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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


! : ; POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG Young Hebrew For shame! Our brothers 1 twisted blood-smeared "111 us Tell we only have more room for wreck curtailed : For you, having no teeth to draw, it is no mercy Perhaps; but they might mangle your gums Or touch a nerve somewhere. He barred it now And that is all his thanks, he, too, in peril. Be still, old man ; wait a little. Wait Old Hebrew All day some slow dark quadruped beats To pulp our springiness : All day some hoofed animal treads our veins, Leisurely—leisurely our energies flow out All agonies created from the first day Have wandered hungry searching the world for us, Or they would perish like disused Behemoth. Is our Messiah one to unleash these agonies As Moses does, who gives us an Abinoah ? Young Hebrew Yesterday as I lay nigh dead with toil Underneath the hurtling crane oiled with our blood, 64

;: : MOSES Thinking to end all and let the crane crush me, He came by and bore me into the shade O, what a furnace roaring in his blood Thawed my congealed sinews and tingled my own Raging through me like a strong cordial. He spoke ! Since yesterday Am I not larger grown ? IVe seen men hugely shapen in soul, Of such unhuman shaggy male turbulence They tower in foam miles from our neck-strained sight, And to their shop only heroes come But all were cripples to this speed Constrained to the stables of Mesh. I say there is a famine in ripe harvest When hungry giants come as guests Come knead the hills and ocean into food, There is none for him. The streaming vigours of his blood erupting From his halt tongue are like an anger thrust Out of a madman's piteous craving for A monstrous balked perfection. Old Hebrew He is a prince, an animal Not of our kind ; who perhaps has heard 65 k