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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


; ; POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG Love's euphony, In Love's own temple that is our glad hearts, Makes now long music wild deliriously Now Grief hath used his darts. Love infinite, Chastened by sorrow, hallowed by pure flame- Not all the surging world can compass it. Love—Love—O tremulous name ! God's mercy shines And my full heart hath made record of this, Of grief that burst from out its dark confines Into strange sunlit bliss. 158

EARLIER POEMS TESS The free fair life that has never been mine, the glory that might have been, If I were what you seem to be and what I may not be ! I know I walk upon the earth, but a dreadful wall between My spirit and your spirit lies, your joy and my misery. The angels that lie watching us, the little human P^y, What deem they of the laughter and the tears that flow apart ? When a word of man is a woman's doom do they " Ah ! turn and wonder and say, Why has God made love so great that love must burst her heart ?"" 159

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018