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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


FRAGMENTS OF " THE UNICORN" I THE AMULET Lilith. Saul. Amak. Nubian. Lilitii sits under pomegranate trees watching her child Amak playing with Saul his father's helm and spear. A light smoke is ascending from the chimney of their hut, and through the doorway a naked Nubian man is seen stirring the embers. Saul sleeps. Lilith Amak, you'll break your father's sleep : Come here and tell me what those spices are This strange man bakes our cakes with. It makes the brain wild. Be still, Amak : I'll give you the strange man your father brought, And he will run with you upon his back to-day. 117

Already POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG Come from your father or you'll get no cake ; He's been a long journey. Bring me the pictured book he brought for you. What ! cut to pieces ? Put away that horn from your father's ear, And stay that horrid noise : come, Amak. \A