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Mount Albert candidate faces family court charges

Venkat Raman

Vin Tomar, the New Zealand

People’s Party nominee in

the forthcoming by-election

in Mount Albert is facing

charges at the Morrinsville Family

Court in Waikato.

His wife has accused him of

physical, verbal and mental abuse and

has obtained ‘Temporary Protection

Order’ (TPO) and Interim Parental

Order (IPO) issued by the Court.

Both Orders were issued on

December 12, 2016 and are valid for

three months.

It must be reported that at this stage

these are only accusations and Mr.

Tomar is innocent untill proven guilty.

Ms Tomar said that she and Mr

Tomar were at the Morrinsville Court

on Thursday, February 9, 2017 for a

‘Directions Conference.’

Court hearing

“The Court decided that there will a

four-hour long hearing to discuss the

TPO and IPO at a date to be confirmed

in due course. The two Orders will

continue to be in force in the meantime,”

she said.

The TPO issued by the Court said

that it was issued against Mr Tomar

as the Respondent. The IPO specifies

that Mr Tomar can meet his son only

under supervision and only through a

professional contact supervisor.

Ms Tomar said that both orders

would continue even after three

months, unless the Family Court issues

a verdict prior to that date.

This reporter held a brief conversation

with Mr Tomar on January

28, 2017 during which he denied the

allegation of his wife stating, “it is


Moments thereafter, Party leader Ro-

Vin Tomar

shan Nauhria, when contacted over the

telephone said that he was not aware of

any such case and that the nomination

of Mr Tomar had already been accepted

by the Electoral Commission.

An official of the Commission told

us (and later sent in writing) that the

Commission was not able to comment

on the specific case.

“At the point of nomination, the only

requirements for candidacy are to be

a New Zealand citizen and enrolled to

vote,” the official said.

Radio Tarana debate

Speaking to the presenters of the

‘Sunday at 5’ programme on Radio

Tarana on February 12, 2017, Mr

Nauhria said that he and his Party had

full confidence in Mr Tomar and that

there was no case of family or domestic

violence involved.

“If it was a case of domestic violence,

why did not the Police take any

action? This is just a family problem.

Tomar’s ex-wife wants custody of their

son and hence has filed a complaint

against Mr Tomar,” he said.

Despite repeated requests by the

Radio Tarana hosts on air and through

failed telephone contacts, Mr Tomar

did not respond.

Indian Newslink sent an email to Mr

Nauhria and Mr Tomar on February 4,

2017 informing them the story would

be carried in our February 15, 2017

issue in view of the Family Court directions

conference on February 9 and

to obtain a response from the Electoral


Neither of them responded to our


The Allegations

The first call to us from Ms Tomar

was on January 18, 2017, during which

she mentioned about Mr Tomar and

later followed up with a detailed email

in which she said that she was no

longer living with her husband.

“I was appalled to read Vin’s claim

that he lives with his family (wife and

son) in Mt Albert. He does not have

a family as he does not know how

to manage one. At the time of Vin

becoming candidate for by-election,

I was no longer living with him as I

finally decided to leave him in early

December after suffering ongoing

psychological abuse including threats,

intimidation for over eight years which

escalated to physical violence last

year. I had to obtain a protection order

and get my child’s custody in order to

escape further abuse,” she said.

“How can people of Mt Albert be

expected to vote for someone who is

involved in domestic violence. If he

cannot take care of his family how can

he take care of people and community

of Mt Albert?” she asked.

Although neither Mr Nauhria nor Mr

Tomar have responded to our earlier

Indian High Commission

moves to new premises

An external view of Ranchhod Tower in Wellington

Supplied Content

The High Commission of

India will shift to new

premises in Wellington, a

press notification issued on

February 9, 2017 said.

All offices of the High Commission

will be located at Level 2,

Ranchhod Tower, 102-112, Lambton

Quay, Wellington. It can also be

accessed from 39, The Terrace.

The relocation will commence

on February 24 (a holiday for the

High Commission on account of

Maha Shivaratri) and conclude on

February 27, 2017.

requests for comments, we would be

happy to carry their observations on the

allegations of Ms Tomar in our Web

Edition, Facebook and Twitter. Our

email is

Readers are welcome to comment.

“During this period, Passport,

Visa, OCI & other services will

not be available. All services will

resume on February 28, 2017,” the

notification said.

It also said that after February

24, 2017, applications submitted

through Courier must be sent to the

new address or to High Commission

of India, P O Box 4045, Wellington


All Telephone, Fax numbers and

emails will remain the same.

Phone: (04) 473 6390, Fax: (04)

499 0665; (04) 473 7149


09 272 4424 021 144 6641

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Dial: 0508 41 11 11

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Level1-166 Harris Road,

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FEBRUARY 15, 2017

New body for gender equality takes shape

Venkat Raman


new not-for-profit

organisation, dedicated to

gender quality in general and

empowerment of women

in particular, has announced a series of

programmes and workshops beginning

this month.

Women Entrepreneurship Centre

(WEC) was established in April 2016

but has already commenced work but

its agenda for the current year has just

been released.

Inspiring women

Founder-Chief Executive Dr

Sangeeta Karmokar said that the Centre

is dedicated to developing women as

successful business leaders through

inspiration, education and enabling

them to utilising existing and emerging


“This is a platform that helps

women entrepreneurs to reach their

full potential and create economic and

social value for themselves, their organisations

and the society. The Centre

has innovative education programmes,

events, and workshops to support

women entrepreneurs,” she said.

A postgraduate from Mysore

University in India, Dr Karmokar completed

her PhD in E-Business Design

for Small-to-Medium Enterprises, a

transdisciplinary between business and

digital design.

A Senior Lecturer at ‘Colab,’ a

‘collaboratory’ of academics, industry

partners, and postgraduate and undergraduate

students, her current research

and teaching expertise involves

Dr Sangeeta Karmokar

design thinking, digital innovation,

entrepreneurial strategy, women

entrepreneurship and designing business

models and strategy.

Forming new synergies

It was her passion to create new

synergies of female leadership and

business acumen that encouraged in the

formation of WEC with a discerning


“The goal is to provide mentoring,

practical learning, consultancy and

pursuing active research in areas of

relevance to entrepreneurship. The

Centre serves as a platform to learn and

build a collective entrepreneurial future

that creates economic and social value

in New Zealand. It provides access to

education, engagement with role models

and opportunities to experiment with

their ideas,” Dr Karmokar said.

She is aware that despite capabilities

and great ideas, women restrict their

progress because of a lack of confidence,

compounded by inadequate information

on sources of support and assistance.

Honing new talent

She believes that while incubators

and business accelerator

programmes are on offer from

the government and from private

undertakings, women need proper

coaching and opportunities for

growth from the grass-root level.

“Most programmes are

focused on existing entrepreneurs

but there is little scope for

women to pursue their dreams.

There are latent and untapped

voices in the community who

can add value to the economy

and society,” Dr Karmokar said.

“It is not just about those

women who are already on

the boards of companies and

in leadership roles, but also

about women who have shown

promise and would bring a

unique entrepreneurial skill to

the society. The main objective

of establishing WEC was to

empower such women,” she


Live Your Dream

The Centre has launched ‘Live

Your Dream,’ a new programme

to inspire, build self-confidence

and educate women to recognise

opportunities and adopt to the

needs of the changing markets.

It also encourages people

to develop self-awareness and

develop their creative potential

with a specific focus on their

contribution to a more diverse

New Zealand workforce and


‘Live Your Dream’ will see

several initiatives in Auckland.

“Participants will be encouraged

to think and act creatively

and discover their strengths and

overcome their weaknesses.

We will employ many tools and

techniques to identify opportunities

and build creative thinking.

Brainstorming, resources to write

business proposals and explore

ways of prototyping and testing

will be a part of the Programme,

“Dr Karmokar said.

Helping refugees

Refugees and migrant women

are also an underutilised source

of talent, she said, adding that

women are under-represented in

entrepreneurship roles.

“In New Zealand, we have

the scenario of a significant

number of highly experienced

women leaving the workforce,

or unable to get past their initial

ideas and move into business

ownership positions. Globally,

men dominate business accelerator

programmes, with women

making up less than 20%” she


“Our vision is to build “Women

as Entrepreneurial Leaders.”

Workshops will be held from

February through to September

followed by a boot camp and a

Community Fair in October or

November. Details appear in our

Classifieds Page.

Additional Reading: ‘Women

entrepreneurs make better sense’

under Viewlink.

More Police would

help but not enough

Phil Goff


welcome the government’s commitment to increase Police staff


As a former Auckland MP and a candidate for Mayoralty, I

argued strongly for extra Police resources in our city.

While Auckland’s population has risen by 90,000 in the last two

years alone, Police numbers rose by just a handful and the ratio of

Police to population has got steadily worse.

On the ground that was reflected in alarmingly low rates of resolving

crime, with over 92 out of every 100 burglaries for example,

remaining unresolved. We were basically telling the criminals that

they could burgle a home and steal a car and get away with it.

Frustrated parties

Time and again, as I went around Auckland, I heard stories from

victims of crime who sought help from the Police but were not able

to get it. The Police were just too overworked. And I know how

frustrating that is.

When my motorbike was stolen, the Police told me to just claim

on insurance and that they did not have the resources to look into the


While overdue, I am pleased the government is now increasing

Police staffing. I welcome any party’s commitment to make our

communities safer by adding more Police resources.

However, we must remember that on its own it won’t solve

increasing crime rates in Auckland.

Restoring staff levels

To restore staffing levels to have one Police officer for every 500

people, as John Key promised in 2008, would require another 650

officers in Auckland.

Prime Minister Bill English’s pledge of an increase of 880 sworn

Police officers across the country won’t achieve this but it is a start.

On the ground, we need more Police as soon as possible to help

the fight against crime. It is a basic human right for people to be safe

in their homes and in our communities.

Phil Goff is Mayor of Auckland.


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minute or makes it hard

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tsunami zone maps and local

information on the Auckland

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Management website.



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FEBRUARY 15, 2017



Budget boost for safer New Zealand

Bill English

New Zealand has been ranked

the fourth-safest country in

the world.

Like you, I want to make

it number one.

That is why, Police Minister Paula

Bennett and I announced a new $503

million Safer Communities package to

reduce crime, prevent reoffending and

make our communities safer.

Our package will deliver 1125 more

police staff over four years, including

880 sworn police officers. That is a

10% increase and will bring the total

number of Police staff to more than


The first recruits will begin training

in July and hit the beat in November.

Worried Indians

We have listened to the concerns of

Indian communities across the country, who have told us

they are scared and worried about their safety.

The package shows we are prepared to invest up front

in programmes that deliver results and will make our

communities safer.

We are unashamedly targeting offenders to ensure that

they are off our streets by providing additional resources

for Police to resolve more crime and target criminal

gangs and organised crime, as well as greater investment

in crime prevention.

We have set Police the target of attending at least 98%

of all home burglaries within 48 hours. They currently

attend 96%, 86% of those within 48 hours.

Our focus on burglaries reflects a recent upturn in this

crime, which can be invasive and disturbing. We want to

prevent these burglaries, capture those responsible and

hold them to account.

Surprising Fact

Here’s a surprising fact: The most common age of

an apprehended burglar last year was 16 years old.

That’s why our package will enable Police to put more

time, effort and resources into working alongside other

agencies with at-risk individuals and communities. We

recognise we must intervene more effectively to stop

young people offending and prevent them moving on to

even more serious crime.

The package also provides $7.5 million for 20 ethnic

liaison officers who will work with Chinese and other

ethnic communities and businesses to stop crime in these


Other highlights include a new national 24/7 phone

number for non-emergencies like reporting a historic or

low-level crime, or to get in contact with a police officer

in your local area.

The Auckland-based Eagle Helicopter will now be

available around the clock with a response time of 10-15

minutes. Currently, there is a 3 am spike in criminal

offending in Auckland, when the Eagle Helicopter stops

operating. It will now be funded to run 24/7, 365 days

of the year and can be deployed anywhere in New


There will be also an extra 80 officers to target

organised crime, gangs and methamphetamine.

Extensive coverage

These extra Police will ensure that 95% of New

Zealanders live within 25 kilometres of a 24/7

police presence.

All of this is additional to last year’s $300

million funding boost to support Police and the

good work they do preventing crime. This, together

with our three-strikes policy, which ensures the

worst repeat criminals receive the maximum

allowable sentence with no parole, demonstrates

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We’ve also increased frontline policing by half a

million hours a year by investing in new technology

– that’s equivalent to around 350 more Police out

and about protecting New Zealand’s communities.

We are here to make a difference. Investing more

in Police will make our communities safer. It will

reduce crime and reoffending, and help steer some

of our most disadvantaged young people onto a

more productive path.

That is an outcome worth investing.

Bill English is Prime Minister of New Zealand.

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FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Leaders speak against students’ deportation

Staff Reporter

Political Parties in the

opposition benches have

closed ranks to come down

heavily on the deportation

orders against a small group

of international students from India.

The controversy over deportation

has been raging since August last year

when the government issued marching

orders against the students.

Migrant Workers Association has

been supporting the affected students.

