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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


! ; ; FRAGMENTS OF "THE UNICORN" Out of the lightning [She thinks to herself.'] In a dizzying cloven wink This apparition stood up, Of stricken trunk or beast's spirit, Stirred by Saul's blasphemies ; So Saul's heart feared, aghast. But lo, he touched the mischance and life ran straight Was it the storm-spirit, storm's pilot, With all the heaving debris of Noah's sunken days Dragged on his loins Law's spirit wandering to us Through Nature's anarchy, Wandering towards us when the Titans yet were young ? Perhaps Moses and Buddha he met. [She speeds aloud.] The shadow of these pomegranate boughs Is sweet and restful ; sit and ease your feet. Eat of these figs You have journeyed long. All my life, housewife. Nubian 121

— POEMS BY ISAAC ROSEN HERG ElI.ITH You have *een men and women, Soaked yourself in powers and old glories, In broken days and tears and glees, And touched cold hands Hands shut in pitiless trances where the feast is high. I think there is more sorrow in the world Than man can bear. Nubian None can exceed their limit, lady : You either bear or break. Li l rrn Can one choose to break P To bear, Wearily to bear, is misery. Beauty is this corroding malady. Nubian Beauty is a great paradox Music's secret soul creeping about the senses To wrestle with man's coarser nature. It is hard when beauty loses. 122

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018