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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


EARLIER POEMS The moon is DON JUAN'S SONG in an ecstasy, It wanes not nor can grow ; The heavens are in a mist of love, And deepest knowledge know : What things in nature seem to move Bear love as I bear love ? And bear my pleasures so? I bear my love as streams that bear The sky still flow or shake : Though deep within, too far on high. Light blossoms kiss and wake The waters sooner than the sky ; And if they kiss and die God made them frail to break. 173

— POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG ON A LADY SINGING She bade us listen to the singing lark In tones far sweeter than its own : For fear that she should cease and leave us dark We built the bird a feigned throne, Shrined in her gracious glory-giving ways From sceptred hands of starred humility Praising herself the more in giving praise To music less than she. 174