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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


— POEMS BY ISAAC ROSEN HERG ElI.ITH You have *een men and women, Soaked yourself in powers and old glories, In broken days and tears and glees, And touched cold hands Hands shut in pitiless trances where the feast is high. I think there is more sorrow in the world Than man can bear. Nubian None can exceed their limit, lady : You either bear or break. Li l rrn Can one choose to break P To bear, Wearily to bear, is misery. Beauty is this corroding malady. Nubian Beauty is a great paradox Music's secret soul creeping about the senses To wrestle with man's coarser nature. It is hard when beauty loses. 122

; : — FRAGMENTS OF "THE UNICORN" LlLITH I think beauty is a bad bargain made of life. Men's iron sinews hew them room in the world And use deceits to gain them trophies : O, when our beauty fails us did we not use Deceits, where were our room in the world Only our room in the world ? Are not the songs and devices of men Moulds they have made after my scarlet mouth, Of cunning words and contours of bronze And viols and gathered air ? They without song have sung me Boldly and shamelessly. I am no wanton, no harlot I have been pleased and smiled my pleasure, I am a wife with a woman's natural ways. Yet through the shadow of the pomegranates Filters a poison day by day, And to a malady turns The blond, the ample music of my heart Inward to eat my heart My thoughts are worms that suck my softness all away. I watch the dumb eyeless hours Drop their tears, then shapeless moaning drop. 123

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018