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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


; ; EARLIER POEMS HEART'S FIRST WORD. I. To sweeten a swift minute so With such rare fragrance of sweet speech, And make the after hours go In a blank yearning each on each ; To drain the springs till they be dry, And then in anguish thirst for drink ; So but to glimpse her robe thirst I, And my soul hungers and I sink. There is no word that we have said Whereby the lips and heart are fire No look the linked glances read That held the springs of deep desire. And yet the sounds her glad lips gave Are on my soul vibrating still Her eyes that swept me as a wave Shine my soul's worship to fulfil. Her hair, her eyes, her throat and chin— Sweet hair, sweet eyes, sweet throat, so sweet, 147

— POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG So fair because the ways of sin Have never known her perfect feet By what far ways and marvellous May I such lovely heaven reach ? What dread, dark seas and perilous Lie "twixt love's silence and love's speech? 148

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018