Spokesperson Anu Kaloti said

that Immigration Minister Michael

Woodhouse and the then Associate

Minister Craig Floss had refused to

meet the students and the Committee

of Representatives from The Catholic

Church, The Anglican Church, Barrister

Rodney Harrison QC and the Secretary

of New Zealand Council of Trade

Unions supporting them.

Ms Kaloti said that international

students pay between $15,000 and

$35,000 to study in New Zealand and

a spokesperson for a group of nine

students told ‘Checkpoint,’ a television

programme hosted by John Campbell

that they had no idea that the papers

they had submitted were fake.

Appalling situation

Ms Kaloti described the situation as

‘absolutely appalling.’

“I am really angry, furious and frustrated.

These young people have spent

so much money to acquire meaningful,

high quality skills and qualifications

and their parents have put all they have

into it; and at the end of it, they are

being punished for something they have

not done,” she said.

Ms Kaloti said that a majority of

the students came from middle or low

Picture by Radio New Zealand

income families and that they faced a dim

future because of the deportation order.

There would be a lot of social stigma for

the students if they returned home without

a qualification, even though it was not their

fault,” she said.

Student responsibility

Steven Joyce, who was Tertiary

Education Minister at the time, said that

the ultimate responsibility rested with the


“They have to make a declaration that

all the information that they supplied to

New Zealand is correct. They make that

declaration when they submit their visa

applications, and, yes, they get agents to

advise them; but it is squarely and clearly

the responsibility of the student,” he said.

Labour seeks compassion

Labour Party Immigration Spokesperson

Iain Lees-Galloway said:

The ejection of 41 international students,

who now have deportation orders against

them after the Minister has coldly rejected

their appeals, is further evidence of a government

that is heartless and out of touch.

The plight of these students who are

seeking refuge in a church, and the potential

for immigration officials and police to be

raiding this church to extract the students,

could cause significant damage to New

Zealand’s reputation as a welcoming

and progressive country – especially for

international education.

In the current global climate, this simply

is not wise, and it is likely the rest of the

300 students will suffer the same fate as the

41 who are now hiding from authorities.

This is a manifestly unjust situation for

these students. There is no evidence of the

students themselves having done wrong but

they are being punished while the rogue

agents get off scot-free.

The situation has arisen because of

a cowboy industry that the National

Government has taken no responsibility

for controlling. It is the students whose

lives are being ruined, and New Zealand’s

reputation will suffer.

The Immigration Minister has failed

these students and New Zealand

for not exercising any discretion or

common sense by rejecting their


The students should simply have

their applications assessed on the

merits with those eligible being

able to stay.

It is about time we had a Government

that offers compassion

and natural justice.

New Zealand First

National First Leader said:

National should hang its head

in shame for deporting Indian

students, says New Zealand First.

The fault for corruption in the

international education sector

lies at the feet of Minister Steven

Joyce, not the students. The

students are the victims.

Mr Joyce pumped up the Export

Education industry so private

enterprise could profit. He ignored

the need to set up standards and a

full-proof system.

The mighty dollar was the only


Massive fraud occurred, with

crooked agents and officials funnelling

thousands of eager students

to claim commission payments.

Now the truth has come out,

Mr Joyce is passing the buck and

deporting students who have been

taken to the cleaners financially

and educationally.

It is believed eight to 10 Indian

students here might have been

misled by agents.

Clearly, much of this sector is

based on fraud. It is time for a

full-scale investigation into Export

Education fraud.

What has New Zealand come to

when we allow Indian families to

be fleeced in the name of building

an industry?

National supporters must be

thoroughly ashamed at the basic

lack of fairness and humanity of

their representatives.

Green Party

Denise Roche of Green Party

issued the following statement:

The Minister for Immigration’s

refusal to show compassion to Indian

students affected by visa fraud

is further evidence of National’s

unfair immigration system.

Minister Woodhouse is refusing

to help these students, but he and

his National Party colleagues are

happy to speed up immigration arrangements

for Trump-supporting

billionaires like Peter Thiel. This

is a sad example of the two-tier

immigration system that National

has set up.

These students have paid tens

of thousands of dollars to study

in New Zealand and were taken

advantage of by unscrupulous immigration

agents, who made false

statements on their behalf without

their knowledge or consent.

It is unjust to send these students

home without giving them an

opportunity to at least complete the

qualification that they have already

paid for.

If the Government is willing to

intervene in the case of Peter Thiel,

then surely it can show some

compassion to these students, who

want nothing more than the right

to complete their study.

The Minister should exercise

special ministerial discretion to

restore the student-visa status of

these young people.

Advance voting opens for Mt Albert

Supplied Content

Alicia Wright

Advance voting places will

be open from Monday

February 13, 2017 for

people who want to vote

early in the Mt Albert by-election.

If you are enrolled in the Mt Albert

electorate, you can vote in person at

one of four advance voting places from


It is important to vote in advance if

you cannot get to a voting place in the

electorate on election day, Saturday

February, 25, 2017. Look out for your

EasyVote pack, which should appear

in your letter box next week, with all

the information you need to vote in the


A list of advance voting places

and opening hours is included in the

EasyVote pack and is also available

at, or by calling

freephone 0800-367656.

Those unable to get to a voting place

either during the advance voting period

or on election day should contact the

Returning Officer to arrange voting

services. The Returning Officer can be

contacted on mtalbert@elections.govt.

nz or (09) 5201297.

Electoral Commission staff will also

be visiting rest homes in the electorate

to provide voting services to those

unable to get to a voting place.

Voters enrolled in the Mt Albert

electorate who are currently overseas,

or who will be overseas on election day,

can also vote.

Mt Albert voters currently overseas

can download their voting papers from and upload, fax

or post them back so we receive them

on time.

Mt Albert voters heading overseas

soon can vote before they go at any

advance voting place from Monday.

People overseas can also vote in

person at overseas posts in London,

Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, or

can apply to have voting papers posted

to them.

Remember, if you are not yet

enrolled, the easiest ways to get a form

are online at, call 0800-

367656, visit a PostShop, or freetext

your name and address to 3676. But

if one of those options won’t work for

you, you will be able to fill in or drop

off an enrolment form at any advance

voting place.

Alicia Wright is Chief Electoral

Officer at Electoral Commission. The

above was a press release. For full

information on the advance polling

booths, dates and times, please

visit read our web edition at www.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017



Another man goes in for

human trafficking

Immigration New Zealand

In December 2016, Faroz

Ali, also known as Feroz

Ali, a Fijian national with

New Zealand residence,

was sentenced to a total of nine

years and six months in jail after

being found guilty of 15 human

trafficking charges involving

Fijian nationals. He was the first

person to be convicted of people

trafficking in New Zealand.

Editor’s Note: The above

appeared in our January 15, 2017


A second defendant, Tauranga

based fruit farm labour contractor

Jafar Kurisi, also known as

Md Wagid Ali, was sentenced

on February 2, 2017 on four

representative charges relating to

13 workers who were not entitled

to work, including four Fijian

nationals who were Ali’s victims.

They were not paid the

minimum wage or holiday pay and

were provided with accommodation

and food that were of a very

poor standard.

He was sentenced to 12 months’

home detention and required to

pay reparation of $55,000 by the

end of March 2017.

Worker lured

The court earlier heard that

the Fijians were enticed to work

in New Zealand after answering

advertisements placed in Fijian

newspapers by Ali’s Fiji-based

wife and sister-in-law. They were

charged large sums of money

but when they arrived in New

Zealand, they were forced to work

illegally for long hours, live in

cramped conditions and paid little,

if anything.

The Fijians either worked for

Ali’s gib fixing business in Auckland

or were sent to Tauranga to

work in the horticulture business

in an arrangement organised

between Ali and Kurisi.

Immigration New Zealand

Assistant General Manager Peter

Devoy said that the second verdict

showed how seriously allegations

of people trafficking, exploitation

and immigration fraud are taken

by the courts.

“When Faroz Ali was sentenced

last year, Justice Heath commented

that people trafficking is an

abhorrent crime which degrades

human dignity and thanked us for

carrying out the investigation and

bringing the matter to trial. The

second sentence closes a chapter

on what has been an appalling case

and I hope the victims can take

some comfort from the outcome,”

he said.

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FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Battleground ready for war of words and ballot

Sourced Content by our

Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Bill English

has announced that the next

General Election will be held

on Saturday, September 23,


“As we have done in previous election

years, I am announcing the election

date early as I believe it’s important to

provide the country with some certainty

and that it’s in everyone’s best interest

to have plenty of notice,” he said.

National will be campaigning on its

strong record in Government and will

go into the election with a positive and

ambitious programme that will back

New Zealanders to succeed. I am proud

of what we are achieving for New

Zealanders,” he said.

Robust growth

The New Zealand economy

continues to grow and diversify, more

children are staying at school longer

and getting better qualifications, more

people are getting faster and more

efficient healthcare, Mr English said.

He said that the government is

investing at record levels in key

infrastructure projects like schools,

roads and ultra-fast broadband.

“We are supporting our most

vulnerable by increasing benefit rates

and investing in programmes to support

them into work,” he said.

National Party

Mr English said that his National

Party will be campaigning on its strong

record of delivering more for New







“New Zealand is now growing

strongly, stronger than most developed

countries. We have got New Zealand

back on its feet, got people into jobs,

returned to surplus, invested heavily

in infrastructure and core services and

tackled natural disasters. The challenge

now is to sustain that growth, build

for growth, and act for the people who

most need our help,” he said.

Mr English said that people should

be ready to adapt to a still fragile and

uncertain world, and prepare for long

term prosperity.

“We will go into the election with a

positive and ambitious programme that

will build on the successes of the last

few years, with a clear and strong plan

to make you and all New Zealanders

better off both at work and at home,

and with the means to achieve it. I am

excited for the year ahead but as you

know, under MMP, elections are always

close. We will be taking nothing for

granted,” he said.

Bill English Andrew Little James Shaw Winston Peters

Labour Party

Labour Party Leader Andrew Little

said that the date of General Election

brings New Zealand one step closer to

electing a new government that will

give hope to all those left behind by the

National Party.

“Bring it on – we are ready and

raring to go so we can change the

Government and build a better New

Zealand,” he said.

Mr Little claimed that his Party has

commenced its campaign on what

Kiwis are worried about today.

“We urgently need to fix the

housing crisis to make first homes more

affordable, help Kiwis get the health

care they need and build the world class

education system parents expect for

their kids. We stand for safer communities

and a stronger economy that better

rewards all New Zealanders,” he said.

Mr Little said that his Party is well

prepared, its teams are in place and its

plans are well advanced.

“We will be working hard to

convince New Zealanders we can

help give them a fair shot at the Kiwi

Dream. We have many hugely talented

new candidates already selected and

more to come. We will be going into

the election with a fresh team with the

experience and skills so we can build

a New Zealand that will once again be

the envy of the world,” Mr Little said.

Green Party

Green Party Co-Leader James Shaw

said that his Party is ready and excited

to work with New Zealanders “to

change the government on September

23, 2017.

“The Green Party is more energised

and more prepared than we have

ever been. We are ready to change the

government,” he said.

Mr Shaw said that the Green Party,

along with Labour, had demonstrated

their joint passion to form a credible,

compassionate, progressive alternative


“New Zealanders want a Prime

Minister who represents our values

to the world, not one who is happy

to sleepwalk through a major global

political moment. There is a real feeling

for change in our country,” he said.

“People know that when this

government says they cannot do more,

what they are actually saying is that

they will not do more to end child

poverty, to make housing affordable,

to protect our beautiful lakes and rivers

from pollution. That attitude from New

Zealand’s government will come to an

end on September 23,” he added.

New Zealand First Party

New Zealand First Leader Winston

Peters was laconic in his comment.

“We are ready for the election on

September 23. All our planning and key

events, such as the campaign launch

and the annual convention, are set

around this date. It suits us fine,” he


Authorised by Mahesh Bindra, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Time to getmovingontransport?

Time to buildmorehomes?

Time to make ourcommunities safer?









Spokesperson for: Corrections, Ethnic Affairs, Customs, LINZ

Authorised by Andrew Kirton,160 Willis Street, Wellington

Auckland Office

Level 1, 21 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe

Auckland 2025

P: 0800 BINDRA (246 372)


Jacinda_advert.indd 1 9/02/17 12:54 PM

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

It is time to release the Police

from shortage



Jacinda Arden

My father was a policeman

for 40 years.

For a while, we even

lived in a home at the

front of the local police station of which

he was in charge.

I have no doubt that those years

are part of the reason I have always

believed that the best policing is

community based – that means having

them in our neighbourhoods, available

and approachable.

However, the number of Police

has fallen in the past two years while

the New Zealand population rose by

200,000 people.

That has had an impact.

Serious incidents

I have heard a few people tell stories

of serious incidents where the Police

either have not been able to attend, or

have arrived long after the fact.

And none of it is their fault.

In the past few years, the strain on

police resources has become really noticeable.

They have had to absorb more

than $300 million in cost pressures,

back-office staffing has been reduced,

frontline numbers are down even when

compared to two years ago, and a

number of local stations have closed.

Mt Albert has not been immune to

these cuts – we have lost multiple local

policing kiosks. The expectation seems

to be that if people need to see a Police

Officer face-to- face, they should go to

Ponsonby or the City.

