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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg

PERSONS Moses' - - -An

PERSONS Moses' - - -An Egyptian Pr'ince -An Am xoah - - Overseer Two Hebrews Koelue - - - Abinoalis Daughter Messenger

! Forget MOSES Scene I. : Outside a college in Thebes. Egyptian students pass by. Moses alone in meditation. [Enter Messenger.] Messenge"r [Handing papyrus.'] Pharaoh's desires. Moses [Reads.'] To our beloved son, greeting. Add to our thoughts of you, if possible to add, but a little, and you are more than old heroes—not to bemean your genius, who might cry " Was that ,1 all We pile barriers everywhere : we give you idiots for tools, tree stumps for swords, skin sacks for souls. The sixteenth pyramid remains to be built : we give you the last draft of slaves. Move ! not the edict. Pharaoh. Moses [To Messenger.] What is the edict ? 53