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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


! EARLIER POEMS EXPRESSION Call—call—and bruise the air : Shatter dumb space Yea ! We will fling this passion everywhere ; Leaving no place For the superb and grave Magnificent throng, The pregnant queens of quietness that brave And edge our song Of wonder at the light (Our life-leased home), Of greeting to our housemates. Our song shall roam And in might Life's heart, a blossoming fire Blown bright by thought, While gleams and fades the infinite desire, Phantasmed naught. 135

POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG Can this be caught and caged ? Wings can be dipt Of eagles, the sun's gaudy measure gauged, But no sense dipt In the mystery of sense : The troubled throng Of words break out like smothered fire through dense And smouldering wrong. 13()