Unsolved cases

None of these changes has come

without a cost, and it is offences like

burglary and sexual assault that tell that


There are 50 extra burglaries every

day when compared to two years ago,

and only one in twenty are solved with

an offender facing court.

It was not too long ago that the

Police Commissioner identified that

burglary was often an entry level crime

that led to repeat and more serious


It was an offence we needed to be

targeting, but that the Police have not

had the capacity to do so.

None of this has happened silently.

Police do not have the right to strike,

but they have still sent a strong message

that they are worried that they do not

have the resources to respond to crime.

In fact, 74% of officers in the latest

Police Association Survey of members

(released January 2016) were dissatisfied

with the number of frontline staff

in their district, while 86% of the respondents

thought that frontline general

duties officers were under-resourced in

responding to emergencies.

Labour’s stand

We can do something about this if we

put the support in the right place.

Last year, we announced that, in our

view, we needed 1000 more officers

on the frontline, along with 300 extra

back office staff if we were to meet the

expectations of not only the public but

also that of the Police.

In Mt Albert, I want to see that start

by bringing back the kiosk that used to

exist at the Mt Albert shops.

Our Police Force does an incredibly

demanding job every day of the week

- they need to be properly resourced

and supported not just to keep our

communities safe, but so they can be

there when they know they are needed.

Jacinda Arden is Member of

Parliament on Labour Party’s List from

Auckland Central Constituency. She is

the Party’s Spokesperson for Justice;

Arts, Culture and Heritage; Children;

and Small Business. She is also Associate

Spokesperson for Auckland Issues.

She is the Labour Party candidate to

contest in the Mt Albert by-election

scheduled to be held on February 25,

2017 to fill the vacancy caused by the

resignation of David Shearer, who is

taking up UN diplomatic assignment

as the Head of the Peacekeeping

Force in South Sudan.

General Election 2017 Schedule

Wednesday 1 February Prime Minister announces dates for 2017

general election

Friday 23 June

Regulated period for election advertising

expenses begins

Monday 26 June

Launch of enrolment campaign

Tuesday 22 August

Dissolution of Parliament

Wednesday 23 August Writ Day

Governor General issues formal direction to

the Electoral Commission to hold the election.

Wednesday 6 September Overseas Voting starts

Monday 11 September Advance Voting starts

Friday 22 September Advance Voting ends

Last day to enrol for the election.

Friday 22 September


Regulated period ends

All election advertising must end and election

signs must be taken down

Saturday 23 September Election Day

Polling places open from 9 am to 7 pm

Election Night

Preliminary results released progressively from

7 pm

Saturday 7 October

Official results for general election declared

(including special declaration votes)




If you won’t be around on electionday,

Saturday 25 February, then you can vote now.

To find out whereand when

to vote,ortoenrol:


0800 36 76 56

Visit our website



Back to the Greeks, Romans

and New Zealanders

Sourced Content

(Massey University)

From Hollywood to homegrown

theatre, Ancient Greece and

Rome have captured people’s

imagination for centuries

with tales and myths of sex, violence,

dysfunctional families, cruel gods and

corrupt politics.

Classical Studies scholars at Massey

University have recently launched a

website to showcase how the Ancient

World has inspired New Zealanders

working in a variety of media.

And they want more artists, writers,

musicians, craftspeople and educators

influenced by the classical world myths

as well as its poets, philosophers, artists

and mathematicians to share their ideas

and work.

Renowned actor, director and

playwright Michael Hurst is among the

first to be featured on the new website,

Classical World New Zealand.

Created by Classical Studies Lecturer

Dr Anastasia Bakogianni, the website

was launched at the 38th Annual

Meeting of the Australasian Society for

Classical Studies held in Wellington on

February 3, 2017.

The relevance

Greek national Dr Bakogianni, who

came to Auckland from Britain last

year to lecture at Massey’s School

of Humanities in Auckland hopes

that the website will foster a deeper

understanding and appreciation of

Classical Studies and its relevance to

New Zealanders.

Michael Hurst in the TV series ‘Hercules, The

Legendary Journeys’

“Classical World New Zealand website

demonstrates the modern world’s

ongoing dialogue with ancient Greece,

Rome and Egypt and highlights New

Zealand’s contribution to this conversation.

The culture of the classical world

remains a rich vein of creativity tapped

by countless living artists. Their art in

turn helps us to connect to the Ancient

World,” she said.

Michael Hurst, who has taken Classical

Studies through Massey, describes

his love of the literature and drama of

the Ancient World as a cornerstone of

his career.

He told Dr Bakogianni during an

interview that his work involved in

adapting Greek plays for the New

Zealand stage.

Mr Hurst is best known as Iolaus

from the television series Hercules, in

‘The Legendary Journeys’ (1995-1999)

and its sequel Zena, the Warrior

Princess (1995-2001).

Sword & Sandal

On the rise in popularity of Ancient

Dr Gina Salapata and Dr Anastasia Bakogianni

Greek, Roman and Egyptian stories

depicted in ‘sword and sandal’ sagas in

film and television, he said, “We have

a desire for heroes as well as a need

to see real human conflicts portrayed

against an exotic background of Gods

and monsters. We see ourselves in

the kings, queens, priests, priestesses,

villains and heroes of these myths,

these tales of great figures stalking the


Interviews with filmmaker Vicky

Yiannoutsos and artist Raemon Rolfe

are featured, with more to be added

under music, literature and visual arts


The website will offer an accessible,

useful and up-to-date resource to students

of Classical Studies throughout

New Zealand schools and universities,

as well as to anyone with an interest in

the topic.

It will house news on cultural events,

resources and scholarship on the

Ancient World.

Special Classes on the

world’s major religions

Staff Reporter

The Religious Diversity Centre

of Aotearoa New Zealand has

announced the first Programme

in its ‘Raising Religious

Literacy’ series beginning on February

13, 2017 and

concluding on

December 14,


The Classes

will be offered

Dr Todd Nachowitz

over four terms in Auckland and


Auckland sessions will be held

on Monday evenings and classes in

Hamilton on Thursday evenings as per

the schedule mentioned at the end of this


The Programme is based on the core

theme of ‘Exploring the diverse belief

traditions contributing to New Zealand


Dr Todd Nachowitz

Dr Todd Nachowitz (Pictured) will

conduct the classes in both cities.

He is a Lecturer in Religious Studies

at the University of Waikato and Coordinator

at the Religious Diversity Centre.

He is well-known to the people in

the Waikato region and among the

members of the Indian and South Asian

communities for his fluency in Urdu and

Hindi, apart from other languages. He is

the Secretary of the Waikato Interfaith

Council and a Member of the Executive

Committee of the Raga Indian Classical

Music Group based in Hamilton. He

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

accompanies Indian classical music

performers on the Tabla.

Terms and Subjects

Each Term in 2017 will have a different

focus and cover different material.

Terms 1 and 2 will focus on Selected

Topics in the Contemporary Practice of

each of the major world religions, while

Terms 3 and 4 will focus on the history

and development of the world’s main

faith traditions.

In the first half of the year, the classes

will be on selected topics in comparative

world religion, focusing on a different

topic during each class and examining

how each religion approaches that topic.

In the second half of the year, the

attendees will have opportunities to

explore the history and development of

each of the world religions, focusing on

the Eastern Traditions in Term 3 and the

Western Traditions in Term 4.

A detailed syllabus will be available

at the start of each Term.

Any Term can be taken independently

of the others, and there are no prerequisites

for any of the Term courses.

For Course details, fees and other

information, please read full story in

our Web Edition- www.indiannewslink. If you have subscribed to our

Bi-Weekly Newsletter, you would

automatically receive the information.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017



Ashok Kochhar preparing for a shoot Mary Lorier Photo Programme participants at work

Ashok Kochhar

Sharing knowledge is a Bliss.

We are living in a world,

which is so competitive that it

has lost the values of sharing.

This is the outcome of a contemporary

society where we have developed a new

syndrome, which can only be described

as the ‘fear of the other.’

In a way, this fear enters deep sub

conscience and forces us to keep our

experience to self, thus losing various

possibilities of inner growth.

Life’s Stages

I follow the old school of thought,

which divided life into four stages,

namely, ‘Brahamcharya,’ ‘Grahastha,’

‘Vanaprastha’ and ‘Sanyastha.’

We all know the meaning of these

four stages but seldom come across a

person who follows them. I have tried

to do so.

I am now in a state of ‘Vanaprastha,’

which our old scriptures describe as

a stage in which you should share

knowledge and experience with

the community before you move to

‘Sanyastha,’ which is a state of selfcontemplation.

Long Journey

On my journey of ‘500 days in New

Zealand,’ I am trying to share as many

opportunities as possible.

In 2016, I did more than twenty

workshops and knowledge-sharing

events, interacting with many artists

from varied genres and created a platform

where everyone wanted to share,

learn and spread the knowledge.

After the grand success of first-ever

‘My World’ children initiative (the first

in New Zealand), I created yet another

Shared knowledge exalts human mind

New Zealand’s first ‘Photo Marathon’

for two weeks. This has six live

demonstrations and interactive sessions

spread over a fortnight.

During these sessions, more than

100 knowledge seekers are registered

and all the proceeds have been donated

to ‘Dementia Waikato,’ a charity for

Alzheimer patients. Enthusiastic

photographers learn, practice and most

importantly, come together as a family,

willing to share.

The pictures displayed here have

been photographed by the participants.

For more pictures, please visit

Ashok Kochhar is an international

photographer, an author of several

Coffee Table Books and organiser

of exhibitions and training

programmes. He is a passionate

traveller, currently on a ‘500 Day

Journey’ of New Zealand capturing

people in their vicissitudes. Indian

Newslink carries his immortal works

in its Artlink pages. There is one such

in this issue.

Scholarship Programme cements Indo-Kiwi relations

Massey University and NIFT student cohorts with their fashion-textile creations

(models at the rear) Picture by Education New Zealand

India is currently hosting recipients

of New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s

Scholarship for Asia (PMSA).

Eight business students from Ara

Institute of Canterbury and 20 fashion,

textile and business students from Massey

University are now on a programme

ranging from four to six weeks in India.

The PMSA programme is funded

by the New Zealand government and

encourages New Zealand students to

study in Asia to experience the benefits

of international education.

Commitment to India

Education New Zealand (ENZ)

Regional Director (South East Asia &

Middle East) John Laxon said that the

PMSA reinforces the government’s

commitment to India and our education


“These scholarships build on New

Zealand’s status as a top destination for

Indian students, creating partnerships

with prestigious Indian education institutions

and between the future leaders of

both countries,” he said.

As a part of the PMSA programme,

eight Ara Business School scholars

are currently in India on a six-week

series of classroom lectures at Jaipuria

Institute of Management in Noida and

KCT Business School in Coimbatore

to develop a better understanding of

the business environment in India.

Their focus in on entrepreneurship

and the Indian rural economy.

While in India, they will also visit

local business establishments including

dairies, textile mills and start-ups.

Interactive session

In January, ENZ hosted the Ara

students at the New Zealand High

Commission in Delhi for an interactive

session about the country’s relationship

with India, and the available

engagement opportunities. The session,

chaired by Acting High Commissioner

Suzannah Jessep, was attended by

faculty members from Jaipuria and Ara


ENZ also hosted a project

presentation called ‘Closing the Loop’

for the Massey awardees at the High

Commission. This was based on India’s

circular economy strategy to phase out

land filling of recyclable materials by


The Massey students teamed up

with 20 creative arts students from

National Institute of Fashion Technology

(NIFT), New Delhi, to produce

an outfit made from sustainable and

organic materials sourced in India.

Fashion at Mission

Students worked in groups mixing

their textile, fashion and business

talents, and even created a sustainable

‘business plan’ to accompany their


The High Commission lawns were

then transformed into a makeshift runway

for the students to showcase their

garments to the senior faculty members

from Massey and NIFT in attendance.

Massey University Senior Lecturer

and Major Coordinator for Fashion

Design Sue Prescott said that the event

highlighted the potential for fashion

to address real world issues such as

over-consumption, global warming and

ethical production processes.

“Through studies in fashion supply

chain, traditional fashion industry

methods are challenged, and team

design and production projects like this

help lead to innovative and sustainable

thinking,” she said.



Book acustomised tour of MIT and get ataste

of your dream job.

We’ll show you how weprepare our students with the

practical skills and knowledge employers want.

Make 2017 your year. Register now. |09968 8614




FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Fierce competition brings increasing accolades

Global Finance ticks 11 Awards in 2016

Former Prime Minister John Key with Ajay Kumar at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2016 with the ‘Best Financial Advisor (Mortgage)

of the Year Award

Bruce Cortesi, Chairman, PAA Board presenting the ‘PAA Mortgage Advisor of the Year 2016

Award’ to Ajay Kumar

At the Deloitte Fast50 2016 Awards Night, Ajay Kumar is seen with (from left) David Blakey of BNZ, former Global Finance Marketing Manager

Saurabh Gupta and Mark Talbot of Deloitte

Venkat Raman

In a crowded market of financial

advisors, brokers and agents,

staying ahead is a challenge, often

daunting or intimidating but those

who have the grit, team spirit and the

ability to meet individual needs have

indelibly itched their names on the

registers of prime providers and rating


More importantly, they are etched in

the hearts and minds of people.

