1 year ago

Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


: EARLIER POEMS CHAGRIN Caught still as Absalom, Surely the air hangs From the swayless cloud-boughs Like hair of Absalom Caught and hanging still. From the imagined weight Of spaces in a sky Of mute chagrin my thoughts Hang like branch-clung hair To trunks of silence swung, With the choked soul weighing down Into thick emptiness. Christ, end this hanging death, For endlessness hangs therefrom ! Invisibly branches break From invisible trees The cloud-woods where we rush (Our eyes holding so much), 177

— POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG Which we must ride dim ages round Ere the hands (we dream) can touch, We ride, we ride— before the morning The secret roots of the sun to tread And suddenly We are lifted of all we know, And hang from implacable boughs. 178