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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


EARLIER POEMS DAWN tender first cold flush of rose, O budded dawn, wake dreamily ; Your dim lips as your lids unclose Murmur your own sad threnody. O as the soft and frail lights break Upon vour eyelids, and your eyes Wider and wider grow and wake, The old pale glory dies. And then, as sleep lies down to sleep And all her dreams lie somewhere dead, The iron shepherd leads his sheep To pastures parched whose green is shed. Still, O frail dawn, still in your hair And your cold eyes and sad sweet lips, The ghosts of all the dreams are there, To fade like passing ships. 165

POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG AT NIGHT Crazed shadows, from no golden body That I can .see, embrace me warm ; All is purple and closed Hound by night's arm. A brilliance wings from dark-lit voices, Wild lost voices of shadows white : See the long houses lean To the weird flight. Star-amorous things that wake at sleep-time (Because the sun spreads wide like a tree With no good fruit for them) Thrill secrecy. Tale horses ride before the morning, The secret roots of the sun to tread, With hoofs shod with venom And ageless dread ; 160'