Company of Superlatives

Every which way you consider,

Global Finance is a superlative

company, enhancing the confidence of

its growing list of customers.

Here are a few: 1. The largest Financial

Advisor, with a record $4 billion of

mortgage loans arranged for customers

in New Zealand (mostly residential

and people of Indian origin) since its

inception almost 18 years ago 2. The

largest Insurance broker, having written

through major insurance companies

more than $3 billion in premium 3.

The largest company with more than

4000 customers on its service list and

4. The Best Company with more than

35 Awards and accolades given by the

country’s largest banks, multinational

consultancy and accounting firms and

hundreds of ‘Thank You’ notes given

by customers.

Awards Galore

It makes this writer proud that it all

began at the Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards 2009 at which Global

Finance Managing Director Ajay

Kumar won the Business Excellence in

Marketing Awards. Since that second

year of our Awards Programme, he and

his company have won awards in several

categories, including the ‘Supreme

Business Award’ in 2010.

Unique Achievement

Global Finance created history in

2016 by scooping 11 awards, which

accounts for one award every working

month of the year and the range of

organisations that have recognised this

company for its quality of products,

services and volume of business is a

matter of pride and gratification.

Mr Kumar believes that these Awards

belong to his highly motivated and

professional team but the latter attribute

them to customers whose level of

satisfaction and constant referrals have

been instruments of success.

“We are nothing without our

customers, who are happy and believe

that they gained by our service. Without

them and the media, we are nothing,”

he says from time to time, reminding

himself of the initial years of struggle

when his team was no more than two

and his media supporters the same –

Radio Tarana and Indian Newslink.

That relationship has been growing

with nationwide attention.

Professional Advisers Association

commenced the winning trail for Global

Finance in 2016 by presenting its

prestigious ‘Mortgage Adviser of Year

2016 Award.’ A leading association of

financial advisers in New Zealand, it

instituted the PAA awards to recognise

its members who demonstrate the

founding values of the Association,

namely client advocacy, diligence

in their work, compliance with

relevant regulations and professional


The Deloitte Fast50 Award 2016

was the crowning glory last year.

The world’s leading consultancy and

audit firm rated Global Finance as the

‘Fastest Growing Mature Business in

Auckland and Upper North Island.’

Westpac Auckland Business Awards

honoured the Company with the

‘Excellence in Marketing Award 2016,’

organised by the Auckland Chambers

of Commerce and the Auckland

Tourism, Events and Economic Development

(ATEED). Global Finance

was commended for use of technology,

online marketing and effective customer

engagement. The Company was

a finalist in several categories at the

Awards ceremony.

Two Awards from ANZ including

‘Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2016’

and ‘Platinum Business Partner of the

Year 2016’ (for arranging more than $

200 million

in a year). While Global Finance has

been a consistent winner at ANZ for the

past five consecutive years, these have

ranged from ‘Mortgage Adviser of the

Year, Platinum Business Partner, Valued

Business Partner of the Year, Strategic

Partnership Award and Business &

Commercial Adviser of Year 2013.

ASB Bank has honoured Global

Finance as the ‘Number One Broker for

New Money Advanced Award’ from


Mr Kumar was named Best Financial

Advisor (Mortgage) and Best Financial

Aseem Agarwal, son of Ajay Kumar, winner of the ‘Excellence in Marketing Award’ (sponsored by Villa Maria) with

former Global Finance Marketing Manager Saurabh Gupta and Villa Maria Export & PR Director Ian Clark at the

Westpac Auckland Business Awards 2016

Advisor (Insurance) at the Indian

Newslink Indian Business Awards

2016. These Awards were sponsored by

AIA (Insurance) New Zealand.

AIA (Insurance) New Zealand has

been recognizing Global Finance as its

largest Life and Personal Risk Insurance

Adviser for the past eight years.

The Secret Formula

Quality customer service apart, transparency

and the ‘Secret Formula’ that

enables people to repay their mortgage

loans sooner than later, saving in the

process substantial money in interest

rates have been the ingredients of the

impressive performance of Global


The Secret Formula has of course

remained a unique feature of this Company.

It has been proved to work each

time it was challenged by stakeholders.

It was perhaps 25 years of banking

experience that Mr Kumar brought with

him to New Zealand when he migrated

from his native India or his innovative

spirit or his business acumen or all

of them but a quick read through his

website and Facebook pages would

reveal how this Secret has worked.

Customers testify

Says a customer, known only as

Stanley, “Global Finance was instrumental

in reducing my mortgage

from 30 years to just nine years. I can,

without any hesitation, affirm that Ajay

and his team are the best in the job in


Daniel Chalbi wrote on his Facebook

Page: “My experience with Global

Finance has been great. In the past 12

years, this Company helped finish my

mortgage and now I am able to invest

more with them.”

Solomua Levao said, “Thank You,

God for our new house and I would

like to shout a big ‘Thank You’ to

Global Finance team for helping to

buy a house. I recommend anyone who

needs help to contact Global Finance

or me personally. I have been with this

Company for ten years and I have been

able to buy three houses.”

$1 billion every year

Mr Kumar said that his Company is

now arranging mortgages at a rate of

about $1 billion every year.

“We have expanded our team

of experienced and well qualified

professionals to provide the best service

to clients. We have taken several steps

to constantly improve the quality of service

and offer innovative products. Our

state-of-the-art technology helps us to

maintain extensive records, portfolios

of customers and market information to

keep ahead,” he said.

Global Finance is today a dynamic

organisation, on the threshold of

change. As a part of facilitating the

evolution without compromising its

principles and objectives, Mr Kumar

established an Advisory Board of

industry leaders and experts in May


Success comes to those who try and

pursue their goals and objectives with

persistence and perseverance, taking

along a team that is treated with respect

and fortitude. Awards and Citations

always follow them.

As it has time and again been proved

by Global Finance in Auckland.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Awards 2016 Full Page 31Jan17 Final.pdf 1 2/3/2017 3:27:44 PM



1Year, 11 Awards

Winner of Best &Biggest Mortgage &Insurance Adviser Awards in NewZealand

Best Financial Adviser Awards

Professional Advisers Association 2016

BNZ -INIBA2016 Mortgage &Insurance,

Excellence in Customer Service (Finalist)

Deloitte Fast50 Award2016

fastest growing Mature Business

in Auckland and Upper NorthIsland

Excellencein Marketing

Excellencein Innovation

Excellencein Strategy&Planning

Westpac Auckland Business Awards 2016

TopAdviser Awards

ANZ Bank 2012 to 2016

ASB Bank 2014 to 2016

AIA Insurance 2008 to 2016



you guys are









Photos: Topic


Ajay realised many years ago that the value he could add ... was helping

clients pay their mortgage offfaster.

He designed his own Interest Saver Plan (17) yearsago and started using it

with great success...

and still today is using it to help clients achieve their dreams.

-Judges ofProfessional AdvisersAssociation Award

To find out how tosave interest on your mortgage,call 09 255 5500

Read 100+ reviews on



for your support!


our best,


NZ’s Top Mortgage

&Insurance Adviser




Trusted by4,000+

families since 1999

e: | |POBox 24087, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345

a: Kudos Business Centre, 19/203 Kirkbride Rd, Airport Oaks, Auckland 2022 |fax: 09 255 5588

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FEBRUARY 15, 2017

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

Issue 363 | February 15, 2017

Aspiring politicians must

declare their cleanliness

An Indian Newslink investigation, revealed in conjunction with

Radio Tarana at the latter’s ‘Sunday at 5’ programme on February

12, 2017, has once again brought to the fore the importance

of ‘cleanliness of candidacy’ on the part of those keen to contest

the upcoming general election on September 23, 2017.

Our investigation, as discussed at the radio programme and as reported on

the front page of this issue, has shown that Vin Tomar, the candidate of New

Zealand People’s Party (NZPP) at the forthcoming by-election at Mt Albert

Constituency in Auckland on February 25, 2017 is facing charges of family

violence at a New Zealand Family Court.

Family Violence charges

It took us more than seven weeks to complete our investigation, during the

course of which we learnt, much to our surprise that Roshan Nauhria, Leader

of the NZPP was not aware that Mr Tomar was facing the above-mentioned

charges. For, it would have been untenable for a Party that has been campaigning

on what Mr Nauhria called, ‘deteriorating law and order situation in

New Zealand.’ Family violence is one of the worst nightmares daunting our

communities, and its incidence is increasing among families of Indian origin.

Women are the worst affected victims of family violence and in recent

years, law enforcers including the Police and Law Courts are keen to ensure

that this menace is eliminated from our society.

Our expectations

New Zealanders have set exacting standards for their politicians and

follow zero tolerance approach towards their behaviour. It is therefore important

that political parties, their leaders and those supporting them are assured

that the candidates being proposed for election do not have any issues that

would haunt them later.

Clearly, Mr Tomar should have taken his Party Leader and those who selected

him to contest in Mt Albert by-election into confidence and informed

them of the charges that he faces.

Case pending

To be fair to Mr Tomar, there is no verdict yet on the charges and hence

he has not committed any legal offence in contesting in the Mt Albert

by-election. An Electoral Commission official told us that “at the point of

nomination the only requirements for candidacy are to be a New Zealand

citizen and enrolled to vote.”

Women entrepreneurs

make better sense

Dr Sangeeta Karmokar, a qualified teacher and research scholar

has done well in launching Women Entrepreneurship Centre

(WEC) to inspire and encourage women to become successful


As she mentioned in our story appearing under Homelink in this issue,

“This is a platform that helps women entrepreneurs to reach their full potential

and create economic and social value for themselves, their organisations

and the society. The Centre has innovative education programmes, events,

and workshops to support women entrepreneurs.

Gender equality or inequality has been a topic of discussion since long,

but the issue has been generating heat in the public domain in recent years.

Reasons for re-emergence

Two major reasons have been cited for its re-emergence – the global financial

crisis that brought to the fore many ills of companies, and recent reports,

which indicate that companies with women (at least one) on the board of

directors and on management boards tend to perform better than others.

It is indeed time to address this issue with greater thoroughness and

sincerity. For many years, researchers and corporate consultants have been

saying that New Zealand is among the countries with a poor record of

gender equality and that in many cases, women are paid less than men for

performing the same type of jobs, often within the same company.

Indian community better

It seems there are no valid reasons for this inequity and like many things

in life, there is greater interest in preserving the status quo ante than in

thinking afresh.

We are happy that the situation in the Indian business community is far

better, compared to their counterparts elsewhere in the country.

We have women occupying positions of importance- as owners, directors,

HR managers, chief financial officers and so on in companies that are

owned, operated, managed and franchised by businesses of Indian origin.

We have seen them participate in all management decisions, setting policies

and strategies and steering their organisations towards higher levels of

productivity and profitability.

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian

Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims

made in advertisements.

Managing Director & Publisher: Jacob Mannothra; Editor & General Manager: Venkat


Production Manager: Mahes Perera; Assistant Editor: Ratna Venkat;

Financial Controller: Uma Venkatram CA; Phone: (09) 5336377 Email:


It is very easy to accuse Muslims of terrorism

Gulhan Eryegit Yoldas

Andrew Little

The Melbourne CBD Carnage- some hard questions

Muslims in Melbourne held

their breath as the identity

of the Melbourne’s

Bourke Street car attack

‘terrorist’ was released.

The massacre, that took place on

Friday, January 20, 2017, claimed the

lives of five people including a threemonth-old

Muslim baby Zachary Bryan

and injured more than 15 people.

Thank God, the man who carried

out the massacre, did not say he was

a Muslim. Thank God, there won’t be

another wave of racism and retaliation

against the Muslim communities in


Thank God, this time we get to

mourn the loss of lives along with our

fellow Melbournians without being

made to feel that we are personally


Desperate for arrest

Dimitri Gargasoulas tried very hard

all that week to get arrested.

In fact, according to the media, court

documents show that Gargasoulas had

been trying to get locked up since April

2016 with a string of alleged offences

ranging from dangerous driving, theft,

breaking a taxi window, police pursuit

and more.

On the day he terrorised Melbourne

(yes, he did ‘terrorise’ in the core

definition of the word), he stabbed a

person, kidnapped another person and

recklessly drove in the heart of the city

before causing death, injury and trauma

to many. He struck terror and fear in

the hearts of Melbournians.

Some elements prematurely

pointed the finger at Muslims. This was

corrected to say that he was on drugs,

has a history of violence, a history of

mental health problems… but no, he is

not a terrorist.

Pauline Hanson (Australian Politician)

and ISIS were probably equally


Common traits

Gargasoulas has many similarities

in character to Sydney’s Martin Place

attacker, Man Monis, and his pattern

of behaviour is no different to all the

other ‘regular’ terrorists that have been

profiled and recruited by extremist


Without flaw, every time there is a

history of violence and mental illness.

It is interesting to watch mainstream

media tiptoeing the term ‘terrorist’ on

this occasion, even though the result is

relatively comparable, especially to the

terrorist attack recently in Berlin.

Is this a reflection of our lack of

investment as a nation in mental health?

Are we doing enough to address the

problem at grassroots level?

Whose political agenda is supported

when we wait until these violent people

with mental illnesses are actually

recruited by extremists?

