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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


— POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG WEDDED They leave their love-lorn haunts, Their sigh- warm floating Eden ; And they are mute at once, Mortals by God unheeden, By their past kisses chidden. But they have kist and known Clear things we dim by guesses Spirit to spirit grown : Heaven, born in hand-caresses . Love, fall from sheltering tresses. And they are dumb and strange: Bared trees bowed from each other. Their last green interchange What lost dreams shall discover ? Dead, strayed, to love-strange lover. 172

EARLIER POEMS The moon is DON JUAN'S SONG in an ecstasy, It wanes not nor can grow ; The heavens are in a mist of love, And deepest knowledge know : What things in nature seem to move Bear love as I bear love ? And bear my pleasures so? I bear my love as streams that bear The sky still flow or shake : Though deep within, too far on high. Light blossoms kiss and wake The waters sooner than the sky ; And if they kiss and die God made them frail to break. 173