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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


EARLIER POEMS IF YOU ARE FIRE If you are fire and I am fire, Who blows the flame apart So that desire eludes desire Around one central heart ? A single root and separate bough, And what blind hands between That make our longing's mutual glow As if it had not been ? 151

POEMS 1JV ISAAC ROSENBERG IN THE UNDERWORLD I have lived in the underworld so long : How can vou, a creature of light, 'Without terror understand the song And unmoved hear what moves in night ? I am a spirit that yours has found, Strange, undelightful, obscure, Created by some other God, and bound In terrible darkness, breathing breath impure. Creature of light and happiness, Deeper the darkness was when you, With your bright terror eddying the distress, Grazed the dark waves and shivering further Hew. 152