Divisive factor

Fear, and the racism that follows,

is the first easy step towards causing

division and friction in otherwise

strong, cohesive communities that have

lived peacefully for centuries.

The day after inauguration of Donald

Trump as the President of the United

States of America (January 20), an

Asian woman in Sydney, with broken

Closing doors on

Muslims is repulsive

Back in 1987, the then Labour

Government brought an end

to one of the most racist

policies New Zealand has

ever enacted.

Until then, successive New Zealand

Governments had both actively

promoted immigration from Great

Britain, Ireland and Europe and actively

discouraged immigration from other

parts of the world, particularly Asia.

It was not a secret.

Governments openly spoke of an

immigration system based firmly on

the principle that New Zealand was,

and intended to remain, a country of

European development.

Changing times

What was acceptable in the early to

mid-20th century gradually became

intolerable as people came to realise

that it wasn’t just discriminatory to

block people of a particular race, religion

or country of birth from entering

New Zealand, it was also against our

best interests as a nation. Things began

to change under the Kirk Labour

English, racially attacked a Muslim

woman wearing a niqab, banging

on her car window and calling her a

terrorist. Welcome to the post-Trump

world where everyone is free to be

racist without discrimination. All

the fear-mongering and extremist

propaganda appears to be successful in

causing division even amongst minority


History shows that multiculturalism

is not a modern concept.

People have the innate ability to live

in peace, abiding by the laws of the

land in which they reside.

The Agenda

What political or religious agenda

has any terrorist achieved other than

discrediting Muslims and raising the

platform for the likes of Donald Trump

and Pauline Hanson?

If anything, the terrorists are

assisting, it is their political agenda and

not of actual Muslims.

Gulhan Eryegit Yoldas is an advocate

for intercultural dialogue and her work

has been published in Turkish News

Weekly. Ms Yoldas, who lives in Melbourne,

was nominated for Australia’s

‘Top 100 Brightest Young Minds’

in 2006. The above article, which

appeared in the February 2017 issue

of ‘Australian Muslim Times’ has been

reproduced here with the permission of

its Managing Editor Zia Ahmed.

Government in 1974 but it was only in

1987 that race-based immigration was

completely replaced with a skills-based

points system.

At the same time, the Government

established a system for accepting


Again, it was not based on race,

religion or country of birth but on need

- assessed in an open and transparent


New Zealand was not alone in

moving away from racist immigration

policies. Enlightened nations around

the world came to understand that

intolerance was detrimental to the

development of their societies and

economies. We had learned about the

importance of connectedness, of the

vigour that diversity can bring to our

communities and the important role of

treating people with decency played in

maintaining peace around the world.

Abhorrent move

That all makes United States

President Trump’s decision to block

people from certain Muslim countries

and refugees from entering America

all the more abhorrent. It marks a

massive leap backwards for humanity.

All that we have learned and all that we

have gained from developing a deeper

understanding of people who act, look

and sound different from ourselves

has been tossed on the bonfire of populist

rage. It will do nothing to make

America safer; it will make the world

a more dangerous place. The targeted

nations will retaliate. It will drive

alienated young people into the arms of

the terrorists. Sadly, some people will

follow the President’s lead and take

out their anger on people for no other

reason than that they are different.

Say No to Prejudice

New Zealand must say no to this poisonous

prejudice by doing two things:

First we can demonstrate our humanity

and rejection of Trump’s policy by

increasing the number of refugees we

embrace each year to 1500. Second, our

Prime Minister Bill English can honour

our tradition of standing up to bullies

by publicly condemning Trump’s

Muslim ban. He needs to loudly call the

President out. He’s has failed to do that

so far. Friends should not be afraid to

speak up.

In a world of turmoil when we seem

to be going backwards at an alarming

speed, New Zealand must stand up and

be counted amongst the mature and

civilised nations who know the only

way forward is tolerance.

Andrew Little is Leader of the

Labour Party of New Zealand

and Leader of the Opposition in


FEBRUARY 15, 2017

World’s longest flight

creates new trade route


Wheeler to call it a day

at Reserve Bank

Supplied Content

Wellington, February 7, 2017


The inaugural Qatar Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft at Auckland International Airport on February 6.

Venkat Raman

The world’s longest flight

not only connects Doha

and Auckland setting

a historic record but

also has the potential to enhance

New Zealand’s trade with one of

the richest countries with a large

appetite for trade.

That record was set by Qatar

Airways, when its inaugural service

landed at Auckland International

Airport at 715 am on Waitangi Day

(Monday, February 6, 2017).

The service took 17 hours and

30 minutes to reach Auckland from

Doha, Qatar, covering 14,539 kms,

crossing 10 time zones and creating

a record for a commercial flight.

The plane received a ‘shower,’

from water cannons on its either

side, a traditional international

ceremony performed at most

airports for inaugural flights.

Qatar Airways is using its tenyear-old

Boeing 777-200LR for this

service with four pilots on board.

It also had 15 cabin crew members

who served 1100 cups of tea and

coffee, 2000 cold drinks and 1036

meals during the inaugural service.

Emirates relegated

The flight eclipses what is now

the longest duration flight, Emirates’

Dubai to Auckland service, by up

to an hour. The Doha-Auckland

service is 342 kms longer than that

of its Gulf rival.

Trade Minister Todd McClay

was at the Auckland international

airport to welcome the inaugural

daily flight.

He said that the world’s longest

flight was set to boost New Zealand

trade and tourism.

“Qatar is a member of the Gulf

Cooperation Council (GCC) and

the air link will continue to gain

importance when New Zealand

concludes a Free Trade Agreement

with the GCC,” he said.

More options to travellers

The new Auckland-Doha service

will not only provide more options

and connections for business and

leisure travellers, but will also

provide an additional 116 tonnes

of freight capacity every week, Mr

McClay said.

This increased freight capacity

will support New Zealand exporters

getting their fresh product to the

Middle East and beyond, he said.

Qatar is a significant trading

partner of New Zealand, with

annual two-way trade exceeding

$330 million.

“As a trading nation, New Zealand

relies on effective air services

to create much needed connections

with the rest of the world. The

estimated economic impact of this

new service will be well in excess

of $50 million,” Mr McClay said.

Qatar Airways has an extensive

global network of more than 150

destinations. The new service from

Auckland improves access to cities

in Europe, Central Asia, Africa and

the Middle East.

Reserve Bank Governor Graeme

Wheeler today announced that he

will not be seeking a second term

as Governor when his current

term ends on September 26 this year.

Mr Wheeler said, “It has been a great

privilege to serve in this role, and in the

remaining eight months, I will remain

fully focused on the economic challenges

and opportunities facing the New Zealand

economy. It was my intention, when I was

appointed, to serve one term, and then to

take on governance roles.”

Mr Wheeler was previously employed

at the World Bank from 1997 until

2010, where he was Managing Director

Operations (2006-2010), and Vice-President

and Treasurer (2001-2006). From 2010 to

2012, he ran his own advisory business in

the United States.

Under section 40 of the Reserve Bank

of New Zealand Act, the Governor is appointed

for a five-year term by the Minister

of Finance, on the recommendation of the

Reserve Bank Board.

Identifying Successor

The Chair of the Reserve Bank Board,

Professor Neil Quigley, said the Government

has advised the Board that, because

of the proximity of the General Election

this year, the Board’s recruitment process to

identify a successor to Mr Wheeler needs to

commence later in the year, and an acting

Governor would be appointed to cover the

post-election caretaker period.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce, has, on

the Board’s recommendation, announced the appointment

of Grant Spencer under section 48 of the Reserve

Bank Act to act as Governor for a period of six months

on the conclusion of Mr Wheeler’s term.

Acting Governor

Mr Spencer had indicated his intention to retire this

year but has agreed to defer to fill the acting role.

Mr Spencer is Deputy Governor and Head of Financial

Stability, a position he has held since 2007. He

serves as chair of the OECD’s Committee on Financial

Markets, and has held senior management positions at

the Bank in economics and financial markets.

In 1995-2004, Mr Spencer was with the Australia

and New Zealand Banking Group, holding senior

management roles in treasury and strategy in New

Zealand and Australia. He has also served terms with

the International Monetary Fund as a Special Advisor,

European Department, and as New Zealand’s Alternate

Executive Director.

Editor’s Note: Graeme Wheeler was the Guest

Speaker at the Sixth Annual Indian Newslink Sir

Anand Satyanand Lecture held on July 25, 2016 in

Auckland. He is seen here addressing the assembly

of top government officials, entrepreneurs, law

enforcers and professionals.

(Picture for Indian Newslink by Narendra Bedekar)

Boundaries are indicative only




• Titles due approx early 2018

• Level sections 400 sqm and above

• Prices range from $350,000 to $365,000 including GST (if any)

• Close to Pukekohe Township

• 3.1 km (approx.) to Pukekohe Train Station

• Located beside proposed new primary school

• Family friendly environment

Call for an Information Pack


From $350,000


Phone For Viewing Times

Pooja Goel

Pukekohe 09 238 7019

Jason Woodyard

Pukekohe 09 238 7019

14 Businesslink

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Serious challenges confront commercial banks

Sam Shuttleworth

Future of Banking

through a Kiwi Lens’ (A


Strategy and Future of


Banking in Australia) looks

at the performance of Australia’s big banks

and raises questions about the six trends that

are forcing them to consider how they operate

today, in preparation for tomorrow.

Almost all New Zealand’s banks are

Australian-owned and therefore face the same

issues – most of these are global challenges that

cannot be ignored.

The report looks at changes in demographics,

technology and consumer behaviour;

Asiafication; the impact of an interventionist

Government; and a subdued macro economy.

Getting ahead of these trends and looking at

them from a Kiwi perspective is important for

our own banking sector.

When we look at the report, we see six big

trends affecting the financial sector.

All these can be looked at through a New

Zealand lens – they must be, if our banks are to

stay relevant, profitable and evolve to suit the


Connecting with customers

Banks must become simpler, smaller and

more deeply connected to customers so that

they can become more agile in an ever-changing


A bank’s ability to quickly adapt to suit

customer preferences is going to be a key focus

over the next few years.

Banks are increasingly having to adapt their

service offerings as the customer demographic

morphs from the wealthiest generation in history

to the most indebted.

In New Zealand, half of our population have

some form of debt, with 24-to-35year-olds

the most indebted age group, which brings up

questions about how our banks service different,

less-wealthy demographics and whether, as a

result, their appetite for risk is changing.

Major posers

This also poses some big questions for CEOs

in the sector: Are New Zealand banks ready for a

wider change to their banking models because of a

change in their customers’ circumstances?

From an ageing population to one with different

levels of wealth, banks will seek to be more

responsive to our shifting demographics.

As we approach 2020, the Report outlines six

priorities for banks and some proposals for how

they can respond.

They must organise themselves around the

customer, simplify the organisation, make the

most of their partnerships, focus on specific areas

of innovation, embrace regulation and put their

culture to work.

Sam Shuttleworth is Partner and Banking &

Capital Markets Leader at Pricewaterhouse-

Coopers based in Auckland. The above article

is only a curtain- raiser. For full text of the

Report, please visit

Timing is of the essence of OCR moves

The Reserve Bank

of New Zealand

(RBNZ) announced

on Thursday, February

9, 2017 that it would maintain

the Official Cash Rate (OCR) at

1.75%, as widely expected.

The language of the media

statement largely retained the

neutral tone from November.

The RBNZ concluded that

“monetary policy will remain

accommodative for a considerable

period,” and noted that there

are still significant uncertainties

in the economic environment.

Subtle lift

However, there was a subtle

upward shift in the RBNZ’s

interest rate projections.

Over most of the forecast

horizon, the projected OCR was

lifted from 1.7% in November

to 1.8% in February. Both

numbers are equally consistent

with a 1.75% cash rate (after

rounding), but the latter eliminates

the small possibility of

another rate cut in this cycle.

In addition, the projected

OCR track is no longer

completely flat, but now curves

upward slightly towards the end

of the forecasts, implying a 2%

cash rate by early 2020. While

this is the mildest of tightening

biases – we would give better

odds of the first OCR hike coming

earlier than this date rather

than later – nevertheless it sends

a clear signal that the next OCR

move is expected to be up.

Positive outlook

The RBNZ remains positive

on the outlook for the domestic

economy, and cautious about

the global environment.

However, there were some

more upbeat comments on the

global backdrop, including

higher commodity prices, an

uptick in headline inflation, and

monetary policy moving away

from super-accommodative


The RBNZ acknowledged

that headline inflation is back

within the 1-3% target range,

but repeated that the return to

the 2% midpoint is likely to be

gradual. In fact, the RBNZ does

not expect inflation to reach

2% until June 2019, six months

later than previously thought.

The continued strength of

the New Zealand dollar means

that tradable goods inflation is

forecast to remain near-zero or

negative for the next few years.

That leaves the RBNZ even

more dependent on strong

domestic growth, driving a lift

in non-tradable prices, in order

to meet the inflation target.

Hawkish tilt

While the RBNZ statement

had a slightly more hawkish tilt

than we were expecting, it was

a far cry from the OCR hike by

end-2017 that financial markets

were pricing in. Consequently,

the New Zealand dollar fell

about half a cent to 0.7250, and

the two-year swap rate fell five

basis points to 2.35%.

