Education (Colleges), Real Estate, Architecture, Hotels/Fast food centers, Furniture, Chit Fund, Civil and many more industries. Genitek has completed more than 1200 projects for 17 different countries clients. Recently Genitek Solutions team have provided 50 to 300% growth in a span of 1 to 2 years for 7 customers who are from different business verticals and some of them were about to close their business houses. The company delivers costeffective, innovative and high-quality business solutions to small businesses and large organizations, leveraging on the pool of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Achievement follows Passion Arup Ranjan Dey, CEO at Genitek Solutions, did his Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics from Kuvempu Vishwavidyanilaya. He is having a vast experience in technical 18 | November 2016 | and strategic dimensions. His ability to provide the best creative ideas in multiple verticles to turn around businesses is quite unique and interesting. The way he finds the business gaps and the involvement he demonstrates to his clients is phenomenal and it looks like he is owner of that business. Arup Ranjan Dey is passionate about meeting people, analyzing business requirements, provide creative ideas, create business plans and translating it into reality with best ROI, which he believes is the key towards any business success and a perpetual client relationship. He is responsible for business growth for his company. He is accountable for market survey, identifying demands and catering to client requirements. Under Arup’s vision, Genitek has been guiding organizations in the right direction, to make lasting improvements in their performance and realize their most important goals, irrespective of the sectors and size. Arup’s articles appeared in 51 news papers, 4 different journals, 3 News Channels so far and he got appreciations and acknowledgement in various places, whether it’s IIT Chennai for Aeronautical project delivery in front of various scientists around the globe and various Corporate heads from almost all aviation Industry or it’s on stage in front of thousands of people in Tier II cities for causing phenomenal business results. How Genitek Crossed Bridge of Difficulties Talking about the hurdles that the Genitek had to face, Arup expounds about a series of them; cash flow management, talent recruitment, customer relations, delegating the tasks and more. “Time management was the biggest problem faced by us. Executing more projects with the limited resources was another challenge we faced over the years,” he says. By setting out a list of goals and guided by Arup’s principles, Genitek manages and schedules time with proper discipline. Working towards goals and sticking to the task list accordingly and with a good support system to backup the process, the firm crossed the bridge with ease. “Perseverance and intelligence are our allies; we use them to our advantage to keep working toward our goals. We are still undergoing self-development and leadership training,” expounds Arup. Adhere to Values and Implement Vision Genitek Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is considered as one of the TOP 25 most promising marketing consulting company in India by Silicon India. 36

‘ We express the truth as we see it, we will only take on an engagement if we believe we can create value for the client substantially in excess of our professional fees. ‘ Genitek’s deep customer insight and industry foresight places them in a strong position to offer customers business a focused approach to operating on the web and delivering client online strategy. Coupled with deep domain knowledge and analytical skills, Genitek is poised for phenomenal growth in domestic and global market. Arup explains Vision and Values as major factors for success: “ Our Vision: is to provide sustainable top class solutions and competitive rates. We do not compromise quality to high volume. High volume is sustainable only when matched with high quality. Our Values: are being comprehensive, competitive and committed. The solution that we offer is broad based. Yet, our offer will always be competitive and we stand committed to all our solutions provided. ” Arup Ranjan Dey CEO Dynamic Problems: Either Burden or Opportunity “The speed of economic and technological changes mean that the right path yesterday may not work today and could be a disaster by tomorrow,” believes Arup Rajan Dey. In fact, complexity is the greatest challenge for the companies and to solve these dynamic problems is what separates those who excel from the companies who are closing the doors. While these dynamic problems can be a burden, it is also an opportunity- to create new and better strategies, develop new products or services, expand into new markets, rethink business models and become more efficient to gain competitive advantage. Elements of a Strong Startup It’s a known fact that starting a new business in the Indian market was an uphill task a few years ago. But now India is all set to break away the traditional career paths as a lot of talent is tending towards working with the Indian startup space. Challenging assignments, huge funding that brings huge compensation packages and an associated cool quotient are making startups a very lucrative place and attractive value proposition. “For startups, manage time and execute tasks with limited resource and it may take time to succeed but don’t give up” advices Arup. Plans to Build a Presence across India and Offshore Committed to make a positive difference to the world, Genitek is assured to bring values in terms of the business practices, governance, and social responsibility. With the best creative business ideas and cutting edge IT solutions, the firm is planning to build a presence across all major Indian cities and offshore as well. “However, creating a sacred environment as well as exploring the best brains by providing a friendly environment with an empowering context in the society is one of our future agendas,” Arup concludes. 18 37 | November 2016 |

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