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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


; EARLIER POEMS THE BLIND GOD Streaked with immortal blasphemies, Betwixt His twin eternities The Shaper of mortal destinies Sits in that limbo of dreamless sleep, Some nothing that hath shadows deep. The world is only a small pool In the meadows of Eternity, And men like fishes lying cool And the wise man and the fool In its depths like fishes lie. When an angel drops a rod And he draws you to the sky Will you bear to meet your God You have streaked with blasphemy ? 179

— ! POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG THE FEMALE GOD We curl into your eyes They drink our fires and have never drained ; In the fierce forest of your hair Our desires beat blindly for their treasure. In your eyes' subtle pit, Far down, glimmer our souls ; And your hair like massive forest trees Shadows our pulses, overtired and dumb. Like a candle lost in an electric glare Our spirits tread your eyes 1 infinities ; In the wrecking waves of your tumultuous locks Do you not hear the moaning of our pulses ? Queen ! Goddess ! Animal In sleep do your dreams battle with our souls ? When your hair is spread like a lover on the pillow Do not our jealous pulses wake between ? 180

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018