Our view on the OCR is

broadly in line with the RBNZ’s

statement: the first hike is too

far out to be precise about the


All the signs point to inflation

dwelling the lower half of the

target range for some time. On

that basis, the case for reversing

the recent OCR cuts any time

soon looks weak.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017



Rent or buy, houses haunt Aucklanders

Priyanca Radhakrishnan

Aucklanders continue to

experience soaring house

prices, increasing rents

and home ownership has

fallen to its lowest level in 65 years.

We are fourth in the world relative

to income and second relative to rents.

An OECD 2015 Report said that

first homebuyers and lower income

groups are the most affected by our

rampant property market.

However, high property prices also

adversely affect Auckland’s economy

as businesses are forced to pay more

for worker recruitment and retention.

Financial insecurity

An OECD economist warned that

house price growth is a threat to our

financial stability and urged New

Zealand to dramatically increase

Auckland’s housing supply.

Out on the campaign trail last

week, I spoke to a few people in the

Maungakiekie electorate for who,

owning their first house was a dream.

Their main issue was with renting –

rental affordability and quality.

I studied statistics to find out how

unaffordable rentals have become and

how they compare internationally.

The OECD average for housing

costs, which includes rent, electricity,

water supply, gas and expenditure

on furniture and furnishings, main-

tenance and repairs, is 21%.

Aucklanders are paying on

average 32% of their household

income on rent alone! We also

have an increasing number of

people who are forced to rent

as home ownership becomes

increasingly impossible.

In fact, in Auckland, half of

our adult population is renting.

In Mt Wellington, only 36%

of families own their own


The trauma

When my husband and I

moved to Auckland a few years

ago, we found it excruciatingly

difficult to find a place to rent.

When we finally found a

place – 55 applications later and

purely through the kindness of

friends – the rental contract was

just for a year. Towards the end

of that year, it became clear that

the owners wanted to move into

the property.

The thought of finding rentals

each year and the trauma of

transient living forced us to

consider buying a home. So, we

bit the bullet, valiantly resigned

ourselves to a future of beansand-toast

dinners and bought a


For many like us, long-term

rentals are not a viable option.

One year rental contracts are

standard in New Zealand.

If a property is sold, existing

tenants can be asked to leave

with just 42 days’ notice. You

cannot make changes to the

property in New Zealand – this

includes putting up pictures

and painting the walls – unless

you happen to have a very

understanding house owner.

Embellishing homes

There is so much more

to housing than just four

walls and a roof. Home is

our sanctuary and security

after a long work week. Our

street and suburb becomes

our community.

It is difficult to feel rooted

in a community if the threat

of having to move hangs

over our heads each year.

Precarious living also

affects children’s schooling

and the stability that families

need to flourish. It also

makes it difficult to plan.

Shamubeel Eaqub,

Economist and author of

‘Generation Rent,’ argues

that renting can become a

viable alternative to home

ownership. However, we

need to address short-term

leases and review laws

around notice periods and

reasons for eviction as the

German and Swiss have


Long-Term Contracts

In many parts of Europe,

long-term renting is the


Long-term contracts

and more flexibility give

tenants the chance to plan

for the future. It also gives

them more ‘ownership’ of

their homes, while allowing

owners control of their asset

and stable tenancies.

The Labour Party is

currently looking into the

rental experience in New

Zealand, with a view to

making it better.

If you are renting or

have a renting experience,

please have your say at web

version of this article on the

Indian Newslink

If you would like to

contact our Member of Parliament

and Labour Party

Housing spokesperson,

Phil Twyford, please email


Priyanca Radhakrishnan

is a voracious reader,

champions social and

community causes and is a

strong advocate of ethnic

and gender diversity in

corporate governance

and in public life. She is

a Member of the Labour

Party Policy Council and

lives in Auckland. She is

Labour Party’s candidate

at the Maungakiekie

constituency in the general

elections to be held on

September 23, 2017.

Email: priyanca@labour.



FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Home purchase can

be unsettling-very

Farah Khan

The idiom, “Marry in haste, repent at

leisure,” is true of the property sector.

Many buyers feel that they were

too quick to grab deals to understand

the deal properly but soon find out that they

could have waited, sought professional advice

– both from property and legal experts. Those

signing documents without proper scrutiny

and advice are finding themselves in serious


Binding conditions

The average buyer fails to realise that the

Agreement given to them by the real estate

agent during negotiations is legally binding.

Such an Agreement can include important

information such as (1) Whether the property

is freehold, leasehold, cross lease or a stratum

estate (2) A list of the chattels being sold with

the property (3) The rate of interest that the

parties must pay if settlement if either party

defaults on settlement (4) Any other conditions

such as builders report, finance, valuations or

LIM reports and (5) The settlement date.

It is important for buyers to realise that not

all sale and purchase agreements are standard


Troubling variations

In many cases the ‘standard form’ approved

by the Auckland District Law Society (ADLS)

has options and clauses that an unsuspecting

buyer may not realise have been ticked or


I have seen contracts in which the

standard provision to check the legal title

of the property has been crossed out of the

fine print without the buyer realising that

the contract has become unconditional.

Some distressed buyers visiting

our office tell me that they have had a

‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ with their vendor

on several issues.

Invariably, when contacted, the vendor

would deny saying that they had given no

assurances and that they would abide by the

written agreement.

Serious misconceptions

There are two main reasons for buyers

ignoring lawyers at the time of signing an

agreement. First, the cost; they erroneously

think that lawyers’ fee can be avoided but

soon find out they were wrong. Second, the

property market is so hot that people are

pressurised into taking quick decisions.

It is also the responsibility of vendors to

understand the importance of transparency

and the warranties provided to the buyer

under the standard ADLS Agreement. If the

Vendor cannot provide certain warranties,

these must be omitted from the Agreement

or expressly stipulated.

It is not enough if the vendor or the

buyer state that they had no idea what was

going on and that they believed that the

agent had sorted out everything. It is not

the agent’s job but that of a lawyer to make

sure that you understand what you are


There is a Latin phrase that applies to

the property market – ‘Caveat Emptor,’

meaning, ‘Buyer Beware’

Farah Khan is Partner & Notary Public

Practice Manager at Khan & Associates

Lawyers and Notary Public based

in Papatoetoe, Auckland. She can be

contacted on (09) 2789361. Facebook:


Do not let your

opinion LAPse

Auckland Council Press Release

Progress on the

Provisional Auckland

Council Local Alcohol

Policy (LAP)

continues this month

with dates now set for formal

appeal hearings.

The Alcohol Regulatory and

Licensing Authority (ARLA)

will hold public hearings at the

Auckland District Court over

three weeks, commencing on

Monday, February 13.

Auckland Council welcomes

this announcement as once in

force, the LAP will be a key tool

for the Council to help minimise

alcohol-related harm across the


Local policies

Under the Sale and Supply

of Alcohol Act 2012, Councils

can develop an LAP to establish

local policy on licensing matters

such as the location, density

and trading hours of licensed


An LAP can influence where

new alcohol licenses are allowed

to establish; how many new alcohol

licenses are allowed; when

bars, restaurants and nightclubs

can sell alcohol; when bottle

shops and supermarkets can sell

alcohol; and when clubs (e.g.

sports clubs, RSAs) can sell


CBS Special

The Provisional Auckland

Council Local Alcohol Policy

includes regional policies as

well as some special rules for

the City Centre and suburbs

experiencing higher levels of

alcohol-related harm, referred to

in the policy as Priority Overlay


Auckland Council consulted

on its draft policy in 2014

and considered 2693 written

submissions and over 100 oral

submissions before the adopting

the provisional policy in May


Some organisations appealed

against the provisional policy

after it was adopted.

The legal hearing process

means appellants, registered interested

parties and the Council

can present their views on the

provisional LAP before ARLA

makes a final decision.

The Council is restricted

from providing public comment

regarding the appeals while they

are before the court.

To read the full Provisional

Auckland Council Local Alcohol

Policy document and view

the Priority Area maps, visit and

search ‘Local Alcohol Policy’.


Maths:Year4to Year 12

Science:Year 9toYear 11

Physics:NCEA Level2&3






Very limited students in every batch

Classes will be held at Mt. Roskill

Contact: Mr. Yogi on 027 627 0070

Email: |

FEBRUARY 15, 2017



Have your say on

fixed line services

Communications Minister Simon Bridges

has confirmed details of the government’s

new approach to regulating fixed line

communications services from 2020, and

released a consultation paper which seeks feedback

on the regulation of the copper network.

“We need a modern communications regime

that reflects our increasingly digital world and that

delivers better broadband for New Zealanders. The

new regime is designed to provide long-term certainty

for the sector, and to support ongoing innovation

and investment. Ultimately, this will result in better

services for consumers, with consistently improving

broadband speeds and quality at competitive prices,”

he said.

Option Papers

The Government released an options paper in July

2016, with details of the new ‘Utility-Style’ regime

for fixed line communications services provided on

the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network and Chorus’

copper network.

“We received a range of feedback from industry

and consumer groups about how the new regime

would work in practice and can now confirm the

details of our reform package for the UFB network,

which will be implemented from 2020,” Mr Bridges


“Following further consideration and analysis,

we have decided to take a different approach to the

regulation of copper services, and focus the new regulations

primarily on New Zealand’s fibre network. We

are seeking feedback on this proposal and on changes

to the Telecommunications Service Obligation (TSO)

through the consultation document released today,”

he said.

In areas where UFB or other fibre is available, the

government is proposing to deregulate the copper

network from 2020 and remove the TSO obligation.

In areas where UFB or other fibre is not available,

the TSO obligation will be retained and Chorus will

be required to continue supplying copper services

at prices capped at 2019 levels. This will ensure

consumers continue to have access to basic services

at competitive prices, even when alternative networks

are not available.

Submissions on the consultation paper close

on March 1, 2017. For more detail and to make a

submission visit

Public opinion sought

on Local Alcohol Policy

Progress on the Provisional Auckland Council

Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) continues this

month with dates now set for formal appeal


The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority

(ARLA) will hold public hearings at the Auckland

District Court over three weeks, commencing on

Monday, February 13.

Auckland Council welcomes this announcement as

once in force, the LAP will be a key tool for the Council

to help minimise alcohol-related harm across the region.

Local policies

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012,

Councils can develop an LAP to establish local policy

on licensing matters such as the location, density and

trading hours of licensed premises.

An LAP can influence where new alcohol licenses are

allowed to establish; how many new alcohol licenses are

allowed; when bars, restaurants and nightclubs can sell

alcohol; when bottle shops and supermarkets can sell

alcohol; and when clubs (e.g. sports clubs, RSAs) can

sell alcohol.

The Provisional Auckland Council Local Alcohol

Policy includes regional policies as well as some special

rules for the City Centre and suburbs experiencing

higher levels of alcohol-related harm, referred to in the

policy as Priority Overlay areas.

Auckland Council consulted on its draft policy in

2014 and considered 2693 written submissions and over

100 oral submissions before the adopting the provisional

policy in May 2015.

Some organisations appealed against the provisional

policy after it was adopted.

The legal hearing process means appellants,

registered interested parties and the Council can present

their views on the provisional LAP before ARLA makes

a final decision.

The Council is restricted from providing public

comment regarding the appeals while they are before

the court.

To read the full Provisional Auckland Council Local

Alcohol Policy document and view the Priority Area

maps, visit and search ‘Local

Alcohol Policy.’

Auckland Council Press Release

National Budget Day set for May 25

Steven Joyce will present his first budget as

Finance Minister on Thursday, May 25,


In announcement made last fortnight in

Wellington, he promised that the Budge would be

‘centred on providing opportunities for all Kiwis

to get ahead.’

This would be the Ninth annual budget of the

National government since November 2008.

“Budget 2017 will build on the strengthening

performance of the New Zealand economy over

the last several years. It will focus on creating the

conditions for further growth and greater prosperity

for all New Zealanders,” Mr Joyce said.

Job Creation

“New Zealand businesses have generated

328,000 new jobs since 2008, and average weekly

wages have grown by 26.1% more than double

the rate of inflation. Budget 2017 will seek to give

businesses the confidence to keep investing and

keep growing, to provide more opportunities for

New Zealand families,” he added.

A key element of the Budget will involve

Steven Joyce











1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland

09 278 9302

09 278 2143


Funded bythe Parliamentary Service and authorised

by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP, 1/131 Kolmar Road,


investing in the public services and building

the infrastructure for a growing New Zealand.

Mr Joyce said that as the economy grows,

the government would have a little more

headroom to invest in better public services.

However, the focus would be on achieving

better results, and not just tipping in more

taxpayers money, he said.

Careful spending

“It is also very important to remain mindful

that the money the Government spends comes

from hard working Kiwi families. We remain

committed to reducing the tax burden on

lower and middle income earners when we

have the room to do so,” Mr Joyce said.

He said that the Budget will continue

a relentless focus on reducing debt as a

percentage of GDP.

“A key part of building a resilient economy

is creating the necessary buffers to deal with

the next economic shock. The Government

remains committed to its target of reducing net

debt to 20 per cent of GDP by 2020-2021



The electronic route to the Sanctum Sanctorum

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Venkat Raman

Notwithstanding the

numerous Hindu Temples

that serve the growing

community throughout New

Zealand, a majority of Hindus long to

visit their ‘family-associated’ place of

worship in their hometowns or villages.

