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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


to — POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG I should think you are right mostly, and 1 may yet work away your chief objections. You are quite right in the way you read my poems, but I thought I could use the ' July Ghost ' mean the summer, and also an ambassador of the summer, without interfering with the sense. The ' shell of thought' is man ; you realize a shell has an opening, the ' ardours ' ; the sense of heat forms a web ; this signifies a sense of summer : the web again becomes another metaphor, a July Ghost. But, of course, I mean it for summer right through. I think your suggestion of taking out ' woven ' is very good. 11 The next letter is from Cape Town. To Edward Marsh (1914). " I should like you to do me a favour if it's not putting you to too much bother. I am in an infernal city by the sea. This city has men in it and these men have souls in them—or at least have the passages to souls. Though they are millions of years behind time, they have yet reached the stage of evolution that knows ears and eyes. But these passages are dreadfully clogged up : gold dust, diamond dust, stocks and shares, and Heaven knows what other flinty muck. Well, I've made up

INTRODUCTORY MEMOIR my mind to clear through all this rubbish, but I want your help. Now, I'm going to give a series of lectures on modern art (I'm sending you the first, which I gave in great style. I was asked whether the Futurists exhibited at the Royal Academy). But I want to make the lectures interesting and intelligible by reproductions or slides. Now, I wonder whether you have reproductions which you could lend me till I returned or was finished with them. I want to talk about John, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Innes, the early Picasso (not the cubistic one), Spencer, Gertler, Lamb, Puvis de Chavannes, Degas. A book of reproductions of the P.- Impressionists would do, and I could get them transferred on slides. I hope this would not put you to any great trouble, but if you could manage to do it you don't know how you would help me. Stanley gave me a little job to paint two babies, which helped me to pay my way for a bit. I expect to get pupils and kick up a row with my lectures. But nobody seems to have money here, and not an ounce of interest in Art. The climate's tine, but the Sun is a very changeable creature and I can't come to any sort of understanding with this golden beast. He pretends to keep quiet for half an hour, and just as I think, ' Now I've got it, 1 23