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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


; ! POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG I think you merely mean to flatter me, You subtle knave, that, more than prince, I'm man And worth to listen to your bawdy breath. Abinoah Yet my breath was worth your mixing with. Moses A boy at college flattered so by a girl Will give her what she asks for. Abtxoah Osiris ! Burning Osiris ! Of thee desirable, for thee, her hair. . . . [He looks inanely at Moses, saying to himself.] Prince Imra vowed his honey-hives and vineyards: Isis, to let a Jew have her for nothing [He sings under his breath.] Night by night in a little house A man and woman meet They look like each other, They are sister and brother ; And night by night at that same hour A king calls for his son in vain. 74

MOSES Moses [To himself.] So, sister Miriam, it is known [Aloud.] then. Slave, you die. O, you ambiguous stench, You'll be more interesting as a mummy I have no doubt. Abinoah Fin drunk, yes—drenched with the thought Of a certain thing. [Aside.'] I'll sleep sounder to-night Than all the nights I've followed him about Worrying each slight clue, each monosyllable To give the word to Imra : the prince is near, And Moses' eyes shall blink before next hour To a hundred javelins. Til tease him till they come. [Aloud.] On Koelue's tears I swam to you, in a mist Of her sighs I hung round you ; As in some hallucination I've been walking A white waste world, we two only in it. Moses Doubtless the instinct balked to bully the girl, Making large gapings in your haschish dreams, 75

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018