Such religious fervour is present

among most all religions, including

Sikhs, Muslims and Christians who

consider it their sacred duty to worship

at the ‘highest place of worship,’

respectively the Golden Temple (Amritsar),

the Holy Shrines in Makkah and

Madinah and the Holy See, the Catholic

Church in the Vatican.

Extensive Network

Auckland-based couple Anand

Sampoornanand (better known as Sam

Anand) and Devika Rani and their

Avanti Group are offering ‘E-Puja’

services ranging from simple Aarti

Sam Anand and Devika Rani

to deeply religious Homam (Havan)

at more than 3600 Hindu Temples in

India for residents in the Oceania region

including New Zealand, Australia and


Mr Anand said that the all the Temples

in the Network are at least 1000

years old, except the Saibaba Temple at

Shirdi (Maharashtra) and Raghavendra

Swamy Temple in Mantralayam (Karnataka),

which are of comparatively

recent origin.

New Temples and those located at

street-corners all over India are not

included in the E-Puja service.

“Hindus believe that Archanas,

Abhishekams, Homams and other

religious ceremonies performed at

ancient Temples acquire the Positive

Energy and Divine Grace beneficial to

devotees. Our E-Puja service facilitates

‘Divine Interaction,’ and offers reliability

and credibility with accountability

and transparency,” Ms Rani said.

“E-Puja is also offered for Sevas

such as Kalyanotsavam, Tirumanjam,

Arattus and 12-month pujas. All Pujas

and Sevas are subject to availability in

the Temples,” she added.

Special Events

As well as offering regular prayers,

E-Puja would be ideal for people to

seek the Darshan of their favourite

Deities, perform various religious

ceremonies on special occasions

such as birthdays, Sastiapthapoorthi,

Sadabhishekam and festivals without

undertaking physical travel.

“Some temples offer remedy

Meditation course for youngsters

Staff Reporter

Younger members of the

community aged between

eight and 17 years would

have a unique opportunity

to understand and undergo a Meditation

course next month.

Vipassana Meditation Centre is

organising an introductory meditation

course at a location in Onehunga, details

of which are yet to be announced.

Organiser Falgun Shah said that

the course would be held on Saturday,

March 11, 2017 from 845 am to 345


There is no entry fee but voluntary

donations would be accepted with


“Participants can learn ‘Anapana,’

a technique observing natural respiration.

This is a simple and scientific

technique which is based on morality

pujas for relief from health problems,

Navagraha Puja or other prayers.

“Kumkum (Sindoor) and Vibhuthi

(Sacred Ash) are usually sent to

the devotees while food and other

perishable items are distributed to

visitors at the concerned Temples,” Mr

Anand said.

Bookings should be done online at

least seven days in advance.

The Pujas can be conducted in the

name and birth star of the devotee. Four

names can be included for each puja,

and is offered as promotional incentive

File Photo of young people at an earlier Meditation Course

and not religion. It uses a natural object capacity to study. It also enables

as the centre of focus and is non-commercial.

This course will benefit our anxiety and pressures and increases the

practitioners to deal with agitation, fear,

young people,” he said.

spirit of goodwill for others, he said.

Mr Shah said that regular practice “Meditation sessions are combined

of Anapana has proven benefit of with discussion, creative activities, and

improving concentration and memory, games in groups. These courses are run

enhanced self-confidence and greater on voluntary donations,” Mr Shah said.

Enrolment can be done online at

For further details visit

For assistance, please call Falgun Shah on 021-02719979.


for the launch of E-Puja overseas.

“We offer a full refund if the Prasad

sent from the Temple/s is not delivered

within 90 days from the date of the

completion of the Puja,” Mr Anand said.

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FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Health Plan leads to loss of diabetes, weight and worry

Supplied Content

Ten years ago, Arminder Singh

moved to New Zealand from

India. Since his move, he had

gained weight due to lifestyle


In January 2015, his Hba1c had

increased to 50 mmol/mol and he was

prescribed two metformin per day.

“I was scared I am only 44 years

old. I had two family members pass

away at my age. I felt I could die too if

I didn’t do anything,” he said.

He was referred to the Sport

Auckland Choose Change Programme

by his GP for diabetes.

Arminder’s goal was to get his

health back on track to live a longer

and healthier life. Prior to joining the

programme, he mentioned that his

energy levels were low and that he was

always sleepy.

He also exhibited low confidence

levels and doubted his ability to make

changes to his lifestyle.

His sessions with the psychologist

helped to boost his confidence

levels and address barriers to change

including depression.

Better diet

His dietary choices encompassed

foods high in refined carbohydrates

and fats due to high intakes of takeaways

four to five days a week.

The session with the dietitian

helped to bring awareness on his

current dietary habits and the changes

he needed to make for better blood

glucose control.

He has now reduced his takeaways

and has healthier home cooked meals.

He has also decreased his carbohydrate

intake from five chapattis to one and

: Arminder Singh with Sport Auckland’s

Registered Dietitian Reishma Edward

has half a plate of vegetables at most

meals. Although he has successfully

managed to reduce his carbohydrate

portion, he mentioned that he was

not experiencing hunger as he ate

mindfully and felt satisfied with the

meals he had.

Professional help

The weekly goal setting with the

Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator helped

to motivate him to keep track. Each

week, a small, realistic and achievable

goal was set for both diet and physical


Achieving these realistic goals also

helped him to gain the confidence and

motivation that he needed to continue.

Initially, he was not physically

active. Lack of motivation and time

due to his demanding work schedule

was one of the main barriers that

prevented him from being active. He

has given health a priority and has made

exercise a part of his daily routine by

incorporating five days a week of brisk

walking and jogging.

Huge Impact

The programme has had a huge impact

on his life.

His wife, who has been a major

support, noticed a positive change in his


He is now an energetic and a happier

person. He is also more active within the

family and takes more interest in helping

at home.

Weight loss

Upon completion of the programme,

Arminder has lost a total of 9.7 kilograms

in weight and seven centimetres off his


His Hba1c has dropped from 50 mmol/

mol to 38 mmol/mol and he is no longer

on any medication. His fitness levels

have increased and he is now a happier,

energetic and confident person.

Arminder hopes to continue with his

weight loss journey.

The programme has brought awareness

and helped him gain control over his

health. It has also equipped him with the

tools that he needs to making healthier

lifestyle choices and achieve his weight

loss target of losing another 10 kilograms

by the end of this year.

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and

would like to learn more about nutrition

and physical activity can go online and

self-refer to the programme at www. (Green Prescription

tab) or call 0800 ACTIVE (0800 228

483). They can also of course ask their

GP or Nurse for a referral


Community Night to

strengthen family values

Venkat Raman

The importance of fostering

family values, staying together

and promoting positive

thoughts and unity would be

underscored at a special assembly of

New Zealanders and overseas visitors

later this month.

About 3000 men, women and

children are expected to be present at

the special event being organised by

BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha (NZ) at

Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland on

Saturday, February 18, 2017.

Buck the Trend

Organising Committee Member

Manoj Daiya said that the forthcoming

programme would encourage New Zealanders

to ‘buck the trend’ in 2017 and

work together for peace and harmony.


“With the onset of the New Year,

we reflect on the previous year, and

strive to achieve our professional,

academic and social resolutions. Let

2017 be the year to think away from

the conventional, and focus towards

a better quality of life through family

harmony,” he said.

He quoted the late Pramukh Swami

Maharaj as saying, “No matter how

wise and intelligent people may be,

there is discord at home: father and

son, husband and wife, mother-in-law

and daughter-in-law, and brothers and

sisters are often at loggerheads. People

tend to want things their way. That is

the root cause of family discord. It is

also the main reason for all political

and professional differences.”

Hindi Drama

The highlight of the event on February

18 would be a Hindi drama, titled,

‘Antarkhoj’ (The Inner Search), with a

cast of more than 100 persons.

“Written and developed in Hindi for

the Indo-Kiwi community, ‘Antarkhoj’

is set to be one of the largest productions

undertaken by our community in

New Zealand in recent years,” he said.

What: ‘Antarkhoj,’ a Hindi Drama

Who: BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha NZ

When: Saturday, February 18 at 6 pm

Where: Logan Campbell Centre, Greenlane, Auckland

Entry: Free but with prior registration at

Contact: Manoj Daiya on 021-2369996


Artlink-Ratna Venkat

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Music and Dance step up artistic science

Ratna Venkat

Tabla artistes (from left) Shamal Lal, Prashant Kumar, Basant Madhur and Aman Reddy

Music and dance lovers

will experience Auckland’s

own ‘Mehfil,’

organised and presented

by Auckland-based musician and

Sarod exponent Chinmaya Dunster this


Court Tradition

The ‘14th Auckland Mehfil,’ (an

intimate court tradition that was

prevalent during the Mughal empire in

India) will be held at 7 pm on Saturday,

February 18 at the Blockhouse Bay

Boat Club, 91 Endeavour Street in

Blockhouse Bay.

Tickets, priced at $20 per person will

be available at the venue.

Children under 18 years of age will

be admitted free.

The evening of Jugalbandi and

Fusion promises never-witnessed-before

music and dance collaborations.

Following our article on Sarod artiste

Chinmaya and multi-instrumentalist

Shastro (who will be the Flutist) in our

last (February 1) issue, we present two

bands in this report.

Sargam Fusion

Recognised as New Zealand’s

leading fusion band, ‘Sargam Fusion’

has, since its inception, been providing

a harmonious blend of Indian, Eastern

and Western music, appealing to a wide

range of mixed audiences.

Its motto ‘Creating music, connecting

cultures’ is testimony to the band’s

aim of connecting people from different

cultures, living by the spirit of diversity

and multiculturalism that form the crux

of modern New Zealand.

‘Sargam Fusion’ has also collaborated

with artistes of international

repute, including Bansuri Flute maestro

Rakesh Chaurasia and New Zealand’s

own symphony, ‘The Auckland

Philharmonic Orchestra,’ both in 2016.

Accompanying artistes

The ensemble at the forthcoming

Concert would comprise Ahi Karunaharan

(Keyboards), Basant Madhur

(Tabla), Rajiv Gounder (Octopad)

and Rob Mita (Bass Guitar), Ashish

Ramakrishnan and Joy Kavya Ravela


Innovative fusion dance by this

writer is also part of the programme

who will return and be backed by live

vocals and instrumentation.

She was previously seen at the ‘5th

Auckland Mehfil’ in 2015 where she

presented the traditional North Indian

classical dance form of Kathak, with

support by Akhilesh Madhur on Tabla,

Mr Madhur on ‘Padhant’ (Recitation)

and Deepak Madhur on Harmonium.

Tabla Science

The juxtaposition of Tabla beats

with science may sound strange but

it is the concept behind this newly

formed group, which will showcase

how art and science (normally seen as

two completely different fields) can be

perceived interchangeably.

Initiated by Mr Madhur, Principal

and Director of Sargam School of

Indian Music based in Auckland,

‘Tabla Beat Science’ represents young

and energetic upcoming Tabla players

of New Zealand, with the ability to

resonate Indian classical, folk and

world music beats.

“The complex classical beats, thrilling

fusion and traditional folk ‘taals’

Thaipoosam Festival in Auckland Temple

Thiru Subramaniyar Temple

of the Hindu Temple Society

of New Zealand (located) at

69 Tidal Road in Mangere,

Auckland celebrated ‘Thaipusam,’

including traditional ‘Kavadi’

Abhishekam and other religious rites.

The three-day festival was held

at the Temple from February 9 to

February 11, 2017, with morning

and evening prayers, recitations of

excerpts from various Tamil religious

and literary texts (such as ‘Thiruvasagam,’

‘Devaram,’ and ‘Skanada

Puranam.’). Hundreds of men, women

and children attended the celebrations.

The final day witnessed prayers,

Mangal Arti and Maha Prasad in

the morning and a procession of

Lord Murugan with his consorts

Devayani and Valli, in the form of


February Festival

‘Thaipusam’ or ‘Thaipoosam’ is

a Hindu festival celebrated mostly

by the Tamil community on the Full

Moon during the Tamil month of

‘Thai’ (January/February).

It is mainly observed in countries

where there is a significant presence of

Tamil community including Australia,

Canada, Caribbean, Guadeloupe,

Guyana, India, Jamaica, Malaysia,

Myanmar, New Zealand, Réunion,

Indonesia, Singapore, Singapore,

South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname,

Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, and

United States of America.

The word ‘Thaipusam’ is a

combination of the name of the month,

‘Thai,’ and the name of a star ‘Pusam’

(or ‘Poosam’) This Star is at its highest

point during the festival.

The Festival commemorates the

occasion when Goddess Parvathi gave

Lord Murugan a ‘Vel’ (Spear) to vanquish

the evil demon Soorapadman.

Urchavamurthi’ Lord Murugan with Devayani and Valli

It is believed that ‘Thaipusam’ marks

Lord Murugan’s Birthday.

Some other sources suggest that

‘Vaikhasi Vishakam,’ which falls in

the ‘Vaikhasi’ month (May/June), is

Murugan’s birthday.

Conflict with Demon

This festival was created during one

of the battles between the ‘Asuras’

(Demons), specifically Soorapadman,

and the Devas.

