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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


EARLIER POEMS FIRST FRUIT I did not pluck at all, And I am sorry now : The garden is not barred But the boughs are heavy with snow, The flake-blossoms thickly fall And the hid roots sigh, " How long will our flowers be marred P 11 Strange as a bird were dumb, Strange as a hueless leaf. As one deaf hungers to hear, Or gazes without belief, The fruit yearned " Fingers, come !" O, shut hands, be empty another year. 163

: POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG A CARELESS HEART A little breath can make a prayer, A little wind can take it And turn it back again to air Then say, why should you make it ? An ardent thought can make a word, A little ear can hear it, A careless heart forget it heard : Then why keep ever near it ? 164