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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


! ; ! ! POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG [Motions Abinoah to desist, but not in time to prevent the old man fainting into the hands of the Young Hebrew.] A BTNOAfl Harper, are you envious of the old fool ? Go ! Hug the rat who stole your last crumbs, And gnawed the hole in your life which made time wonder "Who it was saved labour for him the next score of years. We allowed them life for their labour— they haggled. Food they must have, and (god of laughter!) even ease But mud and lice and Jews are very busy Breeding plagues in ease. \_Thc Minstrel pulls his beard and robe off.~] Abinoah Moses Moses You drunken rascal Abinoah A drunken rascal ! Isis, hear the Prince Drunken with duty, and he calls me rascal. 72

: " MOSES Moses You may think it your duty to get drunk ; But get yourself bronze claws before You would be impudent. Abinoah When a mans drunk he'll kiss a horse or king, He's so affectionate. Under your words There is strong wine to make me drunk ; you think, The lines of all your face say, " Her father, Koelue's father. Moses This is too droll and extraordinary. I dreamt I was a prince —a queer droll dream Where a certain slave of mine, a thing, a toad, Shifting his belly, showed a diamond Where he had lain ; and a blind dumb messenger Bore syllabled messages soaked right through with glee I paid the toad, the blind man ; afterwards They spread a stench and snarling. O, droll dream ! 73