At one point, the latter were defeated

several times by the former.

The Devas were unable to resist

the onslaught of the Asura forces. In

despair, they approached Shiva and

entreated to give them an able leader

under whose heroic leadership they

might obtain victory over the Asuras.

They surrendered themselves

completely and prayed to Lord Shiva,

who granted their request by creating

the mighty warrior, ‘Skanda,’ out of his

own power or ‘Achintya Shakti.’

He at once assumed leadership of

the celestial forces, inspired them

and defeated the Asuras. The day is

commemorated as ‘Thaipusam.’

‘Skanda Puranam,’ the legend of

Lord Murugan, and ‘Thirupugazh,’

Mangal Arti for Lord Murugan during Thai

Poosam Festival

which are divine verses on the Lord,

adhere to Shaivam principles.

Murugan is the embodiment of

Shiva’s light and wisdom and devotees

pray to him to overcome the obstacles

they face, as He is the divine vanquisher

of evil. The motive of Thaipusam

festival is to pray to God to receive his

grace so that bad traits are destroyed.

-Venkat Raman

File Photo of Flute Maestro Rakesh Chaurasia with ‘Sargam Fusion’ artistes at their

performance in Auckland on June 24, 2016

or rhythms are the beauty of the group,

which has fascinated our audiences,”

Mr Madhur said to Indian Newslink.

Some of the successful performances

rendered by these artistes in 2016

include ‘Auckland Diwali Festival,’

‘Sur-Taal’ (featuring Sarangi maestro

Sangeet Mishra) and ‘Music Extravaganza’

(featuring Satvik Veena maestro

What: 14th Auckland Mehfil

An evening of Jugalbandi and Fusion

Who: Chinmaya Dunster

When: Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 7 pm

Where: Blockhouse Bay Boat Club

91 Endeavour Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland

Tickets: $20 per person available at the venue

Children under 18 are Free

Contact: Chinmaya Dunster on 022-3204020;


Woman’s fury to take

centre stage

‘Silappatikaram’ with Kannagi in Auckland on March 18

Venkat Raman

is only

one short

of danger,”



said in the

19th century except that the adage

was proved in the South Indian city of

Madurai several hundred years earlier.

It was an era when chaste women

could order the heavens to open up or

the Gods to remain still and hence it

was hardly surprising that a woman of

virtue could burn down an entire city.

‘Is Paris Burning?’ asked Larry

Collins and Dominique Lapierre in

their book of the same name and

in Poompuhar, a Tamil Nadu town,

someone asked, ‘Is Madurai down to


Great Epic

‘Kannagi,’ the woman in rage

who sent an erring king to his Maker

and set a city in flames to prove the

innocence of her husband is the fiery

character in ‘Silappatikaram,’ one of

the five great epics of Tamil literature.

The epic, which literally means

‘The Tale of an Anklet’ will make it to

the Auckland stage in an encapsulated

form at Dorothy Winstone Centre,

Auckland Girls Grammar School on

Saturday, March 18, 2017.

Much of Ilango Adigal’s ‘Silappatikaram’

has undergone twists and turns

at the hands of film producers over

the years but the core of the story has

remained: that no person, least of all

a ruler, can afford to pass judgment

unless all facts are heard.

That would also be the essence

Salil Bhatt).

The group will showcase the talents

of students of Mr Madhur including

Akhilesh Madhur, Aman Reddy,

Prashant Kumar and Shamal Lal.

Due to limited seating at the venue,

we request our readers to contact

Chinmaya Dunster early and register

their names.

of the forthcoming Dance Drama,

scripted, produced and directed by

Madurai R Muralidharan, a Bharata

Natyam exponent and performer.

Students’ Show

Renuka Ketheesan, Director

& Principal of Sai Natyalaya will

present ‘Silappatikaram’ with her


She said that it was an honour

to work with Mr Muralidharan,

who is also a well-known lyricist,

composer and choreographer.

“He has beautifully scripted the

story of ‘Silappatikaram’ to be

presented as a Tamil dance musical,

which has been staged in many

parts of the world, winning raving

reviews and great accolades from

audiences,” she said.

Further details will be published

in our next issue.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Artlink-Ratna Venkat


Expansive landscape brings heavenly peace

A million smiles in the heart of Paradise

Ashok Kochhar

Various moods of New


It is often said that if

you looked closely, life

would be waiting to give

you a reason to smile.

At every corner, there is a friendly

face, a hint of innocence, or just a funny

moment waiting to make you happy.

This has been true across New

Zealand, a fascinating country.

I have been traveling all over the

North Island for my journey, ‘500

days in New Zealand.’ Naturally, as a

photographer my observations are very

keen and always looking for details.

I have found many such moments

here, which I registered in my camera.

Zest for life

People here have a zest for life, and

believe in living every little moment

with as much joy as possible.

From the weekend neighbourhood

markets to special community events,

or even the school events of children,

they look for a reason to celebrate and

be happy.

People have so much warmth that

anybody can be your friend in minutes.

They welcome you into their lives,

and always show an immense passion

for life.

I felt this country to be much more

versatile than it looks.

Vibrant colours

From its landscapes to flora and

fauna, its birds and people there is

something unique. The colours are

vibrant and inviting.

Anyone who travels across this

country has an immediate realisation of

how beautiful Nature and life are, and

how materialism has nothing to do with


It is the simplicity of thought and life

that you see in every aspect of life here

that makes the world fall in love with

this beautiful place.

It is that vibrancy of life that defines

its people, whether they are from this

country or have made it their home

after coming from world over.

Ashok Kochhar is an international

photographer who launched ‘500

Days Across New Zealand’ in December

2015. He lives in Hamilton.

Waiting has its reward

Support to Warriors

Horses go beyond the track

More than humans in wonderland



FEBRUARY 15, 2017

A definitive art that gives debutantes their due


Note on Ambika Krishnamoorthy and

her Arangetram on February 25

Bharata Natyam is stated to be a

definitive art that extols its Creator Lord

Shiva, the Universe, the Earth and Life itself.

As well as bespeaking the rich cultural and

social heritage of India, replete with piety and

purity, Bharata Natyam also brings to the fore the

vicissitudes of its practitioner and the sentiments of

the immortal mind.

The South Indian classical dance is set in a

format that none is allowed to breach, albeit

reasonable interpretations may be allowed.

While a number of schools have been

established, each with an approach that elucidates

the glory of the Lord and a given society, all of

them follow the tenets of the art with an innovative


Performers, teachers and exponents share the

excitement of the Arangetram of students with their

family and friends.

The Programme

For every Arangetram is a tale of hard work,

long hours of practice for the performers and a

large degree of sacrifice on the part of the family.

That is true of Ambika Krishnamoorthy, whose

Arangetram on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at

Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar

School is awaited with increasing anxiety and


The only daughter of Ilango and Sakthi

Krishnamoorthy (Directors of Mercury Printz),

Ambika is doted at home not only by her parents

but also her two brothers Vetrivhel and Adhitiyan.

Endearing children

The three children are a source of endearment

for Renuka Ketheesan, Director and Principal of

the Auckland Sai Natyalaya under whose tutelage,

Bharata Natyam has found its place of respect in

the Krishnamoorthy family.

Ms Ketheesan fondly remembered the day

eleven years ago, when “Ambika, at the tender age

of four, joined Sai Natyalaya with her two naughty


“She has always been an adorable girl who

comes along with her brothers and waits for

her turn (after them) to learn this great art,” Ms

Ketheesan said.

“I am very proud that even as a small child,

Ambika showed passion and respect towards

Bharata Natyam. She is like little (Lord) Krishna

in her behaviour and steals the heart of everyone

around,” she added.

Brother’s tribute

The care and love that the two brothers bestow

on their sister demonstrates family love and unity.

Vetrivhel described his sister as “an energetic

young dancer with an extensive performance


“From her initiation into the world of Bharata

A vivacious child of an adorable family

Vigorous training precedes Arangetram

Costumes and jewellery enhance artistic glory

Om Sai

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Bharata Natyam allows innovative spirit

Natyam at age four, Ambika has grown extensively

into the charismatic fresh young talent

under the tutelage of Ms Ketheesan. Having

been sought after for performances at the Sai

Natyalaya Dance School, it is apparent that my

sister brings her own uniquely crafted style of

dance to her performances,” he said.

Vetrivhel said that Ambika is as tenacious as

she is witty, the combination of which has helped

to grow as a dancer with a wide repertoire.

Dedicated dancer

“Her Bharata Natyam training takes up to two

hours every day, after which she spends time in

her studies. She is always anxious to maintain her

academic record. Her scholastic and artistic pursuits

do not allow her time for social interaction

and the joys that girls of her age experience. For

the past several months, Ambika is focused on

her Arangetram,” he said.

Among the highlights of the programme would

be ‘Varnam,’ which would see her non-stop

performance for 50 minutes.

The Programme (on February 25, 2017)

will commence at 5 pm but guests have been

requested to take their seats by 445 pm. Entry to

the programme is free but seats must be reserved

by text to 021-739879 with name, contact details

and number of seats.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017




Use the photos to find the answer: the secret to entrees


No. 019


No. 009

The term spin ayarn –tell astory –isnautical

in origin with allusion to ropeand its constituent,

yarn, which was traditionally hand twisted ona

single spindle prior to an invention by an English

weaver named James Hargreaves. Dubbed the

‘Spinning Jenny’, his novel device, using eight

upright spindles in contrast to the horizontal reel,

was conceived (c.1764) shortly after he noticed

aspinning wheel that had been inadvertently

toppled by his young daughter named Jenny.

Spot the 10 Differences


+ A


In the addition sum different letters and

the smiley face represent different digits.

Rewrite the sum using the following digits:


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 9

Solution to Attemptation No. 008

* A S N W

1 2 4 5 8

JUMBLE No. 1742 SUDOKU No. 1063 HI


24 Words Good

29 Words Very Good

34 Words Excellent

40 Words Genius


agist attic cast

gait gamic imagist

magic mast mastic

mica scam scat

sigma sima stag

static stigma




How many words of 4letters ormore can you make from these 9letters?

In making aword each letter may beused only once, and the centre letter

must be included. There must be at least one 9-letter word. No slang,

foreign words, plurals, hyphens or apostrophes.



3 Uncertainty

9 Spider’s trap

10 Man’s name

11 Number

12 Sharpness

15 Part of aflower

18 Biased

21 Fish

22 Observed

23 Rich

25 Series of boat races

27 Bullfighter

29 Row

31 Decimal point

32 Merits

35 Discourage from


37 Assert positively

38 Carrying weapons

40 Solemn promise

41 Critically examined

42 Rapidity of movement


1 Fragment

2 Renounce

3 Fated

4 Complies with


5 Insect

6 Large casks


Crossword No. 11910

7 Absolute ruler

8 Room in aprison

13 Waterfall

14 Repeat

16 Finger-shaped cakes

17 Sticks fast

19 Well informed

20 Free from deductions

24 Was present at

26 Deity

28 Walk unsteadily



1 Choose the best

digging tool (4)

3 Broken bed removed

from bundle–terrible!

Illegal! (8)

9 Tool that enables one

to bridge the gap? (7)

10 Work on historical

period for musical

production (5)

11 Aplan ignores one’s

own benefit (8,4)

13 Go back to surrender

again? (6)

15 Ruing abroken weapon


17 He meant verse is

always different,

perhaps (5,3,4)

20 Customary gathering

of leaders of United

States unions at

Lexington (5)

21 Cause of annoyance

is biting insect on wild

animal (7)

22 Moody leader is main

trouble (8)

23 Bitterly reproach

perjurer for going back



1 Hand over wine for

travel document (8)














hold back













No. 17562

2 A rich seat maybe (5)

4 It’s not unusual in

Japan or Malaysia (6)

5 Mine got agoal ages

back (1,4,4,3)

6 Emotion makes Heather

undercharge (7)

7 Heavy Metal at No 1(4)

8 Being fit and well led

on to ahigh, perhaps


12 Somehow relating to

constituent (8)

30 Expels from a


33 Strainer

34 Learn byreading

35 Victim of deception

36 Tattered clothing

39 Commercial traveller


14 Angelic children find her

among young animals


16 Well established place

for horse (6)

18 Sphere of conflict is

region round the North


19 US possession of

Antigua, maybe (4)

Sudoku No. 1062 Cryptic No. 17561

Across: 1Uptonogood;

7Halve; 8Violent;

10 Tetrarch; 11 Edge;

13 Hockey; 15Tavern;

17 Uses; 18 Billy-can;

21 Epitome; 22 Arrow;

23 There there.

Down: 1Unlit; 2Teenager;

3Novice; 4Goon;

5Overdue; 6White House;

9The unknown;

12 Palliate; 14 Cherish;

16 Silent; 19 Carve;

20 Boar.

Snap Decision No. 008 What’s Different No. 018 Attemptation No. 008



1. Factory window different

2. Mans shirt colour different

3. Rmissing in pepper

4. Extra man

5. Extra roof vent

6. Mans overalls different colour

7. Section of Tornado missing

8. Topof chimney missing

9. Roof line extended

10. The letter Cflipped





























* A S N W

1 2 4 5 8



FEBRUARY 15, 2017


Forthe moment ashort run

turns intoalongblack.

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