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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG the damned thing has frisked about. There's a lot of splendid stuff to paint. We are walled in by the sharp upright mountain and the bay. Across the bay the piled-up mountains of Africa look lovely and dangerous. It makes one think of savagery and earthquakes—the elemental lawlessness." The next extract is from a letter written in 1915, just after hearing the news of Rupert Brooke's death. To Miss Seaton. "Do you know Emerson's poems? I think they are wonderful. 'Each and Air I think is deep and beautiful. There is always a kind of beaminess, like a dancing of light in light, in his poems. I do think, though, that he depends too much on inspiration ; and though they always have a solid texture of thought, they sometimes seem thin in colour or sensuousness. in To Miss Seat Oil. " I saw Olive Schreiner last night. She's an extraordinary woman—full of life. I had a little picture for her from a dear friend of hers in Africa I stayed with while I was there. She was so pleased with my pictures of Kaffirs. Who is your best living 24

INTRODUCTORY MEMOIR English poet ? Tve found somebody miles and miles above everybody—a young man, Lascelles Abercrombie — a mighty poet and brother to Browning. 11 Other references in letters show how deep at this time Mr. Abercrombie's influence was. Rosenberg calls his " Hymn of Love 11 the finest poem of our time. He has now joined the Army, and writes from Bury St. Edmunds. To Edward Marsh (1915). " I have just joined the Bantams, and am down here amongst a horrible rabble. Falstaff 's scarecrows were nothing to these. Three out of every four have been scavengers, the fourth is a ticketof-leave. But that is nothing ; though while I'm waiting for my kit I'm roughing it a bit, having come down without even a towel. I dry myself with my pocket-handkerchief. I don't know whether I will be shifted as soon as I get my rig-out. 1 '' The next was written in hospital at Bury. To Edward Marsh. " First, not to alarm you by this heading, I must tell you that while running before the Colonel I 25