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Working document in view of the 3 DH-SYSC-I meeting



82 DH-SYSC-I (2017)010 freedom, rule of law, fair trial, and so forth. The selection of persons other than professors, such as advocates, legal professionals in the public (including political) or private domains, particularly where they have, through long experience, professional intimacy with the functioning of courts, is also possible as long as those persons by virtue of a mature professional experience qualify as “jurisconsults of recognised competence”. 46. It is also the case that a judge who may not meet the criteria of Article 21(1) ECHR as someone qualified “for appointment to high judicial office”, may, because of a parallel academic career with important publications in relevant fields of law, meet the criteria of jurisconsult “of recognised competence”. 47. The Panel also has regard to the requirement as to gender balance, although the High Contracting Parties have invariably respected this by including at least one male and one female in their lists.

83 DH-SYSC-I (2017)010 Appendix III Tables on the recognition of service as a judge of the Court This Appendix contains tables based on the comparative survey DD(2013)1321 issued in December 2013 and subsequent follow-up information by member States (Andorra, doc. DD(2016)359); France and Greece, doc. DD (2016)104); Monaco, doc. DD(2016)360) concerning the recognition of service as a judge of the Court. Three tables respectively focusing on the professions of judges, public servants, and university professors provide detail as to whether service as a judge of the Court is recognised for the latter 1) to interrupt their domestic career to join the Court, 2) to have the right to regain their former post after having served in an international organisation, as well as 3) to have their years of international service count for the purposes of career advancement and pension rights. The abovementioned comparative survey did not contain information as regards Armenia San Marino. Armenia provided information before the DH-SYSC-I 3 rd meeting (doc. DH-SYSC-I(2017)009).

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