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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


" POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG I lay upon the sparkling grass, And God's own mouth was kissing me, And there was nothing that did pass Rut blazed with divinity. Divine—divine—upon my eyes, Upon mine hair—divine—divine, The fervour of the golden skies, The ardent gaze of God on mine. Ill Then spake I to the tree, " Were ye your own desire What is it ye would be P 11 Answered the tree to me, " I am my own desire, I am what I would be. " If you were your desire Would you lie under me, And see me as you see ? " I am my own desire While I lie under you, And that which I would be Desire will sing to you.'' 1 138

EARLIER POEMS IV I wander—I wander—O will she wander here Where'er my footsteps carry me I know that she is near, A jewelled lamp within her hand and jewels in her hair ; I lost her in a vision once and seek her everywhere. My spirit whispers she is near, I look at you and you: Surely she has not passed me, I sleeping as she flew. I wander—I wander, and yet she is not here, Although my spirit whispers to me that she is near. 139