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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg

! — ; MOSES And the

! — ; MOSES And the slaves 1 teeth as God made them, Then hide from the summoning tribunal, Pharaoh will speak; and I'll seize that word to act. Should the word be a foe's I can use it well As a poison to soak into Egypt's bowels ; A wraith from old Nile will cry " For his mercy they break his back " And I shall have a great following for this, The rude, touched heart of the mauled, sweaty horde, Their rough tongues fawn at my hands, their redstreaked eyes Glitter with sacrifice. Well ! Pharaoh bids me act. . . . Hah ! Pm all a-bristle. . . . Lord, his eyes would go wide If he knew the road my rampant dreams would race I am too much awake now—restless, so restless. Behind white mists invisibly My thoughts stood like a mountain But Power, watching as a man, Saw no mountain there Only the mixing mist and sky And the flat earth. 57

; POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG What shoulder pushed through those mists Of gay fantastic pastimes And startled hills of sleep ? Oh, apparition of me, Ruddy flesh soon hueless, Fade and show to my eyes The lasting bare body ; Soul-sack fall away And show what you hold ! Sing ! Let me hear you sing. A Voice [Sings.] Upon my lips, like a cloud To burst on the peaks of light, [He looks in a mirror.] Sit cowled impossible things To tie my hands at their prime and height. Power, break through their shroud Pierce them so thoroughly, Thoroughly enter me, Know me for one dead ; Break the shadowy thread, The cowering spirit's bond Writ by illusions blond ! Ah ! Let the morning pale 58

Redcliffe Voice Issue 6 Summer 2018