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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


; INTRODUCTORY MEMOIR more experience than anybody. He not only varies his own, but makes other people's his own. "Do I like music, and what music I like best? I know nothing whatever about music. Once I heard Schubert's ' Unfinished Symphony ' at the band ; and— well, I was in heaven. It was a blur of sounds—sweet, fading and blending. It seemed to draw the sky down, the whole spirit out of me it was articulate feeling. The inexpressible in poetry, in painting, was there expressed. But I have not heard much, and the sensation that gave me I never had again. I should like very much to be one of the initiated. # * * * " Some more confidences. I've discovered Fm a very bad talker : I find it difficult to make myself intelligible at times; I can't remember the exact word I want, and I think I leave the impression of being a rambling idiot. 11 In 1910 he went to see the wonderful collection of Japanese paintings lent by Japan to the Exhibition at Shepherd's Bush. " The thoroughness is astounding. No slipshod, 17 B

" POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG tricky slickness, trusting to chance effects, but a subtle suggest iveness, and accident that is the consequence of intention. Here are a few sentences from some " Notes on Art": " Life stales and dulls ; the mind demands noble excitement, half-apprehended surmises, the eternal desire, the beautiful. It is a vain belief that Art and Life go hand-in-hand ; Art is, as it were, another planet. " Mere representation is unreal, is fragmentary. The bone taken from Adam remains a bone. To create is to apply pulsating rhythmic principles to the part ; a unity, another nature, is created." To Miss Seaton. "Thanks so much for the Donne. I had just been reading Ben Jonson again, and from his poem to Donne he must have thought him a giant. I have read some of the Donne ; I have certainly never come across anything so choke-full of profound meaningful ideas. It would have been very difficult for him to express something commonplace, if he had to." 18